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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there, I've set up my old PC as a standalone server running Emby, along with Windows AD, DHCP and DNS Services. Specs are an i5-7400, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 120GB SATA boot drive, and a Storage Space with 2x4TB HDDs and a 500GB NVMe SSD for cache. I've mostly been using the server for streaming my music collection (which I'm still building on!) However, I've been trying streaming films/TV Shows from my server, and I've started to have a few problems. The issues I've been having mainly relate to my LG Smart TV (43UN8100), but also my Xbox One S. When I stream video on the Sma
  2. Hi emby Team, I testet as lot and want to describe a problem in detail that really keeps me away from using the emby app of my LG65OLED C7D. I already know that the emby app encodes all audio tracks that are not the first/default audiotrack of a mkv. But... emby also encodes the first/default audiotrack if this is Dolby TrueHD/Atmos. Why? and that leads to the/my problem: everytime the emby app starts a ffmpeg process to transcode a audio track (for the none default audio track or and thats a much bigger problem... for Dolby TrueHD Tracks) the video begins to stutter... plays f
  3. Hello, First of all, I would to apologize if I posted this topic at the wrong community, but as of right now the LG webOS app is the only place I can reproduce this type of files. Also English is not my first language, so I'll try my best to explain the situation. I have an old Windows laptop working as a NAS connected via ethernet to a router, to which my LG B9 is connected also using ethernet cable. I'm using the lastest Emby app on the TV and the server is up-to-date. I am having problems watching 4K HDR remux files stutter free. I tried tonight and it started fine but after a f
  4. Hello, I'm running into an issue where 4k HDR content is buffering on my Nvidia Shield, its all local content so its not taking it from the internet. The only thing i notice different is that some content is "direct playing" and the one that buffers is "Direct Streaming" both types of content appear to be the same, both are MKV. i will be spending most of my day tomorrow to try and figure out what could be causing these issues, so any help would be appreciated. for reference 1080p content plays perfectly with no issues at all. i have attached a couple of l
  5. I recently put together my first NAS . Took a bit of time and effort but the server is on it and running. I can play local movies just fine but my friend in another state is experiencing stuttering every other second and is unwatchable. All settings are default. I have 1000 up and down and my friend has 300+ down. Not sure quite what is wrong as I am new to this. Maybe something to do with bitrate and transcoding?
  6. I'm honestly not sure how to set up the technical specs so its possibly I just don't have something set up correctly but I constantly experience lag issues with larger file movies. This usually only happens with large (20G+) files. Most of these are 4K so I'm thinking thats the issue but I have no idea how to fix this. Any help is appreciated. I watched Dr. Strange for a few seconds until it started stuttering and attached the log ffmpeg-transcode-96e53d5e-0834-4512-8939-ff94567a371e_1.txt
  7. simonguillot@yahoo.ca

    buffering issues / stuttering with 1080P H264

    hi i am starting to feel like a bitch because i have not been able to play any files that is 1080P H264 since the last update please let me know why i paid premium and why should i stick with emby instead of plex i understand you are probably pulling your hair out many times a day , but i feel the same way on my end i did all i could to improve the server, did a reinstall, redone cabling and now server is connected straight to the router uninstalled a few assons please let me know what else am i supposed to do to be able to play this format with no issues thank you log8-7.t
  8. Apologies if this is an obvious/newbie question... During playback on an Apple TV (all, including 4th gen) or older FireStick, I will frequently have issues with the video stuttering, or flat out pausing randomly. This happens whether on WiFi or hardwired. I've read a lot of similar posts, particularly regarding the Apple TV, but the difference for me is that so far, reducing the maximum bitrate seems to resolve the problem. My question is, is there a down-side to reducing the max bitrate? Does a lower bitrate translate to lower video quality? Thanks!
  9. Apologies if this is an obvious/newbie question... During playback on a (hardwired) Apple TV or older FireStick, I will frequently have issues with the video stuttering, or flat out pausing randomly. So far, reducing the maximum bitrate seems to have fixed the problem. My question is, is there a down-side to reducing the max bitrate? Does a lower bitrate translate to lower video quality? Thanks!
  10. My streams are often stuttering while streaming. Even inside my own Homenetwork. Maybe someone can help me track down the issue? I am mostly streaming 1080p and I have a Intel Pentium G4560 which has a Passmark of 4868. That should usually be enough for a single 1080p Transcode. I stream mostly to Chromecast (Gen 2). I will attach a Serverlog from yesterday and a Transcodelog from a stuttering file I played yesterday. As far as I can see there are no issues. I run emby with docker-compose. I will also attach the relevant part of the compose file. If anyone has an idea what the issue can b
  11. Hello, I am having an issue with the Theater desktop app. For most hd content I try to play, it stutters at first and sometimes smooths out but usually stutters intermittently. I can see its direct playing from the server. I play the same content through firefox and get no stuttering. I really love the desktop app but have issues playing hd content. For the client I'm running Emby Theater 3.0.5 Windows 10 HP Desktop with 6 GB system ram AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core 4400+ AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB graphics card And the server is Ubuntu 16.04 running emby AMD FX 8350 8-Core with 2
  12. Hi, I have both iphones and iPads and Emby seems to not really like any of them. If I play any media, it stutters if I put the quality above 1Mbps. Setting to auto does the same thing. I have other android phones, tablets, Nvidia Shield and no problems elsewhere, just the iOS app. I've tried both the internal server IP and my external domain name and that doesn't make any difference either. Doesn't matter if content is SD MP4 or HD, or even 4K, all does the same thing. Anyone have anything else I can try, or a setting somewhere I need to change? Thanks.
  13. One of the remote users on my server has been reporting freezing and stuttering quite often despite waiting for the transcode to reach 100%. It has happen across several different movies. It will play fine for some time but after 10-30 minutes the movie will freeze and it will never stutter and freeze from that point on. The movie is always 100% transcoded before playback begins and both of our speeds are quite sufficient for streaming and we experience no problems on any other sites. Were mainly using the web interface and google chrome for the remote user to play movies but have tried using
  14. Hi, Music playback is stuttering when Emby is send to background or when the screen is off. When Emby is back in focus, the stuttering is gone (Android 7.0). Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks, Jelle
  15. Hi, I've been noticing audio stuttering whilst using the app. I'm using AC3 5.1 ch audio with hvec codec. Also my TV support AC3 and HVEC so I'm not sure if this is a app issue or a setting I'm not aware of. No errors are displayed. For example I would be in the middle of a action scene with alot of talking and background music which has a spike of static audio for about 3 secs then resumes like normal. Then it will continue at different points through out the film. Log File: http://bit.ly/2y2Xl0J Any support or help would be great. Cheers.
  16. echoxxzz

