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  1. ggservers

    User sign up

    Hey there, Would really love to see a user signup option put into place. Not sure if this is already possible with plugins/api but it would be a nice feature and I personally know people it would benefit
  2. CarlosLima

    Concurrent user limit

    I am a Premiere user and I share my Emby Server for several users, about 50 in total. Is there any limit to the simultaneous access of my users? Someone commented to me that there is a limit of 15 simultaneously. This is true? If this limit is true, is there any way to expand that number, or project to make it come true? I did not find this subject in forum polls or FAQ. Thanks for the answer.
  3. Hi, Can administrators no longer set a max streaming rate for users? As you used to be able to go into the users profile via the admin dashboard then edit this user's profile, image & personal preferences & from there you could change their limit. I'm running version I know you can do the streaming limit in playback settings from the admin dashboard but there are some devices on my server I wanted to limit to a set rate. Thanks, David.
  4. JoshFink

    Login screen for all users?

    I know I must be missing something simple that maybe I changed when I first installed. When I was setting this up I was always logging in as myself. Now that things are mostly working I wanted it, on launch to be able to go to the login screen and you either select myself or the Kids user. I have the kids user set up but I can't figure out what I need to do to get it to ask at each login. Thanks Josh
  5. I'm using an ODROID C1+ with OpenELEC as a client device. This device is listed as 'Device X' and connected with the user 'A' with Emby. I'm also using different computers as clients. Everything is fine. I recently added a new client device, an ODROID C2 with LibreELEC. Let's say I call it 'Device Y' and I connect it with the emby user 'B'. The problem is that 'Device Y' doesn't list in emby devices and is not active. Even worst, when I reboot the server, it says that 'Device X' is connected with user 'B'. I can use both devices just fine but it's a mess since it changes the viewed co
  6. CarlosLima

    User management

    Emby Server does not have a user management ? It would be useful to have a mapping of use of each user, their access etc.
  7. CloudPlay


    Ola, queria saber se existe alguma forma de que quando um usuário venha entrar no servidor ele precise se Registrar-se ou fazer o Login sem precisar que um admin tenha que ficar criando contas? como se fosse um "Netflix"? ou se vocês já tem um plano de implementar esta função ao Emby Media Server? Atenciosamente CloudPlay
  8. Hoi, ik kan zo snel geen duidelijk antwoord vinden op de vraag waarom andere gebruikers (dan jijzelf) Collecties die jij hebt aangemaakt kunnen beheren, en er films aan toe kunnen voegen. Ik heb gelezen dat de adultfilter een optie is, maar ik wil dat users de collecties die ik toevoeg alleen kunnen lezen. Is hier een workaround voor? Greeetz
  9. Plexpy is the really the ONLY thing I miss from plex. Link: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/169591/plexpy-another-plex-monitoring-program For those that don't know, it pulls from the logs who has watched what, when, and graphs it in various ways. For me, the big draw is I have a lot of users (5 kids, wife, some friends, a sister). So it would be GREAT to be able to look and see 'ok, everyone has seen the last episode of last season of GoT, I can delete that now' I know Emby logs that info (it displays it right on the server front page). But there's no easy way to see it histor
  10. Karlsson

    How do I run Emby as user?

