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Found 5 results

  1. hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with MBT completely locking up the PC, forcing a hard reset? and if so - are you using an AMD GPU, radeon card? i've been using MBT forever with my old graphics card which was a radeon HD 4850, but because the card was so old, catalyst control center was no longer available for that model in Windows 8.1, so the card used legacy drivers. with these i never had an issue in MBT. A mate of mine was trying to get the whole mediabrowser server and MBT setup a go because he really liked my setup, and his PC would lock up completely after a few minutes of using MBT with an R7 200 series. getting frustrated he eventually gave up on mediabrowser and went back to the old navigate with a mouse through folder structures on explorer. i figured it was something to do with his hard drives or something because he wasn't attempting to watch a video or anything, just navigating the UI. Then i recently upgraded to an R9 270x for my dedicated media pc; no format required, no changing my setup in MB server required; and literally 10 mins into having everything how i want it, i got the same complete lock up as my mate gets trying to navigate the MBT interface. the whole pc becomes unresponsive except for select things, for example i have an ALT F4 function programmed to the soft keys on my logitech harmony one, and sometimes if i hit that during a lockup, the MBT screen will stay frozen, but i'll get the mouse pop up in front of it. CTRL ALT DEL won't work to try and log off and log back in, plugging something into the USB i'll hear the connect/disconnect chime, but nothing will pop up. my only option is to hold down the power button for a few seconds to kill it. short press to trigger a proper shutdown won't work either. any ideas/experiences? a conflict with radeon's drivers? if so i figured alot of you guys would've been experiencing it if you had radeons. Cheers
  2. Hello, I initially had a small m3u set up for some local channels and everything was working fine across all my clients. I then added another larger m3u (alongside my original) to test and when I removed it and reverted back to only using the former list, the Xbox Emby client will "freeze" after loading the guide. The info is shown but I can not navigate within the menus there (Programs, Guide, Channels, Recording, etc). By default, the app loads to the Guide portion and I am not sure if this is the problem. About the same time that I had added the previously mentioned larger list, my epg data source stopped working. I removed it at that time. Anyway, I now see the channel icons in the guide for the first 6 or so channels (screenshot attached) but I can't navigate them and start streams or move around in the menu at all. I can press B to move back to the main screen where everything else seems to be functioning fine; navigation and local play of other libraries. This is happening only on the Xbox One. Live TV can still be started (despite not knowing what is playing on the channel) on the two installed versions of the Emby App on my Windows 10 laptop (Windows Store and local install) and my mobile clients. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the Xbox One but the same behavior persists. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Edit: I just removed the remaining m3u source and the Live TV section on the Xbox shows the change with no channels listed anymore but I still can't move around to the different menu items up top (Programs, Guide, Channels, etc). It still defaults to landing on guide. Channels are listed again on the Xbox (like the attached screenshot) when I add the m3u source back to the server.
  3. ShadowKindjal

    Video Streams Freezing

    I was wondering if anyone could me with an issue I've been having for a little while. I seem to have issues with video streams freezing on playback. The client is still completely responsive but the only way to resume the video is to back out of it and resume. The server I'm using shouldn't have any issues with transcoding either because it's an eight core Xeon processor with hyper-threading. Any ideas? embyserver-63662889600.txt embyserver-63663045698.txt
  4. In the last couple days trailers stopped working for me. They don't play before movies (cinema mode) and when I go directly to the trailers plugin and try playing something, it just displays the loading icon forever. I didn't see anything that jumped out in the logs. I have tried reinstalling the plugin and it hasn't made any difference. Any ideas what could be going on?
  5. bret1958

    Question about the 8.1 app

    Why add new features when the basic app is in so full of bugs I would love to have just a basic app that works and is refined in its amout of bugs.. rather all the new features.. that have to in them selves only add more bugs..
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