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  1. Hello , I have a windows Emby server which is supposed to provide the video content to ios and android users (80% ios and 20% android). ios user use Safari and android user use chrome to get access to server. The PC that I`m using has the Intel Core i7 8th Gen with 16DDR4 and NVME SDD and no GPU. My question is , what is the best Video format/codec to use to make the least transcoding and smooth play for both Safari and chrome users. I already tried MKV/MP4 with H264 and AAC 5.1-AC3 audio codec. AAC is not working well with chrome and I had to convert it to AC3 and video pause randomly. I would like to get your opinion to setup my Emby server and prepare my video content to make them easy for server. Thank you.
  2. Hi. i have seen this issue mentioned in other threads as well but i couldnt find a plausible solution. trying my luck again: i have an emby server setup via a synology NAS (everything is on the NAS) and using on the local network only (for now) . The video files work properly over the laptop, desktop and tv. no lags, no issues at all. However, when i try to play the videos on the phone, they start to buffer after every other minute (sometimes 1, sometimes after 2 or 3) everything is set to default/auto so i am hoping the system picks up the correct configurations that the network should work with. internet speed shouldnt be an issue as well (again, works on other devices properly) and we dont have any "power" users at home except for myself. log is attached. thanks Naveed ffmpeg-transcode-d945841b-d3b2-4fdc-b798-cd97c0caff2c_1.txt
  3. In the Android app on my tablet (Google Pixel C with Android 8.1.0), if I set the Play On to the instance of Emby on my Roku stick, and then select a video to play on it, a transport control bar appears at the bottom of the tablet screen. However, it is displayed underneath Android's own navigation bar therefore cannot be accessed. Trying to touch one of the transport controls or the playlist icon, results in the Android navigation button being selected instead. A lot of apps cause the Android navigation bar to slide out of the way when the app is in fullscreen and allow it to be brought back with a swipe. See attached screenshot. Server: Emby Android app: 3.2.05
  4. Before I start, I'll explain what I mean by "without giving any reason why" usually when it starts to transcode, it would give a reason why like this (check the blue circling) Note:- I've forcefully made this video to transcode in the above picture by reducing the bitrate so that is not a bug but in this case, it doesn't this could be a bug so I'm just reporting that Now, I have no clue as to why this video transcodes while other videos with the same format doesn't. It's definitely not the subtitles or the audio because I've reencoded the video to HEVC and the audio and subtitle plays directly. Here's the logs ffmpeg-transcode-f5e334ff-98b7-4cd7-85d5-aeab259c3705_1.txt Here's the media info mediainfo.txt And here's the sample video Flowers of Evil - S01E01 - Flowers of Evil 1 of 13 (1)-001.mkv Ran with galaxy s10 on Emby android 3.1.94
  5. Hello - has anyone seen this issue and been able to resolve it? https://github.com/google/ExoPlayer/issues/8394 Basically - whenever I have a video which is exactly 800 pixels high and played in Emby it has a flickering line at the bottom. It looks as though it's some sort of issue between Sony's Android TV implementation or hardware and Exoplayer. There is some detail in the link around the cause being "sharing" the player activity within a webview rather than creating a new player activity withing the webview. Is there anything that can be done to resolve this strange issue?
  6. It's really great the way the theme audio continues when navigating through info on a movie or series and fades when leaving. It would be great if the audio of video backdrops faded out also when leaving.
  7. Hi! I'm requesting the feature to be able to use the video timeline in the player for the Emby app on Samsung SmartTV, we are not able to to forward or backward a video so can you put the feature on? I know there is a new version of Emby for Samsung SmartTV (Ver. 1.0.84) since 3 days but the feature is not in. Thanks! Greetings, Brandon
  8. Hi, Can anybody recommend a simple to use, but free to use video splitter? All I want to do is cut out adverts from a couple of videos I've downloaded. Thanks Pete
  9. Bottles51

    auto stretch 4:3 video

    Can we get a setting to auto stretch 4:3 video ether on the app or the server itself. I know we have a setting to do it, but It gets tiresome to have to stretch the video each time you play something.
  10. Server: Arch Linux Emby server Client: Sony KD-55AG9 Android TV 9 Yesterday I played this movie (see spoiler) in a Sony KD-55AG9: This smart TV supports H.265 video codec natively (see specifications: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-oled-tvs-android-/kd-55ag9/specifications). Why Emby transcode it?
  11. I'm just trying to figure out if I have something set incorrectly or is Emby really has different playback screens for TV shows vs movies. When you get to a TV show episode playback screen, it shows the audio and video details and then has a drop down list of the available subtitles. When you get to a movie playback screen, the same information is not shown. The movie does have the details embedded. Using Tiny Media Manager, I get this information: So, I'm wondering what I need to do or change with my Emby settings to get the movie playback screen to show the same information as the TV episodes. Just as an FYI, I have also added an external subtitle file (.srt) file for this movie. So I would hope that some kind of subtitle information would be shown. Any help would be appreciated. I am still setting items up and have only done about 15% of our movies. I want to make sure that I copy everything the way Emby likes it.
  12. Hello all. There was recently a new version of Emby which seems to have changed how videos, specifically TV show episodes are tracked and displayed. I used to just get the season for latest video, if I put more than one episode in the folder. Now it shows the season, and each episode, and sometimes the series as a separate item in the folder. I want it to go back to just the season or the episode. What changed? What setting do I need to adjust, Thank you.
  13. Hello, I have lots of home videos that are recorded in portrait mode but emby's player only launches in landscape mode thus I"m not being able to see the videos in "full screen". I know I can use an external player but that wouldn't let me have played status and resume support. Any reason why the player is forced to landscape? Thanks
  14. edencorbin

