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Found 41 results

  1. I recently shared access to my server with my sister. First guest account for me. She set up an Emby Connect account and I invited her to connect. All is good so far. Last night she streamed her first movie and everything went great from her end. However, there appears to be a mixup in how the server recognized her; as her watching the movie affected the watched status for my user account. I had not watched the movie yet, but now it shows as watched when I browse my movies locally. More Info: My main local user account is Dustin. My sister's account is jennfike. I have my server connected directly to my TV and use either Emby Classic or Emby Theater to watch movies. Still trying to decide on which as I am having problems with both, but I'll leave that for another post. My sister is using an Amazon Fire TV Stick. I do not own an Amazon Fire TV Stick. She watched the movie "In Time." I have not watched it yet. She could not have logged in to my account as she does not have my password. When I browse movies, it now shows as watched on my Dustin account. In the Devices panel screenshot, you can see the second device listed is my sister's Amazon Fire Stick, "Amazon AFTM." It shows "Last used by jennfike." So, it recognizes that she was the one logged into it. If you look at the Dashboard screenshot, under "Recent Activity" you can see where she was watching the movie, circled in red, (looks like she may have stopped watching for a little while and then resumed). However, note that it says "Dustin has started playing In Time." NOT jennfike. The screencap from browsing the movies under my account (via the web app in chrome) shows that the "In Time" movie now has a "watched" check mark. Is this the intended behavior? Or should we have separate watched statuses? I have also attached the server and transcoding logs. EDIT: Server version = 3.0.5675.1 Not sure what version of Emby she is running on the Fire stick. But she just installed it yesterday, so I assume the latest. server-63574675200.txt transcode-0a90da10-4b17-44d8-9f27-4e8e8d96afeb.txt transcode-3ce14306-68d9-4f68-b5bf-1094da4728cb.txt
  2. mmesnjak

    Emby - Kodi watched status sync

    Hi, I just installed Emby plugin in my Kodi (OpenELEC v6 beta) and watched couple of episodes of a tv series using direct play (local network) - I'm a happy camper since it all worked out of the box. But one thing bugs me... These two episodes were marked as watched on Emby server right after doing so (even synced to trakt.tv since I've setup trakt plugin, also) but in the Kodi interface they stayed marked as "unwatched" until I restarted Kodi (which I normally don't do since I put the HP G1 260 into sleep and do not power off usually). Can this be somehow set so that Emby server watched status is automatically synced after watching movie or a tv show episode?
  3. Hello, My apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I search through as many forum threads as my patience would allow. If covered elsewhere, please point me to the thread. I have Emby running on a Windows 10 machine and my client is Kodi/Emby/Pi2. Apart from minor issues the setup is great. One MAJOR annoyance is that "Watched" flags simply DO NOT WORK. Period. No matter where I set the episode/movie as "watched" it will revert to unwatched. There does not seem to be any pattern either-some shows stay "watched" and some don't. I have tried to set the "watched" flag from the Emby web interface, directly on Emby for Kodi, and through NFO files, and they will revert to "unwatched" randomly. Please help as this is really annoying. Without proper watched/unwatched flags, most of the cool features of Emby are worthless (Spotlight, Suggestions, Up Next, etc.). If I can't get it to work I might as well switch back to "straight up Kodi", or worse PLEXBMC for Kodi. Feature suggestion: A "locked" flag for Shows, Episodes, and Movies to where, if activated, no changes can be made (posters, subtitles, metadata, etc.). Thanks, Matt
  4. skynet600

    Hide watched items

    In the web client there is an option to hide watched content from latest view. This doesn't seem to be the case with MBC. Is this by design?
  5. I usually bring up the Latest to see what tv shows have been newly added to the library. While those shows are at the top of the list, ALL tv shows are showing up. They have a green number showing how many episodes there are, and if they've ALL been watched I get a red check mark when I hover. Maybe this is a new design feature, but seems to me that ought to be the format for Shows or Episodes, and Latest should go back to only showing those Series that have a new episode, and the number should reflect how many new episodes (unwatched) are in that series. I originally thought it was because when the database updated it lost whether or not the episodes were watched, hence all the episodes were appearing, but it does know which ones were watched because I get the red checkmark. If I were fixing it, I'd try to do two things: 1. Only show series that have unwatched shows. 2. Change the green number in the upper right hand corner to only show how many episodes were unwatched. Or change it to unwatched/total, like 3/10 meaning 3 of the 10 episodes have not been watched.
  6. v.523 (I think, downloaded yesterday) The Samsung client is marking partially watched tv content as watched. All the other clients do not seem to set the watched flag until the content is fully watched. Consequently, partially watched tv content on Samsung, does not show on tv next up (on any other clients).
  7. dansblackcat


    Hi Is there a way to stop 'Latest' movies from disappearing from the list after watching them?
  8. Jhag

