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Found 10 results

  1. The Kodi addons:Emby for Kodi could not be working properly! I install the addons:emby for kodi. But the plugin is not working properly. I find some errors from the kodi log.I hope someone helping me,thanks!
  2. Hello Guys! I need a help! I work on a kodi plugin project, the PseudoTV Addon. This project basically uses your library to make a fake cable tv. I need to solve a problem, all things played by my addon, change the watched status on Emby and kodi, but the correct way is to make the Emby ignore all things played in addon, like it is never watched. How I can make this? I can call some emby function in python script of my addon or kodi has a function to make this? I am using native path via SMB on kodi. thanks for help!
  3. Hope someone is able to help out on this one I might have missed some important information about changes to the config. since i am not able to find anywhere to add the user credentials for use with Direct Path in Kodi. My Embycon does still have the feature. and i could see if i assign the share everybody or guest permission everything works fine. I have tried to read the first 4 pages in the community and look through wikis and installations guides, that all point to the old 1.03 version that have credentials in the config. Do any know if this is caused by its still in Beta?
  4. Guest

    last.fm addon gone?

    I just did a reset of my whole system and reinstalled emby 3.0.5786 and recognized that the last.fm scrobbler plugin was completely gone from the catalog. I know that they pretty much messed up their API, but are there chances that scrobbling music from emby will come back anytime?
  5. Media Browser 3 Control for Unified Remote Firstly please be aware that I consider this very much a beta script and will do so until such time as MBT comes out of beta. I will however keep the scripts updated as MBT does so and provide more functionality as the MBT team gets around to mapping everything. So to start, what is Unified Remote? Unified Remote is an app that lets you control your entire Windows computer from your Android device. In short, it turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for all the programs on your computer. It is easily the most feature-filled PC remote available. With our app you can control a wide range of applications, including simple mouse and keyboard, media players, and other external hardware that can be connected to your computer. They also provide extensive capabilities to create custom remotes, which is what I have done for MB3. Now before we go any further you will need to purchase the full version of Unified Remote for your android or windows device to use custom remotes, they price is extremely reasonable at AUD$3.67 on the PlayStore and AUD$3.99 on the Windows Store, you won’t find a better remote for the price try the free version first and see what you think, although you will be unable to use this script with it, there are a few built in to try. (iOS version is in beta and not currently available for iCrap iStuff) You can find a full overview on their website here …..all good, how do I get started? Well firstly you need to download the Unified Remote Server here this needs to be installed on any PC or HTPC you wish to control. Once you have it installed run through the options, not much to do here, if on your HTPC I suggest you set it to ‘start on system start-up’ you can also click on the remotes tab and disable/enable any remotes you care to (feel free to disable that ugly cousin XBMC ) password encryption is also available. WARNING: Do NOT disable any of the Core.**** remotes or the Relmtech basic input remotes, they are action libraries required to work some functions. Once everything is configured, you can close the server window, since the application will continue to run in your system tray. IMPORTANT: make sure that Windows Firewall and/or other security software is not blocking the Unified Remote Server application nor ports (default 9512 TCP and UDP). It is recommend that you use Unified Remote on your local area network (LAN), otherwise you will need to open the ports on your router as well. Once you’re done there you need to install the actual remote to your device here for Android devices or here for Windows devices. Once the application is running, follow the in-app instructions. The dashboard offers quick access to all the main parts of the app. And you’re done. If you are just trying it out go ahead and play, if you grabbed the full version and are ready to install the Media Broswer 3 Remote, read on….. So you’ve made it this far, moving on…. By the way if you did fork out the four bucks for the app? Don’t forget about the guys who make MB3 for us and throw them a few as well, their beer fridge is empty after all these holidays. (in all seriousness though show them some love and keep MB going, donate, buy a plug-in or all of-the-above if you’re feeling giving) …now where was i? ahh the remote. As pointed out earlier this is still in early stages and will progress with MBT, not all buttons are currently working and some are but with some questionable methods lol I will list non-functioning and some minor issues shortly.This first release is also designed to give some function to WMC as well, this was necessary for me until LiveTV makes it to MBS then MBT. As you can see above I have tried to get as much in as possible without feeling crowded, the navigation area has been deliberately left clear to make it easier to avoid accidental touches. Layout was designed on a Samsung Galaxy SII which is a relatively small screen nowadays for android devices and it felt comfortable to use, I can only imagine it would be much better on a tablet or larger screen phones, unfortunately at the time of writing I do not have a tablet to test layout on, although I have a Galaxy Tab on it’s way, I also do not own a windows tablet or phone so feedback there would be nice, I will however try to get one from a friend for testing. NOTE: The full function remote scrolls if needed, the basic remote will fill to fit your device(s) screen. It has been thoroughly tested on my Galaxy SII and works like a charm, I do recommend setting Unified on your device to 'portrait lock' and 'full-screen' in options if similar in size to the SII. Remote using MBT/WMC was tested on a Desktop PC (Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC), Notebook (Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC) and a HTPC (Windows 7 Ultimate). Playback and Record Panel: Seriously, you want me to explain that? Lol Everything works as expected here, if you don’t know what to expect this is not the forum you are looking for, move along. (he says in his best Obi-wan voice) Navigation Panel: Really, again? Ok, left, no your other left, that’s it, right, no I meant right arrow doh! up and down, the round thing in the middle, press that when you get where you’re going, we’ll call it the butler, he’ll open the door for you. The Panel without a Name: I was going to call it porn, cos when you rub that little button on the right MBT gets bigger or you can use the one on the left and go back… (not finishing that!) The Panel of Many Colours: If it sang and had 2 big round buttons I would call it Dolly! The colours function as follows; Function Panel: Power Button will do a complete shutdown your pc Media Browser will launch Media Browser Theatre (if WMC is running it will end that process first) MBT can also be launched by pressing the menu button on your phone/tablet when the MB3 remote is open. A pop-up will show with ‘Launch’ above the usual ‘Share’ that is seen there in apps. (this method does not force WMC to close.) WMC will launch WMC directly to Live TV (if MBT is running, it will end that process first) Sort By opens the slide out panel for viewing by sort options (if applicable) pressing back hides it again. Screenshot will take a picture of the current screen and put it in > USERNAME/Pictures/Screenshots/screenshot(xx).jpg this is handy if needing to send an image to the MB3 team for trouble shooting or just grabbing that right pic from your favourite movie so you can use it as a backdrop. Access Panel: Keyboard opens the keyboard on your device Mouse changes your screen to touchpad mode, allowing you to control MBT via mouse in a similar manner to a notebook touchpad. Mic inputs basic commands via voice (basic functions have all been tested and working, it uses google voice so shows about the same accuracy) Quick Switch switches between MB3 and other Unified Remotes quickly (add these as you desire) Server selects the UR Server(PC or HTPC) you wish to connect your device to Get Media Browser 3 Control for Unified Remote here for x64or here for x86. The file is self-extracting and will need admin privileges as it extracts the scripts and custom icons to the unified install directory. Make sure the Unified Remote Server (URS) is installed prior to extracting these scripts. After the extraction process is complete, stop and start the URS or go to the remotes tab and click refresh. Your MB3 Remotes should then be listed on both your system and device. Rinse and repeat for each system running the URS. Current Release: beta r0.4 posted on 02/01/2014 Currently confirmed working with: MBT 3.0.5097.22952
  6. edd--

