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  1. When I look at Genres, I noticed movies that appear to be in the wrong Genre. For example, I'm seeing Action/Adventure movies in Comedy that I know are not a comedy and vice-versa. How best to address this? Can I pull from a different source (if so, how)? Do I have to make the changes "Manually" (hope not)? Please advise. Thank you. Jules
  2. Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a custom API for personal use and I noticed that there are some tv shows that do not have the genre information on the database, even though the information is displayed on the apps. Here's an example: Did not notice this behavior with movie files. Does Emby store genre information on another column/field other than this one?
  3. grizlyadams

    Music - an overview/help please

    Ok, so I've used emby from way back when it was a windows media server plugin - but I've never used it for music until now. I've decided to drop my spotify account and use emby instead. I uploaded all my music to the music directory and let emby scan it and sort out genres etc. All I can say is what a bloody mess! I have 1 "unknown" genre which contains a single album/song, "Still Crazy After all these years/%0 Ways to Leave Your Lover" - listed as David bowie! If I serch David Bowie - that album is listed as his! also have genres titled 0 through 143 there are a whole load of genre titles with often album images that bear no relevance whatsoever to the actual songs in the genre playlist - example "Dub Techno" has a title cover of The Lion King! then in the synopsis of the genre it refers to Savage Garden's debut album! The title of the playlist is "Melon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Deluxe Edition"! It has 131 songs in the genre - including "1979" by the Smashing Pumpkins, Big Big World by Emilia, Circle of life from the Lion King by Elton John - now, I know that genres sometime have blurred definitions but there i no way that those three songs mentioned are "Dub Techno" the genre "Dub Techno" appears to have listed everything in the "All Out 90s" directory. So - what have I done wrong and how do i fix the complete mess that emby has made of reading the music directory. My music is all listed in the following directory/file structure root folder (music) L__artist | L__album | L__ track 1 L__ track 2 L__ track 3 L__ track 4 etc is that the wrong way to list it? Is there a "how to" or best practices for best results for emby and music? Where does emby get its "genre" data from? thanks
  4. Hello Is it possible to block a genre so the user doesn't watch it? Let me explain, how can I block the TERROR category/genre so that the user doesn't watch any movies that have this horror category/genre? thanks
  5. Currently 4.6 has GENRES menu option going to display a long list of ALBUMS (using the ID3v2 tag name) and this is really not expected as the view as artists can be randomly shown in the list as its done alphabetically by ALBUM name. Can this be changed so that the ARTIST (or ALBUM ARTIST) tag is used as the view please because it makes more sense; its tidier too. When you go into GENRES, you often want to see the ARTISTS or AUTHORS and THEN see the list of work for them such as Albums or Books. Music and Music Video Libraries: ALBUMS are assigned to ARTIST in embedded meta data terms AudioBooks: BOOKS are assigned to AUTHORS. In this case the actual embedded meta data tags are still the same (BOOKS is ALBUMS and AUTHOR is ARTIST) If this change is completed, the result is that when you select a GENRE e.g. 'Rock', you'll then get a list of artists in that genre. When you find the artist you are interested in, and click it, you then get the albums. This is instead of the current alphabetical list of album names resulting in far bigger list to wade through if you have many albums (or books). In this current view, the artist work can be repeated multiple times if they released multiple albums and are all over the place because the sorting is on the album name. NOTE: MUSIC library did used to be like the proposed change until changed in 4.6.x!
  6. Nioord

    Cambiar generos por lote

    Buenas, me gustaria saber si se puede cambiar el genero de algunas peliculas o series seleccionadas al mismo tiempo. Me explico, todas las series con genero "terror" cambiarlo por "horror" sin hacerlo de uno en uno. Gracias
  7. GloverEggs

