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  1. Two of my users have created playlists, and when they select "Add to playlist" the dropdown menu shows every playlists that either of them has. Selecting another user's playlist adds the item to it. When they go to watch their playlists, they only see their own. Users who have not created playlists only see "New..." but once they create one, they can select other users' playlists too. The UserId in the playlist.xml only shows one user each. I tested two playlists with the same name: both show up, and have separate items, so users can easily get them mixed up.
  2. fc7

    Hardening Emby login

    After using Emby for a while I'm so happy with it that I decided to publish it to the Internet so I can listen to my music when I'm away, without needing to VPN home. I'm publishing Emby behind a Squid reverse proxy, using SSL termination. Meaning: Internet Client -----HTTPS SSL connection-----> | Squid reverse-proxy -----PLAIN HTTP-----> Emby | INTERNET | LAN Now I have a couple of questions/features requests regarding publishing Emby to the "evil" Internet: Is there any known issue/concern that I should be aware off that is not too relevant while Emby is only visible in the LAN but that can be dangerous if Emby is visible from the Internet? I'm worried about brute force attacks. Is it possible to enable a captcha on the login screen so for example after 3 failed logins the user will need to validate the captcha to try to login again? About the login screen: would it be posible to have a configuration parameter in Emby to "harden" the login form like for example disabling autocomplete on the username field? Is it possible to enable a configuration parameter to hide all users from the login screen, server wide, instead of doing it on user basis only? How does the "in-network sign-in" with the easy pin code works? How does Emby know that the user is logging in from the LAN or from the Internet? What happen if the user is in the Internet but Emby is behind a reverse-proxy in the LAN (all requests comes from the LAN IP of the proxy)? Would Emby check the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header if the reverse-proxy provides it? I know these are a lot of questions and some things may not be even implemented right now, but if they are not, maybe they can be a good idea to implement in the near future since they can help us to protect our server for the "evil" Internet. Cheers
  3. I am trying to add a friend to my server using the guest feature. He receives the invite and can access the server (for some reason, seeing all of MY watch positions, etc (what's up with that??)) but I have no way to moderate his access or anything like that -- he just doesn't appear anywhere in the dash. Thanks
  4. blakeusblade

    Limit access to webpage

    Unfortunately, In order to limit a particular user to just the web interface (and not allow them on devices). One must enable access from all devices in order to allow this. It would be good to have a generic item in devices that represents web browsers generically. This would allow control over the web browser interface! Limiting users to just the webpage.... For example, I have a user who I want to just have permission to download raw files. At present I need to enable there access from all devices else they can't access the web page. I don't want them to use or have permission to use any emby app or device except the web interface. Having a generic device that represents the web interface would allow control...
  5. I gave my account info to a acquaintance so they could access a server im not in control of. I no longer want them to use my profile. How Do I remvoe their specfic device from my emby connect account. Ive tried changing the password but they are still able to connect to it somehow.
  6. CarlosLima

    User Control

    Hi, Is it possible or feasible for us to have greater control over users? 1. I understand how interesting it is to be able to determine the validity period of login to each user, for example, a specific date for expiration. 2. It would also be interesting that there could be limited single login per user, or maximum of two simultaneous login. Because Emby limits the maximum of 15 logged in users, it would be fairer to grant a single (or two) login to each user. Thanks for your reply.
  7. offzinho

    I have 2 doubts

    Hi, I have 2 doubts. If I buy the premium, when my users (family) will use the app, they have to buy the app or because I bought the premium, or it's worth for all users. Second doubts, how can I leave the home equal to Plex Media? possible? Or would like to show all recent media all together. example: home present: keep watching recent movies recent kid movies I wanted it to stay like this: keep watching all recent media thank you so much, sorry for any inconvenience and sorry for my bad english.
  8. Hello i have some Feature Requests for the Emby server software 1: a way to set the limit the number of simultaneous logins from users 2: with the iptv software to be able to order the channels it to groups or packages and the be able to set witch user can watch what package/group of iptv channels thats all for now thank you
  9. Hi, I'm having a little trouble here. I've been making great strides getting Kodi set up on my shield with the Emby Add-on. It's working great for my administrator account. Once it was set up, I wanted to now go in and change the Username associated with it. I go into the add-on setting and and click "Change Emby Connect User". The login prompt pops up, I type in the credentials and it says "Welcome Username". All working great there. However, nothing changes. The current user still has access to the same Libraries. If I quit and go back in it then says "Welcome Administrator" again. If I change a user do I then need to go in and do a full refresh? I didn't want to spend the time doing this if it's not related. Thanks
  10. Definitions: Local refers to HTTP/unsecure External refers to HTTPS/secure For local use, I really see no reason to use passwords but for external use, passwords are critical to prevent anonymous access (only want a handful of people to access it, not the ~7 billion people on the planet). What I expected going into this is that only Emby Connect enabled accounts would show up through HTTPS and they would require the Emby Connect credentials to log in. What I got was the same as HTTP: click a name and you're in. So, what does Emby support now in terms restricting access to the world other than NAT routers and requiring all users to have password? If I have it about right, then consider this a feature request (probably should move it to Feature Request forum).
  11. Hello All, I was wondering theoretically or actually? How many users or profile connections can MB3 except. Say, I have 3 friends and they all want to connect over my public ip and authenticate themselves against the profile setup. I figure it may depend on the type of hardware MB3 is running on or just wondering if there was a software limitation? Again, Big Fan... Noob
  12. Hoi, ik kan zo snel geen duidelijk antwoord vinden op de vraag waarom andere gebruikers (dan jijzelf) Collecties die jij hebt aangemaakt kunnen beheren, en er films aan toe kunnen voegen. Ik heb gelezen dat de adultfilter een optie is, maar ik wil dat users de collecties die ik toevoeg alleen kunnen lezen. Is hier een workaround voor? Greeetz
  13. Cire3

