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  1. On a fresh install of Emby Server on Windows 10 I'm unable to access my test media library via DLNA. WIth an iPhone (iOS 11.4.1) none of the apps I've tried that claim to support DLNA detect an Emby DLNA stream (Glider, Nplayer, 8player). Invoking refresh a billion times on the apps hasn't helped. Likewise on an Android tablet running BubbleUpnP. These apps/devices do see and access files on another DLNA server on the network. In Emby Server I have checked "Enable Dlna server" and "Blast alive messages," and I've tried knocking the Alive message interval way down to make sure blasting happens during my refresh attempts. I've restarted the server. Port 1900 is open. Emby otherwise works (I think). I can access the test library from the iPhone via Chrome at the server URL* The Emby app looks ok but I'd like the flexibility to use alternative apps via DLNA and I hope to use a receiver I have that has decent DLNA support as well. I can't find any basic guide to using DLNA with Emby--has anyone written one? The wiki shows "coming soon" in the DLNA section, but is there a 1-2-3 somewhere else that I'm missing? Log file attached. -Steve *Off topic, but just in case there's a quick fix: AAC files won't play via iPhone browsers (Chrome or Safari). I get a "Playback Error -- No compatible streams..." message on the phone. The Emby iPhone app seems to play the AAC streams but I haven't paid for it yet. Vorbis and mp3 files do play. Any suggestions for browser playback of AAC? Emby server log sc 2018-08-11.txt
  2. I have an Ubuntu server, libreelec media player and a windows media player. Data is stored on a synology NAS. libreelec (standalone KODI) doesn't allow me to setup a mount point identical to the Ubuntu server so I use the shared folder option in order to direct play from the Synology NAS using the mount point I define on the libreelec. All works fine. From time to time I also use an old windows box to preview movies before I play them on my main system using a copy of Kodi. There is no nfs mount point equivalent in Windows that looks like a linux mount point (afaik). The first time I tried the windows Kodi recently I realized that is was working. I checked the Emby dashboard and it indicated that playback was direct play. Which is how the emby addon is configured. ?How is this working? Obviously this isn't an emergency but knowing how it works may clarify my understanding. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, Is there a way to randomly play music from your Music media library in the Windows Emby Theater app? I man to randomly play a track/song from any album, then play another track/song from a different album (random), etc. Thanks! James
  4. I have Emby running on a Windows server 2016 in a data center. I am always connecting to the external port with ssl enabled. After streaming for some time on any given day the external port within Emby closes and I cant access the server remotely. I have to RDP into the server and restart Emby to get the port to open again. When I RDP in I can see Emby on the LAN port. Windows firewall has the external port open and the network firewall has the port open. I know its somewhere in Emby that has the problem. I used to use the auto restart plugin to restart Emby server every 24 hours but now that that is gone i have to do it manually. Does anyone have any recommendations to a good fix for this problem in the current version of Emby?
  5. Hi, I would like the Latest TV logic to be improved to only show tv series which are continuing, not ended. To vote for this, please like this post.
  6. Hi.. I've reset my Kodi database after rebuilding my server but I can't get the sync job to finish Using Kodi 17.6 Please help - thanks in advance kodi.log
  7. Hi, With the progression of Emby I am surprised there is still no function to set a TV series as currently being watched/followed. This is a much needed function. This would also tie in with the watched function, so only unwatched items from series currently being watched would appear in Next Up. To vote for this feature, please like/upvote this post.
  8. Hi, Emby Server needs to stop creating metadata, cache, transcoding-temp directories automatically. I have my server paths set to:- Emby data: /srv/.config/emby cache: /media/cache metadata: /media/metadata transcoding-temp: /media/tmp With Emby's current control, the directories end up being:- cache: /media/cache/cache metadata: /media/metadata/metadata transcoding-temp: /media/tmp/transcoding-temp Ideal outcome:- cache: /media/cache metadata: /media/metadata transcoding-temp: /media/tmp/transcoding
  9. I've always run my MB Server on a Windows 7/8 machine and had a separate unRAID NAS for my media. I would like to build a setup for my parents in a single box that they would be able to move from their summer cottage to their winter condo. I'm wondering what the best way would be to do this, specifically with the OS. The hardware I had priced out was this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fzBgzy Obviously that SanDisk and unRAID can be knocked off the bottom. What would you guys recommend for what I'm trying to do here? What reliable/low-maint OS for the storage pool (expandable to the hardware capacity of 8 drives) and MB? I intend to use primarily Roku boxes attached to any TVs at both locations which would be controlled by Windows/Apple Tablets/Phones.
  10. Hi My server is on version The dashboard indicates that 3.4.1 is available and a restart will complete the update. The server doesn't restart to complete the update. Recent activity tells me that the update has taken place and that a restart will complete it however due to the server never restarting it repeats the update all the time resulting in the server going offline all the time. I've attached the logs. Please advise Thanks Jason Log1.txt Log2.txt
  11. ddluzelle

