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  1. jordandparker

    Latest Update Ruined my setup

    Hi guys just wondering if it's just me but the latest MB Classic update is horrible. I used to have Movies, Tv Shows, Kids Movies, Kids Tv Shows, Games and trailers on my home screen but after the update its all in movies tv shows and collection. Why would the update do this and is it just me but this seems silly?
  2. Hi everyone I tried to update my Media Browser Server to the newest Version v3.0.5518.7 from the previous stable version. But everytime it shows me the 404 error and tries to connect to my local inetpub directory (see the picture attached). Obviously in this path is no Media Browser installation so it fails to load the dashboard and all the other stuff. I tried a complete new installation and everything else, running as a service or direct as an application (the application is loading everytime normal, showing the splash Screen and so on), everytime the same error. I am running Windows Server
  3. Theodore

    Metadata Locks Being Reset

    Server version: 3.0.5490.2 I am going through my media collection to make sure everything has artwork and all available metadata. I have locks set at the top level "Movies" to lock Name, Overview, Genres, and People. I also set the same metadata locks set on the individual titles when I initially add them. However this morning I was going through older titles that I had when upgrading from MB2 and getting them fully populated when I noticed something potentially pretty bad (for my anal-retentive filing at least). I would select a title and set my locks under Metadata Settings for Name
  4. Something strange happened to my library and the only thing I can associate it to is the update to 3.0.5464.40000 because I have not made any other changes to my library or MB3. I've been using MB3 (MBS and MBC) for quite a while now with no issues. All of my movies had the movie cover for the 'Primary' image. However, yesterday I noticed the covers (cover art) for most of my movies was gone! So I went into the MBS Metadata Manager and sure enough for about 80% of my movies the 'Primary' image has been changed to a clip instead of the cover! However, when I go in Windows Expl
  5. Hi All, Since the update on 30th November, we are having major issues with the library, for example, in a folder called history, we have several folders, some of the folders had audio pods in and now they dont show up, but the files are there when manually viewing in windows explorer, also some videos when placed into folders makes the folder think its a file, the previous version before this update never did this and worked perfectly, is there a fix or is there a way to revert back to the previous version of Media Browser as this is causing issues and many hours of headaches, being this i
  6. Hello all I've a little problem since update 3.0.5445.5 In the dashboard it shows me a failed library scan, caused by an illegal sign in a path. I was searching manually in the directories and had a look into the log files, but did'nt found anything. I can also watch all my videos .. so i don't know what to do. Can someone help me please to resolve this problem? Maybe i've to say, that i've modified some other files to create 3 server with 1 configuration .. Well, all my servers have the same problem and are running now update 3.0.5445.6 - which also don't resolve the prob
  7. Concept211

    Automatic Update?

    Would it be possible to schedule automatic nightly updates to Media Browser Classic? We only run it on-demand but it's annoying to get prompted nearly every time we launch it to update. It would be great if it just updated itself overnight so that we're always running the latest and greatest. thanks!
  8. Updated the embedded disc image in the track files (.mp3, .flac) of several albums with higher quality images. Refreshing the track, album, album artist, music library and rescanning the library failed to update the MediaBrowser displayed image @ track level. I was able to update the displayed image by uploading the new image to each track individually. Is there the capability to update the embedded disc images on a 1) album, 2) album artist, 3) library element or 4) the entire library basis as opposed to the rather tedious track by track image upload? A "Refresh Disc" and/or "Refresh All Em
  9. I originally posted this on 10 May 2014 - 05:45 PM. I haven't received any response from admin/developers (maybe due to upgrade over weeekend). In any case I am reposting this in the hopes that It will get a response from admin/developers. I apologize if I am just being to impatient. Using old IBN person structure. Updated person .jpg does update in movie display. The scenario is as follows: 1) IBN\People\{Actor Name}\folder.jpg exists. 2) folder.jpg is replaced. 3) Corresponding image under "Cast & Crew" is old .jpg 4) Click on relevant image to go to the person/actor page->i
  10. Using old IBN person structure. Updated person .jpg does update in movie display. The scenario is as follows: 1) IBN\People\{Actor Name}\folder.jpg exists. 2) folder.jpg is replaced. 3) Corresponding image under "Cast & Crew" is old .jpg 4) Click on relevant image to go to the person/actor page->image is new .jpg > Click on "Edit" > Click on "Refresh" > Return to "Cast & Crew" on main movie page->image is still old .jpg 5) On main movie page click on "Edit" > Click on "Refresh"->image is still old .jpg 6) On "Scheduled Tasks" page click on "Refresh Pe
  11. Starlionblue

    Update to 3.0.5192.19560 hangs

    The Dashboard is telling me to restart in order to update to 3.0.5192.19560. I click restart. The server shuts down but never comes back up. No sign of it in task manager. I can (re)start MB Server manually but when I do that it is still on 21314. And then of course dashboard tells me to restart in order to update. I have tried reinstalling by downloading the new installer but when I try that even with MB Server shut down it gets an I/O error, "file locked by other user". Log attached. Any help much appreciated. server-63531246879.log
  12. Blue Kachina

    Watched Status Not Updating

    Hey all; I seem to be running into the same problem that various other users have encountered, and have not yet found a fix for it. I'm using the following: Server Version: 3.0.5188.21314 MediaBrowser Classic Version: 3-14.1 MPC-HC Version: 1.7.3 (cb22afa) MPC-HC is configured as my external player for everything except "Unknown" content. When I set up MPC-HC as my external player, I used "MPC-HC" as the External Player Type, and I even hit the Configure my player button at the bottom. This then modified my registry, and I had to provide admin access for it to
  13. thejulianath20

    Update server with Git...?

    I've downloaded the Git Server downloads and unpacked then went to updater.exe... I dont see the server vs go up... How to keep up to date with all the awesome Git updates?
  14. Simple question. Are there any known issues that would prevent a successful install or update of Media Browser 3 Server via Remote Desktop? I recently had to rollback to version 3.0.5115.35703 via System Restore because for some reason, after updating to the LiveTV release and configuring ffdshow filters, my copy protected TV shows stopped playing in WMC (another topic for another day). But now I'm ready to upgrade to back to 3.0.5135.31685, but I do not want to wait until I get home. I have some downtime during lunch and I want to try this baby out again! I also want to Install and
  15. Server works perfect for what I am using it for and I would love to spend 2 days in a row without an update coming into the middle of our prime time evening (when we sit down to watch tv). Under server tasks, I have tried deleting the application update triggers and the plugin update triggers as well, but it still broke in today and had to restart due to an update (that it wasn't even supposed to check for?). So what am I missing here? Thanks, Ice
  16. At first thanks for the great work. After the update befor the last all the episode names and synopsis dissapeared and the episode name becoame like this: before after S01E01 - Episode name ----------------------------->Show name S01E01 so I have tried to refresh the metadata with no result and when the last update Version 3.0.5031.21343 came I thought it wii resolve the problem but nothing changed. P.S. 1-My folder structure is: Tv series/ and episode name came
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