    Can't ad Emby users ?

    I have the server setup and I have the year license. Problem is I can't seem to add users ? I try to setup my daughters after I had them register/validate. I try to setup the user account and I get an error they are not registered with Emby ? However I can log in as them ? Am I doing something wrong ? user/user@email.com is how I'm adding them
  14. Hello Emby, big fan here and I've been using Emby for a few months now. I've been having a small issue. I have a supporter membership so I would assume that my users would not have to also pay for it correct? Because it seems like I'm having issues with a new user I added maybe a day ago. I have added them to my server via email confirmation link and I was able to log in on my device to ensure playback was working but when they try to sign in on their device it comes up with the please unlock this app message. Is the only way to get that to disappear to have them sign in through my wifi? Because he lives a town over and I would rather him avoid the drive. Sorry if it is a dumb question, I just haven't quite been caught up to date with everything on the app yet. Thanks in advance guys!
  15. I'm really new to CSS personalisation. I did the following as modifications to css: /*Enable vertical scrolling on the custom css text box*/ #txtCustomCss{ overflow-y:scroll !important; height: 500px !important; } /*Remove 'Missing Trailer' icon in metadata editor, I don't use trailers*/ img[src='css/images/editor/missingtrailer.png'] { display:none; } /*Red border and glow for userview cards */ div[data-itemtype="CollectionFolder"] .cardContent, div[data-itemtype="UserView"] .cardContent, div[data-itemtype="PlaylistsFolder"] .cardContent{ border: 1px solid rgba(232,17,35,.5); -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,.075),0 0 8px rgba(232,17,35,.6); box-shadow: inset 0 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,.075),0 0 8px rgba(232,17,35,.6); } /* Deeper red in links/bottom border to match Disparity*/ .libraryViewNav .ui-btn-active { border-bottom-color: #E81123; } .libraryViewNav a:not(.ui-btn-active):hover { color: #E81123 !important; } .ui-page-theme-b a:visited, html .ui-bar-b a:visited, html .ui-body-b a:visited, html body .ui-group-theme-b a:visited { color: #E81123; } .ui-page-theme-b a:hover, html .ui-bar-b a:hover, html .ui-body-b a:hover, html body .ui-group-theme-b a:hover { color: #E81123; } It seems that the changes only work when I go to my web server from 192.xxx.x.xxx:8096. When I try to connect from app.emby.media (any users), it doesn't do anything. Am I missing something? I attached some pics.
  16. claudiovit

    help with registration of new users

    hello everyone do not know if I'm posting in the right place if you are not sorry about that my doubts and have some way to put the User to create own account on the server why that : I have a web server radio and have more than 500 customers and installed Emby server for them but did not want to create the account of each because it would take a great time it would be easier if the initial pagia had a button to register. so that he himself could do Register thank you all
  17. I am having a major issue with the Fire TV Stick (It's also happening on the Nexus Player app). I recently added my sister as a guest account to my server, but on her Fire TV Stick, whenever she chooses "Login with Connect" after entering the pin on her computer using HER USERNAME AND PASSWORD, she is given the "choose a user" screen on the app. The major issue here is even though she used the pin with HER account, she is unable to launch the app using her account. It always gives the "Invalid Username or Password" error. She CAN however, click on MY username (the admin account) and the app works perfectly. This is a major issue, as I'd like to add more guests, but absolutely can't if they all have immediate access to my admin account, and not their own when using a Set top box. The app works perfectly under her account for Android, as well as the web client, but there definitely are some wires crossed when it comes to the pin sign on for the box apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  18. tarnalcock