    Emby Server Windows

    Hi Emby, I'd like to ask for your help. We're not able to update Emby Server hosted to our Windows Server. We're not able to update emby server which is hosted in our Windows Server. Even if we have downloaded the latest version and was advised to restart after, still the update failed. What are the other steps we can do to update our Emby Server? Thanks.
  12. Good afternoon! Yesterday I tried to setup my very first media server, with Emby! I think i have setup everything right now but unfortunately the quality on my android mobile phone and tablet aren't good. I have set this on auto. Can somebody help me with this? Some info about the movie file: Container: mkv Bitrate: 2,7 Mbps Video codec H264 High Video bitrate: 2,7 Mbps Audio codec: AAC HE-AAC Audio bitrate: 320 Kbps Audio channels: 6 Audio Sample ratte: 48000 Hz This is the Emby streaming video quality: This is the local quality: I just checked my internet speed, this is: 36 ping 180 Mbps downloading 18 Mbps uploading Does anybody know how i can fix this? log 06-05.txt Log Planet earth.txt
  13. hugo0814

    Connection issue

    Hey, I'm having some issues with my Emby Server. My one problem so far is that I cant connect to it using another device. I've tried your'e network troubleshooting guide and port forwaded inside the firewall. I have checked if there is any instance in the firewall that blocks it somehow. My local IP seems very strange... here is a picture of it. https://imgur.com/a/En3Q8 Please help me solve this issue. Regards Hugo
  14. Hoi! Ik heb zojuist na veel problemen met Plex Emby geïnstalleerd. 't Is voor mij een beetje een doolhof, maar de server draait op Windows 10/64-bit en het is de bedoeling succesvol te streamen naar m'n Playstation 3/TV. Heb zojuist de libraries toegevoegd en deze is nog bezig met het verwerken e.d. maar ik vroeg mij af... De meta-data die verzameld wordt om oa thumbnails en episode/movie titels te weergeven klopte net totáál niet. De filename op m'n HDD is 01.mkv 02.mkv etc. en de titel in Emby werd ineens iets dat lijkt op Summer2004 o.i.d met een afbeelding die totáál niets met de serie te maken had. Is dit te omzeilen of beter te verwerken? Heb net de libraries opnieuw toegevoegd en het verzamelen van meta-data uitgezet, maar 't zou wel leuk zijn als ik een library kan hebben die klopt op basis van thumbnail, titel vd aflevering e.d. Heb zoals boven aangegeven simpel de server draaiend op mijn eigen Windows 10/64-bit systeem, een intel i7 met 10GB RAM + 250GB SSD (en een tal andere schijven uiteraard) Alvast hartelijk dank!
  15. LIMABravo253

