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  1. jlj1950

    LG app substitute?

    Hello, I'm experiencing another of my ISP's discontinuities. I can use the Emby DLNA appbut the thought occurred to me, "If I can run the Emby GUI on my dedicated server laptop, I should be able to run it on my TV's browser app at the same address.m And so I can. My question is this: will I lose anything by using the TV's WebOS browser instead of Google Chrome on my laptop? What about HEVC? My guess is, since DTS initiates transcoding, x265 is not supported. Wrong. I watched some of a movie in HEVC, so at least some play. Just watched another with HEVC and HDR. TrueHD 7.1 failed, however. Also, HDR did not trigger the TV's 'HDR Picture Mode'/'Cinema Home.' I had to change screens manually. Right now the biggest drawback seems to be the WiFi (hidden SSID may be an issue) seems to be kind of variable in speed, i.e. busy circles when browsing and starting sometimes happens. Thank you.
  2. The following errors appear in the console when I try to play a file with internal subtitles: wasm streaming compile failed: TypeError: WebAssembly: Expected Response or Promise resolving to Response falling back to ArrayBuffer instantiation Log files attached Confirmed that the subtitles play correctly using VLC, cannot search for open subtitles as the episode only aired today so there are none available ffmpeg-directstream-d5e51cfa-85f1-4376-aaea-efe3b8426d92_1.txt ffmpeg-directstream-12870b2e-7b56-4e50-9a9d-522394d4643c_1.txt ffmpeg-directstream-4915ef66-7a8e-45a9-b9e0-8c10f93d9aac_1.txt embyserver.txt
  3. brainfryd

    Font changed ??

    Hi Guys Just wondering if this is my system or something to do with Halloween theming but the 'Title' fonts seem like they are missing on my system for both the web app and Theater V3.0.11 as per pics below... its just a bit bland without the right fonts. Web App Main page Theater Main page Theater Recordings Do i need to have a certain font installed in order for these items to display correctly? It's not a big deal, especially if just the holiday theme... Regards Brett
  4. Hello, i've been starting to use emby server in this week and although there is already a dashboard to manage emby server, such as creating users and stuff, i'd like to use my own admin panel already done that was written in php. I'd like to know if it is possible to access emby's dashboard options through another panel created by myself through an API, remote access or something similar, and if so, i'd like to know how because i'm new at this 😃.
  5. well the title explains HOW ITS MEANT TO BE SEEN HOW ITS SEEN THROUGH A BROWSER LOG FILEffmpeg-transcode-2e5de3da-59ec-4e6e-87fe-0c9abef5ea0c_1.txt in the "Processing Plan", in the "SubtitleBurnIn" part it says "false" for burning subtitles but i have this option disabled
  6. Hi everyone. I have found a (Issue and this needs enhanced) because i have a friend who have downloaded a whole TV show to my mobile because both of us have the same Phone name and looks like than emby allow to see everyone devices as connected to emby through the list of downloads to device option let me explain in other words How I supposed to know wish iPhone is mine and the other 2 is my friend, as you can see there are 3 iPhone in the list because the devs don't have isolated it. I'm my moms tv with her accounts same thing (all device is listed) As you can see in above picture, I can allow to download my movies to any device from other users, it should have a isolated device list per users Like my computer and my smartphone and etc (My own devices only) .. But not showing me the device from others like my mom devices, it should be isolated between accounts (My user can download to my own device) (My moms can download to her device) I really don't understand why the devs don't have isolated the list by user. Like I have described above. Hopefully this will be fixed soon because is a security issue user may not be able to view devices from other users. Resume to do. Isolation between device account to don't allow users to download by mistake to a device from other users, so by this way the device is isolated by accounts and the retrieved(return or resulted) list was only the device from that user and not from the other. Kind Regards Enjoy? VOTE WITH LIKE NOT WITH +1 COMMENT Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  7. Hi everyone, I would like to know if there was in the future update a way to filter the audio (Like e.g by english,french,spanish etc..) and the same for subtitles i can do that for container and etc.... but it doesn't show me for audio, subtitles. So i would to request it, as i can see on plex i can do that but not in emby. Not sure if this is related but don't forget to add this filter in all library type.
  8. Skyobliwind