    Group users for multi sync

    Hi there, I think this may be useful for families and the like. My housemate and I watch series together but sometimes she is away or busy, so I carry on without her, and vice versa. It would be really useful if we could create a group profile, called "house" for instance. This would then be linked to our individual profiles, so when we watched together as this "user" both our individual account's play states would be updated. If I then wanted to continue alone I would use my personal profile which would not update hers or "house". So this would be a one way sync from house to each user on said group. Even better would be a two way sync but with a "resume from user_x or user_y" option. I doubt this is a hugely necessary feature but it would be nice.
  19. hi all, in emby as admin user i can add directories to my server to shared via emby, e.g. Folder-Picture /home/user/Pictures/ and every user can access this folder if I set the user to have access to it in emby of course, however let's say in pictures i have 2 subfolders: /home/user/Pictures/Family /home/user/Pictures/Friends so let's say I added another user to emby called "family" now I want "family" to have access to /home/user/Pictures/Family but not to /home/user/Pictures/Friends so i thought let's add /home/user/Pictures/Friends as another share in emby and restrict the access of user "family" to it. However when you do it this way you get the message that there is a duplicate folder and the share /home/user/Pictures/Friends remains empty for any user. The only way to still have this work is to remove the folder /home/user/Pictures/ from the shares and add each sub-directory as a share in emby and then i could restrict its any subfolder accordingly. This is very cumbersome if you have a lot of subdirectories, so why not make it possible to add subdirectories in the emby shares as well?
  20. It's quite useful to be able to quickly add/remove items as Favorites with the context menu while in the Emby app (via WMC or elsewhere). I use this to keep, for example, a handy list of TV shows I'm currently watching, so that I can go to that selection rather than wading through all the shows I have. My son uses a list of Favorites in his movies. In many cases, like the TV shows example, it would be nice to have a per-user checkbox configuration option in the Emby server's User settings to toggle the Favorites view option to be enabled when the user logs in. Currently, it's disabled by default and the user must navigate to the Favorites option on the settings bar (MBC on WMC) which, while not a lot of extra work, gets wearisome when it's pretty much my default first action for any given view. I'm aware there might be sort order issues as per the comment in http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/21749-favorites-on-ehs-chocolate/ but perhaps the setting could be implemented in such a way as to toggle the Favorites view after the user has entered the category view, when the option is checked in User config? Thanks for taking the time to read through this! I've been a supporter for about a year now and I'm generally very happy with Emby
  21. imadunatic

    Grouping Content with Tags

    Hello, Is it possible to group tv shows or movies by tags? I currently use tags inside of Kodi to create user collections, but I think it would be more efficient for me to create tags in Emby and hopefully the plugin could pass these on to Kodi, if this is even possible. Still trying to learn the ropes. Thanks for any and all help.
  22. So I am a happy convert from plex. Then install was smooth despite coming in where the service start command isnt working. I set up everything in less that a couple hours and I was off. Then I made user accounts and started making sure the externally facing site was routed correctly and so on. Then I realized as I confirmed that the externally facing site was up, anyone could stumble upon my server and use the accounts. I confirmed this by manually connecting to my server using the android application and selecting a user. So my question here is can we add a separation between internal and external accounts? Perhaps we could force users to create a password or pin(better than nothing) when they first connect to the server?
  23. Just wondering when this will be implemented or if any work has been done on it so far, the only other thread I found was from last year and didnt really say too much about it. I would like a way to authenticate users via an external mysql table if possible. Thanks
  24. It would be really nice if there were more advanced user management features in mediabrowser server. Downloads and streaming both use a large amount of bandwidth, mediabrowser could really use features to manage these. Things that would be nice to see include: - UI based download, sync and streaming logging (what user download/streamed what and associated bandwidth used) - Time based download bandwidth usage schedule (download speed limits with and without scheduling) - Time based streaming bitrate schedule (bitrate speed limits with and without scheduling) - Separate internal network vs. external network bandwidth controls - User group identity/policy management. (ability to edit a group of users at the same time) - User data caps
  25. nhall

    IPTV bookmarks for all users

    Hi All, I am currently running Emby on a network with over 200 users and works absolutely perfect, i am trying to setup IPTV so users can watch live TV, this is working on the admin account and streams TV nicely, but the bookmarks are not available on other user accounts, even with admin rights. Am i missing something or is there a way to make IPTV bookmarks available to all users but set by the administrator. Many thanks Nathan
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