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  1. I want to suggest you guys, please add LibVLC player as an alternative internal player to ExoPlayer. It's just a matter of adding a configuration option in the client for Android TV, in which I can choose between the different options ExoPlayer, or LibVLC, or an external player. An Emby competitor's Android TV client already has the configuration options ExoPlayer, or LibVLC, or automatic, or an external player. It is that if Emby's competitor already has two internal players, the official Emby clients would also have to have the internal LibVLC. Since the problem of playing MKV files, which contain Dolby Vision and HDR10, is unique to the Emby's ExoPlayer player, but if I had the option to choose LibVLC, right now I could play absolutely all my files that have DV and HDR10 with LibVLC, if you were as an internal player in the Emby client for Android TV. Although VLC a few years ago has problems with small jerks or jumps in the image when playing SRT text subtitle lines, I only use forced subtitles with a few lines of text in movies or TV series episodes. I leave you an attached image with the configuration options that should be added to the client for Android TV: Thanks. Greeting.
  2. So I've recently run into a strange issue where my temp transcode folder becomes enormous in a short period of time. After researching, I noticed that it was being filled with .ts transcode files from live tv after relatively short viewing terms. From what I could tell, It looks like the problem is two fold, 1) the temp files aren't actually being deleted. 2) streaming from my live tv, the sessions apparently aren't terminating after viewing has stopped. An example, today in "Now playing" it showed a friend that watched part of a football game the day before. Not until rebooting Emby was the session terminated. What's weird, is I've had the same live tv setup for awhile and had never run into either issue until recently but I've read that others have run into similar issues in the past. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions to remedy this, Id love to hear any suggestions. I had to turn live tv off in the interim and definitely would miss it. Thanks
  3. Brief: Thumbnail extraction and creation of *.bif files for progress/seek bar doesn't create *.bif files for tv shows, but it does for movies. Running EmbyServer on Kubuntu 22.04 I reviewed this link for reference; it helped with debugging a bit, but didn't solve anything. A few days ago, I turned on thumbnail extraction for *.bif on two libraries, movies and tv shows. After the first run timed-out after 4 hours (a sensible default), I ran the scheduled task manually so it would go to completion. Today, it finished the movies, and *should* have taken another week or so to chew through the tv shows. The *.bif files for the movies are present in /var/lib/emby/metadata (as expected and desired), and they function as expected, at least in Emby Theater for Linux. Looking in embyserver.txt, I see thousands of lines with "quick-extract-imageseries' (one with the command executed, one noting success, per movie). However, when it finished the movies and switched to TV shows, it started using 'quick-extract-image' instead, again with two entries (command & success) as for movies. However, no *.bif files were generated for tv shows, either in /var/lib/emby/metadata (desired) nor in the content folders (not desired). Incanted `updatedb&`, then used `locate` and `grep` to confirm no *.bif files for tv shows anywhere on the machine. Below is a sanitized snippet from embyserver.txt showing the transition from movies to tv shows. <snip> 2022-08-10 14:42:57.187 Info App: ProcessRun 'quick-extract-imageseries' Execute: /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -f matroska -threads 1 -skip_interval 10 -copyts -i file:"/srv/samba/public/video/movies/Movie.Title,The [2022.1080p.x265.EAC3.6CH].mkv" -an -sn -vf "scale=w=320:h=180,format=yuv420p,eq=contrast=0.9:gamma=0.95:saturation=1.8" -vsync cfr -r 0.1 -f image2 "/var/lib/emby/cache/temp/1c2a5bd3e45247c4a9b6a13faa9b9815/img_%05d.jpg" 2022-08-10 14:43:53.471 Info LibraryMonitor: tmpmusicvideos (/srv/samba/public/video/tmpmusicvideos) will be refreshed. 