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  1. Hi there, during "dpkg -i emby-server-deb_4.7.6.0_amd64.deb" on Debian updating a running emby server installation, the following warning messages are issued: dpkg -i emby-server-deb_4.7.6.0_amd64.deb (Lese Datenbank ... 62781 Dateien und Verzeichnisse sind derzeit installiert.) Vorbereitung zum Entpacken von emby-server-deb_4.7.6.0_amd64.deb ... Removed "/etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/emby-server.service". Entpacken von emby-server ( über ( ... emby-server ( wird eingerichtet ... Neue Version der Konfigurationsdatei /etc/firewalld/services/emby-server.xml wird installiert ... Neue Version der Konfigurationsdatei /etc/init/emby-server.conf wird installiert ... Konfigurationsfehler - Element »NONEXISTENT« unbekannt (Administrator verständigen). Konfigurationsfehler - Element »PREVENT_NO_AUTH« unbekannt (Administrator verständigen). usermod: Keine Änderungen Konfigurationsfehler - Element »NONEXISTENT« unbekannt (Administrator verständigen). Konfigurationsfehler - Element »PREVENT_NO_AUTH« unbekannt (Administrator verständigen). Konfigurationsfehler - Element »NONEXISTENT« unbekannt (Administrator verständigen). Konfigurationsfehler - Element »PREVENT_NO_AUTH« unbekannt (Administrator verständigen). Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/emby-server.service → /lib/systemd/system/emby-server.service. Trigger für libc-bin (2.34-4) werden verarbeitet ... User definitions for user "emby": cat /etc/passwd | grep ^emby emby:x:998:998:Emby Server:/var/lib/emby:/usr/sbin/nologin Also somewhat surprised about new configuration files "/etc/firewalld/services/emby-server.xml" and "/etc/init/emby-server.conf" were created. My emby server is based on Debian Sid (Bookworm, V12 Testing, Rolling Release), Kernel Linux 5.18.0-4-amd64, SMP Debian 5.18.16-1 (2022-08-10). Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Now I know I must have done something wrong. I'd seen the notice to update Emby for a week or so and I'd been putting off updating to DSM 7 so I did them together. Now when I go to Emby it wants me to set everything up like a new installation. My files are still on the hard drive so I figure I did something wrong in the installation. Help. How do I get Emby to see everything that is already there? Is there an easy way or do I have to go through everything and reset Emby up?
  3. I did a quick search and didn't see this anywhere so apologies if this is a duplicate issue. I have updates turned on and the server should reboot itself, however, whenever it "updates" it reboots and loads to the previous version (currently trying to update to and then continues to give a "Please restart the server to finish applying updates." It did this when updating to from the version before that as well and i manually downloaded and installed the version. But i don't want to have to keep doing that. How can I get the server to actually complete the installs to the new versions? Operating in Windows 10 (Pro)
  4. So I attempted multiple methods to backup emby and follow guides for accurate removal and reinstall from DSM 6 > 7. After encountering a host of issues I gave up the ghost and just went ahead and uninstalled emby, updated the server and reinstalled. I knew this would require me recreating the server - whatever, I have time. Now that I've done this I can't see any of my media when adding libraries. They don't even appear to scan - I see no percentage check or anything. Just empty libraries. I've used the emby install from package center and the updated one with a manual pkg I've tried changing permissions on the shared folders to other users, including the embysvr user itself. I've tried reinstalling. I've tried chowning all my folders. I've tried everything, up to and including making embysvr an admin! Nothing is working! Any assistance, next steps or links to guides would be more than welcome. embyserver.txt
  5. I am trying to use Emby through roku, which I haven't done in a few months, and it is telling me that I have to update it. I am notified of an update on the dashboard and I tried both restarts and shutdowns but it still doesn't update and I still can't get into the server on the roku app. I tried disabling automatic updates and I still can't login. I tired a download but it is wanting to set up a new instance and not update the current one. How do I update emby or bypass the update? I have version installed on Windows.
  6. @LukeI hate to bother you and the developers but the new Emby update has seems to have flip the audio Channels around. I have several 5.1 audio movies and shows that have been affected by this. And form the look of it the tv app and mobile app doesn't have any way to change the audio settings or at least force it to stereo audio. Please fix this. Btw love the new update y'all are making so much progress it's amazing.
  7. wmcig2020

