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Found 11 results

  1. I don't know if its my IPTV provider but every single day when the wife goes to Emby for live TV, no guide data displays for some channels, for others it is simply incorrect. In other cases it seems an update in Emby requires a restart, and that is preventing happy live tv use to some extent, usually a channel wont load. The only way i can remedy this is to force Refresh Guide data in Live TV, then restart Emby. Which often will cut or break recordings doing so, but must be done. System- Windows 10 x64 Emby Server Is it possible to create scheduled tasks to refresh live guide data more often or at least 1 or 2 times more per day? And also schedule Emby restarts? If so would someone please point me to how? This would make life happy again. Thank you.
  2. Hi I am running Emby Server on a Synology DS918+ DSM 6.2.1 Since the last Emby update (4.0.2) I am not able to load/configure scheduled tasks. So in the dashboard when I click on Scheduled tasks, I get an overview of all the different tasks. Next when I click on a task to see the triggers It just keeps on loading and nothing happens: Can somebody please help, I need to configure some tasks? Log in is attachment. Kind regards Gaëtan log emby.txt
  3. Aussiedroid

    Actors Metadata not Refreshing

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this may be a bug or not (happy to provide logs if needed), but my actors metadata is not refreshing/displaying after running the Refresh People scheduled task. Images seem to be working fine, but not the metadata. I understand that these are now stored in the database from reading another post & no longer in the metadata folder, but I have mine as xml in the People folder along with the images. I have the Emby XML plugin installed to support (I assume this is needed?), but the only way I can seem to get these to display is doing a search from within Emby Theater to find missing metadata on an actor by actor basis. I assume 'finding missing metadata' is reading the xml & not scraping new data, but I cannot be sure without some further testing. Is there any way I can refresh these so they all display without having to do a manual refresh on each individual actor? or is legacy xml support just not viable anymore for actors? If it is not, is there a way to refresh all in the new method/format? Would really love not to loose the large number of actors metadata I have already sourced! As always, thank you, AD
  4. Weird that I couldn't find info on this by searching the forums but I'll ask anyway. Apart from the initial metadata collection run when a new item is found, when does Emby (if at all) run a regular missing metadata collection? I've a few episodes that pop up with no images (maybe due to none being available when it was added to Emby) yet if I run a manual search in Emby for images it finds some and uses them. There's no scheduled task for this so when does the server check for any missing metadata on it's library?
  5. Hello, everyone! I've been using Emby for almost 2 years now. I have to say its an amazing piece of software! Thank you, Luke and your team for such an amazing product. However, I do have to ask for help today? I recently rebooted my home computer and installed Emby, everything went well, until I clicked "Scan Media Library" and it literally takes forever to scan fully, it never really did this for this long before, an hour at the most but this time its been hours and it is still at 69.6%, I've even uninstalled it and went Portable and still the same issue happens. I typically do scans manually since I don't typically add new content too often. I don't believe my library is that big honestly, I have about 300+ songs, 30+ shows, and about 20+ movies. I've seen some of you guys libraries and their nuts! So I don't think mine should take this long. My internet bandwidth at the time is 85MBps and I don't have plugins installed either? Could someone please help solve this issue? I'm running the most up to date version.
  6. The ability to setup scheduled tasks that are based of Emby Server events, such as auto organize completed, thus enabling a full event driven task system. Maybe adding a task completed event to any scheduled task so you can fire off additional tasks based on the completion of any other task. I like the task system but it could use a small overhaul that would yield a exponentially better system.
  7. Hi, some time ago I rescheduled all my scheduled tasks to run at certain times in the night. This was with 3.0.85. After having upgraded to 3.1.2 it seems that the times which I set are now gone and are reset to the default. This seems to be me like a bug - what do you think? I am using the official xpenology build repository. Thanks in advance!
  8. This was working fine prior to the most recent server upgrade (Version 3.0.5871.0). I have not added any extensions or changed Chrome's browser settings. Screenshots (contemporaneous) attached. FWIW, I do note that the server is failing to "Check for application updates" on the visible IE browser. I am currently viewing all of this remotely, but I can upload logs when I get home if necessary. Curious if this has any relation to the other forum topic re: browser UI issues with editing.
  9. Is there a way to have an interval on scheduled tasks that is smaller than 15 minutes? I am using auto-orgnanize and the task was defaulted to run every 5 minutes, but I can't choose anything smaller than 15 minutes in the drop down menu.
  10. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Scheduled-tasks
  11. Hey, I was thinking today it would be great to have a task trigger that could execute a task after an item has been added. I would mostly use this for downloading local trailers when I add a new movie, but I would imagine it could be useful in other tasks too. Some thought would have to go into scenarios where multiple items are added at once, etc. Cheers.
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