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Found 23 results

  1. Is there a way to refresh only the Media Info after media file replacement (different codec, same file name) without overwriting all metadata? Some of the specials episodes I assigned Aired Before/after position manually, I don't want them overwritten during metadata refreshing. Will “Lock this item to prevent future changes” satisfy my need? Thanks.
  2. Hi @@ebr, I am currently using custom mediainfo icons for CoverArt, of which there is one named ddplus.png, I ended up duplicating this and naming it eac3.png, it for some reason is not being used and as a result I have a lot of tv episodes and some movies which do not display a codec icon. The mp3 icon doesn't seem to display either.
  3. hi there, would it be possible to make the path information to files not be displayed in the webclient? or to make it optional in the admin settings somewhere? thx!
  4. Hi, Could you please add missing codec MediaInfo icons to the server core? Dolby Digital Plus, MP3 and Xvid/MPEG4 do not appear on thumbs with other icons. Back to You Video Codec: MPEG4 - Codec Tag: Xvid - Audio Codec: MP3 Baby Daddy Audio Codec: EAC3 Also, could audio channels icons be implemented too, as they don't show up either.
  5. I've been using the coloured mediainfo icons for years, first with MB2 and now with MBC. I've started re-encoding some stuff with X265, and I noticed that no video format icon was showing - so I've had a go at creating an H.265 one. I used the H.264 as a base and fiddled around a bit until it looked reasonable. Here's the original H264 and my attempt at an H265 version: The H.265 version just needs to be named codec_hevc.png and placed in your ImagesByName\MediaInfo\All folder.
  6. Is it or will it be possible for Emby to show the audio media info correctly in the near future? (audiostream with object sound) Right now it's only showing TrueHD or DTS-MA instead of Atmos / DTS:X The new MediaInfo version is now supporting this: "Dolby Atmos (in E-AC-3 or TrueHD): support of bed channel count/configuration + objects count + complexity index" I tested it and it shows the correct info: This would be a neat feature, makes it easier to see what audioformat the movie has.
  7. Before anyone suggests to convert the discs to MKV files that is NOT an option. The two discs for season 10 of the Big Bang Theory work just fine in my setup with PDVD 16 playing them back flawless and menus to boot. From the attached screenshots you can see that Disc1 has incorrect video (1080i), frame rate (29.97) and audio (AC3 2.0) while Disc2 has the correct video (1080p), frame rate (23.976) and audio (DTS-HD MA 5.1). In the BDMV folders the first 18 files in the Stream subfolder are identical for both discs, 19th file is the first episode for each disc. Why does FFMPEG flag disc 1 incorrectly but disc 2 correctly? From the Stream folder the largest M2TS file is for disc 1 the 39 minute Comic Con event which happens to have MBAFF encoding and only 1 AC3 2.0 audio tract, while the largest on disc 2 is an actual episode. Looks like whatever the largest file is will determine the media info, which will produce incorrect results. What is the latest version of FFMPEG that can be used by EMBY and how can it be replaced manually? If incorrect media info is being obtained is there a way to manually enter the correct values somewhere? I am aware of the fact that mediainfo.dll is no longer being used but what is used at present for identifying discs is not very good. I am open to suggestions, but just not any MKV conversions Big Bang Theory Season 10 Disc 1. Big Bang Theory Season 10 Disc 12
  8. skynet600

