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Found 9 results

  1. ChrisTunes

    Keep Playback Speed

    I wish i could keep the playback speed on 1.5, if one my episode is finished and the next episode is starting. Because now I watched a episode and after that I must change the speed for every episode again. I’m watching on iPhone 10 pro Regards
  2. Today, it is not possible to accelerate video if bitsreaming compressed audio. (DTS, DD) VLC can do on all type audio. I hope it can be the same on Android TV.
  3. When playing a dual audio (Spanish/English) movie using the "Auto Speed", The proper audio and subtitle gets played. But problem is that "Auto Speed" always gives a speed of about 850kb. My server upstream is 10mb. So, I have to manually set the speed. The problem is that doing this I get the movie played in Spanish audio track. Even if I select the English audio track, it keeps playing it with spanish audio. I already tried selecting English as default languag on Emby Server and Emby User Prefrences.
  4. Hi All I previously had emby server and emby(WMC) running on win 7 machine all worked fine , PC was getting old (10yr +) so i have changed to a new I7 win10 computer with good graphics SSD drives etc etc, I installed emby server and am using emby theatre with my media , all is ok, all videos are playing ok and dts in films is fine over the optical pass through to my AMP. However I have a large 5.1/DTS collection which sounds great when played through the surround sound and worked perfectly with the old set up but the new plays the 5.1/DTS files too fast, peter Gabriel sledgehammer plays back like he is part chipmunk. Is this a known issue , or is there something I can do to correct this. on the old setup I had Sharky installed that handled all the decoding.
  5. CharleyVarrick

    Hardware requirements for XmediaRecode

    I am a daily user of XMediaRecode to compress video files, and also convert all non-mp4 to mp4. The eta for a big job (ie: a whole season of a tv show) is usually close to actual running time, seldom faster. What are the recommended spec/architecture for a pc that would mostly do this type of work, strongly hoping for WAY faster time to get it done?
  6. My EMBY Server is on a Win10 platform. I have a very large collection of HD movies as well as music and heavy metadata. When linking a lower powered device like a raspberry PI, the compelling of the DB crashes during the syncing process. I reduced the amount of threads and metadata a number of times only to sync my movie DB to it. Adding music (approx 250k songs with metadata and fan art) it just jams everything up. I am thinking of hosting my music files locally on the raspberry since storage is cheap as well as metadata so that it is less taxing on the machine and can pull music and metadata hopefully faster but at a minimum it would be able to still have an impressive GUI presentation. I would have to uninstall EMBY and reinstalling sync it. Omit the music and add it as root but how am i am able to have the meta data stored on that drive as well hopefully for both music and movies? I can omit the music portion as it seemed to be pretty solid without it although the sync took several hours, then add the external HD to root for music also. Please help me optimize these noncore zones using smaller lower power single board computers.
  7. Hello. I just need to know if it is normal when transcoding is happening (DTS inside movie), that time skip (change to a specific point in time) hangs playback and tops CPU % usage. From what I tested...it seemed slow, not frozen, but veeeery slow, indeed.
  8. Sammy

    Guide Slow Loading

    The Guide on Emby Live TV is excruciatingly slow to load and needs several page advances to get to some of the programming I want to tune. I knew I can set Favorites which show up at the top of the guide but sometimes I'm not looking for a Favorite Channel. I suspect that the guide needs to parse data from the internet each time i loads but could this be down with some sort of caching scheme to speed things up? I see this issue with the PlayOn app too so I think it is an issue with Emby that could be improved. Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? Is something in the works for this? I have no log to put up as I don't think this is something that will show in the logs. Thanks.
  9. M_L

    Limited Bandwith

    Hello @all, I have an Upload speed of 6mbps but Emby only uses 4mbps no matter what transcoding and playback settings I choose. So, I tried a lot, including VPN access to the LAN, prioritisation of process and traffic but nothing worked so far. The google chrome browser is the culprit, it uses only half of the available bandwith of the media browser server! When using firefox it uses the whole bandwidth and so I have no annoying stuttering anymore. Anyone here who had the same problem? Thanks @EmbyTeam - You are the best!
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