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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guy’s Ok so iv set my partner up an account so she don’t mess up my watch stats etc, i set it so she can’t delete media ie no box’s are ticked. When I go onto her account I am able to delete media, I have checked and all box’s are Not ticked. I only have family and immediate family but I DO Not want people being able to delete any media from my server from there device. Any advise or tips would be much appreciated TIA l33
  2. Hello emby team, Thank you so much for an awesome product. I left Plex a few years ago and have never looked back again. My main clients until rather recently have been x2 Minix Android devices running Emby for Android TV. These have been playing all of my content (besides H264 High 10) without any need for transcoding of the video stream. However since I swapped them out for Apple TV units it seems that all of my media requires transcoding. My initial concern regarding this was my h265 content but unless I am reading the logs incorrectly it would seem that even h264 content is bei
  3. Senna

    Load timeout for modules:toast

    Oops. Something went wrong... Load timeout for modules:toast http://requirejs.org/docs/erros.html#timeout Event: Was playing and stopping a strm file Will provide logs by PM when it happens again.
  4. In "new and upcoming in Theaters", trailer wont play on first run attempt on Apple TV 4K. Second run plays fine of same trailer. Seems with every trailer same problem in this section. Trailer started with play button, without going into detailed screen. Strange thing to notice, when trailers 1st run is already done in Emby theater, same trailer plays on first run attempt on Apple TV, without needing a second run. Server log shows error report.
  5. dgm1960

    FLAC support in Apple TV 4K

    First off, you all have done a great job on Emby and in particular the tvOS app. I’m trying to transition from plex to emby but my only concern is FLAC files. I have all of my music in FLAC format and upconverted to 5.1 audio. These play very well in plex, but there is no sound at all in emby on Apple TV 4. I’m picking up an ATV 4K soon and am wondering if I will be able to play these files in emby when Apple adds FLAC support to the 4K. Thanks.
  6. When I compare ATV 4K and Emby theater/webapp concerning number of programs shown in each category, in the "Live TV programs" section: Emby Theater/ webapp: - All categorized programs are listed in "Live TV programs" section for that day in each and every category, like it should be. ATV 4K: - Only 20 categorized programs are listed in "Live TV Programs" section for each category for that day and those 20 gets repeated over and over in that category, instead of listing all available categorized programs for that category. This happens for each category. Edit: changed the word "ch
  7. Just started to use the trailers plugin on Emby server On my iPad (IOS11.0.3) trailers are working as it should, but on my Apple TV 4K (tvOS 11.1), trailers are not working and displays the following message: - "An error occurred loading this content." Does the server or app, needs an update, for the new profile of the Apple TV 4K with tvOS11.1 ? And is this problem somehow related to: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/52480-live-tv-not-working-apple-tv-4k-dvblink-plugin/ Attached 2 logs where my last actions on the Apple TV 4K were: - Pla
  8. Just started to use the DVBLink plugin on Emby server On my iPad (IOS11.0.3) Live TV is working as it should, so I got full EPG data for all of my DVBLink channels, can stream my DVBLink channels and my DVBLink recordings. But on my Apple TV 4K (tvOS 11.1), streaming of my DVBLink channels and my DVBLink recordings fails, with the following message: - "An error occurred loading this content." Full EPG data on the Apple TV 4K is present and I can also see all my channels and recordings. Does the server or app, needs an update, for the new profile of the App
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