    update media info

    Hi all, I replaced some DVD rips in my collection with bluray but even after a refresh the mediainfo hasn't updated. How can I force an refresh of this data please? I don't see anywhere to edit the info.
  9. Noticed a few Blu-ray Discs and files are either displaying incorrect information regarding codec sound or video information. Below screenshots for Top Gun no channel information, for Aguirre incorrect resolution and for 3rd Man no audio information at all. Media Browser 2.6 identifies these discs correctly using its mediainfo.dll. How can I correct this? Is there a way to manually correct this? Also I can't get DTS-HD HRA to get identified and displayed.
  10. Hi, I successfully installed an emby server on my RPi2 with raspbian (jessie) using this guide: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/howto-install-emby-server/6364 Everything seems to work fine. Except one annoying thing... My problem is similar to this post: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/24157-webclient-recursive-library-scan-missing-mediainfo/ There's a Media Info section at the bottom of any video page (using the web-app). It only shows me "container" and "path" (as shown in Pic 1). Nothing else... The server can't get any video mediainfos. I never had this issue with the Windows emby server version. Is there something wrong with my libmediainfo? I'm not sure if it's always true, but it should have a streamdetails section at the end of nfo files. This is not the case for me (it was when I used windows). I did the following: mediainfo /path/of/my/video It actually worked and gave me all the stream details. This is really strange. I also tried the advanced refresh from the metadata manager. No success. Is it a problem with permissions or something else? I even tried running the server from login as root (not sure if it was a good idea). I'm using samba (CIFS) for my video shares just for info... I attached two server logs. The first one is when I scanned the library with only one movie (shorter). Just in case it isn't enough, I also included a second one with the full scan of my entire library. Apparently, there is a problem with ffprobe. I have no idea what to do. I'm really new with linux and I need some help. Thank you
  11. hi there, not sure if this is the right place to post or if it should have gone to linux or another thread. I run emby Version 3.0.5675.1 on kernel Here my issue: For some files in my library i'm missing the mediainfo of the video file (I do have the metadata, such as episode summary etc. that is not the issue). Normally, when you browse to a video file in the webclient at the bottom you will see the mediainfo. This is not the case for me, for most I do see mediainfo, but for some it shows only "container" and "path". This becomes a problem when you want emby to transcode the file as it requires this info. When I go to the metadata manager and I do a an "advanced refresh" with "add missing data" it does its thing and the missing mediainfo appears and transcoding works as well. This works recursive to one level only it seems, e.g. so if do an advanced refresh on the structure below it works: folder1 -sample.avi [mediainfo is missing] I do an advanced refresh and: folder1 -sample.avi [mediainfo is there] What does not work is and would mean to go through each folder individually (which is too much work): folder1 (e.g. tv shows) -subfolder1 (e.g. show1) -sample.avi (e.g. episode) [mediainfo missing] Also not working: folder1 (e.g. tv shows) -subfolder1 (e.g. show1) -subfolder2 (e.g. season) -sample.avi (e.g. episode) [mediainfo missing] or also not working folder1 (e.g. tv show) -subfolder1 (e.g. show1) -subfolder2 (e.g. season) -subfolder3 (e.g. episodes in folders) -sample.avi (e.g. episode) [mediainfo missing] So how to get emby to scan and add (missing) mediainfo in a recursive manner for all subfolders and the files therein? I have a scheduled task set to scan my library every 24 hours, but this info is not being added.
  12. shorty1483

    Alternative MediaInfo Icons

    I made some alternative MediaInfo Icons (also Loading Icon) for the lovely Emby Samsung app. If you like em, feel free to try them out. For now, this is just for people who are able to sideload the App via USB (e.g. H-Series 2014). Just replace the images in app folder /images with the ones from the zip. Emby_Changed_Pictures.zip
  13. Hi all, I'm facing this issue: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/24157-webclient-recursive-library-scan-missing-mediainfo/ basically I have missing mediainfo for some files, during regular or advanced library scan the missing mediainfo is not added if you have folder within folders (so recursive). If ran on the single, individual file, then it works, but with a 50TB library that is nuts. So would it be possible to add a separate trigger to scan/add missing mediainfo in a recursive scan ?
  14. PeteWhite67

    Mediainfo 0.7.72-1

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can find the Comcerto installation package for MediaInfo 0.7.72-1. This particular version appears to be a dependency for Emby and the only one available on SynoCommunity is 0.7.73-2 which doesn't work. Cheers, Pete
  15. schmitty

    DVD MediaInfo

    Hello, I would like to know how I can get TV series ripped from DVD's to show the DVD MediaInfo icon on the cover treatment. Filenames are in the following format Frasier.S07E21.MPG-AC3.DVD-576p.mkv
  16. I made a few different MediaInfo icon sets, same overlay as the others, just some different backgrounds. Follow the info in this post if you don't know where to put them. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/695-imagesbyname-folder/ https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7kuxw13hk919f6/MediaInfo%20Icons%20Border.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/15uqtw5wv9v87se/MediaInfo%20Icons%20Box.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/t3rdp9nnl4wfajz/MediaInfo%20Icons%20Flat.zip?dl=0
  17. travla

