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Found 2 results

  1. Kind of a weird one, friend watching my NAS said videos were all stuttering since I updated to DSM7.0.1/Emby4.6.7. So I launched in Chrome and it seemed fine but it was transcoding h.265 to h.264, not ideal. So I loaded up Edge as I own the Microsoft HEVC extensions and it played but with horrendous stuttering. Emby server reported Chrome Emby Web using DirectPlay. The file was a 9GB MKV using 2160p H.265 identified by Emby as 4K HEVC playing across the LAN (1Gbe) from a Synology DS918+ (x64 processor). Happy to perform any troubleshooting you may desire to understand the issue. 30+ years in IT and at least half that supporting Windows desktop envs. Remote access available for testing as needed.
  2. embyuserliam

    Unable to scan music videos to library

    I am seeking a single explanation for how to add music videos to Emby. I have looked through the knowledge base and the forum but found conflicting advice. I am running Emby server on Debian. I have working movie, tv and music libraries. I'm trying to add a music video library The KB does not have a dedicated page for music videos, but references them on two pages, 'Movie Naming' and 'Music Naming'. https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159102-movie-naming Movie Naming simply lists music videos as a type of media that follow the naming scheme for movies. This is a little confusing since dates and titles aren't sufficient for MVs like they are for movies, but I tried it anyway. https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159113-music-naming Music Naming has a section on Music Videos, which says 'The naming conventions for music videos are identical to movies.'. I assume by this it means that I can name them as 'title.extension', 'title (YYYY).extension', or 'title (YYYY)/title (YYYY).extension', in increasing preference. Then it says that I won't get any metadata from this (?) and will have to open metadata manager and add artist and album myself. Finally it says naming must match naming from imvdb.com. Is this true? I didn't see any reference to this metadata source when adding the library. After adding a library of type Music Videos with scanning enabled and metadata provider set, I don't see any music videos in it, only 'no items found'. I can see them by clicking folder view, but there's no metadata associated (and music videos don't seem to have an 'identify' button). I tried several naming schemes (reference one video name but I have a whole collection): Music Videos/The White Stripes - Fell In Love With a Girl.mpg Music Videos/The White Stripes - Fell In Love With a Girl (2002).mpg Music Videos/The White Stripes - Fell In Love With a Girl (2002)/The White Stripes - Fell In Love With a Girl (2002).mpg Music Videos/Fell In Love With a Girl (2002)/Fell In Love With a Girl (2002).mpg Music Videos/The White Stripes/Fell In Love With a Girl (2002).mpg Music Videos/The White Stripes/Fell In Love With a Girl.mpg All of these had the same result with no entries in the normal view, only in the folder view. I originally was using format 1 but I think if possible I'd prefer format 5 or 6 (artist dirs). This wouldn't be matching movie naming though, which requires contents in a dir to start with the dirname. I did find examples of people with this naming scheme here on the forum, however. Assuming this might be intended behavior I tried to manually add additional information. Navigating to metadata manager and selecting a music video, I get the same sort of fields as for other content like movies - title, sort title, date added, community rating, tagline, overview, release date, year, parental rating, etc. No artist field or album field. Thanks in advance for any assistance, and generally I enjoy using Emby and am willing to accept tradeoffs and unfinished areas because of the high quality in the areas that matter to me (esp. metadata management).
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