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  1. plittlefield

    Duplicate Pushover Notifications

    I have configured Pushover for server update notifications. I should get just one message but always receive about 15, as shown in the attached screenshot from my iPhone. Any ideas as to why? Thanks in advance. Paully
  2. BlurN will retrieve newly released movies on Blu-Ray and add notifications plus a channel listing when a movie matches a number of filters (for now age of movie in days, minimum IMDB rating, minimum number of IMDB votes and genres). This plugin may be installed from the official Emby Plugin Catalogue. Comments? Known issues Play icon shows on Emby clients despite no video being available. Will be fixed by the Emby team. More info... Source code It's available on GitHub. Note This plugin is anonymously tracking its usage purely for statistical purposes. Changelog — Compatibility update — Compatibility update — Compatibility update — Compatibility update — Compatibility update — Compatibility update — Fixed bug that was re-adding movies that were removed due to them being played by all users, only to remove them again and re-add them again in an infinite loop — Fixed issue where sometimes releases were being skipped — Fixed a problem with persistent cache — Optimisations with language retrieval — Added new feature to get metadata and poster images in Emby Server interface language — Multiple tweaks — Fixed another problem with channel sometimes showing up empty — Update to fix problems with empty channel — Compatibility update fixes problem with channel not showing up — If option 'Add movies to BlurN even if they already exist in your Emby movie library' is uncheched, movies will now be hidden in the BlurN channel if the movie is added to the library after it was added to BlurN — Compatibility update with Emby Server — Linked latest version number in plugin configuration page to plugin update page — Improved robustness and increased debug logging — Re-added latest version checking — OMDb fixes — Fixed bug with OMDb requests not being passed on year of movie (requires Emby or higher) — Targeting the new Emby codebase. Minimum Emby version required is — Fixed bug when library item has no IMDb ID — Compatibility updates — Fixed latest version checker for (versions pre-Emby Server — Code cleaning, added new IMDbURL notification variable option and fixed end tracking for channel viewing — Updated NuGet packages — Fixed an encoding issue that was causing a specific item to fail repeatedly — Fixed a bug related to parsing IMDb rating for users with specific regional settings — Installed & latest versions now shown in BlurN settings page — Added more debug logging to show which filters stopped movies from being added to the BlurN channel — Updated NuGet packages to 3.0.702, Settings page cosmetic changes — Fixed a configuration issue — Added genre whitelist matching with first movie genre — Fixed OMDb API issue — Notification and settings changes & more code cleaning — Code cleaning — Notification bug fix; tracking calls now asynchronous not waited — Added option to hide played movies — Enabled sorting options in channel; fixed a bug with channel sometimes missing items — Tweaked default configuration settings — Added more media info to channel when item is found in library and is playable — Making channel items playable if they exist in library; syncing of played status to library — Fixed a bug that allowed duplicates to be added to channel — Using HTTPS for OMDb, supporting latest media and making channel indexable — Tracking of UI language; could later be used to provide translations — Added random number to request (cache buster) — Updated user agents — Added anonymous usage tracking purely for statistical purposes — Bug fix due to some items remaining in failed queue — More code cleaning — Process to convert TMDb poster images from 640px width to original poster size — Code cleaning, calling poster from TMDb that matches the one from Emby — Items that fail checking with OMDb will be stored and retried later — Querying TMDb for posters and more robust error handling — Moved reset database functionality to the settings screen and added more debug logging — Added new notification type. To configure go to Manage Server > Notifications — Fixed a bug with notifications always showing even if option is disabled — Movies played by logged in user will now be hidden from channel — Added new scheduled task: Remove watched movies — Changed descriptions so they are (hopefully) more understandable — Released to official Emby Plugin Catalogue. Reinstall plugin from there 2017-01-16 22:55 — Added new setting to allow not adding items already in library, removed trigger on ResetDatabase task. 2017-01-16 19:23 — Logo updated (right-click on channel and click refresh), and some bug fixes & improvements 2017-01-15 21:32 — Fixed a bug where database was being cleared whenever configuration settings were being saved 2017-01-15 13:34 — Changed page size to 100, force refreshed items 2017-01-15 12:38 — Numerous bug fixes 2017-01-15 10:05 — Re-organisation and set rating to US-R 2017-01-14 20:20 — Now you can watch trailers, see more artwork and get links to IMDb and TMdb 2017-01-14 17:30 — Updated namespace 2017-01-14 16:00 — Added a channel 2017-01-12 13:59 — First version
  3. Hi I would really like to be able to send some custom notifications to my users For example, i would like to be able to send a notification like : -"What content would you like to see added on Emby this week ? https://www.strawpoll.me/#####" -"Blabla Season3 is coming next week !" -"Server will be down for maintenance tonight" A little notification icon on the top right corner would be awesome. I looked in the Feature Requests list but i did'nt find anything like that. Thanks for reading, and for this amazing software.
  4. Hi everyone I'm looking for the best way to notify my users of content being updated. Currently, I've configured in the notification the "Content Update" and then installed the app "E-mail notifications" that sends it out. Apart from being a PITA to configure (you have to do it for every single user), it's a bit spammy (one email per file) and it appears to only send out a max of 2 per library update (unsure if this is a bug or the account being blocked to avoid spam like behaviour). Ideally, it would send a single email per library update with all the info in it. In a perfect world, it would actually populate a sort of internal newsletter, that the user could subscribe to. Ex: User A, ticks the box for media folder 1 and media folder 3. Does any of this already exists? How are you doing it? Thanks!
  5. I am able to get the test email notifications but I do not receive the emails when new content is added, a user starts watching, or any other setting. I only receive the test emails.
  6. Skynet.v01

