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Found 10 results

  1. Buenas tardes, He estado tratando de escribir un comando de ffmpeg para transcodificar los videos mp4 H264 que no son compatibles con TV LG ya que al tratar de reproducir algunas peliculas directamente me genera un error que el formato no es compatible con el TV y si habilito la transcodificación no me funciona debido a que tengo instalado Emby Server en una Raspberry PI 4 de 2GB de RAM entonces he decidido transcodificación a mano yo mismo los videos que no sean compatibles para que trasmitir directamente al TV tras muchos intentos me ha funcinado el siguiente comando: ffmpeg -i "Pelicul
  2. Hey guys @@softworkz, Currently I am having issues playing media on devices which need transcoding to play the file. E.g my Oneplus 5T phone manages to direct play x265 encoded files and Emby works like a charm for that device. However when I try to watch on a notebook or PC which needs to transcode the x265 into x264 the video never starts or just stops after a few seconds. I restarted the emby server and the whole windows server multiple times but that does not solve the problem. I attached the server logs for you. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ee2800e7-7a19-4344-b5ba-a7306af79f88_1.
  3. schogobong

    Replaying HEVC in Emby Theater

    Hi, I have my Emby Server ( set up on a QNAP TS431P and am accessing it via the Emby WebApp (Chrome). I have noticed that some of my H265 content is acting up and lagging. As far as I can tell this has to do with Chrome not supporting the codec. Playing the file via Edge seems to work better but there is still considerable lag. Playing the file on my AppleTV (through Emby) as well as using VLC to play directly from the server (with Windows) both works without any issues or lag. I am assuming that's when the local hardware kicks in as compared to my NAS and/or Chrome restrictio
  4. I'm considering to create an h265 version of my movies for remote streaming that allows a decent quality with a low bitrate, However there is a potential problem if the client can't direct play the video stream and the server transcode from a h265 version, that could potentially overload my server with multiple streams. My request is to have an option to disable transcoding for h265 codec, so if the client can't direct play the stream the server switch to transcode the h264 file. I know that Emby choose the better version to play but if the user manually selected the h265 version the ser
  5. Keltere

    No HEVC (H.265) encoder VAAPi

    Like the title i can seem to get the hevc encoder to appear on the list. I use the last version of arch linux (4.19.8-arch1-1-ARCH) with the last beta of emby ( I've already installed intel-media-driver but it just won't appear
  6. Hello emby team, Thank you so much for an awesome product. I left Plex a few years ago and have never looked back again. My main clients until rather recently have been x2 Minix Android devices running Emby for Android TV. These have been playing all of my content (besides H264 High 10) without any need for transcoding of the video stream. However since I swapped them out for Apple TV units it seems that all of my media requires transcoding. My initial concern regarding this was my h265 content but unless I am reading the logs incorrectly it would seem that even h264 content is bei
  7. I can't play h265 videos in Firefox for Edge. Edge never starts, and Firefox says corrupt file. I am able to play the video with vlc just fine. I've attached the log files. Here is the specs of the video file ===================== General ===================== Unique ID : 235024013207354621974145162675043304855 (0xB0CFDEVCEAB2A19F83644004AFF20597) Complete name : \\SERVER\incoming\myvideo (2017)\myvideo (2017).mkv Format : Matroska Formatversion : Version 4 / Version 2 File size : 2.26 GB Duration (ms)
  8. Hi gott a question about the built in vlc. what's the differens to use it and disable it? Because if its enabled it cant play dvd in h265 (hevc) but it works for the most part in Blu-ray h265. (hevc) If i disable it its no problem playing dvd or bluray. so what's the differens between the different players? the hardware being used is remix mini /Regards
  9. ulrick65

    h265 with ffdshow

    I have used ffdshow for years with emby...I have my remote programmed to utilize it for subtitles, etc. Now with h265 getting more prevalent, I am beginning to have and more shows that are h265 and thus I can't play them. Is there an easy way to get h265 to play given that I use ffdshow or do I have to move to LAV or some other codec and go through that whole pita, break my remote function, etc.? Thanks.
  10. Do we have a ETA on being able to playback h.265 in the web clinet and if needed transcode? It works fine on anything that is using the LAV codec (MBC, etc..), but it would be really good if MBS would be able to playback h.265 natively and transcode if and when needed. I realize there is not a lot of hardware decoding support yet (Although new NVIDIA GPU and Intel CPU support it now), anf I play back using the software decoder (my I5 climbing to 45% so very doable) I just been converting some of my 3D movies and it really is as good as they say. downsized by 54% on average using the ex
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