    I Keep Losing Genre Images

    I have genre images that I like. These were stable on Emby for quite awhile, but then I noticed that they'd all been reset to the random 4xmovie images (example attached) again. I reset them and next time I looked they had reset again. Did I accidentally change a setting or something whereby my images are note staying or are being over written? I can provide logs. I just wasn't sure they were applicable to genre images.
  8. Hi, I've noticed some slight subtleties in functionality of the Emby app when it comes to Music. On Android app, I can go to Music, Genres, pick a Genre, let's say "Pop", and I then have an option to "Shuffle" all of my Pop songs or "Play All". For the FireTV/FireStick apps, this option does not exist. Note it does exist in the other Music library areas. Any idea if we can make the functionality uniform in the FireTV client? Thanks!
  9. cabrinisamuele

    genere nella libreria musicale

    Salve a tutti ... ho installato emby server ! ...sembra funzionare tutto a dovere ! ma ho dei seri problemi a far riconoscere il tag "genere" dei file musicali , sia mp3 che aac ! se nel file musicale inserisco il tag "trance" o "rock" nella libreria musicale allavoce "genere" non lo riconosce e se provo ad inserire uno dei due tag precedentemente elencati dall'editor metadati di emby , questi non vengono memorizzati !. La cosa strana è che se invece scrivo "trance1" o "tranc" o un qualsiasi altro nome di genere diverso da "trance", allora emby nella libreria musicale sotto la voce "genere" me lo riconosce ! ... l'esempio vale per i comuni tag di genere come"rock" a altri ! Per il tag iniziale ho utilizzato Music Brainz Picard E` un bug ?
  10. Can GENRES be added next to collections onthe horizontal view home screen please? Too many clicks to click 'Movies' then scroll along to top menu option for GENRES (genres at end of list) The FEATURED large image on the home screen (horizontal view like LG app and Emby Theatre) does not need to be THAT big so plenty of room. Also could the FEATURED random movie have a label at the top of the image tile or somewhere saying FEATURED? Its then obvious what that square is for any new users. Thanks...
  11. hello, @ll; as a complete newby to Emby, I am wondering about some smaller aspects of music metadata handling; specifically: are all metadata amendments caused by Emby stored on Emby only? Or will they get written back into the individual files's taggage = sync back down to my actual library?(like : play and skip count/s, genre updates) etc. will genre information written by Emby's information enrichment be added to prexisting genre information on a track or will it replace pre-existing genres? + (probably floating around here somewhere already, but I haven't been able to spot it) : is there an/y ETA on when Emby might get dynamic playlists with smart filters? (such as "genre contains {x}") and multi-level sorting (to achieve a} by playcount descending with b} skip count ascending etc.) Thank you for what feedback you may be able to provide. Cheers! @@cayars @@Happy2Play
  12. serge zeguer

    Modification d'un "Genres" dans "Musiques"