    Web/GUI Performance

    Hi, I couldn't find any post regarding website performance (not Playback), so I start a new one then: I'm not sure If this is the right subforum, but I think it's more general then FreeBSD based. (If not feel free to move it whe it matches better.) First my Setup: Embyplugin on FreeNAS 2Gbits local Connection from the Server 300 Mbits Download 250-300 Mbits Upload to the Internet CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 32GB 3200Mhz ECC Kingston Storage: 120 GB SSD containing FreeNas System 3x5TB 2,5 5600rpm HDD in RaidZ(Raid5 on FreeNas software base) containing the Data Plugins installed: Anime, Cinema Intros, DLNA, DVD Folder Support, Fanart.tv, MovieDB, NFO Metadata, OMDb, OpenSubtitles, PortMapper, Studio Images, TheAudioDb, TheTVDb The Problem: The Webinterface often(not always) reacts slowly, when clicking on my profile for example it sometimes takes 10 seconds, sometimes opens up instant and sometimes doesn't open up until reload... The same can occur on any other button(subpage) in the Interface. The Url instantly changes to the new one, but the page itself doesn't change. What may be the reasons for this? I often read it may be a plugin problem? Or is it the HDDs that are too slow? (But shouldn't the HDDs just impact the Playback/Movie Libary and not the whole interface?) Do you have any tips to improve the performance? I can't imagine the hardware being to slow... Regards
  9. frei

    HTTPS Login

    Click "SIGN IN" on https://emby.media , take me to http://app.emby.media/#!/startup/welcome.html This should be https as a basic requirement for all the modern apps/websites.
  10. Some common shortcuts, such as fast forward 10 seconds, back 10 seconds, adjust the sound and so on. When watching video on YouTube, I got used to the shortcut keys controlling the operation of video. Thanks
  11. I'm in the UK using a freeview TV line up. In my channel list I have both SD and HD versions of channels (BBC 1 on channel 1 and BBC HD on channel 101 for example) When searching for a recording to make, such as the example below 'The Gadget Show' I get results for both channels but you cant see which one is for the HD channel, or indeed what channel it is on without having to click on every entry to check. Could the search results list the channel and number as well as episode detail so that it is easier to see which one to record? On a related note, using the web app in the new edge browser there is no arrows or scroll bar to view all the search results on this screen
  12. So I just figured out why my web frontend seems to be unresponsive and slow from time to time and wanted to share my experience in case anyone stumbles about the same issues. my setups is: emby in docker on unraid behind a pfsense firewall linked with an nginx docker as reverse proxy. In the past I had the issue, that my web page loading times are super slow. the categorys would show fast, but everything underneath takes up to 10 seconds to load, sometimes even crashes the server and kills stable connections from other users. Also I had slow loading times on the admin page and everywhere. I fiddled around with stable/beta of emby and nginx and tried different versions, checked my firewall and could not figure it out. In the end it was the fact that I forwarded my connections from the encrypted nginx connection to the encrypted 8920 port of the emby container. I tried several certificate options there as well but just plain forward it unencrypted internally to 8096 solved my problems and the website is faster than ever. I hope this helps anyone who might has the same issue and if the emby team wants to dig deeper into this just let me know. greetings from germany. DelSol
  13. I am wondering what is best for raw quality of the video streams, local files and live tv playback, among the available options to use Emby on PC. Theater (standalone software) uses MPV Theater (Win 10 Store app) uses WMP Web browser (Edge, FireFox, Chrome, Opera) uses http streaming? A long time ago, i was using the stand alone Theater software as it had Madvr, but that was discontinued I would think that a dedicated software app would be "better" than web streaming in browser. In my basic quick "tests", I have noticed that the Win 10 app UI seems to be a tad faster and smoother, but it sometimes has issues playing some file formats at times. It also will obey my Nvidia GPU settings, such as the Edge Enhancement (sharpening) and other color settings i can toggle in the Nvidia Control panel. The standalone MPV based Theater software, has some settings for Hardware Acceleration, and it playback seems smoother than W10 Store app, but, it doe snot obey Nvidia GPU settings, no matter what settings I set for HWacc etc. (i think i need to use DXVA for it to do that?) Web browser streams....i do not know much about how that works, just that it sees to vary with each browser. Some will force transcode, others will do direct. Edge seems to be the "best" for overall media playback compatibility, but that browser I find to be unstable in general. Playback in the other browser....all look the same to me. (For Live TV, i tend to use the stock HDHomeRun app, as the video seems to have a tad better clarity as it is a direct stream from the hardware tuner. I am not sure what player that app uses though...don't think it is MPV. If i had to guess, WMP. It is also much easier/faster to browse and switch channels via its guide sidebar during live playback to view what is on other channels, something Emby does not have.) Anyone want to comment on their experiences or preferences on how they use Emby on PC.
  14. Hi, I think there is an across-the-board change that needs to be with all Emby player apps. 1) Remove codec and channel layout info from Audio Language drop downs, only display the Language 2) Display Video and Audio codec info (including definition, channel layout and resolution) in a similar fashion to parental rating/closed captions mark. 3) Offer a setting (probably in Display settings) to display Media Info as icons (like CoverArt does) instead.
  15. Natilus13

