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  1. I was reading through the features that have been previously requested and one that caught my eye is this one: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/12878-mediabrowser-server-limitmax-video-quality-per-user/?hl=%2Blimit+%2Bbandwidth This request basically asks to enable a server side limit to ensure bandwidth is fairly allocated to users (to avoid stuttering) however I was thinking it might be neat to have the following: =============================================== A limit that would stop playback continuous playback and ask if a user was still there after XXX episodes
  2. dotnetzero

    'Share' link in web client

    Not a ground-breaking feature, but one that I think would come in handy, is some sort of 'share' link. A few times now I've wanted to show someone a photo or a home video, but I don't want to give out my username/pw for the web client. It would be very convenient to be able to click on a video or photo and have a link generated that would send the user to a page with only that piece of media, without having to log in. Just a thought.
  3. The Web Client in any of my computers under any browser display the subtitles. But when I open the Web Client in a mobile device under the chrome browser app (for some reason I can't log in in the safari browser) never displays the subtitles. Both under the same user's settings. Any suggestions will be appreciated
  4. Have an external family member trying to use the PS4 web browser which appears to be working pretty well except for one thing. When trying to maximize the video playback it doesn't appear to do anything and leaves the url bar showing in the web browser. Using other video websites on the device such as youtube allows the device to full screen correctly and removes the url bar. Not sure if there is any developers or other testers out there with a PS4 that could test this as I don't have this device directly in front of me that's about all the feedback I can report.
  5. Not sure if something has changed server side with music videos, but my music videos are not displaying correctly (they use to), and I can't seem to fix it (probably something simply). I have the correct structure (artist folder - music video(s)), but this is how the web client is displaying my music videos When I click on one of them (they should all be folders), it takes my to this screen I have tried selecting 'split version apart', but that does nothing. Can anyone help?
  6. I have the latest version (beta) of the server running on my HTPC at home. I have been trying to connect to it from work for a while now... in fact from even before the Connect feature came out. So far, I've been SOL. My HTPC is behind a router at home, and so I was very happy when Connect came out. But... When I go to app.mediabrowser.tv and sign in, I can see my server there. Clicking on it only spins the wheel for a few seconds and then... nothing. What am I doing wrong? Please, please, please help me out.
  7. Just updated to server version 3.0.5441. In the photos section (web client), it looks like the photos won't display at all in the slideshow. When you click the player loads, but its just black, no image. Before this update, i noticed that the photo would display, but it wasn't the thumbnail I clicked on. The index was off by 6 or 7. Might just be something with my config, but figured it was worth mentioning. server-63552586802.zip
  8. breezytm

    Watched Status

    Hello Dev, I don't know if I am the only who is experiencing this issue but lately when I watch something the status doesn't change. I also noticed my content in trakt.tv isn't being updated as well. I don't have any logs to provide at the moment since I am at work but when I get home I will send one after watching something. P.S if I manually set the status to played in the web client it changes itself back to unwatched. It could be they are being overwritten by trakt.tv since I am getting a lot of failed 'sync library to Trakt.tv' notifications but none regarding 'Import playstates
  9. just got remote access set up and got my brother to test steaming a movie from my server via the web client. it works, but looks pretty grainy, meaning it's transcoding the file. I know you need to have your files shared for direct stream, so i have a couple questions: 1. Is sharing my media over my network on Windows 7 (right click -> share -> share "everyone") enough to make the folder shared over WAN? or is there a separate type of share for WAN? 2. Does the web client have the necessary codecs to play MKV H264 video and DCA or AC3 audio? If not, does it sound like getting my
  10. Hello, I am experiencing an issue where the Season information is missing from the individual episode UI on the web client. As you can see in the screenshot, it shows "undefined" where it used to show "Season 1". Everything looks correct in the metadata and also in the overall Season UI, it's just missing in the individual episode UI. I am on version 3.0.5393.38626 Thanks!!
  11. Does anyone know if you can change the default image for a folder within the photos section? On the web client, under my photos collection I have a number of folders, which all come up as a gray square with a little image of a TV on there. I know I can go into the metaData manager and change the image, but i have hundreds of folders. Itd be nice to change that default image in one place. I put on the CovertArt plugin, but I didn't see a Photos section in the config. Plus, while it made the web client look great, it kept crashing my MB3 Classic installs on all my HTPC's in the house.
  12. Starkadius

