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Found 19 results

  1. ShadowKindjal

    No Audio on Samsung TV with EAC3

    I have multiple users reporting no audio when playing some content on their Samsung TVs. I've noticed that this seems to only occur when the Samsung TV users are playing audio under the EAC3 codec. I have posted the the ffmpeg transcode log from one of the streams with no audio on the Samsung TV with the following model number (UN65RU7100FXZA). ffmpeg-transcode-74d42665-51ab-46bc-8340-904a511ab976_1.txt
  2. Hi there, Emby Server v4.7.1.0 (I was on v4.6.7.0). At the same time my Samsung Tizen TV apps expired so I've updated them both to v1.2.8. The issue I’ve just noticed is that when I open up an episode, the artwork behind the episode details and navigation areas is the thumbnail blown up. The thumbnail images are quite small ~400px so it looks quite poor. I’m pretty sure on the previous version of the Tizen app (or Emby Server) it used to display the fan art image. Here is an image of what I mean: Here is the same screen in the web user interface. I think this looks a lot better: I’ve looked in the display settings however there doesn’t seem to be an option to change this behaviour. Samsung TV Tizen App: v1.2.8 Samsung model number: QA65Q80TAWXXY Samsung firmware version: T-NKMUABC-2200.9, B2052210/B60202, BT - S Samsung Emby client version: v1.2.8 Emby server version: v4.7.1.0 thanks!
  3. why the application expire in Samsung Q70 Series TV very frequent and i have to install the app using the USB every time it expires is there a way to extend the validity of the app?
  4. I have a weird problem. Some days I can watch movies for 6-8 hours without a problem. Other days, Emby on Samsung (Tizen) freezes playback after 10 minutes - and to fix it, I have to 'wake up the pc' by pressing a key on the keyboard/moving the mouse every time 10 or so minutes has passed! - love the exercise but after 8-10 runs I get tired 😉 Notes: The PC is not at sleep, not hibernating, screen saver is turned off etc. For some reason, Emby goes to sleep and 'wakes up' if the mouse moves / keyboard pressed. Google yields no solutions. Using Emby Emby for Samsung 1.1.06 on a Samsung Smart TV (UA49RU7100KXXA). Connection between TV and PC is a Wifi router - Netgear AC1750. Strong signal. Running Emby as a service via via NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager (nssm 2.24-101-g897c7ad (2017-04-26)). Thinking it could be related to certain file formats or the NSSM service perhaps, but then again that does not explain why it does happen all the time. Last movie played has these characteristics and then it Emby froze. Nothing out of the ordinary (many other movies do the same)... Any help / troubleshooting appreciated. Title1080p H264 CodecH264 AVCYes ProfileHigh Level40 Resolution1920x1080 Aspect Ratio16:9 InterlacedNo Framerate23.976 Bitrate5,100 kbps Color Primariesbt709 Color Spacebt709 Color Transferbt709 Bit Depth8 bit Pixel Formatyuv420p Reference Frames1 hardware_detection-63776144843.txt embyserver.txt
  5. Hello, Not sure if this is Samsung specific or not, but thought I would start here since right now I'm only experiencing this on my Samsung smart tv. Random tv shows don't play back smoothly, but I haven't figured out why based on the app or video settings. I say random because it seems to be a growing issue where shows don't have smooth playback only on the Samsung app, even if they have the same video configuration as a show that does have smooth playback. I have provided an example below with the log file (no transcoding log since it direct plays), images of the settings and a quick video showing what happens in person. This is episode 3 of the show and both episode 1 and 2 played back completely fine, which have the exact same audio/video configuration. All are direct playing and there are no bandwidth issues between devices. I tested this exact file/episode on Windows, Chrome, Firestick and Roku and there is smooth playback on all of these (with direct play), so that's what makes me think its something specific in the Samsung app that is wonky. Messing around I tried to lower the quality to where it forced transcoding and it seemed to play fine that way which is weird and i'll let the admins decide if that is meaningful. Obviously I don't want to watch shows at 480p and would prefer to direct stream at full quality. Please let me know if I need to provide anything else. Thanks! PXL_20211004_220817075.mp4 embyserver.txt
  6. Buddy76

    Emby on Samsung TV

    Hallo zusammen Ich nutze schon seite ewiger Zeit Emby auf einem Raspberry Pi und bin mit dem Program auch sehr zufrieden. Heute haben wir uns vorzeitig unser Weihnachtsgeschenk gekauft einen Samsung SmartTV. Ich habe die Emby App auf dem Fernseher istalliert was auch alles reibungslos funktioniert hat , als ich die erste Videodatei gestartet habe hat nach ca 5 min die wiedergabe gestoppt und ich war wieder auf dem Startbildschirm vom Emby. das gleiche problem hab ich mit allen Videodateien egal ob mkv oder avi. Habe ich da irgendwo einen Fehler gemacht ? Grus Buddy76
  7. Hello, I just downloaded the Emby media server after long term issues with Plex. The sever is up and running on my host PC but I cannot access it from a Roku or Samsung Smart TV I tried the Emby smart comment and when I use the link, it takes me to the screen that says add server. It's not showing the server I have running. I enabled port 8096 in the firewall. I tried connecting to the remote server with no access. I tried to see my local host IP but when I go to dashboard it doesn't show, only the remote. I really want this to work, any ideas?
  8. I am attempting to play a movie on my Samsung TV (Tizen), but keep getting 'No Compatible stream available', but when attempting to play the same file through Emby on a Samsung s10+, the file plays fine. Here is the media info for the file. Should this play fine on the TV, or is there something I need to adjust to get it working
  9. Hi all, I have a few users reporting that once they access Emby they cannot select a movie. When selecting something, it will attempt to do something, but only the "scrolling" animation shows. I ran a debug. I can confirm the user in this debug is logged in. But I dont actually see where the their attempt to access a movie shows in the activities. I attempted to test offnet, VZN LTE, using my phone to pull movies. I personally never had a problem. Can someone review at their leisure convenience and let me know what the issue is? Please and thanks! DEBUG_03262020.txt
  10. Maybe I am missing something but I am having some issues with the live TV section (I have a premier subscription). I have tried with the Emby App in the official Samsung Store and also with the newest version available on GitHub. I have a Samsung model: UN55MU630DF and the server is running on my NAS device. If I go to either recordings or movies I can rewind and fast forward from the remote. But when in the live TV section, I can't change channels, rewind or fast forward. I do get the bar at the bottom with the record, rewind and play/pause and fast forward buttons and the gear on the right side. So I can highlight the fast forward or rewind icons but nothing happens. And once paused it will start playing again but I can't catch back up to the live broadcast. I don't think it is my TV buffer settings because it works on the android app. Also I can use the casting feature from my phone to the TV and the controls on the phone allow me to fast forward or rewind live TV. But I don't want to have to use my phone as the remote. Did I leave anything out? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. All of a sudden all my movies files are stretched full screen when I play back on my Samsung TV app. However TV shows aren't. I can change the picture size in the TV settings as they are locked out when in the app. I don't see any options to change it in the app. Any suggestions?
  12. CarlosLima