    A few Questions

    Hello! I have a few questions, i hope someone can help me. I created playlists, but when i play them via the android app to my intel nuc, i don´t see a watched status afterwards. Is this normal or an configuration thing? And is there a possibility to automatically remove watched episodes from a playlist? Thanks in advance! Jhag
  9. MBS: Version 3.0.5321.35225 MBT: Version 3.0.5322.21219 (DEV) The DEV version of MBT above is not registering the USER that is logged in with Media Browser Server in ACTIVE DEVICES. MBS reports the Device and MBT Version that is running, but it does not register which user is logged on. This affects RESUME status and WATCHED status for any media you view. The systems sees the user as UNKNOWN, so no status information on media being watched is maintained. If I fall back to the OFFICIAL RELEASE version of MBT (3.0.5306.32477), MBS recognizes the user logged in and all media viewing information is again maintained correctly.
  10. Using the web client to watch Movies & TV Shows, is it possible to select which Users are present so that Media Browser Server can update both User’s Watched status? If not is it possible that I can create three accounts, “Lee”, “Stephanie” & “Lee & Stephanie”, then have any Movie or TV Show marked as Watched in the joint account copied over to both users? Kind Regards, Lee
  11. 337Manni

    Disable Watched Status

    I have setup a “Guest” user and give them access to my Movie & TV Shows. This user account will be used by all of our family & friends who stop over. I would like to disable the watched status for this account. Is this possible? Kind Regards, Lee
  12. Hello, after upgrading to MB3 I'm still trying to find a theme for MBC that does for me what I want. On MB2 I used the "Imperium" theme, but that stopped working when the server moved (as did CoverArts), so now I moved to MB3. At the moment I'm using the "Classic" theme (tried all the others) but I would like to use the "Chocolate" theme. There's only one thing stopping me from doing this, and this is a missing "watched" indicator on the covers in EHS. I'm using the "last added" mode on EHS as this is best working for me on most folders and I do not want to switch all the time the mode. I found that most themes do not support this (I wonder why, should be standard), "Imperium" did and so does the "Classic" theme. Would it be possible to add this to "Chocolate"? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  13. Hi all, in case you wonder about the strange title, let me explain what my problem is. I've just upgraded from MB2 to MB3/MPC. Now it seems, the "watched" status is bind to the "id" of the episode/movie and not anymore to the filepath and -name. Normally, this would be a good idea. But now I have a problem with this. There are items, that are basically the same tv show or movie but I have them in different folders (or even different drives). Why would I do this? Let me give you some examples. 1. Top Gear (UK, of course) I have a folder with the original british version and another one with the german synchronized version. Why? The first one (the original, full length) is for me, the german version is shortened (45 minutes) but it is better to understand for my wife and kids. 2. 2D and 3D version of a movie 3. Movies in different versions (directors/alternate/extended cut, different languages etc). Now, in MB3, when I watch one version of the movie/episode, the other versions (wich have the same imdb/tmdb/whatever id because it IS basically the same movie/episode) get also marked as "watched", which is not what I like to have! Is there any way to stop this and mark these series/movies as individuals? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  14. kingy444

    Mark as Watched

    Hey Guys, Couldn't find anything on this and assume its already in the works but just wanted to raise that we still need a way to 'Mark as watched'. Perhaps even the ability to do this at a higher level. ie. Mark a hole season as watched/unwatched at once. I know a lot of people who migrated from MB2 / plex / xbmc etc and need to do this
  15. Hey all; I seem to be running into the same problem that various other users have encountered, and have not yet found a fix for it. I'm using the following: Server Version: 3.0.5188.21314 MediaBrowser Classic Version: 3-14.1 MPC-HC Version: 1.7.3 (cb22afa) MPC-HC is configured as my external player for everything except "Unknown" content. When I set up MPC-HC as my external player, I used "MPC-HC" as the External Player Type, and I even hit the Configure my player button at the bottom. This then modified my registry, and I had to provide admin access for it to do so. No problems there. Within the MediaBrowser Server settings, I have the following defined: Min resume percentage: 5 (Titles are assumed unplayed if stopped before this time) Max resume percentage:80 (Titles are assumed fully played if stopped after this time) Min resume duration (seconds):300 (Titles shorter than this will not be resumable) With all of these settings, I would expect the media server to know when I have watched a video provided it was longer than 5 minutes in length, and that I watched at least 90 percent of it. What happens though, is I will watch a TV episode that is longer than half an hour to its entirety... even letting MPC-HC close on its own accord, returning me back to MediaBrowser Classic. After having done this however, the show is not marked as 'watched'. I understand that the view of the show in MBC would not necessarily be refreshed upon immediately returning, however, even if I should exit MBC, and return to it... the show is still not marked as watched. I'm guessing you're going to want some kind of logs so that you can help diagnose this. If so, please indicate which logs you find would be helpful, and I will certainly provide them. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. Glyde62

    Watched State

    Anyone know why every now and then all my tv show lose their watched status, And I have to go through all of them and reset them if I can remember which episodes I have watched. Just did it again today
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