    Bonjour, Emby server version fonctionne sans problèmes, mais je ne sais pas modifier le genre d'un dossier. Par exemple je souhaite placer le disque "Valses de Vienne" dans le Genres "Valses". Je vais dans: Gestionnaire de métadonnées => Musiques => je sélectionne le disque "Valses de Vienne" => je clique sur "Genres" => et je tape "Valses" => Ok => Sauvegarder Si je reviens dans le gestionnaire de métadonnées le "Genres" tapé a disparu. Dans l'affichage du dossier Musiques => Albums => Genres la classe "Valses" n'apparait pas. Ou est mon erreur ? Merci de votre aide. Serge
  13. I have a bunch of media and they got other genre names than I want. Emby used SQLLite so I assume I can use "DB Browser for SQLite" to update the genres to move them into the same Genre. Right? Here is the steps I did: 1. Shutdown the Emby Server (right click on tray icon and exit) 2. Start up the program "DB Browser for SQLite" 3. Open %AppData%\Emby-Server\programdata\data\Library.db 4. Click the tab "Execute SQL" and type: update MediaItems set Genres = replace(Genres, 'Science Fiction', 'Sci-Fi') where Genres like '%Science Fiction%' 5. Press F5 to execute the statement and the entries get updated. 6. Click on "Write Changes" 7. Click "Close Database" 8. Start up the Emby Server / restart my computer (should have the same result that Emby Server is running). However the media is still in their original genres. I even tried to "Refresh Metadata" -> "Search for missing metadata" in the hope that would do anything about this. Nothing changed. Next I tried using the API to update it via a C# console application, but I gave up after some hours setting it up and trying to understand how to get genre and items and how to update genre on items without messing up the items. I would rather use the sqllite database to update than the API... or using the web interface if there is a way to mass update... http://localhost:8096/emby/Items?api-key=secret&Recursive=true&Genres=Sci-Fi results in 0 items, but should have resulted in many items. http://localhost:8096/emby/Items?api-key=secret&Recursive=true&Genres=Science%20Fiction results in many items, but should now have resulted in 0 items. So, how to I make the emby server understand that I made updates to the library.db database ? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, I’m trying to wrap my head around the Collections features in Emby. I’ve read through the documentation and understand that I can either manually setup collections or I can use the AutoBoxSet plugin. What I cannot tell is if I can choose to show items on their own and in a collection. For instance, I want to make a James Bond film collection. And want all the Bond films to be in it. But I also want those Bond films to show up in the main movie library when I’m browsing everything looking for something to watch. Is this possible? Or when I add something to a collection, will it be removed from the library view? Secondly, I’m curious as to what other options there are for creating collections. For instance, I also want to make a Christmas/Holiday movie collection. What’s the best way of doing this? If I add tags or genres, can I use either of these to make a collection? Is there a better way of doing this? Lastly, is it possible to “import” (for lack of a better term) data from either Plex or Kodi? Meaning, if I have Genre data for Christmas, or Playlists in either of these, I don’t suppose there’s any way to get that into my Emby info? I know it’s a long shot but thought I’d ask. Thanks so much in advance!
  15. ISSUES Genres are messed up. I now have a "Science Fiction" genre and a "Science-Fiction" genre. I have zero movies or tv shows using "Science-Fiction" with the hyphen in the metadata. I specifically have to change this for every single science fiction tv show I add to my library because TVDB uses the name with a hyphen whereas TMDB does not and I want everything to match. When I click on "Science-Fiction" genre under Genres, it brings up all my science fiction movies/shows before the update. I double checked the metadata and nfos and I have it listed as just "Science Fiction" for all those movies/shows. But I also have a "Science Fiction" genre under Genres. If I click on that, it brings up the two science fiction movies I added to the library today post-update. So unless you have a fix, I'm going to have to go through almost 1000 movies and shows and delete the current science fiction genre in the metadata and then re-add it so they all are grouped into the same genre. No filter or sorting in Favorites depending on how you reach Favorites. 1. Click on Movies or TV Shows under My Media on the home screen and then click on Favorites from the top bar, it gives you no sorting or filtering. 2. If you click on Favorites from the home screen at the very top (Home / Favorites) then click on Favorite Movies or Favorite TV Shows, it will give you the filter and sorting options. This happens when using a browser on my desktop and also in the Android app. When you access Collections from the Home Screen under My Media, there's a single random year listed under every title of each collection. I can't make any sense what the date corresponds to. It's not the year of the earliest or latest movie in the collection. The date doesn't show up under the name of the collection if you go to Movies or TV Shows under My Media first and then select Collections from the top bar. All my chapter image extractions just disappeared. Not a big deal. But I'm wondering if all those GBs of images were deleted or do I need to go in and manually do so? I'm running the scan again right now. OPINIONS Totals are no longer listed. No idea how many movies or tv shows/episodes I have unless I go into statistics which I do not like at all. I think totals should be listed on just about everything. Movies, TV Shows, Collections, Favorites, Genres, etc. The big white bars with arrows to horizontal scroll in various places needs a redesign imo. The look seems out of place with the rest of it. I read in one of your comments to another user about the fact that there were so many fundamental changes to the database that its impossible to go back to a previous version. I think in the future it would be wise to give a pop up warning for automatic update users saying that it won't be possible to roll back to a previous version, remind users to do a backup and give the user a chance to defer the update until they are 100% ready. Only on the big updates that really change things like 4.0 did.
  16. Please can we have some changes so that when I view by GENRES, I see individual movies and collections? If a movie is a member of a defined collection, I want to see the collection rather than each movie listed that is in the collection. This could be a config choice setting too.
  17. Hi there, is it possible to add/implement trees for parts of the metadata fields like persons/artists/people, genres, studios and so on. The only way to edit them is to find a video … and another click on the field to edit it. THX bkh
  18. I have more than 2000 songs in mp3 and flac format and the emby apps I use (android for smartphone android TV and windows 10) doesn't show the albums, genres and tracks. is there something wrong with emby server? Is there any workaround for this issue? Has this issue been addressed by emby developers?
  19. So first thing. Love the Roku Emby app. You all have done a fantastic job. I do have a few requests though that I think would add some more usability. I currently have around 300 different TV series but somehow my girlfriend can never seem to find anything to watch. She watches the shows that are current but basically refuses to dig through the entire library to find a new show. What would be ideal is if there were suggestions based on what she has watched and show those suggested shows in the TV section view under the views>Continue watching>etc... This way she can just look there and maybe find something she wants to watch in a much smaller selection rather than looking through such a large library. My other request would be to update the the Genres section under each of the media types. Currently it displays tiles with the Genre name on there and you have to click into it to see what is in that genre and then back out and go into another to see that genre which is cumbersome. Can you do the same view for genres that is being done for the "By Letter" section? I think that will be a much cleaner view and also fits inline with something already developed and used.
  20. MJDPlayer

