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  1. Hallo zusammen, ich habe auf meinem FireTV 4k die Emby App. Da ich Kinder habe möchte ich nicht das die meinem Account nutzen können. Daher gehe ich in der APP immer auf "ausloggen"! Scheinbar bringt das aber nichts, starte ich die App meldet er sich automatisch mit meinem Profil an ohne das man auch nur ein PW eingeben müsste. Woran kann das liegen? gruß
  2. Hi Everyone Sorry if this has already been asked for before and exists, I have tried looking, but I could not find anything that made it work. I have Emby Server installed on my shield, with media files stored on an external HDD that is not adopted storage (playback works perfectly on the shield). I have been trying to get the TV upstairs, which is a Panasonic GT30 Series TV (2011 model) to play my media files from the Shield through DLNA. I can connect to the Shield server on DNLA and view folders but I have not been able to get any of my media to play. I have 2 types of m
  3. Sandboy

    Kodi Profile Issues using Leia

    Hello, As a Background. I'm using Emby Server (latest stable edition) on a Synology 916+. This manages only my media library I don't use live TV options. Kodi image using OSMC on two Vero4k unit (wired and wireless for different TV) On this Vero4k unit I'm using the latest update, with Kodi Leia vs 18.2 (May update) I'm using Emby for Kodi addon latest stable. I have three kodi profiles, that when I go to that profile, loads up the appropriate Emby user, and the library is in sync with the user library. On Kodi 17.6 this worked a treat. Problem Following the update to Leia, t
  4. isamudysan

    mkv files and some mp4 files seen as mpg

    put together a new freenas (11.2)...installed emby...and, everyting is working fine except for majority (approx. 98%) of my mkv files being seen and played back as mpg files. along with the mkv files, not all, but some of my mp4 files are being treated/seen as mpg files. now playing videos via the webapp is fine, and it's not my concern. however, playing thru DLNA is a different story. any ideas as what i can do to alleviate this issue. i mean, i had it on my old build, too, but never really tried to solve this problem. now, i need to because the samsung emby is giving me an error (this
  5. kmed27

    DLNA on panasonic

    Are there any instructions on how to setup a dlna profile? I looked on the help page but it says coming soon 2015. I thought it would be nice to get emby working on the bedroom (in case we are ill etc), the television is an 8 year old Panasonic TX-P50VT20B. It shows the thumbnails at the side of the video but when I try to play them it just goes into large coloured static squares with no sound. I did wonder if it was too old to play the videos so I installed Synology Media Server to try, at first the panasonic just said un-playable on all the videos. I then went into the setti
  6. bigembyfan

    Sony Bravia KDL-32W653A

    Hi, I'm a new Emby user currently trying to test and get a robust setup and things are going encouragingly well so far. I'm running the server on a 2012 mac mini and have managed to sort remote access over https with an external domain - all is working well via the web clients on my laptop, phone and tablet. I am however having a couple of teething problems with DLNA, I have 2 Bravia TVs of different types and manufacturing years - neither works particularly well browsing for network content. The Emby server is found, my older Bravia (KDL-32W653A) displays the content nicely in folders
  7. Qlan

    Profile Login with iPhone

    Hello emby team, Since iOS 11 it is now possible to provide keyboard input for your Apple TV with your phone or tablet. This is an awesome feature for logging on to Emby for password protected profiles. There is however one little snag, once the password has been entered it is not possible to press the enter key to trigger the login. You have to manually move the cursor to the login button and press it. Is this a limitation of the Apple UI or would it be possible to implement this function in the Emby app? Thank you!
  8. x/post from https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/53854-request-profileuser-login-when-launching-app/ We user the LG TV App to access our emby server. Please add an option to require users to sign in every time the app is launched. I realise not everyone would want this, but if it is a setting that we could enable that would be awesome. Not all the members in our household remember to navigate the app to switch to their user account. Consequently, the media and already watched tracking statistics are getting messed up. We have two problems here. The first not able to c
  9. Please add an option to require users to sign in every time the app is launched. I realise not everyone would want this, but if it is a setting that we could enable that would be awesome. Not all the members in our household remember to navigate the app to switch to their user account. Consequently, the media and already watched tracking statistics are getting messed up. We have two problems here. The first not able to clearly see which user is currently signed in, and the second is not asking the person viewing which user profile they should be using. Another great improvement wou
  10. I got it working now, but i did it with your previous launcher (http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/1127-entry-points-in-mce7-not-working/?p=43640) When entering one of the entry points the screen flashes the desktop for a split second but it works. I could not figure out how to use your new application with MCE reset tool. Tomorrow when i have some more time i'll try again, but for now it is working.... Thanks.
  11. Hi all, Emby refuses to play videos encoded with codecs I've entered into the <CodecProfiles> portion of the DLNA profile. This one for example... Media Info VideoCodecMPEG4 Codec tagDX50 Level-99 Resolution720x388 Aspect ratio1.85:1 AnamorphicNo InterlacedNo Framerate25 Bitrate698 kbps Pixel formatyuv420p Ref frames1 This also happens if there's no DirectPlayProfile for the codec. For example, trying to play this to my Sony Bravia causes the error... Media Info VideoCodecVC1 Codec tagWVC1 ProfileAdvanced Level3 Resolution1920x1080 Aspect ratio16:9 AnamorphicNo Interl
  12. seanpcoll

    Working Vizio Profile

    I've managed to create a working Vizio profile that will play all media files. Two problems, it's kinda hacked since I cant figure out the identifying information that the Vizio client sends to the server and the only thing that the server says even in debug mode is that it's matching it to the SAMSUNG tv profile so I based it on that. Second thing is that it does pause every so often due to the memory handling of the Opera SDK that the vizio dlnas are built on top of but it can be minimized by lowering the bitrate. I can share it if anyone is interested and could refine it if someone can eit
  13. JoshFink

    Login screen for all users?

