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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, anyone can help me. When I play a video, there is no video, just a black screen with the sound of the video. There is a button which speak of black screen. But when I click on it, it does nothing...
  2. FordGT90Concept

    [Xbox One S] Black Screen

    I can't provide much details for this because I really don't have any. Emby Theater was working fine yesterday on my Xbox One S. I try it today, I quickly see the Emby splash screen, then it goes black. If I start something else and go back to Emby, black. If I restart the Xbox and go to Emby, black. HDHomeRun works and Edge works. I don't think its the Xbox at fault. I checked for updates and there aren't any.
  3. Logs were submitted from the SHIELD, user Lynn. It was tuned to one channel the whole time, first half hour was fine, program changed, and 20-25 minutes in (about an hour total runtime): 1) suddenly went black. 2) pop up asked if there was something wrong 3) user said "yes" 4) "too many errors" Server logs attached. error.zip
  4. monkeyslapper

    M3U tuner showing black screen

    Hi there. I am really new to IPTV and figuring this out. I have setup the proper link thru the m3u tuner. and setup the xmltv through the guide. Everything is populated. When i click on the channel to view I am getting Black screen. I have waited for about 2 min to see if it would load but nothing happens, I dont even see the the time or buttons at the bottom of the page. The only option I am able to do is hit the back arrow on the browser and press the refer page to get my emby back. I not sure how to read the logs Aug 28 logs. But i can posted. I was able to get it working once. So if you can point me in the right direction or possibly tell me if i am doing something wrong or is it the limitation of the IPTV site. I am able to get this working on KODI. I am also going to send the logs when it working Aug 26 logs about 10pm. Hopefully you can make sence of this. Thank you Monkeyslapper ffmpeg-directstream-5e92061f-0202-44ea-8e5b-072f24c058a2.txt ffmpeg-remux-f9c7e646-f049-4d07-ae5b-6ea98e82ca38.txt ffmpeg-transcode-2bf6cedb-e920-4252-a665-4ec649f1d639.txt record-transcode-7cbe44a4-a77c-4980-8183-2bf03c8dd211.txt record-transcode-49fa8c36-8bb2-4860-bd45-6f5fa199d494.txt server-63639532699.txt
  5. First off I would like to apologize for posting so much recently. Just seems like when I finally get everything working something big happens. I am not sure this is a Media Browser Classic issue but am posting here to see if someone else had the same issue so I can figure out how to fix it. I am running Media Browser Classic , latest version , sorry cannot get into the HTPC to get the version number. My HTPC is runnings Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, WMC , Media Browser classic, Gtx 780 Gpu, Last night I was in Media Browser Classic scrolling though my Movie media and everything froze up. Could not select anything . I then hit the home button on my HTPC which bought me to my desktop but I still could not select anything. The mouse was working. I then restarted the HTPC several times and I would get the welcome screen for a while then black screen with mouse. I did the restart several times , even in safe mode still cannot see or select anything. Just black screen with a mouse cursor. I do have a dedicated media server running WHS 2011 with Flexraid. Not sure how to proceed from here. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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