    Setting UP External Connection

    Hey, I have read most of the posts on the forum and i am still really struggling with setting up external connection and SSL. Now I have bought a domain through namecheap.com and have been following the guide Setting up SSL for Emby (WIP) by Swynol Now i have followed every step but I cant seem to get it to work. now I am not that technically gifted but know my way around a computer. Please could some help even further or dumb the process a bit even though its dumbed down already. I struggle with ssl free as it never finds my txt line to verify my domain. So any help would be greatfully appreciated Setting up SSL for Emby (WIP)
  16. hi there, is it possible that Emby start up a NAS over Wake on Lan if a HTPC want to watch a file with DirectPath? The Emby Server is running 24/7, HTPC and NAS only at useage. i hope you can give me an answer about the possibility of this. MfG Benny Edit: In addition to the WakeUp over HTPC, is it possible to WakeUp the NAS over Emby by an Emby own Task (Clean Task, Search Task, .....) ?
  17. Hi, Before anything else I simply must thank you for your otherwise excellent product: I really like Emby and have been using it for over a year now. It's pretty, easy to use and the cross-platform apps are superb. Thank you very much. So, I'm having a problem playing back media. Whether TV shows, movies etc. doesn't matter. They play fine: in the browser, using my Apple TV (4th gen) or the iOS app (iPhone). The catch though is the scrubber doesn't display relative to the length of the media itself, only relative to the amount it has buffered. For example, if 'Dick Spanner: The Case of the Human Cannonball' is 50-ish minutes long then the scrubber will initially show 30-40 seconds total length. Then more will buffer and the total length will go up. In order to skip 20 minutes into the media file, I need to wait for 20 minutes worth of media to buffer before the scrubber will let me go that far. Here's a screenshot of an episode of Father Ted to illustrate: It's only about 5 seconds in, but the scrubber makes it look like we're 2/3 of the way through the episode. It also seems that the media files don't buffer beyond a certain amount- about 5 minutes or so ahead (which makes good sense, saves on bandwidth) but that means I can only skip ahead 5 minutes or so each time. I'd like to be able to start a movie, stop watching it halfway through and then restart it later and scrub to where I left off. I often access the Emby server remotely and, due to remote access problems, it's not uncommon for movies to cut-off or have to be restarted. In those cases Emby isn't necessarily aware of where they left off (so no 'Resume' option) and I must scrub to the correct point manually. Now Emby didn't do this until recently, ie in the last week or so, so I can only imagine its either something I've done to our network (quite possible!) or some setting that I've flipped accidentally. Has anyone seen this? If so, do you know how I might correct it? It's trivial... but surprisingly frustrating! I've attached my Emby server logs (there's only one user in the system). -- Set up details: * Emby is running on a Windows Server 2016 box accessing media from an NFS share over a 10/100 CAT7 ethernet connection. * NFS share is CentOS 7 with a 7 disk (1 spare) RAID6 array. I changed to this from SAMBA a little while ago due to poor performance. * Client devices access either over WiFi or remotely through reverse-proxy. * Emby runs as a standard non-privileged user using the Emby Portable image. * All was going fine until about 10 days ago * Scrubber issue happens on all clients, remote and local. * I've tested (over WiFi) mounting the NFS share as a drive and dragging-n-dropping a file into VLC, which seems to stream it happily with the scrubber adjusted correctly. * NFS share has a network throughput of about 10 meg a second, so can download 1GB in about 1-2 mins The biggest change I've made was 2 weeks ago which involved changing from installing as a service to installing the portable edition- running as a service was difficult when trying to mount network shares, it involves granting the service 'logon as user' rights and all sorts. -- My apologies for the complexity and I hope you might be able to recommend what I'm doing wrong any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your superb product. logs.zip
  18. I'm on Server Version on Windows 10. I don't know when this changed, but previously (I believe) Emby Server would recognize a VIDEO_TS folder in the Extras folder in the following directory format: Dark City (1998)\Extras\Gallery and Metropolis Comparison (Text)\VIDEO_TS And then Emby Theater would present that item "Gallery and Metropolis Comparison (Text)" in the lists of Extras, where it could be played via the External Player I have configured (in my case, VLC). The reason I do this is that sometimes there are extras such as image galleries and text content which are only available via the DVD menu. So I copy only the files within the original VIDEO_TS folder which are necessary for the DVD-menu-only extras I want and put those in a folder like the above example. Currently these folders are no longer being recognized and displayed for Movies, though it does still work for folders with the TV "Special" season folder. It is also possible that I am not remembering correctly and that it actually never worked for Movie the Extras folder and has only ever worked for TV Special folder. I don't think that is the case though -- I think it worked for the Movie Extras folder at some point in the past, as I normally test these things when I am converting a movie. I understand this is an edge case which might not effect many users, but figured it wouldn't hurt to mention it in case it is something that can be easily fixed. If folks have suggestions for how to achieve my above goals using a different route I'm open to that. Thanks!
  19. LouisMylle