    Keine Elemente in Medienübersicht

    Hallo, Ich habe die Emby Server Version von 4620 auf 4640 erneuert. Dies habe ich über Portainer gemacht. Nun sehe ich aber nur meine Musiksammlung. Bei den Fotos und Filmen kann Emby keine Elemente finden. Ein Scan brachte keine neuen Ergebnisse. Auch an den Einstellungen wurde nichts verändert. Das Thema hat sich erledigt. Es war eine Servereinstellung meinerseits. Habe in Portainer das falsche Verzeichnis der Daten angegeben
  8. I recently tried to use the books category on Emby but it seems it doesn't work. I tried using PDF and CBZ files. They do show up but when I click on it it's just blank!
  9. Emby just updated and it broke my music collection. The music shows but it's all out of place. Please fix this
  10. Hi all, I manually installed Emby 4.5.4 on a clean Terramaster F2-210 NAS environment and everything went fine so far. Today I found on my TOS that there's an update for my Emby Server App so here are two questions for you: why TOS is reporting Emby Server as even if I manually installed versione since no newer version of Emby should be released, am I supposed to run this update? Thank you!!
  11. Dicken


    Muss ich jetzt jedes Update manuell einspielen?? Ist das nicht ein Rückschritt? Wieso bietet man es nicht mehr über die Paketquellen an? Ich dachte man kann jetzt über das Webinterface updaten, aber da krieg ich nur nen Link zur Anleitung mit Dateien für die manuelle Installation. LG Dicken
  12. Hi! I updated my Emby Server through the App Central in my NAS following your instructions (https://emby.media/asustor-server.html). Afterwards, I went to http://localhost:8096 and I indeed successfully updated from the version to the However, when I triy to access my emby server on my LG Smart TV it gives me the following error "Connection Failure: We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again". Whenever I access the http://localhost:8096 in Chrome it enters without a problem and it says emby web is (see image However when I access the http://app.emby.media/ it says my Chrome emby web version is and not the latest (see image Is this related with my problem? Please, does anyone knows how can I recover the access of Emby Server in my LG TV? Thank you, Mário
  13. sdjvincent

    Big Sur support

    Hi, Just a quick check to see if Emby is fully compatible with Big Sur before I update my server? Thanks in advance!
  14. Guest

    Thinking of changing OS to MAC

    So I have been thinking for awhile of changing my Servers OS to MAC. This is mostly due to the intrusive updates that are forced on us Windows10 Users and the bloatware that is constantly being reinstalled by these forced updates. Like xbox gamebar, etc and several others. I did figure out that by using Shell i can remove a lot of these programs I dont want or use but whenever their is an update these programs are forced back onto my PC using Data, which is expensive nowadays, and disc space which I like to keep clear for my needs not Microsofts attempt to get me to use programs I have ZERO interest in. EDGE is a huge irrigation as well. I remove it and it comes right back. Its as if Microsoft somehow knows I just shelled the hell out of their bloatware and they want it back on ASAP. Im beginning to think Windows OS is more or less spyware now as the years go by. I used to love Microsoft. But that has all changed and it wasnt a sudden distaste either. To to put insult to injury they pin that crap to my Desktop as to say, HEY BUDDY! Heres your internet browser you need to use! Serious BS. Also the new GET HELP for Windows10 infuriates me and I like the old troubleshooter. But it is either gone or buried in the OS some place. Also I find it funny that on the Microsoft help sites you have all these people saying that the majority of these programs cant be removed and are hard coded into the OS and they have to be there for it to work. This is an obvious plow to get people to keep programs on their PC that Microsoft gets paid to put on them. Really they are just trying to discourage people with misinformation. I read about a registry hack that can stop the updates but that was a couple of years ago someone had posted that and if I was terrible company like Microsoft Id patch that out as soon possible because, darn it your gonna get force fed the updates whether you want them or not. I hate companies like this. The only option is to postpone updates for a a week at which time they will force update you. I have read that MAC does not do this to its users. If so thats wonderful. Some of the best news Ive read all day. My server is a big part of my life and I use it constantly so the fewer issues I have obviously the better. Im just sick of Microsoft and need some good advice. Other considerations are of course just going to Linux Mint or something similar. I run KALI on my Chromebook so I am familiar with the struggles of changing an OS and how difficult it can be. Course Chromebook is a bit extreme considering the length at which you have to go to to get the darn OS on a system that doesnt like you doing that sort of thing and fights you the whole way lol. I do enjoy UNIX based OS though as Im an old IDX/IBM/DOS guy. I dont use the PC for gaming, I have another one for that, or anything else really. Mostly I just keep it running just for the server. So an OS that is light on the resource consumption is something I thought about a lot. Microsoft is not like this especially when the Antimalware crap decides to bog down the PC even though I already have a dedicated antivirus and dont need or want their default crap. All this said i would very much like to hear from the community about their thoughts and experiences with MAC OS as I worry about any compatibility issues from switching I might have. Cheers
  15. gillmacca01

    Manually updated nfo

    I have been doing some manual updating of some of my nfo files (updating outside of Emby, so I can batch edit). I am finding that the only way for Emby to read the new nfo, is to remove the video file, library scan, and then re-add the file. Am I missing something here? I can't see an option to read the nfo, without doing the above. If I select 'edit metadata', the original medata is displayed, not the new metatdata
  16. justermin

