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Found 13 results

  1. I've been having so many issues with my emby account regarding connectiivity and logging in. I have my emby connect set up and also a registered user and premium user but my apps (android and ipad) keep kicking me out of my session every now and then and also i can't log in thru the website to my account unless i do it thru the desktop app on my windows. It;'s super weird because i have my username and my email which i log in with on the desktop account and when i try using those same credentials, it tells me that there's an error and that the user information is not valid. Can someone help me here please?
  2. myjunkmalebox

    Volume issues.

    I have Emby setup on a Windows server 2016 box, emby was version 4.4 something but it recently updated to 4.5, both are showing the same issue. Recently videos have been playing with very low volume. On my TV I'm having to add 50 or more 'points' to the volume to get the same level of audio. On my phone the 'google home' app and emby app both report max volume. I'm seeing this with several different videos. I haven't found one that doesn't do it (checked 5 different). Unfortunately I don't play video in a browser enough to tell if browser playback is affected. I will say that chrome browser play back on my laptop with max volume in the player and in the OS is just ok. It doesn't seem loud, just comfortable listening level.
  3. I have created some playlists of music and downloaded them to my android phone for when I am not at home. When outside of the server"s network the music is there, but the playlist is not accessible. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks
  4. I have been using the finamp app for jellyfin and I think emby needs to create its own or even clone this as jellyfin comes from emby's code so should not be too hard I believe. The reason I am writing this is because emby needs a separate music app which me and others have been requesting for a long time and even though finamp is not complete it has been great for daily use compared to the full emby and jellyfin apps. Thanks
  5. francoisp

    Download vs Streaming

    Sorry if this question has been asked before. I'm looking at getting Première and I am trying to figure out how playing downloaded music versus streaming music works in relation to each other. By this I mean, if I downloaded a bunch of songs to my phone, will the emby app ever try to stream music that may not have been downloaded while playing a playlist or randomly playing a genre? I hope this question makes sense. I don't mind streaming on wifi but I want to avoid it on cellular.
  6. In Emby Web , when we navigate to Settings - Users : In Desktop Mode - we can click on the three dots at the bottom and option to Edit and Delete the user shows up Similarly in Mobile Mode - we can long press on the user to get the Edit and Delete Option This thing is not possible in the Android App , there are no three dots at the bottom , neither does long pressing on user does anything . Secondly While on the Home page in Emby Web , beside each of the libraries in My Media Section - In Desktop Mode - we can click on the three dots at the bottom and various options like play , shuffle , add to playlist , edit images etc show up Similarly in Mobile Mode - we can long press on the libraries below the My Media tab to get the very same options This thing again is not possible in the Android App , there are no three dots at the bottom , neither does long pressing on libraries do anything All this functionality missing on the Android App, those options are quite handy and must be ideally present in similar way in each client app ( android app in my instance ) Also these are just 2 places where i found this inconsistency in functionality , there might be more such cases , i hope this gets fixed Emby Android App v3.1.80
  7. I have quite a lot of shows that have ASS Subtitles in them. But the problem is that when I enable them my server immediately jumps to transcoding. Which sacrifice quite a lot of video quality. I have noticed that It does not do that in the mobile version.
  8. The default audio stream is flac, and it will be stuck at 0 seconds during playback. After forcibly forwarding, it will make an unknown huge noise. Switch to other audio tracks and then switch it back , then strangly it becomes normal as usual. Wonder why? Everything is normal with the old client which is not replaced with the core of exoplayer. I was wearing a Bluetooth headset and suddenly encountered that loud noise (more than the maximum volume, I don’t know why), and I felt as if deaf... I have tried multiple different videos on multiple devices, with latest version of Android app, as long as it has multiple audio tracks and the default audio track is flac, it performs oddly as above, and single audio track files are not affected.
  9. frane-rancic

    Autopause music

    Hi please add support to autopause music and video or if it is in setting where i can turn on. When i turn off my AirPods pro it wont stop it will still play content.
  10. sandmaneo

    Library Issues when syncing

    I am currently running the emby server and I have two Kodi devices: 1 New Firetv and Idroidnation box running 5.1 Lollipop. Both Kodi versions are 15.2 When Running the emby add-on on Firetv , everything worked fine.. The library for Kode shows movies and tv shows on the main Kodi screen.. The Idroidnation box, not so much... It show emby under the video tab and I have to pick it to show the movies, sorta like when you share on an uPnP share. I have cleared and re-installed the add-on a mess of times, same outcome... Is this suppose to work like this on the android version of Kodi?? I am new to Kodi, I used to have Dune devices with My Movies, but Dune died and I could not resist the Kodi Interface anymore... Love Kodi and this software... Just wish I could get it to work the same ... Any Help would be highly appreciated.. Sandmaneo
  11. breezytm

    Nexus Player vs AFTV

    Guys, Please help me make the right decision here. I saw the Nexus Emby client and I felt in love. I even broke up with my girlfriend. I told her I found the one. I even gave her that "It's not you It's Emby" speech. Now here comes my question. Which device do you guys think is best. I already own a FTV but a friend of mine wants to buy it if I want to get rid of it. I know the Fire TV app is coming soon but right now using Kodi and Emby Add-on on FTV with Arctic Zephyr skin is everything. Again, please help me make the right decision.
  12. Hello Guys, I didn't know where to place this so I placed it here. If it needs to be moved, please feel free to do so. Alright, Let me get to it. I just decided to get an XBOX as an extender to use with Windows Media Center and Media Browser Classic. As we all know XBOX does not play MKV files. All my files are MKVs. I would like to write a script or use an existing one with minor modification to mass convert all my movies and tv series from MKV to MP4. I am not sure what I do know about MKV to MP$ to be true so I am asking for some help. I have read several threads and everyone has their own take on this. This is what I know so far. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. MP4 must only contain AAC or AC3 tracks to be compatible with all devices. Converting MKV to MP4 is a resource hog and it is super slow. To speed the process MKV can just change the container to MP4 which is super fast. A lot of MKVs are encoded in H.264 which means the video part does not need to be re-encoded. It can just be copied to the new container. Also there will be no quality lost. Now if you have an MKV file with a DTS track, you may want to change the video container but remux the audio to AC3 or AAC. But AC3 requires the user to have a receiver. Otherwise, it will be force to be transcoded. AAC is the most common track. It will playback in all devices. Someone suggest to add an AAC track as well as AC3 to all MP4s to ensure that the file does not require transcoding ever. Also if someone has already done that, by all means, share the info. Edit: I would not have a chance to proof read so please ignore all grammar. I have to run to a meeting. Thanks,
  13. Hello, I would love to see an option added to select audio tracks and subtitles with the Andriod. I was shocked it was not on it by default
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