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Found 3 results

  1. Guardian Hope

    Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes

    Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes http://imgur.com/a/bNlCO The beloved theme which has had an 80 page run with Kodi Isengard (v15) returns in Kodi Jarvis (v16) as Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes. As @@im85288 and @@badaas move on to Eunique (which so happens to use From Ashes' Audio Suite so check it out!) long term support custodianship of what I personally like to believe is one of the best themes currently out for Kodi has fallen to me. Although updates won't be as frequent as they once were, the point of From Ashes is to ensure that it continues to work in Jarvis and beyond. Released Christmas Eve, Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes features all the enhancements made to the Kodi experience by its predecessor while introducing new enhancements such as the Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes Audio Suite to ensure that you have an engaging multimedia entertainment experience. Current Version: 3.4.70 (December 13, 2016) / 4.9.92-alpha9 (January 08, 2017) Official Sites Official Site: https://northebridge.com/systems/oss/kodi/fromashes (IN DEVELOPMENT) Kodi Forums: http://forum.kodi.tv/editpost.php?pid=2227162 Emby Forums: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/29180-arctic-zephyr-from-ashes/ Lifecycle Policy To help ensure and maintain the Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes experience, NortheBridge has imposed a lifecycle policy. Each major release of Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes undergoes several phases during the active life of the Kodi addon: Preview Availability (PA), General Availability (GA), Long Term Support (LTS), and End of Life (EoL). The lifecycle policy for Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes is available at https://northebridge.com/systems/oss/kodi/fromashes/lifecycle as well as displayed below: Arctic Zephyr: Exploded - Kodi 15 Isengard - Initial Release: April 2015 - Status: End of Life (November 2015) Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes - Kodi 16 Jarvis - Initital Release: December 2015 - Status: LAST CALL UPDATE (November 2016) Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes (Danvers) - Kodi 17 Krypton - Initial Release: August 2016 - Status: Preview Availability (August 2016) Arctic Zephyr: For Another Age - TBD/Future Successor Requirements (Kodi 17 Krypton) Kodi Krypton (v17) NortheBridge by Design® Repository or the Emby Beta Repository Optional Suggested Addons (Kodi 17 Krypton) Get Emby Server (All Platforms) Install the Emby Server Addon for Kodi Kodi 16 (Jarvis) Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes support for Kodi Jarvis (Kodi 16) is coming to an end and is now in "End of Life" Status. As of November 2, 2016, it is no longer supported and will not receive future updates. However, we understand that not all devices are Kodi Krypton ready yet. The installation is a little different on Jarvis than it is on Krypton. Rather than installing from a Repo, you'll need to download the zip file from the "How to Get It (Release Channels)" section below and you'll need: Emby Beta Repository Script.Duration which is also available in the Emby Beta Repository Description Conceived in April 2015 as "Arctic Zephyr: Exploded," by @@im85288 and @@badaas before later being curated and published by NortheBridge as "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes," authored by @Guardian Hope - From Ashes is the second generation and successor of the "Arctic Zephyr: Exploded" skin for Kodi and introduced support for Kodi Jarvis while retaining its predecessor's capabilities and design. Now that the From Ashes Project is moving into its second year, the third generation of the skin - "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes Danvers" is now co-authored by @Guardian Hope and minus0 and introduces new features and design aesthetics for a modern skin intended for Kodi Krypton. It continues to be published by NortheBridge and is based on the original Arctic Zephyr created by Jurialmonkey although many have posed the notion that Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes is in its own right, a skin by itself due to how far it has diverged from the original. History This From Ashes project has existed on the Emby forums since 2015 and was brought to the Kodi forums with the release of the "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes Audio Suite," into the official Kodi Repo the latter available for use with any skin or skin modification provided the appropriate credits are given. Officially, the "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes Audio Suite" is used in Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes and Eunique but will work with any skin. Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes supports everything its predecessor did except it has moved well beyond in both design and scope. The idea is to stay true to AZ:E (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=223715 / http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/19594-arctic-zephyr-exploded/page-1) while advancing forward with a theme favored by a lot among the Emby community. How to Get It (Release Channels) Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes can be obtained from a variety of official sources. Please, only download Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes from the sources outlined below to ensure you have the authentic skin: Enterprise CDN (https://embycdn.northebridge.com - DV/OV SSL Secured): NortheBridge by Design Repo (Kodi 17 Krypton): https://embycdn.northebridge.com/NatalieDormer/repository.northebridge.by.design.kodi-2.0.00.zip Dormer (Kodi 16 Jarvis): https://embycdn.northebridge.com/AZFA/dormer/3.4.70/skin.arctic.zephyr.fromashes-3.4.70.zip Danvers (Kodi 17 Krypton): https://embycdn.northebridge.com/AZFA/danvers/4.9.90/skin.arctic.zephyr.fromashes.danvers-4.9.92-beta9.zip Emby Beta Repository for Kodi: http://www.mb3admin.com/downloads/addons/xbmb3c/kodi-beta-repo/repository.beta.emby.kodi-1.0.5.zip GitHub (FOR ADVANCED USERS): https://github.com/NortheBridge/skin.arctic.zephyr.fromashes/ GitHub also contains the source code for "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes." Installing For Kodi Krypton (v17) or later - Enable "Addons from Third-Party Sources" and Install the NortheBridge by Design Repository. Once installed, simply browse to "Install from Repository," Select "NortheBridge by Design," Select "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes Danvers," and Select "Install." It may take two minutes to install depending on the specifications of your hardware and internet connection. Kodi will ask you to switch to "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes Danvers" when it's ready. For Kodi Jarvis (v16) - Install the Dormer Zip File (AZ:FA 3.2.40) or you may get it from the Emby Beta Repository by installing the Emby Beta Repository and then browsing to "Install from Repository," Select "Emby Beta Repository," Select "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes," and Select "Install." It may take two minutes to install depending on the specifications of your hardware and internet connection. Kodi will ask you to switch to "Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes" when it's ready. Install from GitHub Source (for advanced users) - Simply download from GitHub and rename the folder inside the zip to either "skin.arctic.zephyr.fromashes" for Kodi 16 Jarvis (Dormer - 3.2.40) or "skin.arctic.zephyr.fromashes.danvers for Kodi 17 Krypton (Danvers - 5.x). You may apply this same method to install a development branch which is usually signified by its version number suffixed with "-dev" such as "5.0.00-dev." Please note that using a development branch is intended for advanced users who know how to install the released version as development branches share the same version number as their released counterparts. Pre-Release Software Notice (Krypton - "Danvers Preview") ARCTIC ZEPHYR: FROM ASHES (DANVERS PREVIEW) IS EARLY STAGE PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE COMMUNITY FOR TESTING. ALTHOUGH IT IS LIKELY MOST, IF NOT ALL, FEATURES OF ARCTIC ZEPHYR: FROM ASHES WORK ON KODI 17 KRYPTON, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT CERTAIN FUNCTIONALITY MAY BE LIMITED OR MAY NOT WORK AT ALL. YOUR USE OF PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE IS DONE SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Known Issues As with any software, Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes is not immune to glitches, bugs, and other limitations which may crop up from time to time. Some issues have been inherited from Arctic Zephyr: Exploded while others have been introduced through the ongoing development of Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes. The following is a list of all known validated issues: To be UpdatedThe Best Audio Experience To get the best experience, Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes will try to change Kodi's default Confluence sounds over to the From Ashes Audio Suite. If it doesn't do that, simply go to "Look and Feel," click "GUI Sounds," and enable the Audio Suite by clicking on it and selecting "Use." It's compatible with any theme working for Jarvis or later and integrated