    Lost all users

    @@cayars Hi, I'm assuming there was an update recently as my son told me today that he cannot watch any shows or movies via my Emby server, it just flashes a still image and errors. I checked the Dashboard which showed that he and another user had logged in and out within a few seconds. When I tried to check his user account I realised that all Users were missing! I tried to add him again but the server just hangs and does nothing. I have restarted Emby several times and restarted the physical server but no solution. Server has been running for several months with same users without any issues and I have not logged on to Emby or changed any administrative settings for months. Server is running and is following spec: Dell Poweredge R610 Dual Xeon processors X5670 2.93ghz Windows 10 Pro 64 (legit) 64gb ram 240gb SSD 4 smaller SATA drives All media on 4 other servers in same rack. I use Firefox for administration
  17. prakritjay

    Updating my Server

    Hi, I have Emby installed on a seedbox with Whatbox using .NET Core Runtime (installation instructions here so maybe you have a better idea). I've tried enabling automatic updates and manually restarting my server but I can't get my server to update. I'm running the beta. Is there no way to update with a one click method? This seems like a common sense addition if it wasn't already there but I would think it is somewhere and I just don't know where to look for it. I'm not so sure how to go about updating the server otherwise, so please help me out. Thanks in advance.
  18. vellev

    Emby updates (Docker)

    Hi all I am running Emby as a docker image and it is running great. My problem comes when I do the updates. For the update, I use watchtower which picks up the updated image, if newer version exists and installs it. However, after the update, Emby starts with the wizard and does not use previous configuration, so all the metadata is recreated (which means all previous users, collections, etc. is lost). Currently, to resolve the issue, on the host I do something like this after the update: docker stop emby cd /var/lib/docker/volumes rm -fr newvolumefoldername/_data cp -R oldvolumefoldername/_data newvolumefoldername/_data docker start emby so, when I go back to Emby, old configuration is used. But I am sure there must be a better way to do the updates and I am afraid if there are any changes in the db or config schemas, they will not be applied with the process I am doing. Can somebody please help? How are you doing Emby docker updates? Thanks, Vel
  19. After getting prompted to update in the web app, I went and downloaded and did so and now the server won't stay active, as soon as I close out of the Emby Server App, and try and access it either through the web app or the player on the Shield it isn't there. When I go back to the Server app again and open it, it starts up suggesting it had crashed. I've rebooted the Shield etc and still the same behaviour. Was just wondering if anyone else was having an issue with this update or whether is it just something local to me. I've kept the previous installer so I could try rolling back?
  20. techman2005

    Update Roku App

    After updating Emby to I am able to stream fine from the web but when accessing content from Roku I am having issues with really slow loading and once it loads after a few min it starts loading again. So far from my observations It appears to be more of an issue when watching content that needs to be transcoded. Any Suggestions? --Loads fast and has no issue on ios but I noticed that it is direct streaming
  21. I just got a notification that there was an update for the server on my Shield, 4.4 I believe. Downloaded it through Chrome but after the 'staging app' screen when I click Install I immediately get an 'App not Installed' message. Tried downloading it to various places, internal drive, connected drive but exactly the same behaviour. I then tried the beta as well, but again exactly the same thing. I'm not really sure what else I can try other than uninstall the current version, which is but obviously that's a last resort as it's going to mean setting everything up again and will take a long time.. Has anyone else had a similar issue or have a fix? Maybe I'm being stupid? I should say I'm on the Hotfix path on the Shield 8.0.2 as I was losing HDMI sync constantly, which the hotfix seems to have sorted, but I'm not sure whether this would make any difference?
  22. Everything was working fine, and I noticed a few days ago that there were alerts, and all of them indicating that the check for application updates failed, and the check for the plugin updates failed. It used to work because I remember seeing the updates. Where do I start to look?
  23. zac115

    safe to update?

    is it safe to update? i really dont want to update emby only for it too go into the endless cycle of shutting down like it was before. is safe to install? is anyone else having any problems with it?
  24. zenobit06

    update to emby server mac?

    Hello, I'm still thinking about updating from emby server version to … even if the old version runs on my Mac mini without any problem. Therefore I have some questions: 1) which macOS version do I need for emby Server Is High Sierra Version 10.13.6 still okay?. 2) I made many manual changes in the metadata of my emby library. Will they remain or go lost after an update to a newer server version? 3) I use emby only for music-streaming. Are there any new features (for example: integration of podcast or radio) in the new server version? Best regards zenobit06
  25. hi my server in windows can't update plugins! it shows me emby updates without any problems. I have to update DLNA plugin from 1.0.31 to 1.0.33 manually. connected with a vpn, but problem is still alive! restarted emby and PC but doesn't work logs.zip
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