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Found 7 results

  1. lja

    MB Intros

    @@ebr I am getting a message the MB Intros has expired. I was not aware that a renewal is required based on my previous contribution. Please advise. Did I miss any changes?
  2. All trailers, no matter if selected by Cinema, MB Intros, or played manually via the Trailers channel, are extremely low quality and heavily pixelated. I have tried changing all the options for quality in the Trailers channel, but the result is the same. Trailers played directly through a web browser at the Apples Trailer site on the same machine at 1080p or 720p start almost immediately, and without pixelation so I suspect it is not a connection speed issue. Any suggestions other than to download trailers locally?
  3. Hello, before the Cinema updates, I had the MB Intros plugin which worked fine to display two streaming trailers in WMC and then the main feature would play using the external player (MPC-HC). However, I recently updated to the latest version of everything (MBC, MBS, MB Intros) but with either the Cinema mode on (with MB Intros uninstalled) or MB Intros plug-in (Cinema disabled), everything plays in WMC. If I disable Cinema mode or the MB Intros plug-in entirely, then the main feature opens in the external player. Thanks!
  4. Recently installed the MB Intros plugin, and like it in principle (am not currently using it because it effectively disables the new player interface in MB Classic, which I have grown to prefer). With the new Server beta 3.0.5387, I configured Cinema Mode. I cannot get it to operate in MB Classic, although MB Intros is not active (that is, no Intro content is set to play in the configuration of MB Intros that applies to this User). Must MB Intros be uninstalled for Cinema Mode to function, or should it be enough for MB Intros to not be set to play anything?
  5. MB Server Version 3.0.5366.22005 MB Classic Version MB Intros Version New internal player interface selected within MBC configuration. Files for movies and television shows and trailers/intros in MKV containers, with just a few MP4. Without MB Intros "active," the new internal player interface shows and functions. With MB Intros "active," the new internal player interface will not show up, it reverts to the WMC interface. Ideas about such behavior?
  6. johnchimpo

    [MB Intros] File Name Air by Date

    Within MBC using both Chocolate or ROC MB Intros is executing when I attempt to play any episode of The Daily Show. This occurs from either the EHS or within collection view. Only way to avoid is by pressing the play button while on the poster (of course this does not work at the EHS and TDS has thousands of episodes which makes navigating to them cumbersome). I am using the air-by-date file naming scheme within Sickbeard (SB has been managing this and all my other shows for years) and the show is within the TV collection and file structure. This is the only show out of a couple hundred I have noticed this on and never had a problem previously. The file structure is as follows: \\server\television\The Daily Show with Jon Stewart\The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 2012-11-15 - Andrew Napolitano.mkv Is this now an invalid convention or a bug within MB Intros?
  7. Here are some custom media browser intros they are the ratings that show before movie with spoken audio https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PZDl2V5vVyZTZ1VkJqMHZ5Qms/edit?usp=sharing I added the audio to the smurf ones https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PZDl2V5vVydnNhSlZCQjBjdVU/edit?usp=sharing
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