    macOS - Remote access hangs with 4.0.1

    Hello all, I was excited to update to the new 4.0.1 release. The database upgrade seemed to run smoothly and everything locally works fine. Remote connections just hang however, so I have had to roll back to 3.5.3. Has anyone else experienced this? Cheers, N
  16. I use Emby Theatre for Windows every day on main MediaPC in front room, but the last 5-6 weeks I have noticed stuttering and hanging in Emby Theatre. I finally found by looking at the server Dashboard its transcoding every episode I watch even ones watch previously ok. I have done some testing and found if I use the same Media PC Chrome browser and use the Web UI to watch the exact same episode Emby them Direct Streams the episode without stuttering. I also have a Samsung TV (LT32E390S) in the bedrooms with Emby App and this also plays the same episode no issue, but also transcodes. I can understand or work out why this issue has become so come with Emby Theatre recently. Its only become a frustrating issue the last 5-6 wks appx. Any advice, help, steps to help me track the issue? Setups: Emby Server running on Asustor AS6204T NAS Main Media PC is on Ethernet on Power outputting to 47in Samsung TV Bedroom TV Samsung LT32E390S TV running on 200mps Wifi avg 143mps running Emby App 1.0.53 MediaPC_ffmpeg_Log.txt BedroomTV_ffmpeg_Log.txt
  17. Hi, I've been using the Emby Web app through the browser for a while now. Since a few days, when I try opening it the complete page just remains black. Even if waiting for quite a while, nothing happens. My default browser is Firefox. Using the web app in Chrome on the same computer works. Also using the web app on a different system in Firefox still works. On the system where the web app doesn't work in Firefox, I tried clearing cookies and website data. Didn't help. The emby server version is (running in a docker container). Firefox versions are up-to-date. How can I get it to work again? Thanks Daniel
  18. mueslo

    Strange web UI problems

    So this strange interface bug just started appearing for me. My set-up is a bit convoluted, but essentially I'm running Emby in a FreeBSD jail on FreeNAS, which itself is virtualised on a Proxmox VM host with PCI passthrough of a HBA for HDDs. Yesterday I replaced my HBA with a different one and upgraded Proxmox from version 3.4 to 5.2. Everything and all my numerous other containers and VMs have been running smoothly with absolutely no issues since upgrading. Except Emby. The video playback interface is obviously missing abunch of stuff. Full screen button, subtitle selection, quality selection, artwork, etc. The progress bar and FF buttons are broken too. Volume control and pause work, but have some other bugs. And then when returning to the main menu via the back button (which usually also has the logo of the media, but not anymore), the playing video stays in the background. Video example: https://webm.xyz/webm/5b28c665491325000fb413a6 Since everything else is working fine I don't think there's a problem with my set-up, rather I think maybe Emby got shutdown uncleanly prior to upgrading which triggered these errors? I've ascertained that it's not due to an incorrectly set up reverse proxy, as this also happens locally when directly connecting to Emby. When using my reverse proxy, web socket connections don't work, but locally they do. This happens both with Chromium and Firefox. The Emby server logs show no errors (except the ones regarding TLS1.2 and Github). The Javascript console in the Browser shows a few errors on the main page already: Edit: this one is actually due to adblock Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/fullscreen/fullscreen-doubleclick.js?v=”. index.html:1 RequireJS error: Error: Load failed: bower_components/emby-webcomponents/fullscreen/fullscreen-doubleclick: http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/fullscreen/fullscreen-doubleclick.js?v= Failed modules: site.js:1:10677 Error: Load failed: bower_components/emby-webcomponents/fullscreen/fullscreen-doubleclick: http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/fullscreen/fullscreen-doubleclick.js?v= alameda.js:1:10040 I can manually call the above resource URLs and I get javascript returned, so the endpoints are working. Edit: see above, this error is caused by adblock, it is unrelated to the problem though. I'm guessing it gets blocked because it has 'doubleclick' in the name though, so you should consider renaming it The following error additionally occurs when starting a video: TypeError: newValue is null[Learn More] index.html:32:21 Any ideas? VM126:32 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'data' of null at Object.set (<anonymous>:32:88) at hideMediaControls (mediasession.js?v= at updatePlayerState (mediasession.js?v= at bindToPlayer (mediasession.js?v= at PlaybackManager.<anonymous> (mediasession.js?v= at events.js?v= at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at Object.trigger (events.js?v= at triggerPlayerChange (playbackmanager.js?v= at setCurrentPlayerInternal (playbackmanager.js?v= set @ VM126:32 hideMediaControls @ mediasession.js?v= updatePlayerState @ mediasession.js?v= bindToPlayer @ mediasession.js?v= (anonymous) @ mediasession.js?v= (anonymous) @ events.js?v= trigger @ events.js?v= triggerPlayerChange @ playbackmanager.js?v= setCurrentPlayerInternal @ playbackmanager.js?v= onPlaybackStarted @ playbackmanager.js?v= (anonymous) @ playbackmanager.js?v= Edit: some more playback javascript errors when attempting to use the few buttons that are still there TypeError: getPlayerData(...).streamInfo is undefined[Learn More] playbackmanager.js:1:15323 canPlayerSeek http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:1:15323 changeStream http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:1:15539 PlaybackManager/self.seek http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:2:22416 PlaybackManager.prototype.seekPercent http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:3:2233 <anonymous> http://<localname>/web/scripts/videoosd.js:1:29295 TypeError: getPlayerData(...).streamInfo is undefined[Learn More] 3 playbackmanager.js:1:15323 canPlayerSeek http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:1:15323 changeStream http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:1:15539 PlaybackManager/self.seek http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:2:22416 PlaybackManager/self.seekRelative http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:2:22736 PlaybackManager.prototype.rewind http://<localname>/web/bower_components/emby-webcomponents/playback/playbackmanager.js:3:2033 <anonymous> http://<localname>/web/scripts/videoosd.js:1:30466 Source map error: request failed with status 404 Resource URL: http://<localname>/web/bower_components/hlsjs/dist/hls.min.js?v= Source Map URL: hls.min.js.map[Learn More]
  19. LouisMylle