    kodi addon not updating / syncing

    Hi, since a few week I noticed my library is not syncing anymore: when new movies or episodes get added I have to perform a manual refresh to get the changes pushed through. I tried reinstalling after doing a library purge (erasing all emby addon settings) and also tried on a completely differnt system. Kodi is OSMC (latest build) Any help is appreciated !
  7. FingerlessGlovs

    [BUG] backslash network credentials.

    Hi, I've found a bug in the network credentials add wizard. If the username contains a \ because its authenticating against a domain. It doesn't work, I believe it's doing something with the \ I tried, good number of times reentering it. Reopened Kodi, still no luck. I fixed it but going in to the file manager. Adding a new Source, then when it asked for my SMB credentials I said to remember these credentials for this path. Used my domain\user and then I was able to use Kodi. I hope this can be fixed as I took a while for me to think of another way for Kodi to remember my credentials. Jonny Using Kodi 17.2 I would upload logs but using an Android TV box(Nvidea Shield), so not so easy to grab the logs off it. I'm guessing its converting the character to something else
  8. I have used Emby for quite a long time now and needed to access it remotely now. The setup is behind a Haproxy (reverse proxy) using SNI. The server itself can be reached from a web browser and even from the Emby, however am unable to connect to it via the Kodi addon. Port 8096 is hidden and is not directly accessed if not from the reverse proxy, however there I have port 443 which is being redirected to it. I have tried various settings although all to no avail. Even setting a client server certificate resulted in being unable to connect the addon to the Emby server itself. The URL being displayed in the error can be accessed though a Web Browser, tried from various networks and still managed to access it. So now am at a loss as to what the actual issue might be. Below is the debug log file: http://pastebin.com/SAugh3iJ Regards
  9. Gday Guys, I'm having trouble using the addon with Kodi set as Native (direct playback) in the emby plugin. I wanted to use video extras for kodi, however it doesn't support the default emby plugin setting and playback has to be set as Native. When the emby plugin is set to default, the files would play. However when I set to Native, whenever I select any file to play Kodi prompts with "This file is no longer available. Would you like to remove it from the library?" I've reset the local kodi database when switching and rebuilt several times with no joy. Kodi's running on an android box. Emby is running on a QNAP (all running fine). I can directly access and play files by browsing through kodi (videos/files/qnap/movie.ext). However when I try and go through the plugin (addon/emby/movie/movie.ext) I get the same, File no longer available. I've set path substitution on emby is /share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/ to \\Multimedia\ In Emby addon I initially setup as IP address as it suggested on startup. I also tried changing server to \\Multimedia\ as server name as well. However I got the same result with File no longer available, so went back to the IP address. With this not working, I returned to default plugin play and resync'ed however none of the files will play in that now either! It's returning back can't play next item in playlist. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Any suggestions?? Thanks Pete
  10. When I try to stream videos from my emby server (latest stable version) through kodi addon using http (didn't try through UNC paths), special characters appears with ? instead of the characters. Also that only happens with emby/emby addon/kodi, plex/plexbmc/kodi works fine with the same subs... Subtitles are Brazilian Portuguese. Is there any fix for that or only converting the subtitle to UTF-8 would solve it? I have a script that downloads the subtitles automatically, and I really wouldn't like to have this extra step of fixing subtitles after downloading them... Thanks Cassio EDIT: Please let me know if I should provide any log file
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