    Installing the APP via USB

    Hi, Some customers have queried about some details, for installation via usb. 1. what is the recommended size of the pendrive or is it indifferent 2. In what format should the formatting of the pendrive, FAT, NTFS, indifferent? It would be great if images of the installation screens were posted, or they would serve as a tutorial, since many clients are lazy and insecure. Thanks for any tip.
  13. CFRANS

    No Subtitles at all!

    Hello guys! I'm having a problem with my subtitles in Emby App for Samsung TV (MU6100). The option to choose the subtitle language is there, but when selected, there's no subtitle running, not at all. I've tried in the web app, and it runs fine with the srt subtitle. The log file is attached. And both the server and the app are up to date. Thanks! server-63653356189.txt
  14. A client reported me a problem, he is activating the caption and playing the episode, but the caption does not appear. Follow the model of the tv that is using the emby application. tv Samsung SmartTV (UN40K5300) Emby Theater 1.0.38
  15. Hello everybody, i need help. when was released new version of server everything was okay my Samsung television see emby server and data like as films , music also photos. Now emby server was updated on TV and blueray recorder see emby but didnt see files films , photos, nothing. Where can be problem ? i try restart server, devices, network but if i look on trough web or android devices i see everything. Thanks for help
  16. Good mornig, i'm new in this forum , but i'm lover of emby app. My tv samsung ue55es6100 is connected via lan to internet, and everything work fine , youtube, browser, iptv , netflix . yestarday emby disappared , and i can't log in develop mode for reinstall EMBY, when i try to login my tv show "the server is not reachable try later" . I tried to hard factory reset but log in is impossible. what can i do for install emby wich way you recommended me? Via usb is possible?
  17. I was just wondering if it will ever be possible to have live TV supported with full dvr control and an nice EPG supported from within the Emby Samsung TV application. Although I love the new look and feel of Emby Theatre for Windows 10, I just don't see the need to have individual HTPC boxes in the rooms when I can just run one very powerful server and just plug my TV's into the network. Currently running windows 10 enterprise, ported a version of WMC into it and have the Ceton Infinitv 6 for cable card use. What are your thoughts?
  18. I'm having a problem with the Emby DLNA server. Emby server Version 3.0.5781.2 is installed on my PC running Windows 7 Pro. I use Kodi with the Emby plugin on this PC and it works perfectly. Also have no problem with Kodi and the Emby plugin on my laptop. Installed the Emby app on my android phone and that works perfectly too. However, I cannot see the Emby server on either of my TVs or my PS3. I've tried editing the profiles to add their serial numbers for identification. Also tried changing a number of settings to try figure out what the problem is. Searched the forums and google for help ... But no matter what i try it just doesn't seem to work These are the devices in my network: router PC running Emby and Kodi Laptop running Kodi Xperia Z3 running Emby android app LG Smart TV PS3 Samsung TV I've attached the log file with DLNA debugging enabled. Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated. server-63583820979.txt
  19. PTrax

    3D Playing Issues

    Hi, I am having a few issues playing 3D content with the Samsung TV app. I think it's a limitation of the TV and not the App, but if someone could confirm I would be greatful. I used to use an Asus Eee BoxPC mounted on the back of my TV to run Media Browser and watch 3D files. But as the Samsung App got so good I switched to using it full time, the problem is when playing a 3D film it displays the two frames side by side. If I press the 3D button on the remote I am unable to select 3D mode 'side by side', the only mode enabled is '2D-3D'. The 2D-3D mode turns each frame into 3D so I see 2 sets of 3D pictures next to each other. If I set the 3D format for the film in metadata manager to HSBS, the film starts and looks like an interlaced single 3D picture but the TV doesn't see it as 3D so doesn't allow the glasses to switch on, and when pressing the 3D button on the remote it switches to 2 3D pictures side by side (the 3D interlaced mode is disabled). Anybody else seen this issue? A few details about my setup; Samsung App Version: v0.515c (Current latest) Samsung TV Model: UE37ES6300UXXU (UK Model) TV Firmware: 002004 (Current latest) MB Server Version: 3.0.5464.40000 When I used to watch 3D films using the Asus Eee BoxPC I didn't set a 3D format in metadata manager, so the picture would be displayed side by side. I would then press the 3D button on the remote and select 3D mode 'side by side'. This worked fine. I don't really understand why this doesn't work with the Samsung App.
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