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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I'd like to see a button in MBC to bring up the movie synopsis. Since the new screen overrides the old Media Centre overlay, maybe we could repurpose the "info" button? Failnig that, maybe when pressing "play" or "pause", the synopsis/plot could be shown as well as the other info that is ther.
  2. Trying to use the option gear wheel button on android does nothing when I click on it while casting to chromecast. However it works when playing directly from the android phone. Because of the importance of this feature my only conclusion is this has to be a bug.
  3. Hello, I'm new to emby and very pleased to have found it. But on Android TV there is an issue when adding item to playlist. The buttons to validate the add or cancel are hidden. After test I know that add button is at left side. Nice to correct this. Thank you, Arsounet
  4. Yesterday I installed the latest official release 3.0.5970.0 and now the like button is gone from item views. Is this a known problem? I did a test with the latest dev release on my test system, and the same problem.
  5. The radio buttons in the filters/sorting menus aren't showing properly. Not completely sure about this, but if you guys use a CSS pre-processor/compiler/whatever it may not be converting this code into the right hex/rgb color code. First screenshot below show the filters menu open, with NAME and ASCENDING selected. Second is of the CSS code applied to div#onRadio
  6. I'm finding it very irritating when I want to skip chapters. If I have just resumed, or just ffwd/rwd, I have to wait until the osd fades away to press the right/left arrow. I very much appreciate the ability to now use CTRL+SHIFT+f and CTRL+SHIFT+b for ffwd and rwd, is there any way we can add maybe "f" and "b" as standard chapter skip buttons? Or some other combination of buttons?
  7. Okay so some of you might be aware or might not be aware of the fact that now when a movie collection is created a primary image and a thumb image is no longer auto-generated previewing all the titles in the collection. My request is simple add this back in but as an option under the "edit images" section of collections. Can simply be a button that once clicked auto generates a thumbnail and primary image of which you can then delete or keep. This way if you don't need/want the custom image made for that collection because you have a better image of your own you can use that image(s) instead.
  8. mpearon

    My Media Button Behavior

    Hello! I'm looking to change the behavior of the My Media buttons. For an example, when I click the Movies header I am redirected to .\moviesrecommended.html, but I would prefer that I be redirected to .\movies.html. Is there any way to adjust this via the Administrative Dashboard, CSS or HTML?
  9. I could be wrong, maybe it's just been moved, but I can't find the button to clear the auto-organize log anymore since the beta update. It's not a huge deal, I just like to keep things tidy
  10. Hi in my work we have a movie server to share movies with the employees, but we don´t see the movies at work, we copy the files to see at home. (movie and subtitle) so theres a way to create a open folder button on the movie list? Right now everytime i add a movie, i add the movie to ant movie catalog and with a site on php an mysql. I have to add manually every movie, and everytime i change a movie to a diffrent folder i have to change on the database the location. please please make a open folder button. sorry my english thanks
  11. Luke - will there be any changes coming that reduce the number of button presses that are required to simply play the next episode of a show? To play the next episode of any specific TV show (after highlighting the specific series) is... Three button presses with MBC (and chocolate): Enter into series Enter into next episode (due to next unplayed season/episode being automatically selected) Press play At least seven and possibly many more button presses with MBT: Enter into series Cursor right onto "Seasons" Cursor down to "Season 1" Cursor right (possibly more than once) to current season Cursor down (probably more than once) to next episode Enter into next episode Press play Or is there already a quicker way to access the next episode of a specific series?
  12. In cases where a music album has a large number of artists, as is sometimes the case with albums that fall into the category of Various Artists and/or multi-disc albums, it forces the text of the Overview metadata down to the point where it overlays the PLAY, REMOTE and EDIT buttons... Server Version 3.0.5099.2102 Button Display Problem.pdf
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