2022-08-10 14:43:54.187 Info MediaProbeManager: ProcessRun 'ffprobe' Execute: /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -i file:"/srv/samba/public/video/tmpmusicvideos/Starland Vocal Band/Afternoon Delight/Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight.mkv" -threads 0 -v info -print_format json -show_streams -show_chapters -show_format -show_data 2022-08-10 14:43:54.211 Info MediaProbeManager: ProcessRun 'ffprobe' Process exited with code 0 - Succeeded 2022-08-10 14:43:54.866 Info HttpClient: GET https://musicbrainz.emby.tv/ws/2/artist/?query="Starland Vocal Band"&dismax=true 2022-08-10 14:43:55.417 Info HttpClient: GET https://www.theaudiodb.com/api/v1/json/2139078587215309723505/artist-mb.php?i=2dd30f18-241e-44b3-8bb3-950380f22dfa 2022-08-10 14:43:55.585 Info HttpClient: GET https://webservice.fanart.tv/v3.1/music/2dd30f18-241e-44b3-8bb3-950380f22dfa?api_key=x_secret1_x 2022-08-10 14:43:58.530 Debug NetworkManager: Detected local ip addresses:, fe80::4423:11d7:9015:f4ae%2,, ::1 2022-08-10 14:44:07.972 Info App: ProcessRun 'quick-extract-imageseries' Process exited with code 0 - Succeeded 2022-08-10 14:44:08.029 Info App: ProcessRun 'quick-extract-image' Execute: /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -skip_list 515 -f matroska -threads 1 -copyts -i file:"/srv/samba/public/video/tv/TV Show Name/S04/Tv.Show.Name.S04E01 [1080p.x265.AAC.6CH].mkv" -an -sn -update 1 -vf "scale=trunc(min(max(iw\,ih*dar)\,min(600\,0*dar))/2)*2:trunc(min(max(iw/dar\,ih)\,min(600/dar\,0))/2)*2,thumbnail=24" -vsync 0 -f image2 "/var/lib/emby/cache/temp/ca5f3275-94c8-4a9d-9bbc-55120e9ad6a3.jpg" 2022-08-10 14:44:12.279 Info App: ProcessRun 'quick-extract-image' Process exited with code 0 - Succeeded <snip> EmbyServer spent about 6 hours doing 'quick-image-extract' for all the tv shows. It then spent about 15 minutes doing 'extract-multi-image' for some very recent tv show episodes. When I try to run the scheduled task manually, it finishes in 0 seconds, doing nothing. There is no "thumbnail-failures.txt" in /var/lib/emby/cache. Screenies of the relevant portions of the library settings are attached. TV library was set to 'Chapters' originally, which seems suspect. I just changed it to '10 seconds' and re-ran the scheduled task. It completed within 49 seconds, which can't be right. More investigation is required. I've attached the complete server log corresponding to the snippet above. Update: Changing the tv library to '10 seconds', then re-running the scheduled task resulting in emby creating *.bif files for four tv episodes, then finishing the task. Running the scheduled task again (repeatedly) and it just finishes instantly without creating more *.bif files. 2022-08-10 20:39:32.364 embyserver.error.finishing.movies.starting.tv.shows.no.bif.files.for.tv.txt
  4. Hi Team, Recently I've found that a more than a few larger files fail playback. The app will attempt to play (spinning circle) and then fails. TV files don't seem to have the same issue. Emby Server version: 4.7.2 Samsung TV App: 1.2.8 Samsung TV Model: UA55J6200 Transcoding logs attached. Thanks ffmpeg-transcode-9379cffa-b20d-448d-b7c7-09e1eac97530_1.txt
  5. I have Emby on Samsung TV model UN48J5200, when playing the movies in mkv and mp4 format, it closes the app and starts again and freezes. Emby Theater 0.122
  6. Emby Server on Windows 10 (v After adding Moon Knight (https://thetvdb.com/series/moon-knight) the first episode is available with the title in Emby as "TBA". No matter how many times I try and refresh all metadata on the episode, series or whole TV show it remains at "TBA". TVDB is the first metadata provider for the TV Shows library and it has the correct name for the episode. The filename even has the name of the episode in it. The metadata is NOT locked (first thing I checked). I had this before with Book of Boba Fett and had to edit the metadata manually but thought it was an isolated case. The server log only shows ffprobe.exe refreshing the episode thumbnail and coverart doing it's thing (CoverArt: image enhance of Moon Knight took 0.016 seconds.) I even deleted the metadata nfo file and refreshed the episode, and it recreate the file with TBA in the details: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <episodedetails> <plot><![CDATA[Steven Grant learns that he may be a superhero, but may also share a body with a ruthless mercenary.]]></plot> <outline /> <lockdata>false</lockdata> <dateadded>2022-03-31 00:22:13</dateadded> <title>TBA</title> I've run out of troubleshooting ideas now!
  7. kaufmanj1973

