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Found 9 results

  1. anderbytes

    DLNA - PlayTo not sending subtitles

    I've noticed that videos played via PlayTo with DLNA doesn't allow showing subtitles, as if it didn't have one. Can the devs reproduce this? Does subtitles appears when you PlayTo something? Thanks
  2. anderbytes

    Bug - PlayTo in Mono 4.4.0

    Hello, I've noticed that after updating Mono to new stable 4.4.0 I can't play DLNA properly. After some investigation... I found in log that was something related to PlayTo feature (being able to control device via DLNA). After disabling PlayTo, everything works fine. Here is the log. please take a look around time 20:25:50 ps: It is 10% possible that Mono is not the sole cause... because I've also been reinstalling some packages manually (Python-related)... Just informing...
  3. hi! i am still having issues with LG WebOS smartv and DLNA. It used to work ok, but now if i choose a movie from my colection and select the function "play to LG] webOS TV" nothing happens! But if i enter through the "SmartShare app" on the tv I can choose the emby server and watch the movie without any problem. Any idea with this issue? Thanks in advance! server-63601602365.txt
  4. Playto "Edge" shows spinning dot in center that keeps going around and around and around... its like watching a little bug crawling on my monitor. Using Windows 10 Home w/Edge browser and playing to it from FireFox. I do this so that I can keep it full screen on my second monitor while not messing with my browsing in FireFox. Sadly I no longer have WMC w/external MPC and Emby Theater is so unstable it is not an option. Any idea on how NOT to see this dot (pixel) going around in circles or another alternative? I do see in the server config, that this file is transcoding. Is that why there is a spinning dot?
  5. Hi, Does the 8.1 app ( accept Play to requests from the server? I thought it did, but it's not appearing in the "play to" list on MBS 3.0.5518.24408. Thanks
  6. CtrlAlt7

    Play On Xbox One not listed

    I have MBC setup with MBS running as a service. Everything is working fine and within MBS settings I see Xbox One as a listed device. When using the mediabrowser 8.1 app or the windows phone 8 app I don't see Xbox One as a listed player to select. Within file explorer in windows I am able see Xbox One as a listed device and play to it. From my Xbox I am able the launch the media player app and successfully connect to mediabrowser and play files, just vice versa doesn't work. Any ideas on why it doesn't appear within the apps?
  7. Frequently, while playing various tv shows, when using the PlayTo feature (from my nexus7 android app to the samsung tv), play back will just stop about 2-3 minutes short. Has anyone ever seen this behavior? Does not seem to happen all the time, but enough to be annoying. When it does happen, what logs (location) can I provide? I'm using the standard SamsugTV profile. Thanks!!!
  8. Greeting Community (not the show ) - I've been enjoying the "PlayTo" feature immensely - but recently, more and more of my content is giving me the message "the file you selected is not currently supported" when i try to play it. Likewise, if i browse the same file, using the DLNA feature, I get the same error. These are TV shows/Movies that have worked in the past, using PlayTo and DLNA, but are now not working. I'm running Version 3.0.5238.39498 samsung UNEH5300 I've had Serviio as a backup DLNA provider, and if I browse the same content, it plays w/out a problem. Help...please. Thanks!!!!
  9. This ones for a mate but I guess I can see the benefit. Requesting an option in the DLNA to display content using the file name and folder structure as apposed to metadata only Another option I thouhht may be beneficial is when displayed using metadata prepend the episode number to the episode name Let me know if further clarification is needed
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