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Found 10 results

  1. I've been having so many issues with my emby account regarding connectiivity and logging in. I have my emby connect set up and also a registered user and premium user but my apps (android and ipad) keep kicking me out of my session every now and then and also i can't log in thru the website to my account unless i do it thru the desktop app on my windows. It;'s super weird because i have my username and my email which i log in with on the desktop account and when i try using those same credentials, it tells me that there's an error and that the user information is not valid. Can someone help me here please?
  2. Mujahid3121

    New Feature

    sir please add two main feature in emby app 1. first is please add expiry date to create a new account. admin can add expiry date to create a new user 2. second is please add admin create a new account can be used in one device one mac address but admin can change user can use account one device or more device please sir that is very important feature. please add these main feature in emby app. Thanks
  3. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to implement a new feature for Emby server to use existing system users for authentication to the server (similar idea to a RADIUS server). For example I am a Synology user and it would be much neater if I can control the user access to Emby from the Synology control panel (for example based on who has access to the Emby app, if the user is active etc.). Access to individual libraries can be determined if a user has access to a given folder or maybe even keep the current server configuration, but be able to assign default libraries visible for all users of a given user group or something like that. Basically have the same functionality as the Synology Video Station app. Why is this feature needed: Currently when I am adding a new user to the system I need to manually go into the Emby server settings and create a user with the same name, give him access to specific libraries and so on. It would be much easier if i can just create a user of a given user group and that user is automatically added to the Emby users and has access to specific Emby libraries.
  4. Guest

    Account verwijderen

    Graag zou ik mijn account willen verwijderen aangezien ik nooit gebruik heb gemaakt van Emby. Alvast bedankt.
  5. TempEmby

    Unable to reset Emby.media account

    I am unable to reset the password to my emby.media account. Further, my emby server stalls with the activity circle spinning and spinning when I click on "Profile". I found myself unable to login and the password reset email never arrives. I don't know if I misspelled my email address during account creation. It's doubtful but not impossible. user: sovereignman email: sovereignman@tutanota.com Please advise.
  6. Hi, i'm new to Emby and a friend wanted me to add me to his server. So i made an account, and waited for the confirmation mail. i waited and waited, eventually thinking it was my email's fault, then i changed my email and didn't get it there as well. Can you resend me the confirmation maybe?
  7. Would like to try out MediaBrowser server and compare to Plex Media Server, My requirement is that it should run in a non-admin user account,. On Plex I use an admin Account to install but run the service in a non-admin account I have not been able to see how i can make that distinction between install and run for MediaBrowser. From what I have read it appears the service needs to run in an admin account. I did search the forum and read a number of topics and have not been able to find one that showed I could achieve what I want to do Thanks
  8. I am having a major issue with the Fire TV Stick (It's also happening on the Nexus Player app). I recently added my sister as a guest account to my server, but on her Fire TV Stick, whenever she chooses "Login with Connect" after entering the pin on her computer using HER USERNAME AND PASSWORD, she is given the "choose a user" screen on the app. The major issue here is even though she used the pin with HER account, she is unable to launch the app using her account. It always gives the "Invalid Username or Password" error. She CAN however, click on MY username (the admin account) and the app works perfectly. This is a major issue, as I'd like to add more guests, but absolutely can't if they all have immediate access to my admin account, and not their own when using a Set top box. The app works perfectly under her account for Android, as well as the web client, but there definitely are some wires crossed when it comes to the pin sign on for the box apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. fingermouse_irl

    Unable to invite guest account

    Hi guys, New Emby user here. I apologise in advance if this isn't the correct forum to post this issue in. I'm using a Mac as my server. I can connect without problem on my local network and while on 4G through Android. I'm having problems with the Guest Account feature. I set up a new Emby account for a family member earlier, and had them confirm their registration. I've tried numerous times to add them as a guest, but nothing happens when I click the 'Send Invitation' button. I've tried this in a few browsers, and both on my Mac and from my phone. Anyone have any idea what might be going wrong for me? Thanks
  10. Hi, I have an Emby account with the email address: vp1712@gmail.com However, I am unable to link this account with my Emby server installed on my Windows machine. When I try to do that, I get a message that this account has been disabled. I would like to request Administrator to activate my account. Thanks.
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