    Missing folder in a collection

    I'm having a similar issue. Installed Emby on a Synology NAS. Setup two libraries, Movies and Television. Did the media scan. TV shows are set up with subfolders, A through Z, then by title/season/episode. After completion of the scan, folders A and B are nowhere to be found in the library, but easily visible within Windows Explorer. Folders B through Z are available and visible through Emby. Tried deleting and recreating library, scanned again. Still don't show up.
  8. Hello quick question please. I have a friend whom I've granted access to on my Emby Server and they are not in my city so they have tried to connect to my Emby Server with their Panasonic TV (see photo) and they cant get it to connect. It gives them a PIN number but that's all. They have no way to 'log in'. I have never used this on a Panasonic TV so I'm not sure it works. This user can use their Mobile iOS app to connect to my media so we know the username works etc - they just cant get the TV to connect. Could someone please let me know if we're doing something wrong here? Again I've never used this on a TV and I cant visit them. Cheers Rob
  9. Hi, I have the complete series of "Homicide" on my Emby server with the following naming convention: Homicide - SXXEXX - title.mp4 (with each season in a separate directory) under the TV/Homicide directory. All is working well. But, there are a few Law & Order cross-over episodes (that is, the story starts in a Law & Order episode and concludes in a Homicide Episode, or vice versa). I have the Law & Order episodes as separate mp4 files and would like to include them in the Homicide listing. I tried doing the following: Homicide - S06E05 - Baby, It's You (Law & Order Crossover Episode, Part 1).mp4 Homicide - S06E05 - Baby, It's You (Part 2).mp4 But when I look at Season 6 in my Emby client (browser), all that shows is the Part 2 episode, not the Law & Order episode. Can you tell me if there is a way to accomplish what I am trying to do and, if so, how to do it? Thanks, I appreciate the help. Bruce
  10. BruceDavid

    TV Show Naming

    Hi, I am saving episodes of "Homicide Life on the Street" as individual MP4 files ripped from the DVD. I am using the following naming convention: Homicide - S01E01 - episode name.mp4 The issue that I've run into is that the order of the episodes in the DVD is, according to the DVD, the order in which the producer intended, it is not the order in which they were broadcast. So, for example, one of my episodes is "Homicide - S01E03 - The Night of the Dead Living.mp4." But, that episode apparently was the ninth episode broadcast and the third episode broadcast was an episode called "Son of a Gun." Emby thinks that my third episode is the "Son of a Gun" episode, not the "Night of the Dead Living" episode. Is there a way for me to get Emby to recognize (or manually override) the "Night of the Dead Living" as the third episode instead of it thinking that my third episode is "Son of a Gun?" Thanks, I appreciate the help. Bruce
  11. WagnerFeitosa

    Armazenamento na própria TV

    Boa noite pessoal, alguém sabe se é possível utilizar o Emby para organizar músicas e vídeos armazenados em um HD na própria TV ou tenho que criar um servidor, se alguém souber algum programa que me ajude com isso ficarei muito agradecido. Obs, utilizo o sistema WebOs.
  12. KarlHungus67

