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Found 5 results

  1. so if im watching a tv series, SOMETIMES the video will end and then nothing happens. also, most of the time when i pause to go to the bathroom or something, when i come back and press play, thevideo works for a bit (i assume its playing from cache) but then it will freeze for a few seconds, turn black and not play again until i return to the previous page and refresh then select the video again this is the only thing weird i noticed in the embyserver.txt log 2019-07-12 18:13:58.939 Debug App: SessionInfoWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to [::ffff:]:51650 2019-07-12 18:13:58.939 Debug App: ScheduledTasksWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to [::ffff:]:51650 2019-07-12 18:13:58.941 Debug App: ActivityLogWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to [::ffff:]:51650 2019-07-12 18:13:58.941 Debug App: ActivityLogWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to [::ffff:]:51650 looks like its combining ipv6 anbd ipv4 address, even though ipv6 is disabled on my router(s) i have since disabled ipv6 on the linux server and will report back if that helped full embyserver : https://pastebin.com/yWDqZKkE hardwaredetection.txt : https://pastebin.com/9ZsVGAKd ffmpeg-transcode of video that failed to reach the end after a pause: https://pastebin.com/V7N8Wq8b ffmpeg-transcode of video that stopped when it should have autoplay'd : next time it happens ill pastebin possibly important info: os is installed on mdadm raid with ext4..... and theyre usb3.0 flash drives.... pls dont judge me media storage is a btrfs raid 0 between 3 drives 2 sata, one usb (not flash). opt is bind mount of .opt on media drive i use hd-idle to keep all drives alive for 2.5 hours before idling and problem occurs with or without usb drives included in hd-idle could be related to arch/manjaro, had the same setup on ubuntu without these problems PS: i wouldnt mind someone testing the server themselves, but dont be a dbag. bowtie-ent.com/emby will redirect you, test user is password free.
  2. olegeiser

    Autoplay on Roku?

    Hello.Newbie here. I have autoplay selected in Embry servers settings but on my Roku 3 using the Embry Roku app it will not play the next video in the folder. How do I get the autoplay to work like the internal Roku media player? Many thanks....
  3. Something new in the latest build... which is really, really annoying and I cannot find a setting to turn it off. When playing a TV show from the web UI, it's autplaying the next episode wether I want it to or not. I have been through every setting and menu both on the server and user and cannot find a way to turn it off... I don't like it, I don't want it. Also the legacy browsing issue within WMC classic is a huge pain... I actually like having a movies by genre in there... makes it easier to find specific types of films. But because of the non functioning 'collections' addition, and the unwanted 'Upcoming' addition under TV shows... neither of which can simply be turned off... I've had to turn of legacy browsing to get rid of those blights. The downside is that I also lose other things that I actually use and want... But it seems that I'm not allowed to 'choose' which I do and do not want... it's either nothing or 'you'll have what we tell you to have' Once again this is bad design, there needs to be some one in charge of the way the UI looks that understands what good design is, and sadly that doesn't seem to be the case. Here's another example of poor design Accessing the metadata before used to be quick and simple, now it's quick and simple only if you want to specifically change data OR images. here's what you used to do. Enter item or hover... click the menu dots, click edit... change metadata. If you forgot something, missed something... all you had to do was change it and save it once more... if you wanted to change images, you clicked the images tab and did what you needed to there... all done. Now it like this. Enter/Hover click menu dots select edit edit data save forget you need to change soemthing else repeat steps above change save remember you also need to change images repeat steps above It's gone from a couple of clicks to get at EVERYTHING to repeating the same multiple clicks over and over again to do the same things. The pop over UI shouldn't close until you want it too, and you should still be able to access images from it. Now I like the idea of the pop over, it should be quicker than the old way... but at the same time it's been made overly complicated instead. Which actually makes it more time consuming and harder to use. Another poor design choice comes further down the metadata info... Under People, it used to be very easy to see clear lines between cast and crew... Now as a personal thing, I don't want crew in there... it's just additional metadata to be collected that lacks information and images... and I don't care about the crew, I just like having cast and director.. So I delete the rest and lock of the metadata for people... after all that's why the feature is there. Now it's increasingly hard to determine which is which because the lines between types has been removed and the width of the information is so wide that it's kinda hit and miss if you are going to hit the right delete icon for the person you want. Adding back those seperation lines between typeswould be more than helpful.
  4. In Media Browser Classic - Windows - Classic Theme Is there a way that the next episode automatically starts in a series? Ie, press play on episode 1, and it then continues straight onto Episode 2, and so on. Also, is there a way to shuffle play a folder or video playlist? This is not so useful for TV series, but would be for a folder containing music videos. Pressing shuffle play would then automatically play a random video in that folder.
  5. Hi I used the feature "Treat Multiple Files As Single Movie" in MB2, but I can't find this feature in MB3. I use this feature for playing altogether the short episodes of kid's series i.e. Shaun the sheep. Unfortunately, I can't even use the multi-file feature (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser/wiki/Library-Structure) by renaming all the episodes to one name with "part1" suffix etc. as you write: Btw - "the additional parts will be made playable through a menu" ... how exactly can I switch to a second part? I didn;t find any way thanks Artur
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