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  1. BonanzaGroove

    Forced and messed up subtitles

    Hi there, I want to report about a playback issue. I will be using the suggested format for my bug report. Media Playback Issues Please create a topic in the community.See this very topic. Describe the problem in your own words, including what you're trying to accomplish, and where you're getting stuck. Make sure to indicate which Emby App you're using. If you're using a browser, then please indicate what browser you're using.With a fresh install of the Emby Server on a Windows 10 laptop, serving a LG Smart TV webOS app through Ethernet links relayed through a local same-subnet router
  2. ShoutingMan

    4K UHD playback on an HD system?

    I now have my a UHD video (from the one UHD 4K disc I own) and also the HD version. Impressively, Emby Theater on Windows 10 plays the UHD video pretty well. Audio and Video in my brief check played without stuttering or losing sync. That's cool and unexpected for me. But I noticed on a scene with large white region (the Hockey rink in Deadpool, about 1:02:00 (hh:mm:ss) in) there was large macro-blocking visible. It's not there in the HD version, so it's from the on-the-fly conversion of 4K down to HD. What, if anything, can I tweak in Emby Theater or Server to get better playback of 4
  3. StLDreiling

    Xbox One Creators Update issues?

    ​The Creators Update went out to consoles today, as well as an update to the Emby Theater app on Xbox One and Emby Server 3.9.2 beta, and ever since I can't sustain playback within the app on the Xbox. Browsing works normally, and playback starts as expected, but will only last appx. 1 minute. No one attempted playback on the console (I believe) from when I updated Emby Server around 9:30 am until 1:56 pm (after both the console and Xbox app were updated), so I can't be sure that it's not a server issue (though I sincerely doubt it, since other clients - including Emby Theater UWP on a Windows
  4. Hello, For a few weeks we cannot use Emby Theater on Windows 10 due to high memory use and high network traffic. The system works well using Microsoft Edge. I attached two screen captures playing the same file on the same system for reference (Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Core i5, 4GB RAM).
  5. So I've done a complete uninstal and reinstall of both the Emby Server and Roku Emby Apps. I sent in the Roku Emby Beta App around 5:37pm Pacific and the Roku Emby App around 5:42 pm Pacific. I am attaching my server file. The file I was trying to play for the Emby Beta is "Little Nicky" The file I was trying to play for Emby is "Anger Management" the User name is "Eric" I can see from the Emby Server log that it couldn't access the file because of an System IO, but I have no idea what the Roku responded with as I don't have access to that log. Hope these help. server
  6. gunneric

    Emby App loading but not playing

    Hello all, I hope that someone can be of help here. I recently added a few gigs of content to my Movie and TV Show folders on my external hard drive, yes the files are in .MP4 or .MKV file format, but I cannot play anything now, not tv or movies new or old. I can see them, just when I go to play them using the Roku App, I either get the spinning wheel or the load bar, then the tv screen goes blank from inactivity. The play fine on the computer that is the server, they play fine using the Roku Media Player App, but not using the Emby App, which is the one with all the functionality th
  7. Hi, Running Windows 10, and just downloaded the latest stable release of Emby. Ordered Permium key, and all went fine. Was updating library, suddenly noticed Emby missing in notification area[system tray]. then I can't find it at all. Tried running installer again, keeps saying `Can't be installed, Contact application vendor`. PLATFORM VERSION INFO Windows : 10.0.15063.0 (Win32NT) Common Language Runtime : 4.0.30319.42000 System.Deployment.dll : 4.7.2046.0 built by: NET47REL1 clr.dll : 4.7.2115.0 built by: NET47REL1LAST dfdll.dll : 4.7.2046.0 built by: NET47REL1
  8. CarlosLima