    Missing folder in a collection

    Hello, Installed Emby recently on windows 10 (as service), very happy with it. Encounter a strange issue. I created a library (with tv content). I had 2 folders in it. Everything was clearly identified. This morning I add a third folder in the library folder. I click on "scan library file" to refresh. Cannot see the new folder. Neither in "shows" or even in "folders" tab. Tried "refresh metadata", even restart service. Still same. Don't understand, but it must be something obvious ? thanks in advance Attached the serverlog, with a "scan library file" performed at 10:32 embyserver.txt
  13. I'm relatively new to Emby, but I've been extremely impressed with it so far One issue I've been trying to figure out how to address is TV shows that legitimately have a season 0, such as MST3K. I'm finding that all of the season 0 episodes are getting put into the same display folder with the various specials that I have in my collection, and that folder is called "Specials". I have all of my season 0 episodes in a subdirectory called "Season 0", and all of the specials in a separate subdirectory called "Specials". I've also tested enabling and disabling the "Display specials within the season they aired in" advanced library option with no change in behavior. I've also started editing the metadata for the specials to ensure that the season listed is null instead of 0, but this also doesn't seem to be changing the behavior so far. Is there anything else I can do to display the season 0 episodes (for MST3K, these are also sometimes referred to as the KTMA episodes or the Season K episodes) separately from the specials? I'm running Emby Server on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS.
  14. Hi All I cant seem to get the new channels to my Emby server? (I even removed the tuner but then I couldn't make it recognize the HDHomerun plugin from the enigma2 sat box?, So luckily I had a backup I could restore Emby back) The EPG by XML is loading fine! And the mapping to the new channels are done in Emby also fine! I mapped 48 channels in total: But the Guide is not refreshed with any of the new channels? Can anyone tell me what files to delete to force a udate? The TV channels are in the right order and play perfectly! But all icons are wrong? and all of the TV guide info is wrong... Update it looks like it doesn't update after my re-mappings of all the channels? Refreshing the guide doesn't help either
  15. Yodikko

    VPN and LiveTv, a few questions

    Hello. I'm actually running an Emby server on my Lubuntu laptop with a VPN always on. So with all the device i connect remotely, with the TV too. I was wondering if I watch live TV on the TV (without VPN because my TV doesn't have any softwere to do it, but still the VPN is on on the laptop/server) is safe? I mean do i "send" the ip of the server to the providers or the ip of the television? Do I have to turn on VPN on all devices I want to see live TV on to be safe and mask my ip or my server with his VPN mask already. It maybe is a super dumb question, I know.
  16. DeeJaayMac

    Question about my wifi

    Hey fellas, I've had a working Emby setup for a long time. Just from my TV to my server, same LAN. Updated my Sony TV, and now emby does not work. No pin gets displayed, and entering the IP does nothing. Reset TV, reinstalled Emby, works fine on my windows devices. Reset Wifi, etc. My background is IT/Cybersecurity so hopefully I'm not being a huge goof and missing something. Cheers.
  17. I'm currently dealing with the cartoon Animaniacs. Because of the way the TVDB lists this how, I have each episode split into segments. I have two questions based on this and hopefully one of them is possible: 1. Is it possible in emby to have these segments combined? For example TVDB EP 1,2 & 3 is actually S01E01 .. I think Plex calls this stacked naming 2. How flexible is emby with multi episode naming? If I were to combine these segments into full episodes, it would be based on the Wikipedia / IMDB lists. The problem with this is that the order doesn't correctly line up with TVDB (TMDB is the same). For example S01E27 in Wikipedia is made up of 3 segments (1,2,3). However the order in TVDB is different and would mean that the segment with the end credits would be in the middle (2,3,1) So for me to join the into 1 file in the correct order & have the metadata pulled from TVDB in the correct order I would need to name the file weirdly - like S01E66-65-64 Does emby support something like this or am I just going to have to live with having the wrong name / description order for some episodes?
  18. Hello,yesterday I setup emby but on port 80 since my router cant port forward 8096 beause of a security thing everything was working and I added the m3u so some movies appeard on my ip:80 but when I went to the live tv I saw it needed subscription,I bought it. I enterm 3u and when I go on my ip : 80 I see no channels and not any movies anymore how can I fix that? I tried a file/m3u link neither did work Also I tried the iptv plugin but its not stable and also I can only add channels one by one
  19. Unsure if this has been mentioned before but during playback while casting from android phone when I need to fast forward or rewind sometimes it starts the movie or TV show over. Was wondering if others sometimes had the same issue? I noticed if I click rewind once and let it load it seems to mostly be fine. But not always. Also if I double click fast forward or rewind, this seems to be a way to get your progress erased. But also not always.
  20. SilentDis

