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Found 3 results

  1. When I initially created a library for documentaries since the majority are movies I selected movies. However since also TV Shows are within this library, how is it being dealt with? Some of the TV shows are not being displayed properly even though all the meta data from MB 2.6 is present and displays correctly in MB 2.6. Do I have to go through each of them in the Metadata manager and adjust info and images or can these shows individually be changed to content type TV. Finally if changing the library content to Home videos how will it treat the mix of movies and TV shows? Thanks O2G
  2. A little context. I have a library of 4000+ documentaries I started building in 2006. Originally I burned them to DVDs to watch. For the past 5 years I've used DLNA, Samsung's PC Share Manager to 3 DLNA capable TVs to watch them. And despite all the flack DLNA gets, it's actually worked quite well. Because of the nature of how I started and where I'm at, plus the nature of the content, my folder structure and naming conventions are WAY off what is required for out-of-the-box solutions like PLEX or emby. I tried to give PLEX a go, and even paid for the PLEX Metadata Editor, but could never get it to install properly on my Win8.1 machine (I wasn't the only user with this issue) emby seems to offer native metadata editing, so I'd like to give it a go. But I'm asking for advice before I get started so I don't start down a dead end path. A) Because of the nature of documentaries and my use of DLNA I don't have my titles grouped by individual folders. Putting single episode documentaries in individual folders makes navigating via DLNA a nightmare. My collection is organized in folders by topic. History, Science, Art, etc. When I'm looking for something to watch I prefer to browse a topic that interests me at that moment, I don't go looking for a specific title. Also, because of the use of DLNA, I've renamed almost every single title over the years. Whether it was removing the periods between each word, or deleting information in the original file name that was more clutter than anything else. Very few documentaries have "S01E01" in their file name to begin with anyway. While editing the metadata for 4000+ files seems like a crazy task, I have no issues doing so. It's something I can do in small bits over many days. So the question is, HOW do I do it? I've spent the last 24hours reading as much as I can here in the forums, and the github wiki's, and I can't find a clear step-by-step how-to anywhere. What I have found assumes the user has a level of understanding higher than what I've got. The most glaring example being many references to things like the TVdb ID#, and yet in no place does it actually show you WHERE you get this information. 1) Is the use of individual folders done in programs like emby so that the metadata information (images, etc) don't get confused with other files that would be in the same folder in a library like mine? 1a) If the above is true, and I would have to re-organize my library into hundreds, if not thousands of individual folders, could I edit the genre of each file so that I could continue to browse my library by topics of my choosing? 2) What IS the best Media Library Content type choice for an collection like mine? Suggestions in the forums are conflicting. 2a) Unset comes up quite frequently. But if I choose that option, grabbing metadata from TVdb, which seems to offer the best coverage for metadata of documentaries, is not offered I'd love to make this work, and I have no shortage of patience, I just need some help getting my head around the best way to go about it, and how to do it.
  3. Hi all. I’ve moved Movies & TV Shows over to Media Browser and we are loving the experiance. I’m currently testing a couple of Albums / Artists as well. I’d like to move the rest of my media over but I’m stuck as to how to organise them. I’ve got Stand-up Comedy, Cooking TV Shows, Documentaries, Exercise Videos, so I can’t just put them under the Home Videos folder type. Basically how would I / how do you organise Stand-up Comedy? My layout on my hard drive is \Videos\Stand-up Comedy\Billy Connolly\(2005) - Billy Connolly - Live In New York\(2005) - Billy Connolly - Live In New York.avi I’ve no problem renaming them the same as IMDB or whichever. Also What would the folder type be? I don’t want them mixed in with my Movies or TV Shows... Is there any way to add a “Custom Folder Type” and then call it Stand-up Comedy and them select the scrapers or manually get images / data for them? Are there plans to add more Folder Types in the future? Regards, Lee
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