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  1. fillidill

    New theme - Plex inspired look

    I moved from Plex to Emby and even though I think Emby is superior in its flexibility there are some things I like better with Plex, especially in terms of its looks. This theme is trying to fix that by making it a bit more similar to Plex but with some, in my opinion, improvements. The CSS is attached to this post for anyone interested and below are some screens to show it off Good to know I only use Chrome so I can't guarantee this CSS works as expected in other browsers. If you want the sidebar menu to look like in the screens, make sure to pin the sidebar. Wa
  2. These icons are scalable, and it switches up the dashboard a bit. You can cut and paste this into to the custom CSS section under settings in the server: I marked the Css, so if there is an update it will be easy to replace! Choose a color for your icons: you can replace "rgba(0,0,0,0.5)" with whatever you want (example: black/white/red, or an rgba value). /*Custom Icons start*/ /*https://materialdesignicons.com/*/ /*Version 1.2*/ /*positioning, size and color*/ :root{ --iconColor: rgba(0,0,0,
  3. Oxide

    Some CSS Fixes & Tweaks :)

    Some backend fixes: (Tested on 3.1.6034.23988) 1. Fixed when scrolling down in the Dashboard the Progress Bars would appear in the "Menu Header" 2. Fixed Reports Filter Menu getting cut off and not been able to select all options. /*Backend Fixes*/ /*Fix Dasboard Menu Bar Showing Progress Bars*/ .dashboardDocument .viewMenuBar {z-index: 1000;} /*Reports Filter Menu Fix*/ .ui-panel-inner {position: static !important; background: #222;} .ui-panel.ui-panel-open {position: absolute !important;} .ui-body-b.ui-panel {height: initial; min-height: initial; bottom: initial;} Some Frontend Twe
  4. testbug

    How to change color of these?

    Hi! I'm working on a complete color theme change, and I was hoping someone could help me with changing the color of: The border around the drop-down lists. The selected item's background in the side menu. If I come across any more issues, I'll post it here.
  5. NO LONGER SUPPORTED Tested primarily with Google Chrome Available for Emby stable and beta releases Complete dark themes for Emby web client in 9 different accent colors RED, ORANGE, ORANGE PLEX, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, GRAY & PINK I find it more consistent to have a same color everywhere instead of the blue/green default. Even the logos and icons are changed to fit with the proper accent color. You also have the option to have a light version of the theme. Just read and follow instructions HERE for both, stable and beta releases. Note that I'm not using Live TV and this
  6. dannymichel

    Emby Clean CSS Cleanup

    icons: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m2n1fdym5a0xytm/poster-icons.zip css: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uxpjk7m54zdbbu7/emby.css Minimal edit: I kind of went nuts with the edits on this one, but if you want a more minimal edit that addresses the obvious issues, i've done one of those too css: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7qzk6dywxm89j3/emby-minimal.css
  7. KalashDOG

    How to change the circle color

    I would like to change the color of everything to red, but all i managed to change was the color of the slider
  8. Pommes

    Add Button to player

    Hi How can i change/remove/add the buttons when a video is playing? I would really need a way to add videos to a playlist while they are running. (Music videos running in random mode and when i like it just klick to add it to my "I like" playlist) at the moment i need to stop playback and go back to menu and search it by name. So is there a way to add the more settings button "button.btnMoreCommands" from the normal menu to the bottom of the player? pic one in the blue circle. It would be also fine for me to replace an other button such as Pip that i dont need. Or is there an othe
  9. mgutijae86

    CSS questions

    Hi, i am new with emby and i have two questions: - How can I modify a CSS file? Where is It? - Is possible to get the library view like Disney+?? Something like the picture Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi guys, first off to the team; great work with the Halloween theme! That was a very pleasant surprise! Now to my point . One of the first things I noticed with the halloween theme was the background image on the overview page. I would like to implement my own image, but can not seem to find where to edit so it would show my image. Could you guys maybe help me with this? I don't mean when you've opened a movie or serie or w/e to see the info. But while looking through the movies and such. While we're at it. I'd prefer not to see the colored banners under the pictures. I'
  11. jefersonjatobaa

    Como alterar logo inicial?

