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Found 9 results

  1. Hello. I have a lot of random videos (mostly short comedy videos) which I have put into a Home Videos library. However, I'd like to be able to tag these videos with either genre tags or just plain tags in Emby, and then use those to search for videos. I'd like to see these in a list, or just use them by searching. For example, let's say I have a couple of videos that contain Spongebob. I'd like to tag these as Spongebob and then be able to search for these videos by searching the term Spongebob. *Or*, if possible, I'd like to see a list of genres/tags, which also contains Spongebob in this case, and then click on that and view all videos that have the genre/tag. Is anything like this possible?
  2. When I restored a backup created on Emby Server in Windows to an Emby Server on Linux, the watched status data for my users is there for movies & TV shows flawlessly. I keep my soccer videos separate in a Home Photos & Videos library. I noticed the watched status did not transfer. What factors could be leading to this? Is watched status tracked for this kind of library or should I be using a different type of library?
  3. bikermiker

    No Photos - Synololgy Part 2

    So I'm running into problems again with photos and home videos. I can't see photos in the photo library in the webinterface anymore. Just home videos. In the Roku interface there is photos and videos mixed in both libraries with no way to tell whether it is a video or photo unless you select it. Log
  4. I have a library on my Emby Server: PicsVids - of type Home Videos & photos. My folder structure is Years/Events/files. You can see an example at the bottom of my post. My issue: When a folder has pictures & videos in it, the Emby for Kodi addon only lists the videos. If I have Kodi go to the folder directly as "Pictures", then the pictures and videos are listed. Running Emby Server Version beta Running Emby for Kodi Beta: v2.2.46 (I think - I'm not and home and can't check, but I upgraded this morning) PicsVids 2010 Christmas pic1 pic2 vid1 etc Halloween pic1 pic2 vid1 etc 2011 Christmas pic1 pic2 vid1 etc Vacation pic1 pic2 vid1 etc etc
  5. Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to set up my first media server. I've been doing a lot of reading and appreciate all the info available on these forums. I have a massive collection of home videos and photos which I'd like to organize and make it easy to go back and watch them with my family, and this seems like a great option. I have a vision of what I'd like this to be and I'd be grateful for some feedback about the best way to implement this. I've played around with Emby a bit but I definitely don't feel like I have a good grasp on it just yet. Ideally, I'd love to be able to search for photos and videos based on - Who is in it - Where it was taken - Any special event surrounding the photo or video (vacation, birthday, holiday, etc.) As of now, my files are organized as follows but have not been renamed at all: \Year \Month \Photos \Videos I am wondering what the best way is to rename and edit the metadata of all of these files in a way that embeds this info into the original files themselves and makes it accessible to Emby. - Can this be easily done in Emby? (For example, selecting 400 photos in April 2005 and tagging them with "Disneyland" and then saving that as a tag onto the original file as well as in Emby?) - Can this be done using some kind of metadata editor to edit the titles, tags, and metadata of the files themselves which can then be imported and read by Emby? (In other words, can Emby read and process tags that are part of files themselves and use them to search and filter?) Again, I have a pretty limited understanding of what's possible and how to do it, so I appreciate your experienced insights. I also realize I'm going against the norm with a home videos approach rather than a movies/TV shows approach which seems really easy to organize. I look forward to learning. Thanks!
  6. Is there a best practices for adding your personal home videos to the server? I just saw the Home Videos heading, so I created a folder on my server with the same name (no media in it yet) and added it to Emby server. Do I just add my videos and forget it? Are there any gotchas I need to be aware of? Does Emby know not to search the Internet for posters, banners, etc? What about Metadata? Do I simply go to the Metadata manager in the server interface and type in what I want? Thanks for any help or tips!
  7. imadunatic

    Home Videos/Unmatched Content in Kodi

    I know that Home Videos are still on the todo list and I only recently noticed that they were even missing from Kodi; however, I'm wondering if it could be troublesome to add the SMB share directly to kodi for my "Random Episodes" folder? My only concern is Kodi then controlling a portion of the database and possibly corrupting something if both Kodi and the Emby addon were attempting access at the same time. The folder only contains episodes for which there is no information or I just have a couple random episodes and don't want to create a separate folder for it (like random Dateline episodes or DIY shows) Is there a more elegant way to add this to Emby and have it show up in Kodi that I'm not thinking of? If I set the content of this folder to TV Shows, will it show up in Kodi?
  8. Techie-v2

    Naming Home Videos

    Hi all, Just wondering what is the best way to name Photos and Home Videos. At the moment I have my photos named - Photos\Year\Month\Event\Photoname.ext This is all very well and good as I can browse through my years and view photos but what is I wanted to Jut see pictures of a certain person I.e baby daughter from all the years. None of my photos are named properly, just the generic name what ever camera they came form gives them. Is there a better way to do it. Same goes for Home Videos? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all, I've setup a collection as "Home Videos", for my family and vacations videos. The collection points to the same UNC path where my home videos were stored for use with my MB2 installation, but MB3 apparently refuses to work with them. The issue is that I can see the videos titles (like in "Home Videos 1" screenshot attached), but when I click on it, instead of showing the details, I get what you see in "Home Videos 2" screenshot...nothing! The behaviour is the same with the web client and the MBC client. I've tried by adding specific movies.xml files, formatting them as if the were movies, but nothing has changed. Is this a known issue? my MB3 Server version is 3.0.5105.17830 while MBC version is B12-4.1 Thanks in advance for any help Magilla
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