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Found 9 results

  1. gillmacca01

    'ON Now' reduce number of channels shown

    Is there a way to reduce the number of channels displayed under 'On Now'? I do have quite a lot of channels, and it appears (although I haven't scrolled all the way to the end), that they are all displayed under 'On Now', and I believe (all though not certain) that it is causing a delay in the home screen being populated, as it tries to populate all channels
  2. Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro with Android TV The home screen tool bar things. called "Channels" I have one for Emby, "Live TV" It only puts 3 icons there, On Now, Live TV Guide, Recordings. The On Now does not always go to the On Now screen, say if i was in a tv series folder or else where previously, it will just load back to that page and not On Now. Ideally, would like to the list of On Now programs be the "Channels" banner thing on the home screen, so I can just scroll through what is on now on the atv home screen, like i can with the butil in "Channels" live app, or Channels DVR software. Second, but different issue of Emby on Android TV, is that when i load the Guide, the first several channels, it shows No data available, unless i scroll left or so, then back, then it loads it. does this every time i load into the guide or scroll through it at all. Does it in the mini guide too. I am using the beta Emby app btw.
  3. arrbee99

    On Now buglet

    Just wondering if anyone might be getting this - Actually went to the On Now page and its got about 200 TVNZ1 things in the middle of the more normal channels. Just thought I'd mention it. Don't know if its new, practically never go to that particular page. NextPVR v5, Windows 10, latest server beta, Chrome.
  4. jasonwilliams

    Live TV Homepage Section - "On Now"

    Hello, I'm just wondering if it's possible to control what shows appear in the "On Now" section. I've tried adding filters, but they don't flow back to the home screen. The sort order functionality doesn't seem to work at all. TIA, Jason
  5. speedingcheetah

    On Now etc buttons not working

    The "On Now, Shows...etc" buttons/links that open the full pages on the Programs page in Live TV no longer are working suddenly. The only thing that has changed for me since yesterday is that Windows 10 on both my computers was updated to the May 2019 update build (1903). On both the web access via browser, and the Win 10 Store app, the links work fine. I have tried un-installing Theater and re-installing it on one computer....restarting both computers....restarted server software and refresh guide data,...no change. Theater version 3.0.8. First image is the normal Programs page in Theater....second image is the page that is supposed to load when u click On Now (screen-shot from web browser.)
  6. Pelon

    Filter some keyword from On-Now

    Do a filter when displaying On-now, to exclude "shows' that I don't think anyone will tune into. For example "Off the air", "sign off". I'm not suggesting removing infomercials as that will be impossible with all posible combinations, but some are very obvious. I do know that right now there are a lot of other priorities with live-tv, but if it is being revamped, then this is something that can help.
  7. arrbee99

    FR - On now

    Purely in the pursuit of self interest, was wondering if it might be a good idea to add some extra info to the Live TV programs shown under 'On Now'... F'rinstance, one version of 'Mrs. Brown' is OTA TV via satellite and hence SD, while another is an IPTV version and HD, hence some kind of indicator stating the source and/or resolution would be quite handy so as to know which one to pick (in the unlikely event of course that I'm missing some other obvious source of this information...)
  8. .17 I have permissions turned off for most of my users for any type of Live TV functionality. Users that don't have permissions are still seeing the ON NOW section on home screen of the app and regardless of their permissions they can access and play any live tv feed featured in ON NOW.
  9. good day all. wondering if there's a way to eliminate (hide) the "On Now" & "Latest Recordings" sections on the Apps Home Screen for the Nexus Player? I personally use Live Channels for my TV watching and then anything i do record, i have that all auto organized into my unraid box with my other recorded tv stuff. once the auto organize is completed, all of my recordings are then captured/shown in the "Next Up TV" section and therefore typically nothing is in this "Latest Recordings" section. thoughts? thanks much, sd
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