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Found 6 results

  1. Can anyone help me figure this out? I want to open the EMBY app installed on my TCL Roku TV as an activity when I turn it on and open the EMBY app seconds after the TV turns on so I wont have to!! lol
  2. Hi all, I've mentioned this a long time ago in another thread, and haven't found a fix for it yet. The problem is, for some reason in MBT my Harmony 650 remote seems to work perfectly for everything, except when trying to "fast scroll" through my collections. What I mean by that is: I'm unable to hold down my arrow buttons and quickly move through my collection. Instead, I need to move through titles one at a time (I'd need to press the "right arrow" close to 900 times to get to the end of my movies collection). A while back someone mentioned that my remote may not be configured to repeat commands with the button held down. This is not the case. While I couldn't find an option to change that setting anywhere in my remote setup, I'm sure there's no need to, since it works perfectly fine in WMC. This problem seems to be limited to MBT for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated, since this problem keeps me from using my remote in MBT, and I'm stuck using my keyboard instead this really makes it an inconvienience, having the keyboard up on the couch next to you! Lol Thanks, Patrick
  3. I have just upgraded my old FireTV box with the new FireTV Cube (model A78V3N) and have hit a problem with text entry for searching. Importantly I use a Harmony Ultimate remote to control everything rather than the standard Amazon remote. So I click the blue search "magnifying glass" and a one-line input box appears saying "Search text (select for keyboard)" but when I click the OK/Select button (on the Harmony) it appears to generate a carriage return (see several blank lines in attached photo) instead of the normal soft-keyboard popping up on screen. Clicking OK again generates more blank lines and then an error pops up on screen "VolleyError com.android.volley.ServerError:" (I am guessing that the error is because Emby server cannot handle line breaks and so isn't really relevant but include it just in case.) Everything else within Emby seems to work fine and everything works fine with Amazon Video, Netflix and Plex text search, it seems to be just Emby text entry affected - does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
  4. I am trying to ween my wife off of Windows Media Center and transition my main video box to my NVida Shield (currently, I have my Windows Media Center PC and my Shield running in parallel). I recently tried to push the transition a little more quickly by removing the only cable card from my Ceton Infinitv in the WMC PC to my HD Home Run (which is yet to set up my Media Center PC). After she used it in Emby a little, I did encounter some serioues resistance. My wife's initial objections were all about the remote control and the lack of some basic functionality that existed with Media Center for Live TV (and with most cable boxes). Some of the specific items she mentioned were: Harmony remotes have a "guide" button to bring up the channel guide that doesn't work with the Emby app When looking at the "Guide" or "Channels" tabs, you cannot jump to a specific channel by keying in the channel number. This makes jumping to specific channels impossible. This is especially a problem for channels that are near the end of the channel list as you have to manually scroll down the entire channel list to get to them There is no page up or page down when looking at the "Guide" or "Channels" tabs, so you have to manually scroll. Is there any support for mapping some expanded remote control functionality that doesn't exist on the stock remotes for the AndroidTV or Roku devices? I have a Harmony Hub with the non-elite remote, so I have a pretty standard set of buttons I can map - just need to know if/how to map features to the remote. If not, is this a features that can be entertained? I can't imagine users who are used to cable boxes, in which the above functionality is standard, would be able to easily adjust to a more simplistic interface, especially when dealing with LiveTV and channel guides that have several hundred channels. I know I can filter channels to "favorites" or manually remove channels from the HDR when setting it up, but if the users has dozens or even a several dozen channels that they like, this can make finding the specific shows they want more difficult.
  5. Has anyone had recent issues with Harmony remotes in Emby for Windows Media Center? My Ultimate MCE remote software does not work correctly. It was working fine previously. I tried different devices to see if that worked. OrTek Hama MCE SE I have got the IR Blasters for the Harmony and the Hama The MCE SE will not operate at all. Neither will OrTek Hama works apart from the play / pause. I bought another Hama remote to train it but the play / pause do not function correctly for that either. One button restarts the episode and the other stops it. Running Windows 8.1 on a Mini PC NUC Running MPC-HC as an external player in Emby WMC I even bought the Harmony Elite thinking it was the Ultimate that was not functioning correctly but it is the same with that too. Update I have just opened up an episode within MPC-HC externally to Emby WMC and the play / pause buttons work fine. I also tried installing VLC and had issues with play / pause in Emby. No issue with play / pause with VLC outside Emby. The Emby default player works fine. Play / pause works correctly on all remotes. Is this an Emby issue Guys
  6. I am in the process of setting up my Harmony Ultimate Remote to control WMC & Emby. It was not obvious to setup from Logitech software so I did some research and found a post from Logitech after they had kindly added the function to the remote and software. Here is the instructions if you need them. Device type: Computer -> Media Center PC Manufacturer: Microsoft Model: Windows Media Center SE I want to thank “Bevhoward” for sending us his Windows Media Center keyboard. !!KUDOS!! I would also like to thank my colleague Cristian for creating the IR language and for adding the new device to our database. The Media Center keyboard allowed us to capture the IR codes used to send hotkeys such as “Alt+F4” to close an application directly and “Win+D” to “minimize all” to the desktop. We also captured the mouse commands and an FAQ will follow with button mapping suggestions for the mouse control. Below is a list of the newly added commands/hotkeys: (Please note that these commands may not work on all Media Center IR receivers; the commands have been tested and confirmed working with the original Microsoft IR Receiver) This forum thread is not for MCE users using Imon, Linux or other third party applications and/or IR receivers that do not use the Microsoft IR protocol. Win + - (plus or minus key) Zoom in or out. Win- Win+ Win+Up: Maximize Win+Down: Restore / Minimize Win+Left: Snap to left Win+Right: Snap to right Win+Home: Minimize / Restore all other windows Win+T: Focus the first taskbar entry Win+F: Open Windows search Win+E: Open Windows Explorer Win+Space: Peek at the desktop Win+G: Bring gadgets to the top of the Z-order Win+P: External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc) Win+M: Minimize all open windows Win+1 / Win+2 / Win+3 etc (Hotkeys for programs added to the Quicklaunch) Win+M: Minimize all open windows Win+Tab: Flip 3D Win+Shift+M: Undo all window minimization Win+Home: Minimize all but the current window Win + L: Lock the computer Win + R: Open ‘Run’ command Alt+1 / Alt+2 Alt+3 etc (Hotkeys for Video card display settings) Alt+Esc: Cycle through all open windows Alt+Tab: Switch to previous active window Alt+Enter: Display properties for the selected item Alt+Space: Pop up window menu Alt+F4: Shutdown current window Ctrl+A: Select all items in a document or window Ctrl+C: Copy the selected item Ctrl+X: Cut the selected item Ctrl+V: Paste the selected item Ctrl+Z: Undo an action Ctrl+W Closes the tabs for most web browsers Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Left Navigation through the web browser tabs Ctrl+Tab: Right Navigation though the web browser tabs Ctrl+ESC: Opens the Start menu Shift+Del: Permently deletes an item and bypasses the recycle bin Shift+F10: Opens Shortcut Menu (Some hotkeys are specifically designed for Windows 7 and may not work on other operating systems)
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