    E-Mail Notifications : feature request

    Hello I tested the plugin to be notified of added files but the problem is that it sends an email for each added file. Wouldn't it be possible for it to send an email at a scheduled time with a list of additions? Or other workaround, being able to select the media library to monitor. Thank you
  7. gillmacca

    notifications unable to disable

    Not sure if this is an issue just my end, but If i go to 'notifications' and attempt to make any changes, when clicking save, it does not save. I do not even get a save notification. I am running beta version, but not sure if it a beta issue, or when email notifications was updates the other day
  8. Davide

    Pushover Error

    After the update i do not receive any notification, doing a test I have this error: "There was an error sending the test notification. Please check your notification settings and try again." Log.txt
  9. Dear all, I wish there would be an option to select for which libraries I would like to receive the "media added" notifications/notifications in general. Is the PushBullet plugin still being developed/maintained? Alternatively, is there maybe a way I did miss to configure the notification settings based on libraries directly in Emby core? My current setup looks as follows: I have three libraries: "Movies", "TV" and "Home Videos". I would like to be notified only when there are new files in "Movies" and "TV" but not in "Home Videos". Is this somehow possible right now to exclude certain libraries from notifications or who would be the person to beg for this feature to make this possible? Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, OK. I love Emby, but occasional missed recordings drive me nuts. Insane. I've just done a complete uninstall and reinstall/setup of Emby server and hope that will exorcise any demons remaining from my ~1 year old installation that were causing the issues. I lost two recordings last week, that were scheduled, due to unknown reasons. Anyway, while I know how to access the upcoming recordings schedule, I struggle with the lack of any recording history, or log of what recordings happened and what was missed. WMC included this information and it was invaluable in tracking down problems. So, maybe I'm ignorant and there is a history somewhere. Please enlighten me. But if not, here's how I would like it to work: There should be a recording log. It should include information about: 1. Planned recordings based on the live TV schedule. When a new day of schedule gets added, and a match to existing series etc. is found, I'd like a timestamped entry that said "At at <timestamp> Big Bang Theory S11E9 was added to record at <to/from show date/time including early start/extra padding> based on new schedule information 2. If a schedule recording is ever REMOVED from the list of things Emby is planning to do, there should be a record of it. IT would detail that the recording no longer was in the channel schedule lineup (at what time, yadda yadda), or that the the user removed that episode or cancelled the series, or whatever. 3. Based on the list of planned recordings, if something doesn't get recorded, please TELL US WHY. No tuner available? No signal? Out of disc space? 4. I'd like a nice concise list of what was actually recorded, time, channel, etc.. I figure this is what the Recordings tab is supposed to be, but for me it's always blank. Even after my re-installation. Now, notifications: I'd like two levels of notifications. Mostly, I'd like my Emby Android app to give me notifications that something has started recording, and another when it has ended recording, and for gosh sakes if something was supposed to start recording at 8:57pm and it's now 8:58pm and it isn't actually recording, I want a warning buzzer on my phone to go off and tell me there's a serious problem. Notifications on my computer aren't helpful; I'm not usually at my computer when things are recording. I'd also like the ability to get emails to this effect, as an option to using the Emby app. These notifications should also include the "something was removed from the schedule" per #2 above. This would cure a lot of ills and let me be proactive about finding out why BBT or whatever suddenly dropped from the schedule. Sorry if this sounds like a bit of a rant, but lost recordings drive me crazy. I want to be able to see what's going on, what's planned to go on, and what Emby has decided shouldn't go on, so I can mother-hen the process until I feel confident. Is any of this in the realm of doability? Thanks. Love emby, just get frustrated now and then. :-) Marc
  11. I still use Kodi (with the Emby add-on) on a few TVs because it supports displaying notifications that are sent to its API. So for instance, I can call the Kodi JSON API endpoint with a message like: "Motion detected at the front door" "Spa temperature is 103 degrees" "New text message from John Smith" Then the message is displayed as an overlay on whatever content I'm watching (or just at the top of the screen if no media is playing). I'm able to specify a title and duration for the notification as well. In the case of Emby, I would also want to specify if the alert should be broadcast to (a) all connected devices, or ( to all devices logged in with certain USERS I'm happy to provide screenshots for how the alerts display in Kodi if that would be helpful. Any idea if something like this has been considered before or is on the roadmap? It really is the only feature that keeps me using Kodi (with Emby plugin) on my TVs instead of just using Emby directly.
  12. I have more than one user on Emby, each with their own libraries, I can configure Emby to send notifications on new content only for certain libraries? I configured notifications only for my account, and I get them for any library, I would like other users receive notifications only for their libraries.
  13. shokinn