    thumbnails for my home videos

    I have a library of home videos (450GB) mostly mov and mp4. Emby is working fantastic for streaming these, however I'd like to learn how to generate thumbnails, ideally any suggestions on a program/automated way to do this. I don't care what image they use (could be first frame / middle / etc), I would just like the helpful image reference for all my videos and choosing which to watch. Also, my server is Ubuntu Budgie, and in the OS I can see thumbnails just fine on all the videos. Thanks for any suggestions. Really liking Emby!
  15. As suggested by @ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress. The original request is here https://emby.media/c...brary-overhaul/ If you are interested please like the post. I have noted that when I open a video from my picture folder, Emby doesn’t "understand" that it is part of the photo album and open it as a single file in the video player instead of the slide show. I think this should be seamlessly integrated into the Photo slide show. I don't know if it a bug or if it should be considered as a new feature.
  16. So, I see all of these Plex pre-roll videos that people are making. I'm old and nostalgic, so I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon and make a VHS-ish preroll to use with my Cinema mode. Of course, I had to also show my support for Emby. Anyhoo, here's what I slapped together using GIMP and KDEnlive. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgugx5ucmxd6cqz/test1.mp4?dl=0
  17. icedragonslair

    Audio Placement Mask Issues

    I am wondering if this will have any issues the audio in a theater surround system using kodi v18? It seems to be a little heavy on the audio on the right side or is it just me. These are the comparison of the two files (original vs converted) MediInfo entries, should I be concerned? ​​​​​​​ Full audio reports from mediainfo here: my newly converted hevc source: I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, please feel free to move if needed. Thanks again for all, Ice
  18. Hi, it would be very nice if you could change 1-2 things 1. when a video is playing and OSD is shown pressing the Back-Button should make the OSD disappear but actually the whole video stops playing and I fall back to the menu screen. same behavior as netflix, amazon prime video or maxdome would very nice ;-) This should not be a big thing I think. 2. actually it's not possible to access the progress bar of a movie with a normal remote. it's only possible to click on the progress bar and jump to a special timestamp of the movie if you have a "magic remote" with some kind of mouse integrated. It would be very nice to get the possibillity to access the progress bar by pressing the up-button once the osd is visible and then jump within the movie by pressing left or right buttons on the remote (maybe in 5 or 10 min steps) because again... same behavior as netflix, amazon prime video or maxdome would very nice ;-) thanx and keep on doing your great work! :-)
  19. Hello All, Im a bit new at this I just installed emby server on my Mac computer and just started with adding a couple of files to test it on my computer, S8 phone and Smart TV. However I am able to play all videos on both my mac and android phone but when I try on my Smart TV some wont play and I get error HTTP Status code returned by the server was 500 Im not sure why they wont play as they are mp4 videos, Im attaching the log file I got see if you guys could help me with it. Thanks in advance. error log Smart TV.txt
  20. I just bought an emby lifetime subscription today and I can't get any of the android apps to work. I can log in fine to Web Gui, Emby Theater, Kodi work (although EmbyCon is extremely slow and part of the reason I want to use the apps). I bought this subscription mostly to use the apps so I'm currently feeling like I wasted money. I can log into each of the apps (Fire TV and Android Phone). I have used my reverse proxy using apache, direct https and direct http ports and I can sign in using all of them but when I try to select something to play it just sits there. Although sometimes it seems I can get a SSL Handshake Error and other times it seems like it's not even recognized. Any ideas on what could be wrong? I have attached a couple server log.
  21. When I press on a video, it shows an information screen with media info, a thumbnail, and play/download/delete buttons. Is there a way to skip or bypass this screen and just play the video by pressing on it?
  22. Hi, Where can I see the audio and video formats not yet supported by Emby Server? I have in the collections several formats and some are not reproduced. Thank you
  23. Playlist - Highlight easily visible in the playlist the video currently in play
  24. With the recent Emby Theater update, my video does not start in full screen. I think it has something to do with multiple monitors, because it will go to full screen if I move it to the other monitor. However, both monitors are at the same resolution, 1920x1080. After I move it to the monitor that fixes it, I can move it back to the proper monitor and it stays full screen.
  25. nickola2

    Gestion des fichiers

    Bonjour tout le monde ! J'ai une question : Nouvel exploitant d'Emby serveur, je me suis amusé sur un debian v8 à configurer et installer mon propre serveur torrent (pour les vidéos de vacances que je partage avec ma grand-mère évidement), auquel j'ai installé le serveur média Emby. Alors tous est niquel, Emby fonctionne parfaitement et tout est bien dans le meilleur des mondes. Mais j'ai quand même un truc qui me dérange à la longue. Chaque fois que je télécharge un fichier qui n'est pas une vidéo, j'ai celui-ci qui se retrouve dans ma liste de média (vu que j'ai indiqué à Emby, comme vous l'avez également fait, de regarder la ou se trouve mes torrents) apparaît comme étant un film (alors que ça n'a rien a voir avec un film...). Et mon père a qui j'ai configuré un accès à mon serveur Emby, comment dire... ne fera pas la différence dans la liste entre le super film de vacances en famille et l'iso de debian que je viens de télécharger, par exemple et de ce fait va essayer d’ouvrir ce dernier pour le regarder (oui je sais, pas facile de coupler la famille et l'informatique). Donc ma question : Quelqu'un sait comment dire à Emby d'afficher et traiter uniquement les formats vidéo qu'il trouve sur le serveur et laisser de côté tout autre format ? Vous seriez au top si vous m'apportez cette réponse Et je dispose d'un abonnement premium Emby si jamais c'est lié. Merci chère communauté et je reste très actif sur vos éventuelles réponses !
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