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  1. It appears that any playlist that any user creates is public--all other users can see it. I can appreciate the benefit of a public playlist. I could create a playlist called "Harv's Favorite Horror Films" for example, in case other users are interested in checking out what I like. However, the way most of my users are using playlists is to keep track of things they want to watch in the future. They are typically things that the user has not watched yet, so it's not meant as a recommendation to others, just as a way of them personally keeping track of what they want to watch. Having tha
  2. severnpaul

    Playlists on App

    I downloaded a playlist on Android and the songs were placed in albums. How do I see the playlist when the server is turned off on my pc? If I play by shuffle it plays songs not on the playlist.
  3. hedgehogg

    Import playlists

    Making this official now: Can we find a way of either reading already created playlists eg for WMP or iTunes or import those playlists into MB.
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if it was possible to modify the way the playlists behave for movies and TV series. I tend to put movies that I plan to see on various playlists (e.g. Own, Family, ...). When you click on one of the items on the list the video starts playing right away but sometimes it better to get a chance to read the summary or see a trailer. For my use case it would therefore be ideal if selecting an item from a (movies/TV series) playlist would bring you to its Emby site rather than starting playback. What do you think? Would such an approach be feasible? Thank
  5. I have just set up my Emby Ubuntu server. I have set the music library directory to /data/music as my /data directory is on a RAID and I would like to change the default playlist directory to /data/playlists but I have not found a way of doing this. Can anyone advise - thanks. Robin B
  6. raevengel

    Playlists - need help understanding

    Hello, We use playlists a lot for video files. In fact, it’s the primary reasons we moved over from Plex, because Emby has so many more options for dealing with playlists. However, in using it, I’ve learned that there is an oddity with the way that Emby deals with playlists. When Emby makes a playlist, if more than one version of a file exists, Emby chooses a non-specific or random version of the title that you add to the playlist. The user has no idea which version it chooses or why. It won’t always choose the highest or lowest resolution, or the mkv or HEVC. There’s no apparent rhyme o
  7. TL; DR: I messed up 8 playlists that has hundreds (maybe a couple thousand for 3 of them) of entries, by adding hundreds of entries instead of a few. How can I export the playlists, edit them and then re import them so they take the place of the messed up playlists? I made a mistake and screwed up playlists, most of which are not mine but my remote users'. A few of these playlists have thousands of entries, mostly TV episodes, so re-creating them is not an option and they have been modified in Emby enough that their content is unique from the originally imported Plex playlists.Yesterday I
  8. Hello, I recently moved over my Emby install from Linux Mint over to an OpenSUSE Tumbleweed install. A lot of it went fairly smoothly but playlists are not one of them. There are a lot of my playlists showing up, many have duplicates - about half with the correct photo half with no photo. When I click on any of them playlists, none of them show any files actually in the playlist so it can’t play anything. Moreover, when I go to TV shows or movies to add items into the empty playlists, when I click on add to playlist and it should bring up all the existing playlist options, there is a
  9. Hi there, when I sync a music playlist currently to one of my mobile devices it will download all the content of the list and this is fine. Unfortunately is the playlist itself lost during the syncing process, this results in a mixing up of the new downloaded content with the still existing content on my device. E.g. I've several playlist like "Relax", "Sport" and so on. After Syncing the lists are gone and I only get the raw songs and the artist and album informations on my device. It would be nice to elect the downloaded list as list, too. So I can choose to play specific album or on
  10. ray-finkle

    Playlist enhancements

    Currently I have experienced a few rather limiting functions of the playlist system that I think could use some improving: Problems: There is no access control If a user has access to playlists they can see, edit, and create playlists system wide. Users cannot have their own private playlists A user with no access granted to playlists can still add media to any playlist in the system, even though they cannot actually browser playlists. (this is probably a bug) Attempting to click into an item in a playlist starts playback immediately rather than jump to it's info screen. Feature Request
  11. Is it possible to save instant mix playlists? Can anyone help with this?
  12. piecesofme

    Bizarre Playlist Issues/Bugs

    Hello, I’ve noticed some weird issues with Playlists happening with Emby that I’ve not had happen before and it’s making playlist use very difficult and unpredictable. I’ve really tried to work to figure out some pattern to the issues and I’ve included that below. I’m sorry it’s a little difficult to explain and I’ve tried to be as clear as I can. I hope it’s OK. I primarily use the Roku app right now and cannot say if it affects other platforms. The first is related to a bug that I reported sometime back. When you click the play button on the Roku remote when you’re in the full list o
  13. piecesofme

