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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I bought the premium lifetime emby connection and it's working great! Would it be possible to add an additional functionality for the organization of the ebooks: Rather than displaying several titles of the same ebook, would it be possible to have them appear on the same item, and be able to select the version? For example : Ebook / Harry Potter Tome 1 / Harry Potter Tome 1 - Traduction Fr PDF Version Ebook / Harry Potter Tome 1 / Harry Potter Tome 1 - Traduction Fr Version epub Ebook / Harry Potter Tome 1 / Cover In this example, the two versions appear as two different ebooks, and the cover does not appear on either of the two ebooks. It would be interesting to only show "Harry Potter Volume 1", with the chosen Cover, and to be able to select the desired version. Thank you very much.
  2. Skyobliwind

    Book Libary (Naming/Sorting)

    I know about the naming convention article (https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159115-book-naming), but I'm still now sure how to name some magazines for example. Is it possible to collect all editions of magazine A in a Webfolder "Magazine A" as in the earbooks libary with the tracks? Books libary also supports earbooks? What's the difference to the earbooks libary? Regards Skyobliwind
  3. EduardoSantos

    Emby as a book repository

    I would like it very much to use Emby as the repository for my digital books. In fact I do but there seems to be so little progress on these features for so long that I am actively considering other options. - There's no way to actually read a book through Emby: just download it; - There's no search for author or even a means to show neither overview about them nor from the books Are there real plans to improve Emby as a book repository?
  4. I recently wanted to try to add the books library feature on emby but idk if it's just me but it's not working. I showed the file that it's there but It doesn't display it. How do I fix it ?
  5. When setting up the library, be sure to select Book as the content type: Files and formats in the corresponding directory: Supported formats in the knowledge base: Scanned books: I didn't find any buttons for me to play or watch the book. What should I do?
  6. Hi Could you please add add a db service like goodreads.com (they have and IPI) or something that could identify and download images and metadata for ebooks and audiobooks by name like movies and series? Thanks
  7. Hey I’m not sure if this is where im suppose to put this up there but \_(‘-‘_/ . So I have noticed that, although you can add books to Emby, there is no native way to read them or access them in general. So I used my graphic design skills and though of a simple UI you guys can use for it when you guys release this feature. So I based some of the designs on some apps that I have use or know, that are for reading books and brought them all together in this design, bring in some of my favorite features So the first image is how it would look when you go and open a book to read. So you have a pop in mini-menu, that goes away simply by tapping on the center and top on the top or bottom to make it apear again. On the top shows the progress of the book with page number, tile of the book along with the author, exit arrow, and the bookmark icon to add bookmarks. At the bottom you find arrows to turn the page, which if its a touchscreen device just sliding should work just as fine. And the circle, upon pressing it will show info on the book and author, your bookmarks, and similar books. Which in my mind looks like this You can see that bookmarks and chapters can be accessed through a drop-down menu and the reason it has the arrow on the top is that you just drag down to make it go away. And through some provider or manually add the information about author and book, just like in the movies ui. Here are both side by side If you have any questions or ideas for change feel free to ask and comment on things it can improve on. Hey I noticed that second photo had an error, so here is the correct image, it was missing the arrows of chapters and bookmark
  8. Catsrules


    What is the best way to add audiobooks into Emby? I have looked around and it sounds like the best way is to add them as a separate Music library and call it good. This sorta works however there is no resume support at all doing it this way and it also doesn't seem to want to play the next track. Has anyone come up with a better solution? And is there any play for implementing an audio book features?
  9. Iwe downloaded some books, and som of these are a collection of mp3's. Bookname_part001.mp3 Bookname_part002.mp3 Bookname_part003.mp3 How to get this only show up as one book - Bookname ?
  10. Hello! I am a brand new Emby user and I am really loving it! Consequently, I am also a bibliophile, and have hundreds of physical books. I would love to be able to catalog, tag, check out and otherwise manage my collection in Emby. I have seen some mentions of the MB Bookshelf plugin but it seems to be centered around eBooks, and it appears to have lost interest perhaps, with the last post about it over a year ago although I am still researching. My thought was to put feelers out there for a book cataloguing plugin I could write (I'm a developer by trade, mostly Java and C#), although I am not sure this is the correct forum for discussing such ideas. I am not sure if it would perhaps mean working with the aforementioned plugin or starting afresh. Ideally, there would be functionality within at least the iOS and Android apps to scan or manually enter ISBNs to put into Emby which would use sources such as LibraryThing, Library of Congress or Amazon. Maybe Goodreads could play a pivotal part as well. Since it already offers such functionality for the most part, perhaps a plugin could just integrate with those sites, essentially using them as a backend (API keys? OAuth?). I haven't thought this through thoroughly; this was just a high-level idea. But I would be interested in developing such a plugin, and essentially was just trying to gauge if anyone else would be as well. Lastly I am looking forward to contributing to Emby, although aside from general pages on how to contribute to Github projects, I haven't found much documentation on how to get started specifically with Emby contributions. The Markdown file for the "main" project is empty, and since anyone can create an issue, I haven't found any guidance as to which issues are OK to tackle, although I am assuming that if you want to, you just confirm that it is indeed a bug and fix it. I also am aware of the Feature Request forum, but since I'd be developing it I wasn't sure if that was the right place. I also found this page but it is over two years old: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/8049-available-projects/ Many thanks!
  11. I just started adding books to my library and I cannot seem to get it to work. It creates a folder, but when I go into that folder, nothing is there. I had a few questions I am hoping somebody can help me out with. Do you need the MB Bookshelf plugin to view books in the server? Is there a folder type that will display everything (Books, Videos, Audio and Pics)? I would like to add my nutrition classes to the server and they contain books, video, audio and some pics. I tried this in a book folder with no luck and do not see an option for a mixed folder. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have added a book folder with the new book plugin, and some of the folders contain books, some of the folders contain other folders, and some of the folders contain a mixture of both (books and folders with other books). Is it possible to support this type of folder structure?
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