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Found 3 results

  1. Hope somebody can help with this, as its driving me nuts. My internet is supplied through a 4G router, which I have an unraid server running Emby in a Docker behind. Everything works as it should on the LAN but the WAN is a different story, so I couldn't connect to Emby out and about. This turned out to be the ISP using CGNAT on the connection which I understand, so to get round this I have setup a VPN Docker, and run Emby through this docker connection. Im using Windscribe for the VPN connection, using a Static IP Address and port forwarding. Now here comes the fun part and I just cant figure it out......... If I try to open Emby in another location, which is using a standard broadband connection, then Emby fails to load properly, if at all. If it does present the login screen, and I enter my credentials, it then just sits at the login screen and never logins in. Emby shows that it has a connection through the Dashboard, but never actually completes the login...... And now for the strange part, bearing in mind Emby is using a VPN connection through an app in unraid. If I try the same server connection details using a mobile phone and a 4G connection, it all works exactly as it should, switch back a computer using a standard broadband connection, and it again fails to load Emby. As to why it works using a 4G connection whilst away from home, but fails to work using standard broadband I am at a loss...... Anyone have any ideas???? The only thing that correlates, is that my home router is a 4G router, and emby works using a 4G mobile phone whilst away from home, but this doesn't make sense, as if Emby works through the VPN using 4G, then surely it should work using standard broadband Update: After a bit more digging, if I connect a laptop to my personal hotspot on my mobile phone, everything works as it should. I know this is a 4G connection again, but it proves that the app on my android phone and web access do work, just over 4G not standard broadband
  2. Hola, soy nuevo con emby por que el plex no deja conectar el smart tv sin Internet , bueno la cosa es que estoy probando emby y me gusto bastante pero me encontré con un problema mi celular cuando se conecta a la wifi que la tengo sin Internet, el celular automáticamente se conecta al 4G pero no conecta al servidor, pero si bajo el 4G de mi celular puedo conectarme fácilmente al servidor alguien sabe si se puede solucionar. Por que lo tengo sin Internet mi wifi es que donde vivo solo llega señal 4G y lo tenemos contratados en los celulares y estar configurando el router a cada rato con Internet con los celulares que tienen los planes es una lata eso gracias
  3. with version 2.9.82 (and newer) (latest version I have tried is now 2.9.90) All media playback is inoperable for me...when used over 4G data connection. (and before u ask, yes, there is good signal and good speed (tested 54megs down, 3 up). Carrier Sprint. (My plan is "Unlimited" -1080P video streaming, Gaming streams at up to 8mbps, Music at up to 1.5mbps)and all other video streaming apps stream fine. You play a video, local file on server or live TV, it starts to load, phone makes notification sound alert, the stream starts to play, and it makes a second notification sound again. (my Pebble watch even triggers 2x for the notifications) (note: notification thing fixed in a newer release of the app) However, the stream instantly freezes, as if it is trying to buffer. It plays for a sec or 2, then freezes again. It never plays for more than 3 secs. Even after about 5 min of letting it sit. Changing from Auto quality (where it wants to Direct Play) to 480p or 720p 1mbps manual selection seems to work. It will play, but not reliably. This also is forcing a transcode and is thus lower quality than Direct Play. When I connect to my home wifi, the app works fine. NO streaming issues. Direct Play, 1080p. Switch back to 4G, issues occur. When I remove this version of app, and re-install the version i had before 2.9.76 (i saved the .apk), there is NO issues streaming over 4G. (even in the locations which have weak 4G speed). Direct Play, full 1080p playback...all work fine and load very fast and can seek fast. I have updated app and reverted app a few times now, each time its consistent result. So, "Revamp media playback" as listed in the change log for the app, may have done something that is causing issues for video streaming over data connection. 2 log files from the app are now attached. I deleted all previous log files. This is loading up the app and starting playback of local vid. letting it try to play for a min or 2, the close app. 281c6dcf-2afa-4b2f-8893-65b566b8a704.log 1696a7b9-b39c-411a-81b2-9682d2143b88.log Log server.txt
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