    Music genres not syncing?

    Hi All, I'm just testing Emby and love it. Just curious about the last problem I've encountered. I have just finished scanning my music library (Media Monkey I use) and none of the genres are coming up in Emby?? Genres appear when I access my music library using every other player like VLC and built in phone music players. Anything basic I'm missing? If I can fix this I'll sign up straight away as this looks brilliant. MJDPlayer
  21. I'd like to report something really weird that I noticed today. I'm at latest release (don't know at which version it started, it may be a little old), and when I try to browser TV shows and then "Genres", it only shows me TV shows that have DRAMA tag, and hide everything else. too weird. Can you reproduce it? ps: working OK for movies.
  22. When entering TV library, and selecting the genres view I'm greeted with a nice genre selection screen, perfect. Then I pick a genre, like comedy, instead of it being series only, I usually get 1 or 2 series, but then a ton of episodes, I hit the 1000 item limit of course. So I'm pretty sure this is a bug and the only results returned in this view should be series entries.
  23. Hi. I've just noticed something odd. Within any TV Show library, when I click "Shows" (to see the entire list), that library's list comes. OK! BUT Still inside the same library, if I choose the tabs GENRES or NETWORKS, it starts showing ALL shows... not only of that library. In my scenario, I have 2 libraries: TOONS and GENERAL , for example. Library GENERAL -> Tab SHOWS -> List of all General shows. CORRECT. Library GENERAL -> Tab GENRES -> List of EVERY SHOW by GENRES. INCORRECT Library GENERAL -> Tab NETWORKS -> List of EVERY SHOW by NETWORKS. INCORRECT Library TOONS -> Tab SHOWS -> List of all Toons shows. CORRECT Library TOONS -> Tab GENRES -> List of EVERY SHOW by GENRES. INCORRECT Library TOONS-> Tab NETWORKS -> List of EVERY SHOW by NETWORKS. INCORRECT Can you take a look at it? Thanks
  24. khodges747

    Problem with Genres

    Hi, I noticed the other day that not all movies of a specific genre are shown in MB Theater. If I do a filtered view in the server, I find 145 movies with this genre. If I look in MB for WMC, I also find 145 movies. If I do the same thing in MBT, I find 109. (I use folder view, but I go to Movies- All movies - Genres - My specific genre - More.) The movies that seem to be missing are all the ones of this genre from a specific folder called Collections (I do my collections manually). I'm running MBT 2.5.25 and the latest server (8200). I know it's been doing this for several weeks, but can't say when it started. Anyone know how to fix this? It's probably a setting somewhere that I haven't found concerning Collections.
  25. Hi, Since upgrading to 3.0.7100.0 the genres, studios and tags buttons do not work when editing or in the metadata editor. Clicking on them has no effect. I am using Firefox 48.0.2, but it is the same with Safari. I have tried it on my other computer before updating to 3.0.7100.0 the buttons are green and work fine, after updated to 3.0.7100.0 and they are grey in colour and do not do anything when you click on them, People button works OK but is also grey. Is this a known problem or is it something my end. Any help would be great, Thanks, for such a great bit of software.
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