    Olá, estou iniciando aqui e gostaria de saber como alterar um logotipo inicial por uma minha própria?
  12. Lameslime

    Picture as login background

    Started using Emby couple days ago, problems here and there, but this is something I can't solve. As the title says I'd like to change the color grey in login screen into a picture of my choice. I have no experience with css so if I had to do it myself I wouldn't know where to start. Thanks in advance.
  13. dannymichel

    Load custom css for mobile app

    I searched for this feature request and surprised i couldn't find it considering the overwhelming number of posts i've seen asking for it. We'd like to be able to load custom CSS on the mobile(and other) apps and on app.emby.media
  14. FredFrin

    Custom CSS - HowTo Intro

    Hi, I'm running emby-server in docker on my linux server & accessing via the web-interface from other boxes. I've seen numerous mentions of a 'custom css' feature - but need a hand getting started: Looking inside the docker emby-server container I see numerous css files under /system but these are all minimised. I guess it is possible to copy & modify these and volume mount the edits over the existing files to achieve mods - but mention of 'css feature' makes me think there is another mechanism intended for this which I've not yet found. What is the intended method
  15. arrbee99

    Move stuff down

    Just wondering if anybody would happen to know some css to move everything down please... i.e move picture, text, logo everything down apart from the back arrow, home etc across the top.
  16. i have tried and failed for months to change the color of both the sliderbubble and the button focus thing specifically for Mozilla! chrome works as intended, and edge has no bubble at all but the focus ring is red as intended... its doing my head in please send rescue haha, this issue is consistenet between firefox on both PC and the samsung/android app and as you may be able to work out firefox is my prefered browser. thanks in advance
  17. Hi, I find it really difficult to edit emby with css but that being said i'm far from an css expert, i am limited in my knowledge when it comes to finding the right anchor, usually inspecting an element has done the trick for me when i've done smaller web development work but in emby none of the elements seem to be unique so it's difficult to point css to edit one particular element without messing up a lot of other stuff. I am therefor reaching out for some help. Here's what i want to do: Completely hide favorites, playlists, add to collections, edit playlists and some other s
  18. connorconway

    Modify Latest Media

    There are a couple of questions here and if anyone could help me here that would be great and I'd really appreciate it; I believe this will also require a .js change but I'm just wondering which file would need editing as there are so many (I'm aware the changes will be removed per each update). Thank you for ANY assistance at all, Connor
  19. cochize1

    narrow left slider

    Hi, is there a way to add custom css to manage the right main slider in chrome/opera/firefox etc. (I like the greyed out color but would like to make it as slim as possible)?
  20. cochize1

    Narrow Header section

    Hi, got some pretty results myself with css modifications but there are 2 things I am still struggling with, any idease on how to make it work (as in attached picture): 1. How to narrow Header Middle Section with Tabs? 2. How to change the Text for Live TV cardbox?
  21. Greetings! If you're anything like me, you only use the Emby web app in bed at night with the lights off. Perhaps like me, you also have sleeping problems and bright lights cause you sleeplessness. That's the issue I face when using Emby's web app on a nightly basis (even with dark mode). As a solution, download and apply the custom CSS attached to this post in Admin Dashboard > Settings > Custom CSS. The "Midnight Campfire" web app styling can be used with the free or premiere version of Emby. You'll need to use the "Dark" theme and "Light" server dashboard theme for changes to
  22. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had this issue. I have set automatic backdrops, when at Home Page backdrop displays properly, after entering library it changes correctly but then after hitting 'back' arrow to Home Page it only displays grey background (I have dark theme). Does anyone have a solution for that? It can be with custom css i.e. to always, no matter what display a backdrop. Any ideas? Thx
  23. Tfs

    css add description

    Hi ! I would like to know if there is way in css to add a title in this part like for example "welcome" thanks you in advance
  24. I'm having a bit of trouble overriding some of your css due to the fact it's loading the branding/css.css before yours. Would it be possible to load it last? I have had success putting that kind of feature at the end of the <body> instead of in the <head>
  25. CarlosLima

    Changing the login screen

    Hi, you can use a CSS Code to chance the login screen, ie, the first, the second image ? I already have a large number of external users and see the need for change. If possible, I would also have an image right at the top of the login screen. It would be even better if it were possible to have an edit field 'messages' at the bottom of the screen, justifiably.
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