    Media Browser and Anime

    Included these videos in the anime genre post but figured it would be okay to include only the videos in the Fan Videos section to showcase how Media Browser can be used for Anime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTMeb9IBN4I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYFgrQcLwZo
  13. Hi, is there some way to set web client to play movies trough my own media player (ie. KMPlayer)? I mean when I'm on the same network at least. As I really don't like the design of MediaBrowser Theatre, and I don't want to install XBMC but I love the style of web client. I don't think its that hard, as you can have web shortcuts to steam, skype and other programs and on web client would be just one more button called "Play trough own media palyer". Ps.: if its in wrong part of forum, I'm sorry, but couldnt find anything just for web client.
  14. I'm not sure if I'm just not understanding how the Artist vs Album Artist views are supposed to work, or if there's a problem with the server or web client or maybe this just isn't fully implemented yet. In the iTunes terminology, the artists are specific to songs but not every artists is on every song on the album, thus the album artist is the "primary" artist that's on the album cover. Is that the same intent for MBS? Example. If I'm in Album Artists and click on Dr. Dre I'm immediately switched to the Artists "tab" up top and looking at Dr. Dre. However it shows Albums (2) | Songs (
  15. In the web client, under Upcoming TV, it shows tv from yesterday and today, and then continues each day, but near the bottom after 19/05/2014, it shows yesterday and today again, but different shows than were shown at the top of the page https://www.dropbox.com/s/kiiku7arcalvmed/Screenshot%202014-04-22%2009.29.58.png
  16. Can we have an option to automatically mark the notification as read after opening the notification panel. Since some of the notification does not need any user action such as server updated notice, can it be automatically mark as read without clicking the mark these read button. Thanks.
  17. My server is on the latest Beta version (5326.13255) and I'm having trouble accessing MBS from any of my other devices (iOS app, web client, etc), using either the internal IP address (192.168.1.x) or the server name "http://htpc:8096/mediabrowser/dashboard/index.html" A couple observations: My wi-fi network is working fine I confirmed in my router settings that my server's internal IP address hasn't changed I CAN access MBS from the server's web client using the internal IP address I can still access my server's shared folders through Windows Explorer. Web client, MBT working fine on my
  18. Hi there: Usual caveats - suspect I have something wrong, but can't spot it. What I want to do Find the TV series that having missing episodes and/or seasons. What I think should work Going to the MediaBrowser web client > TV > Episodes, clicking the Filter icon and selecting Missing episodes. What actually happens I get missing episodes, but for one and only one TV show. Note that the TV show in question is The Tunnel. Why I think it's wrong I can manually confirm other TV series that are missing either individual episodes or whole seasons. Below is an ex
  19. Theodore

    REQ: Web Client Logout

    I would like to make a request for either a global auto-logout when the browser closes or even better would be a per-user setting to make them non-persistent. Example: I have 3 user accounts - Admin, Media, and Adult - and when the browser closes I would like Admin and Adult to force the next person (assuming shared login) to enter the account password if the last use was one of those restricted accounts. MBC already does this through a configuration setting that specifies the default login (in my case Media). Thank you!
  20. Hi Guys, Since the last server update the collection/folder images on all but one of my folders has stopped displaying. I've tried everything I can think of including resizing the other images to match the one that is displaying and it's just showing the default image. On MBC it displays the correct image. Any ideas on how to fix?
  21. Happy2Play

    Web Client mark all watched

    Sorry if asked already, searched and couldn't find anything about Web Client. Is there a way to mark all Movies or TV Series as watched in the Web Client? Or do I have to mark them one by one? Library Z:\Movies Z:\TV Shows
  22. What the heck is going on when you add a release date or edit date added in the web client. For example becomes: 02-01-2014 to 01-01-2014
  23. I have server Version 3.0.5192.19560 and iOS 7.1 on both my iPhone 4s and iPad mini. I can successfully navigate the web client and dashboard on my iPhone, but not on my iPad mini. When I attempt to load the dashboard, the page begins to load and then jumps to the sign in page. When I click my user icon, a spinning circle pops up and goes on indefinitely. On my iPhone, sign in is successful and I can then move through dashboard and web client without any problems. When using chrome on my iPad, I can successfully sign in, but run into similar issues already reported of not being able to
  24. I have server Version 3.0.5192.19560 and iOS 7.1 on both my iPhone 4s and iPad mini. I can successfully navigate the web client and dashboard on my iPhone, but not on my iPad mini. When I attempt to load the dashboard, the page begins to load and then jumps to the sign in page. When I click my user icon, a spinning circle pops up and goes on indefinitely. On my iPhone, sign in is successful and I can then move through dashboard and web client without any problems. When using chrome on my iPad, I can successfully sign in, but run into similar issues already reported of not being able to
  25. Hi, I've been meaning to ask about this for a while, but haven't got around to it until now. Starting a few weeks ago, I haven't been able to clear notifications from the WebUI. Right now, the Notifications badge says I have 2 notifications, but when I click on it there is actually 5, and I have no option to mark them as read. I did have the option to earlier, but when I clicked on it nothing happened, and now that option is gone. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Patrick
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