    enhanced notifications

    Hey There, I want to ask if it is possible to enhance the notifications like this: I mean to get the possibility to use tags like {Title} - For the title {Description} - Description of the $stuff you added {Poster} - Post of the $stuff you added {Link} - Direct link to the Episode/Season (If add more the two Episodes during a scan)/Movie/$otherFile {imbd/tvdb/rottenTomatoes/...} - Link to $ratingPortal (Maybe cool, but really not necessary ) ShokiNN' P.S. I use my notifications with slack. P.P.S. The shown example is from PlexPy
  14. I have pushover set to receive notifications about Installation Failures, Scheduled task failures and user locked out. I just went through all of them and only those 3 are set for Pushover notifications. However, I keep getting announcements, or blog posts, such as "Emby Now Available for Additional Samsung Smart TV'" and "Seek Your Live TV in the Emby for Android TV Beta" Is there a way to turn these off? I agree that there is value in these announcements but I use Pushover for items that require immediate attention and these don't qualify. Thanks Josh
  15. bry

    [Request] Join by joaoapps

    As an alternative to pushbullet I am requesting join by joaoapps. 1 time fee, not like pushbullet which requires monthly fee's here is the website with some info http://joaoapps.com/join/ here is the API documentation : http://joaoapps.com/join/api/ any takers? Thanks for consideration.
  16. DGMayor

    3rd party Notifications

    Luke, ever consider 3rd party notification utilities such as Prowl, Growl, Boxcar, NotifyMyAndroid, Pushover, etc etc. Would nice to be able to configure one of these to have the server notifications pushed to your device of choice.
  17. Video Playback notifications currently use {ItemName}, which works perfect for movies, but i cannot tell which TV show it is because it only gives the Episode Title not Series Title. Thanks!
  18. Pine

    Notifications (Prowl)

    I regularly receive notifications (via Prowl) like the following: xx items have been added to your media library (where xx can be varying numbers) This information seems pretty useless if one do not know what has been added. Is there somewhere I can find out was added or is it possible to get more informative notifications? Thank you
  19. Hey guys, I was showing off the notification feature to my wife (I use pushalot), and she was interested in also having notifications, but only from particular series (so this FR is coming from her ). Since she is home during the day, as she is now a stay-at-home Mum, the notification feature would actually be quite handy. Would it be possible to add the option in the 'New content added' notification, to only receive the message from shows that are marked as favourites? This way I could make her an account (we currently just share one) and she can mark her favourite shows that she wants to be notified for. Thanks.
  20. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Notifications
  21. Actually I'm not asking something complex just could' t find any other topic title. I'm getting "Playback started" pushover and desktop notifications for trailers and my pre-roll videos before the movie starts. This means I got 4 notification per movie playback start-up. This is kind a annoying. I think notifications must be disabled for these types of titles. Or at least it can be a user preference/option.
  22. ajplante

    XBMC Notifications

    Is there anyway you could include support for notifications, either through a plugin or nativly, for XBMC's native JSON interface? It would be great to be notified when new shows are added right on my XBMB3C machine.
  23. techchad

    Notification field addition

    Is there anyway to add the Show name to the notifications? Currently when playback starts it only shows the episode name but I have no idea from what series. Didn't see an option to add that in the available tokens. Thanks! --Chad
  24. This behaviour is a bit inconsistent - perhaps we need the "Notifications" heading splitting into "Config" and "History". When clicking on the arrow on the slide-out notifications panel: You are taken to the advanced section with the list of notifications displayed: But, note that the headings show only "General", "Notifications" and "Transcoding". Clicking on "General" and then back on "Notifications" takes you to the Notifications configuration page, now with "General", "Notifications", "Scheduled Tasks" and "Transcoding":
  25. AaronG85

    Server - Mark All As Read

    Is there anyway or can you please implement a way to mark all notifications on the server as read. (Please see attachment)
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