    LiveTV stuttering

    Several of my IPTV channels stutter (mostly it's the audio) when I use a browser. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge and it happens in browsers. But there is no stuttering when I use Emby Theatre or the EMBY mobile apps. Can't seem to find a solution but I thought it worth mentioning.
  17. Hi, I am having a couple of playback issues on Xbox One. 1. Remote users are having issues playing some movies. Trailers play fine, but as soon as the movie starts, is pauses and stutters. 2. Local user (me). Watching tv shows, I have the same issues as remote users with movies, the first episode will play fine, but after the following episode stutters. I have attached the logs. server-63626256000.txt ffmpeg-transcode-78826040-b2df-47d0-92ae-b540314ce645.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b2af8472-5f6a-42b1-8aba-3bbd5d0fb2fb.txt ffmpeg-transcode-e9288225-4cce-49ba-8273-2b0e5f660971.txt ser
  18. Hello, I am running Emby Apps on all kind of devices like Android, MacOS, Nvidia Shield (Android TV) and now purchased the new Xiaomi Mi Box 4k to watch Live TV and sometimes Movies. I have a stuttering Video during Live TV playback, only on this Android TV device as all other devices work well. Changed all kind of settings like resolution, transcoding framerates etc... no luck!? I am a bit confused as Xiaomi claims this box as superior device and the price is just fine. Does anyone else have similar issues with the Xiaomi device(s)?? Any tips or hints???
  19. Hi there, I've got a problem with playing videos on my fire TV Box (see title). That happens if I play the video through the emby App or if I use the Kodi-Emby plugin. Both are at latest versions. In this case I tried to play "The finest hours" starting at 09:10 o'clock and ends at 09:12 o'clock. I also sent a report through the Emy-app-Debug function at 09:12 (or 09:13) o'clock with the user "Norman" I also see very often server errors in the log but don'T understand where they come from. Yesterday evening I tried to play a video through my BD-Player and TV (Oppo 103 and Sony Bravia
  20. Hey Guys, Emby theater for xbox one is still freezing during video playback. Its random but happens at least once or twice while watching a movie. Its hard to keep selling it to my family who get frustrated every time it freezes and I have to back out and resume from last positions which usually fixes it. I will provide any logs or pics you need even a sample file of a known movie to freeze up. Please, I just want Emby for Xbox one to work.... Is anyone else having this issue?
  21. I have just setup an Intel NUC5I5RYH with Intel Iris HD 6000 graphics with 16gb DDR3 1600 ram, ssd drive running win 7 connected to LAN via ethernet cable. I've configured the BIOS to allocate 1GB of RAM to the onboard video and loaded optimized defaults. I've also ensured RAM is running and proper speeds and timings. All drivers and software is up to date. The problem I'm having is when playing almost any of my movies (all MP4/h.264 1080p) I experience mico stutters. Nothing huge but enough to make the movies un-watchable. I've tried every option under the Emby Theater settings for the
  22. Baldrdk

    Stuttering after 5-7 min

    Hello. I am experienceing stuttering when streaming to both my android 4.4.4, and surfaceRT tablet. The first 5-7 minutes are fine, but after that the stuttering begings with 15sek stream then pause. I have to go very low in bitrate before it stops, around 650kb/s. Everything works fine when streaming to my labtop, so im sure its not network. My transcoding settings is set to higher speed and throtteling enabled. Any suggestions?
  23. thefirstofthe300

    Upgrade to 4.4.3 introduces stuttering

    I just upgraded my Nexus 7 to 4.4.3 last night and it seemed to introduce a problem with video streaming. After approximately 15 minutes of playing SD video, the video stream begins to stutter while the audio continues to play just fine. I also use Plex on my Android (mostly for the sync feature, a must-have for me as my upload speed is awful) and I noticed that it has a similar issue where it will stutter after about 8 minutes of playback. I can provide logs if you think you will need them. PS How is the player rewrite going? I am wondering when the next update will be.
  24. M_L

    Limited Bandwith

    Hello @all, I have an Upload speed of 6mbps but Emby only uses 4mbps no matter what transcoding and playback settings I choose. So, I tried a lot, including VPN access to the LAN, prioritisation of process and traffic but nothing worked so far. The google chrome browser is the culprit, it uses only half of the available bandwith of the media browser server! When using firefox it uses the whole bandwidth and so I have no annoying stuttering anymore. Anyone here who had the same problem? Thanks @EmbyTeam - You are the best!
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