    Issue with new version

    Hello, until yesterday was everything normal with my last Emby Server stable version and today, very early, when connecting the server, the Emby Server comes in and falls in 1 minute. I have researched both the Emby Server and the pc and the problem persists. It comes in and falls all the time and that has been repeated for more than 10 times today. I use Windows 10 64 Pro. server-63641510355.txt
  9. Just an FYI. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows10upgrade?tduid=(14c348e893a91089cb2980533c6ee123)(256380)(2459594)(TnL5HPStwNw-0FBZfNm6YPFXNhiu3o52rA)() I managed to get all my computers updated before the end of the free update - Except the WMC machine. So this was great for me thought I would pass it on.
  10. Hello everyone. Starting about a week ago any movie I Direct play on my windows 10 Machine through the Emby Theater Application runs the Ram usage so high that the movie pauses and the computer becomes useless. It only has 4 Gig of Ram, but does Emby really require that? I have tested 1080P no CC, 720P no CC, and 480P no cc. I have also tested all 3 with 5.1 DTS, 5.1 AAC, 5.1 AC3. I have verified that it is Direct Stream and it's not Transcoding anything. The same movies work fine through WMP when access over DLNA. They also work fine on my Android tablet, Roku, and AndroidTv Emby Application.
  11. Hey everyone. Just looking for expertise from other out there. Until now I have been using an old iphone and Hipporemote as a remote control for using Emby (theater and classic) and Kodi. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 10 on a couple computers, and the iphone is getting older (starting to notice battery is swelling and not holding charge very long). I was looking to get a more standard home theater remote control and was wondering about what is a good choice. I know that I can probably use a logitech harmony, but I was curious if there were cheaper alternatives (don't need all the bell
  12. Hello all, need some help... I have had my HTPC running windows 7 for a long time now and use it dedicated for Emby movie playback. I really love the kaleidescape type experience on my big projector screen and I don't want to lose it :-) I don't want TV, games, or music, just the big theater experience so I use WMC and love the fact I get four rows of movie covers across my screen and can use MPC-HC with MadVR to scale my DVD's to BD PQ as an external player. So here is my big problem, things started to go wrong and I figured I would reinstall Windows and set everything up again and de
  13. Hello, When playing back video in Emby Theater or Emby in a browser on Windows 10, the audio drops out and then the video freezes. This pattern repeats every six to nine seconds. It only occurs on recorded TV. The only symptom I observed is that the Task Manager show a large peak in the network traffic on the playback machine and the same infinite peak on the server. This seems to have occurred after the recent update to server version Version I have reverted to using the PC because the XBox playback currently fails in less than 15 seconds. Any recommendations are
  14. Hi, I have been using Emby for a while now and it has been working great, so THANKS! I was previously running Emby on a Windows 7 machine and recently upgraded the machine to Windows 10. Everything worked smoothly with my Windows 7 machine, but now that I upgraded the OS (not the hardware) I cannot get any files that have DTS to play. I get the following error: i Video Error An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has been detected. This only happens when I try and play a file that has DTS enabled. I have tried watching the movie with the beta app on the Roku and t
  15. Hello, I've installed emby server (both stable and beta) on two different windows 10 pc's but i have no success on connection via tv.emby.com, MediaBrowser, android app etc. All gives "Connection Failure" while adding the server in other pcs and devices. I can reach the server dashboard etc by entering the ip and the port from browsers within other PCs and even from PS4. So it means server is running and there is no firewall problem. I've installed Mac server version on a mac pc and its working without any issues in the same network. Here is the log from windows pc, you can se
  16. Has anyone gotten Emby back up and running after moving to Windows 10? Need a guide to reset Emby on windows 10. Preferably with reinstalling WMC hack and getting the tuners to work. Have an InfinitTv 6 that WMC won't recognize in Windows 10. Anyone found a tuner card or set up that will actually work to get Emby fully functional in WMC on windows 10?
  17. ShoutingMan

    Question about Windows sleep

    It seems that Emby Server prevents my Win10 HTPC from sleeping. If I manually put the computer to sleep, it will wake up a second or two later. I've quit or disabled various applications that were possible causes. As far as I can tell, it's specifically Emby Server. Is this a known behavior? Is there a server setting I should trying changing so Emby can let the computer go into and remain in sleep mode? Thanks
  18. I have Emby downloaded on my Windows 10 PC. My PC is then accessed by my Roku streaming unit connected to my TV. All has worked really well until yesterday when I attempted to start the server on my PC, but it just won't start up. Any thoughts? Location of server is: C:\Users\Noel\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe
  19. Hello! Thank you everyone involved to make emby possible. Well, I installed the emby server Version: on my laptop for testing purposes. Everything went well and I can access my test files over my Xbox One, another PC, and my Lumia 950 XL using app.emby.media on Edge. But I can't connect using the official W10 mobile emby app. When I try to use "Emby Connect" the app returns the error "HeaderLoginFailure" and "MessageInvalidUser" And connecting manually to the server returns ""Connection Failure. We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it i
  20. I have not attached any logs as yet because I wanted to firstly find out if anyone else is running Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro. I am running on a early 2011 version. I have successfully installed and been using WMC but the last few days the program has stopped working. The shortcuts are still there but they are greyed out. If I uninstall and reinstall it works. But after I reboot it is greyed out again. I know this is not an issue with Microsoft and they are blocking it because it is running successfully on two Windows 10 PC's at home. The Mac is for when I work away. Anyone else g
  21. Hi Emby team, I would like to request that Kinect and Cortana voice commands be added to Emby Theatre for Xbox One and Windows 10 (UWP).
  22. jasonwilliams

    Anniversary Update

    Hi All, Microsoft just push the Anniversary Update to my HTPC and when it came back online, Emby was uninstalled. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this behaviour? Thx
  23. Microsoft has finally, in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, "fixed" the limitation of 260 characters for the file path Before i enable this does Emby (and the apps) already support this or perhaps will in the future as an application has to explicitly support it for it to work? Article http://winaero.com/blog/how-to-enable-ntfs-long-paths-in-windows-10/
  24. Hey all, I have what I believe to be a unique problem that hopefully reaching out to the community here can help me. So the emby app in the win10 store has never worked for me. After install it did not show up in in my start menu so I just left it for quite awhile. Now it says there is an update for it but as it is acquiring license it gives me the error 0x803F8001. If found app data here: C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Packages\436337Illusions.com.MediaBrowser_77hd5e1v1hqs4 So it's on my system and the Windows 10 store is flawless with every other app. Any help would be
  25. Maximus Naxsus

    Streaming, last minutes are cut off

    There seems to be an issue with ¿rendering the last couple of minutes of an episode while steaming to another location. Playback cuts off and I can't get the stream to continue on any time frame. Attached, server log Server log is 61 MB!? https://1drv.ms/t/s!Asn6NNog54FdjIVX35DTwZ8UFJE-Dw Also, see my previous post: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/36884-server-3059850-high-cpu-usage-when-browsing-libraries/ Still not sure if this might be (partially) an new Windows function (probably one of the futures where all so excited about , for anybody remembering the Windows 8.x
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