    As standard Emby runs as System, which I think is way too risky. How do I make it run as a user?
  11. Tested on Chrome and FF. 1. Login with User A 2. Close Tab 3. Login with User B 4. Homescreen of User A is shown I can imagine it's meant like that by dev team, but I see problems with parental controls. I created an own user for my son. Even when he tries to login by clicking on his account, he gets my Homeview with all the fancy horror zombie apocalyptic stuff, if I just closed tab before instead of logout. Can it be implemented, that the user session ends when the tab is closed? Log says, the right user is connected, but in Browser it's not.
  12. I'm really new to CSS personalisation. I did the following as modifications to css: /*Enable vertical scrolling on the custom css text box*/ #txtCustomCss{ overflow-y:scroll !important; height: 500px !important; } /*Remove 'Missing Trailer' icon in metadata editor, I don't use trailers*/ img[src='css/images/editor/missingtrailer.png'] { display:none; } /*Red border and glow for userview cards */ div[data-itemtype="CollectionFolder"] .cardContent, div[data-itemtype="UserView"] .cardContent, div[data-itemtype="PlaylistsFolder"] .cardContent{ border: 1px solid rgba(232,17,35,.5);
  13. Hallo zusammen, irgendwie speichert mir Emby keine Bilder... weder der Download noch das Hochladen funktioniert... bereits vor der Installation vorhandene Metadaten - waren von KODI schon vorhanden - werden aber angezeigt... kurzum mir scheint es so als hätte Emby keine Berechtigung auf mein NAS zu schreiben... ich habe allerdings den user "emby" zu einer berechtigten Gruppe auf meinem NAS hinzugefügt bzw. auch dem Benutzer direkt die Rechte eingeräumt... Scheinbar arbeitet also Emby mit einem anderen Benutzer... Welchem Benutzer muss ich Berechtigungen geben? oder läuft da w
  14. I recently shared access to my server with my sister. First guest account for me. She set up an Emby Connect account and I invited her to connect. All is good so far. Last night she streamed her first movie and everything went great from her end. However, there appears to be a mixup in how the server recognized her; as her watching the movie affected the watched status for my user account. I had not watched the movie yet, but now it shows as watched when I browse my movies locally. More Info: My main local user account is Dustin. My sister's account is jennfike. I have my server c
  15. While trying version 590 I noticed that if you login with a user and save its password so the next time you open the app it will automatically login to that user and afterwards you hide the same user from the login screen the automatic login will not happen. Is this the expected behavior? Repro steps: Login with a visible user and remember its password Exit the app Lauch the app again and it will automatically login with the saved username and password. <-- Correct Exit the app again. From Emby server configuration, hide the user that you used for login to the Samsung app from the
  16. coudy

    Can't login after upgrade

    Hi, after upgrade from mediabrowser to emby (3.0.5621.4), I can't login. In mediabrowser I had user name mediabrowser without password. Now in emby I can't log in. I have tried emby,mediabrowser,admin, with password, without password. How to manually add admin account ?
  17. Hello. Does anybody know why my forum password and username won't allow me to login to the website? I tried to register (just in case I had to), and it said the email and username already existed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  18. lucasfabianof

    auto Registration

    Good day! I need a solution for my client can self register on MB3 without the need to have logged in as administrator. Is it possible?...
  19. Just a punt here but anyone else recently seen a change in their server behaviour? The first issue is user lock. After an indeterminate time of inactivity the user session will be locked even though there is no password. In "Power Options" I have "Require a password on wakeup" disabled. It should be noted that I have no password set for the admin user. I have also checked the screen saver settings and "On resume, display logon screen" is also disabled. I have gone through my entire power options menu and cannot find anything that might cause it. Another thing I have noticed is the s
  20. The reason for this request is because i have many users that connect to my mediabrowser from outside. When you create a new account for a user you can set there library access before they access the request. Now what i have noticed is that this is a hit and miss. I invited a guess, gave them only TV and movie access but once the account was created, they had access to all the content of the library. I only figured this out because the user let me know. Now maybe this is a bug or maybe i did something wrong but now i need to go through each user to make sure they dont have access to content th
  21. Hi All, We need to disable a restricted user from changing my preferences, or to move this icon all together, is there as way to do this? Many thanks Nathaniel
  22. Hi, I am testing Media Browser 3 in a school network environment, it is working very well with over 50 users signed up, we need to find a way to restrict/disable the user from changing their password, username and profile details. Is there a way of implementing this, once we have this setup this will be used for over 1500 users, on laptops, tablets, phones, DNLA devices and computers, so this is a very good testing ground. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Many thanks Nathaniel
  23. Using the web client to watch Movies & TV Shows, is it possible to select which Users are present so that Media Browser Server can update both User’s Watched status? If not is it possible that I can create three accounts, “Lee”, “Stephanie” & “Lee & Stephanie”, then have any Movie or TV Show marked as Watched in the joint account copied over to both users? Kind Regards, Lee
  24. Last night I created a few new users in the web interface and unchecked some of the options (like "can administer the server", etc.) but after saving them I noticed that the "administrator" icon was showing in the users list. Going back to the individual user and all check boxes were checked. Un-checking them and saving them again fixed the issue. On a side note - I think it would be helpful to have a back arrow button at the top of the individual user screen to get back to the users list. It's not immediately obvious that you have to click on the "Users" item in the menu.
  25. Hi, I have my kids set up with limited accounts so they cannot see most of the movies I have, Also, they are set up to not be able to remotely control anything. The parental account has a password, and his does not. However, when my son has the app running on the iPad (it works, even though it's the iPhone app), he can see what the parents are watching and also remotely edit that. The dashboard session showed him logged in as "parents" but the app clearly showed he was logged in as himself. When I logged him out and in, the dashboard updated to show his name, but he could still s
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