with Eunique as well (another great theme I strongly recommend you check out!). Special Thanks I would like to give a special thanks to @@im85288 especially for helping (and continuing to help me) ease into the Kodi theme development process. I'd like to also thank @@im85288 and @@badaas for making such a great theme! This theme is the reason I stuck with Kodi after Windows Media Center was removed from Windows 10 Pro. I also believe a special thanks to @@marcelveldt is in order who was the one that created the skin helper which this and virtually every other theme here relies upon. Continued Development As I had mentioned earlier, development will continue on Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes although the pace may be quite slow at times. One of the best ways I have found to speed up seeing things that you want to see is that if you know how to develop Kodi addons and themes, simply hop on over to GitHub and contribute. It is a community theme now after all and a contributors page will be in the next release! http://imgur.com/a/0aw3A
  2. This is a duplicate issue in another forum post, but nobody has been posting anything in that thread: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/32876-kodi-crashes-when-playing-from-home-screen-widgets/ Basically, when trying to view a Movie or TV show from a home screen widget, such as Movies, or TV Shows, Kodi crashes immediately. However, if I go into the Movies or TV Shows menu, I can play content just fine from the Emby back end. This only seems to happen on the home screen, and it does not matter what Skin is being used. I've experienced this with Kodi 17, 16.1, and 16. Kodi 15.2 does not seem to have this problem. This will happen consistently on both tvOS and iOS devices. I've sideloaded Kodi on several iPhone 6/6 Plus and Apple TV 4's, and all display the same behavior. I've attached my logs just in case they may be helpful in any way. kodi.log kodi.old.log
  3. Hi, it seems with the last couple of betas of Emby for Kodi my Kodi library now no longer auto/background updates/syncs. My Nvidia Shield is always left on with Kodi running (sleep/shutdown disabled). My NAS is also always on and media files are regularly auto copied to the monitored Library folders within Emby. It was previously working in the past with the Kodi library updating almost instantly when Emby was updated with new content. The Emby web interface does appear to update in real time whenever new files are added, but Kodi now no longer auto/background updates/syncs the library - unless a user initiated manual sync or Kodi itself is manually restarted. Whenever a new Beta version of Emby for Kodi is updated, I always do a manual entire library reset on Kodi to ensure the local database has the newest updates. As this issue recently started happening, I just performed a complete uninstall of Kodi on my Nvidia Shield and re-installed and re-setup Emby for Kodi Beta on Kodi Jarvis 16.0 Beta 5 (in case something was corrupted on my setup). Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue as auto/background library updates/syncing still are not occurring. My setup: Emby Linux Mono Version 3.0.5785.0 (running on Asustor AS 7010T x64 running latest v2.5.1 linux firmware) Emby for Kodi Sync Queue on Emby Server version 1.0.5782.13378 Emby for Kodi Beta 1.1.72 Kodi Jarvis 16.0 Beta 5 for Android (running on Nvidia Shield Android TV v2.1) Vanilla Kodi install, running standard Confluence skin with only a couple of simple other addins: Oz Weather, HD Homerun & Multicam (view security cameras) plugins Wired ethernet network The below two media files were recently updated in the Emby Library. They appeared on the Emby web interface immediately, however they did not auto/background update/sync to the Kodi library until I manually restarted Kodi and it performed its standard startup scan: The Fifth Element (1997).m2ts was changed around 2016-01-15 10:39 Heroes Reborn_S01E12_Company Woman.mkv was changed around 2016-01-15 12:05 Logs: No auto/background library updates/sync Kodi log during the time these files were added: http://xbmclogs.com/prvxsh9na Emby Server Log during the time these files were added: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjjrakm70brk3w5/server-63588426305.txt?dl=0 After Kodi restart Logs: Kodi manually restarted and Emby for Kodi Beta performed the startup scan & then detected new these files: http://xbmclogs.com/p0obfwkhg Emby Server Log during the time Kodi was restarted and startup scan ran: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qo4js18nf9evbur/server-63588426305-post-restart.txt?dl=0 Thanks for your help and let me know if you need any further information.
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