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Found 11 results

  1. Bonjour tous le monde, J'ai un soucis avec le plugins trailers et le mode cinéma. Je vous explique, j'ai pris un Emby Première, j'ai paramètre le mode cinéma pour jouer 3 bandes annonces avant un film. Mon problème est que les bandes annonces sont toutes en anglais ? Quelqu'un aurait une solution miracle pour les avoir en français ? Ou dans le pire des cas avoir les bandes annonces avec sous-titre français ? Le Emby tourne sur un Windows Serveur distant (OVH) couplé avec un Kodi en local chez moi. Merci de votre aide les amis
  2. Awkwardphoton

    Codec intro tag from metadata

    It would be awesome to add to the functionality of the codec intro feature so that a custom intro can play when it matches the movieDB or IMDB id it will play. So for example, I am making custom movie certificate preroll videos based off of the BBFC black cards, for me to get this to work, I have to tag each film uniquely in order for the preroll to show. It would be much smoother if the codec intro could use the movie Id as then I only need to video name to match the Movie ID which cuts the amount of work in half ie. for the Yellow Submarine Movie I could just have a video called '12105.mp4' in my custom codec intro video path. It would be useful in other use cases for example people replicating movie preroll quizzes or trivia that some cinemas do. This is probably a duplicate request, however I feel like it is unique enough to warrant it's own post.
  3. jasonborn

    Trailers not playing before movie

    Hi folks, Today I started a movie and no trailers were played before starting the movie. In my case i configured Cinema Intro's to play 2 trailers before each movie. Any suggestions? ps: when I play a movie through a broswer, it works fine and trailers are played before starting the actual movie. Kind regards, Update: also my second Kodi is not playing trailers before the actual movie anymore
  4. So, I see all of these Plex pre-roll videos that people are making. I'm old and nostalgic, so I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon and make a VHS-ish preroll to use with my Cinema mode. Of course, I had to also show my support for Emby. Anyhoo, here's what I slapped together using GIMP and KDEnlive. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgugx5ucmxd6cqz/test1.mp4?dl=0
  5. Not sure where to put this, but seems to be where everyone puts Cinema Mode questions. I love the idea of trailers before my movies/tv shows and love this feature. I am even considering putting shorts/newsreels/cartoons in front. Thank you for creating and supporting. However, the last two times I have enabled this, I get the same trailers over and over. Even if I watch the entire trailer, I get it again with the next movie. They do not all repeat but they repeat enough that I shut off the feature instead of skipping the trailer. So I have some questions. 1. Have I set it up incorrectly? I looked at the explanations of all the options and cannot see where to change a setting that would change this. 2. Where does it get the trailers from? Is there a way to change the source? 3. How does it decide that trailers to play next? Random? Based on viewing habits? 4. Am I insane? I know this last one is subjective, but perhaps.... Thanks to anyone who helps. Don
  6. bundito

    Cinema Mode not working on Roku TV

    I bought an Emby Premiere subscription expressly for the Cinema Mode & Trailers feature on my Roku TV (a TCL). The app plays my media just fine, but I don’t get any trailers or “related video” when queuing up a movie. Any suggestions?
  7. Running WMC Emby v3.0.264.0. Trailers do not appear to play before MKV movies but works with Blu-Ray folders. I tested this with two MKV movies, the first with just rotating static backgrounds while the second had a video background. The relevant snippet from the log is attached. If any additional information is required, please let me know. Any suggestions? Thanks! Emby.txt
  8. Issue: until recently, everything was fine - MB was set up to play trailers before a movie, and I could browse channels like TwiT, Vimeo, and the Trailers channel. Then about a week ago, my Supporter license vanished from the server, and Channels and Trailers all vanished. I managed to resolve this by re-pasting my Supporter key to the server (similar to these issues), but ever since then, I've had issues of stuttering or non-loading trailers (usually the first frame loads and then it freezes, a bit similar to this issue). At first I wondered if the deactivation of the license had affected the plugin, so I removed and reinstalled the Trailers plugin, but to no avail. I also noticed that other channels (TwiT, Vimeo etc) have also stopped being accessible or only partially load. YouTube videos play just fine in Chrome, so it's not a network or internet issue at my end. The problem affects local users on WMC as well as web users of the server. Additional observation: possibly related, I did notice that even after disabling the Trailers plugin and restarting the server, it was still attempting to play trailers before movies. I could not find a correlation between Trailers and the trailer behaviour. I wondered if there might be a conflict with the Advanced Intros plugin, but after uninstalling that the behaviour was the same as before. Environment: Windows 7 MB Server: 3.0.5424.1 Plugin: Advanced Intros Plugin: Trailers 1.0.5400.40708 (Release) Cinema Mode settings: Playback -> Cinema Mode Internet trailers (all three checked) Number of trailers to play (1) Enable smart parental control (checked) Only use trailers from unwatched content (checked) Log files: here are the last few logs for yesterday and today https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j0i9qdw80n49jb4/AABqK-ymTeiWG4tNeqjOLXoMa?dl=0
  9. I recently updated to the latest dev version of MBC, and even though I have enabled Cinema mode, it does not play trailers before the movie. Attached is a log. MBClassic-19112014b8fcbf1f52074d3aa3bf923c596e8592.log
  10. All trailers, no matter if selected by Cinema, MB Intros, or played manually via the Trailers channel, are extremely low quality and heavily pixelated. I have tried changing all the options for quality in the Trailers channel, but the result is the same. Trailers played directly through a web browser at the Apples Trailer site on the same machine at 1080p or 720p start almost immediately, and without pixelation so I suspect it is not a connection speed issue. Any suggestions other than to download trailers locally?
  11. Hello, before the Cinema updates, I had the MB Intros plugin which worked fine to display two streaming trailers in WMC and then the main feature would play using the external player (MPC-HC). However, I recently updated to the latest version of everything (MBC, MBS, MB Intros) but with either the Cinema mode on (with MB Intros uninstalled) or MB Intros plug-in (Cinema disabled), everything plays in WMC. If I disable Cinema mode or the MB Intros plug-in entirely, then the main feature opens in the external player. Thanks!
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