    I know I must be missing something simple that maybe I changed when I first installed. When I was setting this up I was always logging in as myself. Now that things are mostly working I wanted it, on launch to be able to go to the login screen and you either select myself or the Kids user. I have the kids user set up but I can't figure out what I need to do to get it to ask at each login. Thanks Josh
  14. Hello I want to watch movies stored on my Emby server with my VU+ Linux receiver. As there is no native Emby client for Enigma2 system, I have choosen to use DNLA I have a Emby Server (3.0.6050.0) as a DNLA Server. I have a VU+ Solo receiver that I want to use as a DNLA Client (receiver). I have created a VU+ Profile (from the Kodi profile) with UserAgent: Linux (Substring) in the identification HTTP Header section. My VU+ Solo is running the Black Hole image 3.02f which includes a DNLA Plugin (based on djmount). When I started the plugin on my VU+ it recognizes my Emby
  15. I want to change the base width of the div.card.squareCard.bottomPaddedCard on the login page that is used to display avatars that are not hidden during login. This width changes based on @@Media min-width variables, so I also want to change all those so the profile images are smaller across the board, but I can't seem to get the CSS code to take effect. Trying to affect this code (user-id and domain code replaced with question marks) <div class="card squareCard bottomPaddedCard"> <div class="cardBox visualCardBox"> <div class="cardScalable"> <div cla
  16. i do a fair amount of traveling for work and so i now travel with a pi2 or NVidia Shield tablet with multiple profiles for when i travel vs being at home and i use trakt.tv to keep my watched status and such inline with each other. question i have is how do i effectively "Disable" the emby plugin for kodi for only certain kodi profiles? for example in kodi i have x2 main profiles: emby_database (works perfectly with all my movies available locally when i am at home) and a traveling_database (no real library, I just stream from other kodi plugins). it appears that the emby plugin for k
  17. nuahsocramid

    Kid Friendly View

    Good Day All, I'm looking for a "kid friendly" view to fit my child's profile where they can login, see the "Kids Movies" folder i've created, click said folder, see said movies (or just see said movies to begin with and skip the top level folder view), and then simply do a "Click to Play" function. My 4yr old doesn't really have the desire, yet, to read about reviews, plots, see what actors are in it. She just wants to watch her movies. Also, is there a way to eliminate the scrolling tabs at the top that call out Home/Next Up/Favorites/Upcoming? another feature that i'd love t
  18. coudy

    DLNA profile order

    Hi, I have 2 vlans with same smart TV (LG WebOS) on each vlan. I want to limit access to library for 1st TV in 1st vlan, and allow full access for 2nd TV in 2nd vlan. Because, they are almost equals models (700/730) I can't filter it by User-Agent. I have cloned profile, but changed names, so I have 2 profiles, and in each profile I have selected different user. 1. Can I (how to) filter by device IP ? I have tried this in identification section, but it does not work <Identification> <FriendlyName>LG Smart+ TV</FriendlyName> <ModelNumber>1.0</Mode
  19. HeavensNight

    XBMC4Xbox Profile

    Hi i have problems to share hd contend to my original xbox through XBMC4Xbox becuase most of the content in h264 they are generally too high resolution for the old Xbox hardware capabilities. i spent some days making profiles but none work becuase despite of video trascoding, the bitrate still to high for the hardware. after some time in undestand how the dlna profiles work i made it, i tested some days and is working in all my hd media. i share my little contribution to the community. i choose trancoding 480p instead 720p beacuse the quality of the video, 480p have more bitrate and bette
  20. Hi, Is there a way to prevent users from changing my preferences or removing this icon and allowing the administrator only to set these preferences in the users (edit this users personal preferences), as this is being rolled out across a school to 1500 students, children will play with settings and cause alot of work.
  21. Hi, I am testing Media Browser 3 in a school network environment, it is working very well with over 50 users signed up, we need to find a way to restrict/disable the user from changing their password, username and profile details. Is there a way of implementing this, once we have this setup this will be used for over 1500 users, on laptops, tablets, phones, DNLA devices and computers, so this is a very good testing ground. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Many thanks Nathaniel
  22. RXP

    Popcorn Hour A400/A210 Profiles

    I've grown a little tired of Plex, the recent price hikes were the last straw so looking to use Media Browser. One thing I cannot replicate with Media Browser is that Plex integrates nicely into my Popcorn Hours, has an App and I can remote fling How can I create a Popcorn Hour profile for Media Browser? Also they are capable of being DLNA target but cannot see them on the web browser cast menu. They basically play anything you can throw out them, so a profile similar to the WDTV will be great. Here's a profile of it from Bubble uPnP
  23. saitoh183


    Will there be a way to switch user profiles? I know we can use XBMC to switch profiles but its very unstable and crashes half the time (main reason i turned to MB3). For now i see we can only set one profile to load with the addon but will this change in future releases?
  24. Smaky

    DLNA Profile edition

    While eiditing DLNA profiles from the dashboard I noticed there is no way to actually edit Codec Profiles conditions... the dialog box shown only allows for Codec name capture and type selection but no options for actual conditions are shown. Is this still under development? Edit: Using Dev Version 3.0.5244.3878
  25. Wanted to know if it could be added to both MBC and MBT to be able to quickly bring up the profile menu via Shortcut key (this could be mapped to a harmony remote). This would save time instead of having to navigate to the icon. Like for instance in ROC theme the only way i found to get to the profile icon is to open up the config. Other themes have it directly on the EHS which can make it easier but having a shortcut key would make it possible to switch profile from anywhere in MBC or MBT at a click of a button. Also a key that we can modify ourselves and not hard-coded. Maybe add it to t
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