    Login through API

    Hello, I'm searching for a solution to log in to the web-based client without entering credentials. Is there any possibility to login with variables in the url like an API and the userid? (Or through a POST/GET request) I've read the API wiki but I'm not getting any further.. Regards, Louis Mylle
  20. Personal fixes been tracking past few years and re-hitting now with setting up new FreeNAS 11. with Emby PlugIn and thought I share each in posts. Hope they help community Iss.02 - FreeNAS hosted Emby plugin - Can't access web configuration FreeNAS is installed in Virtualbox v5.1.xx and Emby plugin installed. However, unable to access Emby configuration page from PC host running VirtualBox. Sol.02a - Confirmed Shutdown Virtualbox VM running FreeNAS. Change VirtualBox FreeNAS VM Networking to the following: Bridged Adapter (allows FreeNAS access from VirtualBox host machine) Promiscuous Mode=Allow All (allows FreeNAS plugins web page access) Restart the FreeNAS VM and ensure the FreeNAS Emby Plugin has been started.
  21. It would be nice to have the option to add subtitle files to a movie/episode from the web interface. Currently I have to SCP into the correct location. Adding the option to upload .srt or other files to the directory of the media would be great.
  22. Hello @@ebr, After reinstalling Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and Emby... I was finally ready to install my plugins. After I installed CoverArt the library failed to display correctly on ET (XBO), and the web (Chrome). I unistalled it, and the library is back to normal. Logs are attached. server-63647331988.txt - CoverArt installed server-63647251200.txt - after uninstalling CoverArt
  23. Jennice

    Web interface font size

    Sorry if it's been dealt with elsewhere, I just can't fint it. When pressing Live TV in the web interface, the top shows a list of channels, guide, etc., on top center This is with very small font. Can this be changed? Font size on the channels listed (below the icons) are also a small font. Is change possible in Emby, so I con't need zoom in the browser (which affects other pages)? Regards, Jennice
  24. mythofechelon

    Web streaming stopped working

    Emby's web site works but streaming any kind of content (MKV, MP4, etc) doesn't work (loads the player interface but never loads the video) when using any web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc) on any device (the local server, PCs, Xbox One, etc) except for iOS. Also, Emby Server isn't available unless the user is logged on to the desktop. This may or may not be related. Neither of these things used to happen prior to 2016/12/20. I've attached an log of this. Thanks. server-63617956245.txt
  25. altramarine

    Changing user display language

    Good day, Is there a way to change display language for a particular non-admin user? This user connects to emby server using Chrome. I've checked all user specific settings and couldn't find anything. The only language changing I am able to do is as admin and for the entire server dashbroad. Many thanks,
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