    PHP functionality?

    Hello! I wan't to add some features integrating my other servers in Emby but it seems like the webserver powering Emby is not able to interpret any PHP code. Is it possible that I can tweak the Emby server a bit so it's able to interpreter PHP? Regards, Louis Mylle
  20. I have an Emby Theater client running on Windows 10. I am using the Emby client for Android as a remote control. Video playback works, but the video position control on the Android app is broken: Videos begin at a position of 0:00 (so far, so good) Video length is incorrectly reported as --:-- The video position does not change as the video is playing When I try to change the video position using the slider, the video starts over ------------------------------- EDIT: I am running Emby server version Here is a server log file generated during playback where I used the control. (I'm not sure how helpful this is?).
  21. If you like me are running Emby Server on a Windows computer you know that it sometimes fails... if you like me sit in front of the TV with just a remote in your hand and want to watch your favorite show and Emby have failed, and in 99,9% of the time all you need to do is start it again you get somewhat annoyed. You can probably handle this a thousand ways but I wrote a small powershell script that checks if the website is responding, if it isn't stops the emby processes and starts them up again. I run this as a scheduled task and it have kept my Emby more up and running than before. I have tested this on a Windows 10 computer, I have no idea if this runs at all on any other version of Windows. I would guess that it does but you probably have to update Windows Powershell to use it. How to use it. Create a .ps1 textfile (Like C:\MyScripts\Emby-Monitor.ps1) with this content: $embywebsite = "http://localhost:8096" try{ $x=Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $embywebsite -ea stop -TimeoutSec 5 } catch{ Write-EventLog -EntryType Error -LogName Application -Source “Emby-Monitor” -EventId 8096 -Message "Emby Website is DOWN - Shutdown and Startup again" Stop-Process -Name *Emby* -Force Start-Process $env:APPDATA\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.exe } You need to run the below command as an administrator once, this is to create the source for eventlog If you do not do this monitoring will still work but it wont write anything in the eventlog New-EventLog –LogName Application –Source “Emby-Monitor” Create a scheduled task that runs the scipt how ever often you like as the logged on user To test it simply exit Emby (taskbar icon, right click and exit) and run the scheduled task and Emby should start up again.
  22. I have a very consistent late-recording issue that I believe started with the latest release of the server for windows 10; news recordings consistently start recording approximately 2 minutes into the program; as a work around I've added a two minute pad and that has worked to start recordings at the assigned time..not sure if this is occurring with movies but my guess is that it is.. Don't know what logs to attach so please advise what else I can supply for diagnostics..My rig: HDHomeRun Prime, Win 10 Intel NUC for server recording to local SSD USB 3.0 device; Apple routers and ethernet connections thru out
  23. Are there alternative skins for Emby Server? I am migrating my video player from Kodi to Emby Server and would like to know other skins besides standard skin.
  24. CarlosLima

    Audio on Emby Server

    Only now I noticed that the Emby Server has no fields for audio settings. That's right, it's not possible to configure the audio, since I started to use Emby Server not only to share the collections, but as a local media player.
  25. Hi, Where can I see the audio and video formats not yet supported by Emby Server? I have in the collections several formats and some are not reproduced. Thank you
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