    Episodes Present - Show as Missing

    Emby Server Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 TV show library has decided that Season 4 of Scrubs mostly doesn't exist, except episode 4. These files are very much present, permissions are good, Emby can write to the directory, and it's even indexing things; populating .nfo files in-directory fine. Things I've tried: Removing directory from server, deleting everything but the .avi files, converting said .avis to h264 MP4s with AAC audio, refreshing library, moving folder back to server with a different name (Season 4, rather than Season 04), and rescanning, did not help. Moved folder, hosed metadata for season, deleted everything but the MP4s, renaming folder back to "Season 04", moving it back to server. Did not help, same situation. At this point, I'd be fine with just filling in the path to each of these files by hand if it helps, but can't find a way to do so from the metadata manager or the like. I am not having any problems with any other series, and there are hundreds up there, all working fine. Any suggestions?
  21. Joanie214

    Can't play tv shows

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this comment. I just set up emby after being on Plex for many years and joined premiere. My server is set up on a new win 10 drive and plays perfectly from my shield hooked up to that PC. Problem is all of the wifi firesticks in the house will not play the tv shows. They are all named properly and in folders. There is no problem playing movies. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  22. Hi All, The recent upgrade to 4.3.3 states "Performance improvement to TV guide', But I am not seeing anything on my setup. My setup is Andriod TV on an Nvidia Shield, connecting directly to a Synology NAS via managed hub on the same VLAN. The NAS runs the Emby Server which also connects to a HD Homerun Quattro, also on the same hub and VLAN. My issue is with scrolling through the TV guide If you scroll through the guide with the BBC channel highlighted, I can scroll forward through programmes for weeks, no problem. But if if I select another channel to be highlighted such as ITV2+1, it will scroll up to 10pm that day then screw up the whole guide with "<No programme Data Available>". Yet if I use the calendar to select a future date, all works fine. So scrolling on certain channels is broken for me Any ideas ?
  23. How do I name the folder tree for Planet Earth II? Currently, Emby don't recognize it but Plex does, so does add the metadata as well. This is my format so far: Planet Earth II Season 1 Planet Earth II - S01E01 - Islands.mkv Planet.Earth.II - S01E02 - Mountains.mkv .... and so on. Also, I tried Planet Earth II Planet Earth II - S01E01 - Islands.mkv Planet.Earth.II - S01E02 - Mountains.mkv Both work fine with Plex but not Emby.
  24. Samsung Model: UN48H8000 Samsung Firmware Version: 1400 Samsung Emby Client version: 0.122 Hello, At or around the time Emby Server updated to, episode listings disappeared when using Emby via Samsung TV. It continues to work properly when using Emby via Chrome browser. I am fairly confident that folder structure and episode naming are correct as prior to the update mentioned it was working without issues on all devices. I initiate the Emby app on the Samsung TV. I then select "TV Shows" and get the listing of shows, as expected and as intended. I select a show and am brought to the screen with the show summary, the "Up Next" list, and the individual season "icons", again as usual and as expected. I then select a season, and am presented with a screen that only shows the show image/icon in the top left and options for "Play All" and "Shuffle". Below that the rest of the screen is blank. This blank portion of the screen is where I would normally see the episodes listed. I have tried several things, none of which has made any diffrerence: - I have deleted entire shows and re-uploaded them using same and different folder structures - I have run the full-scan of the library - I have deleted and re-installed the Emby app on the Samsung TV - I have shut down Emby and re-started the NAS, then re-started Emby Please let me know if you require additional information or if you have any questions. Thank you
  25. This is a weird one. TV shows- no matter how many times I rescan it, do not show all the seasons for any TV series I have. You can see the number of unplayed episodes but it simply doesn't list the seasons. It does this with all my tv shows. Take for example 30 rock. I have all the seasons and episodes available, and emby clearly sees the episodes as it shows 135 unplayed. However if you open it up, it shows season 7 available and then shows the season 1 episodes for 'next up'. Is there a setting I've totally missed or is there something I'm not doing correctly? I've rescanned and re-added my library paths multiple times. It does this for every single tv series I have. It either shows one random season or none. The weird thing was for a long time I unknowingly had tv shows as "Mixed Content" and it wasn't until I changed it to TV Shows that this problem occurred. Any help is very appreciated.
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