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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I've installed latest emby app using usb method on Samsung UE48J5600 (Tizen) and successfully connected to my server which is on Synology DS1019+ with latest DSM 6.3, it successfully authenticated and when i wanted to play media i realised that the remote control "Enter" key does nothing when i click on a movie or series to play something. Did anyone encountered this? I've been searching the forum but i can't find this happening anywhere. Please advice. Thanks, Alex.
  2. Francisco Pineda

    Problemas con el reproductor

    Tengo instalada la aplicación v2.2.4 en 5 televisiones Samsung. Todas las TV reproducen un playlist en especifico, que esta almacenada en mi Servidor. El problema es que la mayoria de las veces, la reproducción se detiene sin antes terminar de reproducir todos los videos y la TV queda como en modo "Sleep" y tengo que apagar y encender la TV para poder acceder a la aplicación de nuevo y reproducir. Alguien sabe que puede estar ocasionando este problema? Los videos que se intentan reproducir o algun problema con el servidor? Muchas gracias por su cooperación y sus respuestas. Saludos.
  3. Hello, I hope everyone is well Please will you advise me as to how i can type my server address into the app (i am using a ordinary remote not a keyboard). Please also give an example of the correct format i must use on the samsung tv app (for example: my server is: https://myserver1,stream and port: 456) I have a H series smart TV (i am not sure what the app version is but i installed it today) Your Assistance and advice will be highly appreciated Thank You
  4. Sorry if this has been mentioned previously, I looked thru the last 2 months of posts and didnt see any posts about it. The issue that I am having, and a very frustrating one at that, is that I am unable to view the details of a specific episode for any tv show. When I click on a tv show then select a specific season, I get a list of episodes that when I select (press the circular button inside the directional pad) the episode plays. It does not go to the details of that episode, which then would allow me to set as favorite, delete, change the resolution, add subtitles, etc. I tried
  5. Hi, I am new to Emby and only installed it yesterday. When I try to play a 3D movie, it plays but I have to manually switch the TV into 3D mode. Looking at the metadata, all the movies have been correctly identified as either tsbs or ttab, they say 3D in the information in Emby player but they do not switch the TV. I have been trying Plex for a few days but finding that it is taking too much processing power on my NAS whereas Emby hardly uses any cpu and just works. Plex however does auto switch the TV mode to 3D on all the movies, the ones that didn't, I just added the appropriate
  6. Hi, Emby Server 3.0.8500.0 (Windows 10 64-bit) is unable to serve external .srt subtitles to Samsung Tizen JS9000, whereas Serviio is successfully able to do so. Proper DLNA profile configured for Samsung Tizen TV in Emby and confirmed to be in use. The subtitle profile section contains the below: <SubtitleProfiles> <SubtitleProfile format="srt" method="External" didlMode="CaptionInfoEx" /> </SubtitleProfiles> Wireshark TCP capture for failed Emby external subtitles serving scenario showed the following wrong section: <CaptionInfoEx d3p1:type="srt" xmlns:d3
  7. Hey Guys, Last weekend I probably had to be the most unluckiest person as far as losing everything on my hard drives. I have two computers, one with a two disk RAID & the main computer with SSD for programmes and SSD Hybrid for storage. I had to format the storage drive so I backed up everything to my RAID storage only to have one of those fail during backup. Sadly it is mechanical so not much hope of recovering anything and the singular drive had been partially written to and didn't recover much. Moving forward I want to review how I store my data. Not just being media but everything.
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