    Possible bug - play button in playlists

    Hello, I’ve been able to reproduce this same behavior now at least 10 times now across two different Roku players (a Roku Ultra and a Roku Streaming Stick+) and different playlists/media. When you navigate into the Playlists section>click on a playlist>press the down button to bring up the episodes>pressing the play/pause button while any of episodes are selected>immediately throws you out of the Emby app altogether and back to the Roku home screen. I think that most people would assume that one could press the play button while an episode is selected to immediately play th
  14. Hello! I started looking at Emby because the Plex playlists features are woefully inadequate and despite paying premium users begging for basic additional controls for literally years now, they are completely ignoring us. I reached out via a couple of forums to other Emby users to find out if what I’m looking for is doable in Emby - namely, a simple repeat feature to be able to start watching something later in a playlist and it have continue playing by circling back to the beginning until it’s stopped. My spouse and I both have severe sleep problems and we like to sleep to various TV play
  15. Greetings! I have been living with a "ghost" playlist issue for some time now (placed a m3u file in a lib folder, then deleted it, then added it back, and since the playlist contents have been "frozen"), so today decided to give a manual fix a try inspecting/manipulating the db directly. I think the root cause is that the record in the db does not have a path to the corresponding m3u file anymore Because of this I decided (after a db backup) to attempt both UPDATE and DELETE of the record, but in both cases I get back the error in the title... My experience with sqlite is non-existent, so
  16. DerrickM

    Wish list for music

    I have just been getting into using Emby for streaming my music. I have noticed a few things that would be really nice (in my opinion). Allow download playlists (instead of albums only) <-I know this one has been posted before Warning for adding a song to a playlist which already contains that song add album title in playlist view add link to album and artist from within playlist view (same as it is in the suggestions page) in playlist allow move multiple (up or down for ordering) allow remove multiple from playlist Play music from downloads if a download exists for that son
  17. I have already mentioned this in a previous topic but I figured I would put out a formal request. Basically, in cinema mode, I would like custom intros to be played before every episode on a playlist. I would use this for commercials and would create a PseudoTV like experience. I would guess its already configured to ONLY play one intro per playlist on purpose, so I would like a toggle to make it play intros every episode. I have another playlist idea I will be posting later with mockups that I think would help a lot of people, but this request is obviously much more specific to wh
  18. Two of my users have created playlists, and when they select "Add to playlist" the dropdown menu shows every playlists that either of them has. Selecting another user's playlist adds the item to it. When they go to watch their playlists, they only see their own. Users who have not created playlists only see "New..." but once they create one, they can select other users' playlists too. The UserId in the playlist.xml only shows one user each. I tested two playlists with the same name: both show up, and have separate items, so users can easily get them mixed up.
  19. At one time I have had windows media player playlists show up in Media browser 3 classic. I'm not sure if I had updated to the most recent version of Emby that the playlists disappeared, but the playlists had disappeared and I cannot get them to show up again anywhere. Can someone explain to me what has happened, and, or, how to get them back? I am using the latest version of Emby classic on a windows 7 32bit HTPC. Any help would be appreciated Anthony
  20. It's my opinion that playlists (particularly for music) are items that are best navigated with text descriptions rather than images, and there is currently no option for list view in emby theater. The default presentation for playlists in emby theater is a mosaic image of four album covers from items within the playlist. Since most playlists are more than 4 tracks, this does not help discriminate between the items on the screen. What's worse, the text below the image is comparatively small and will be truncated to a fixed size. I understand that Google Play Music uses this type of mosaic i
  21. StLDreiling

    Collections & Playlists quirk

    So I'm pretty sure that if you have your Library set to "Group movies into collections," and individual movies from a Collection are added as the first items on a Playlist, you will not be able to play that Playlist normally. To get the playlist to play, you'll have to select and play the first title itself. I'm probably an edge case, but there's no way I can get by without grouping movies into Collections in my library view. Any thoughts?
  22. promytius

    Emby on Roku not seeing things right

    I hope this is the right forum for this issue. I'm having trouble getting Emby to see things correctly. For instance, it sees the White album, it sees the first cd of 25 Blues Masters, but it doesn't see the rest of the Blues Masters cds, and makes just silly additions to the playlist tree. The ripping program recognized the series of CDs during the rip, and suggested appropriate (used) folder names. My HDD: \Music \Blues Masters \cd1 \cd2 \cd3 \cd4 Emby: Music 25 Blues Masters 25 Blues Masters Vol. 1 J. Reed (from a totally seperate folder!)
  23. imatroublemaker

    Cinema Mode for Episode Playlists

    Hey! I am new to the Emby family but I am loving what I am seeing so far! Anyway, I was messing around with Cinema mode and saw that it had custom intro functionality which I thought was really cool. However, it will only play that intro in front of the first episode on a playlist, when actually I want it before EVERY episode on the playlist. You may be asking, why I'd want that, and the main reason is I am using the custom intro functionality to insert classic commercial blocks in front of my content. If I were able to do this with playlists, I could make PsuedoTV Live style of playli
  24. Hello, I created playlists into Emby server, but they are not visible in Kodi playlists. I did local database reset but it didn't help. Is this feature supported by Emby for Kodi addon ?
  25. Hello, Having issue trying to create a playlist via the java API. Can connect ok and get the access token, but seems to fail on the format of the Ids. Post parameters : [userId=319543a665084772bb4449608882bc7f, format=json, MediaType=Audio, Ids=5b4e8826-2580-3ea3-c0da-a10a8696ad87,2C85af84ce-364e-80c2-b359-c3e46ff65a67, Name=embyTest] Result : {"ResponseStatus":{"ErrorCode":"FormatException","Message":"Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)." Full content of POST and server response is attached. Appreciate any help. log4j-applic
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