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Found 5 results

  1. ShadowKindjal

    No Audio on Samsung TV with EAC3

    I have multiple users reporting no audio when playing some content on their Samsung TVs. I've noticed that this seems to only occur when the Samsung TV users are playing audio under the EAC3 codec. I have posted the the ffmpeg transcode log from one of the streams with no audio on the Samsung TV with the following model number (UN65RU7100FXZA). ffmpeg-transcode-74d42665-51ab-46bc-8340-904a511ab976_1.txt
  2. dadofhgnadn

    No sound from audio etc.

    I've created an audio library and populated it. I can start an audio file and listen on my android device until I pause or disconnect from blue tooth or my phone goes to sleep. After any of those things happen it does play (I know this because the button changes to pause) but there is no audio. I have plugged in headphones with the same result. I am exasperated. If I restart the phone same thing, If I close Emby Android same thing. I have downloaded the file same thing. If I exit Emby Android then log into Emby theater on my PC (not my server) using the same account it will play on the PC. How can I fix this? Is there an Emby Android log I can send you?
  3. I haven't ever really used Emby for watching Live TV before. So I don't know if this is a recent problem or not. Emby doesn't seem to have any other issues recording any of these channels. I am attaching a server log and several ffmeg (transcode) logs. So what I am seeing on an Nvidia Shield is this: For an mpg2 channel a spinning circle for a few seconds then channels play For mp4 channels just a spinning circle, black screen no audio/video Sony Bravia XBR55x850d: Same as the NVIDIA Shield Web client: Plays Everything I have tried to tune So with the Sony and Nvidia both being Android TV am I missing a setting some where? Should Live TV be working normally on these clients? On the Nvidia I did try to use an external player (which ended up using KODI) but there was a lot of buffering. Emby Server is Version I have rebooted server/network to try and fix. I have seen no error messages. Thanks for reading and any help you can provide! server-63638039827.txt ffmpeg-remux-658ee994-d307-4e15-b010-ff206a026995.txt ffmpeg-remux-48161535-d1db-469c-8889-cbb75f94b9d6.txt ffmpeg-remux-2d9c9ce5-dca8-4007-85f3-3fc1b53e11b5.txt ffmpeg-transcode-2aab3d6e-cdb1-4f2d-876e-eae47c184313.txt
  4. Hi, Im having a new issue with some file when emby is transcoding my mkv to my chromecast or even with the web browser interface. There's no audio, the source file has AC3 5.1. I looked through the log and I noticed that the audio data is 0KB but I'm not sure if I read that right I also see ''warning'' message regarding the transcoding stream (has not been used for any stream, the most likely reason.......) I have no idea what that's mean. my emby version is beta 3.1.6034.22791. I had the problem with the previous beta version. I don't understand why it doesn't do it on all the mkv file with the same audio spec. any clue where I should look ? I attached the log, there's 2 remux log because while I tested the file, I changed the bitrate playback from the web browser to see if audio was going to kickin but it didn't. Thank you. remux-79a8da12-257c-402c-a7c5-ccb5f6d5ebbe.txt remux-84497278-f98c-4522-9a24-65896c9f0141.txt transcode-9c82370f-8ab7-46fe-accd-de1bd4c3c120.txt
  5. psplb3

    Tunein plugin has no sound

    I have been using Emby without any problems for the last 6 months. It is a great product. I am currently having an issue with the TuneIn radio plugin. I installed it, but no audio will play. All the images and things download and look good, but when I click play I get an error in my web console. I have tried several different radio stations with no luck. I also checked the TuneIn site and it worked fine. I am using the browser and have tried it on Firefox and Chrome. Attached are my server logs and the console log from Chrome. Emby version: 3.0.5984.0 stable TuneIn version: 1.0.5810.30121 Firefox and Chrome are both up to date Thank you in advance for the help! emby.home.lan-1467649093679.log server-63603226353.txt transcode-5b2f1756-8476-4409-98e4-e6ea3eedd0c5.txt
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