    Media Info not updating

    Hi there, I'm currently running MB3 Server version 635601306347583050. Since the most recent update, my media info is not updating on new content. I can live without the mediainfo icons, but the missing runtime is rather annoying (although I do have run time info in my xml file that Metabrowser populates, MB3 does not copy this field in to the NFO file it creates). I've tried deleting folders, advanced refresh, refresh, moving the item in to different folders, but always no media info (other than container and path). I have checked my logs, and I am getting a "User does not have admin access." on library update, so I'm hoping that this will provide a clue to the problem? I've tried searching the forum for this error, but could not find another topic with the same details. I've attached the log to this post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. travla logfile.txt
  18. danswan

    Missing media info

    I've just moved my Mediabrowser server as I needed something beefier, almost all is fine, just this one problem. Mediabrowser is not pulling mediainfo from some of my files, which results in the clients not being able to play them. Example - this file has the media info, and plays. but this one doesn't: As you can see, it's getting all the metadata and images no problem. just no mediainfo. On MPC on my PC it just hangs when I try to play it, but on the Android client I get the message "<Episode Name> was skipped due to missing media info" I have tried a full uninstall and reinstall (remove all traces) and it's not made a difference. It's got to be something about the file if other's are fine, right? I installed mediainfo on the server and got the info from each file in the examples above, here's a link to a dropbox folder containing both of them and also a server log from the last scan (not much here as it completes in 5 seconds) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z1iftihdauzmrup/HbHCuPczdV I'm sure some more info may well be required, just let me know and I'll post it ASAP. Cheers!
  19. Hi, I'm using chocolate theme and I create mediainfo/chocolate directory to store own rating icons. This worked fine. Now I changed the look of the icons, but I still see the old once. I restarted MB server and also the computer, but I had no luck. Can sombody tell me where teh icons are cached that I can clear them? Thanks.
  20. Hi there....been using Media Browser for sometime now but thought I'd join the forum, so I'm new here! I have used Diamond theme ever since first installing MB some years ago. I am very much a visual GUI guy and love things that look good, crisp, clean and professional looking. Don't like tacky or cluttered, etc. Anyway, thought I'd take a change and install the new Breeze plugin - very impressed I must say! Well done and keep up the fantastic work guys! One thing that I used to love about the Diamond Theme was the coloured MediaInfo Icons listed under the movie. I have noticed with the Breeze theme that the only place these icons turn up are in the 'detail' view of a series. I would love to see coloured MediaInfo Icons (like the ones listed @ http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/2087/mediainfo-icons) introduced into the actual detail page of each movie (like Diamond). The good thing about that is that you can see visually straight away, which codecs are used, Audio details, Aspect ratios, HD type, etc right from the main page without having to go to the info tab. It would also be nice to see these same MediaInfo icons added to the transparent tile up in the top left corner (in Thumb view) below all of the other detail (e.g. Genres, Directors, etc). This way you can see visually without having to even enter a movie to get the details. Even if you could manually configure what MediaInfo Icons you wanted to show there so that it doesn't stretch out the transparent tile to far due to many icons. So for example, I could just show Aspect Ratio, HD Type (1080, 720, etc), Video and Audio types. The theme is already visually stimulating, it would just be good to add that extra visual element rather than just a little word saying 1080 down the very bottom of the screen. Anyway, I know everyone is different, but just thought I would add an idea. Keep up the great work and very happy I have made the switch to Breeze - loving the clear art by the way! Riples
  21. MSL_DK

    double artist.xml

    Is there a reason that the server creates a artist.xml here \\SERVER\ImagesByName\artists\Depeche Mode\ and here \\SERVER\Musik\Depeche Mode\
  22. MSL_DK


    It's a shame to make an otherwise readable overview page unmanageable by placing a lot of unnecessary information, I think of subtitles, etc.. It was absolutely perfect without all that. Give us the "media info-list" back.
  23. Made an english subtitle overlay for CoverArt in the style of the Diamond Mediainfo Icons by neil18/chip. Also included a PNG of the empty icon for others to make their own language. PNG
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