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  1. So this feature is really nice. It helps playback start immediately. I am going to setup my mother and aunt on this for live TV but it poses one issue which keeps me from having them buy the lifetime. CPU power. Is there any change to integrate a feature for selecting quality on convert on the fly to a lower resolution so ffmpeg does not eat so much CPU power. Or is this a setting that can be changed in a file somewhere?
  2. Scrapbookee

    iOS question about playback

    I am a bit confused about how Emby works with iOS and playing within the Emby app on an iPad. From this page: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/iOS The first sentence, to me, implies that I can play any format of video on my iPad. But then we get to direct play, which states Can someone explain this to me? If only .mp4, .mov, and .m4v are supported for iPad, is Emby transcoding even useful for iOS? Am I missing some setting somewhere or something that would let me play other formats in the Emby app on my iPad? I was recommended Emby from a friend and neither of us knew I'd have to reformat half my library just to play on the iPad.
  3. DancingMan

    processing subtitles locally

    When using Emby Theater to play mp4s with embedded DVDSUB subtitles (not burned it), my server's CPU utilization runs very high. It's transcoding for the subtitles. Is there any way to have ET process the subtitles itself? When I use Pot Player as an External Player the server's CPU utilization stays low because Pot Player handles everything. I'd rather use the internal player if possible though.
  4. Hi there Guys may I ask for a little help? I'm running SATV, SPMC and/or Kodi 16.2 (Titan 3.6.51) , Emby and Emby for Kodi 2.2.10. I am 99% there with my setup except a couple of niggles around music. I have selected direct stream and music plays fine but: - 1. Even though my library is 320kbps mp3 is always transcodes to 128kbps? 2. When I select play on "Highway to Hell" I get random fanart background as opposed to AC/DC (for example) Are these a limitation of direct stream? Thanks for your help Dave
  5. marky183

    Issues with Recording Live TV

    I am trying to use Emby as a DVR solution, after recording some shows as tests, everything worked fine. I have the convert to mp4 option checked. However this weekend, all of the shows I record only recorded for 4 seconds. below is from the server Log file: I have also attached the corresponding record 2016-03-26 13:59:48.8819 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 36ms. 2016-03-26 14:00:00.0679 Info App: Recording timer fired. 2016-03-26 14:00:00.2294 Info App: Streaming Channel hdhr_791_3c2850c70a0d49988d0e212b1210ff4b 2016-03-26 14:00:00.2540 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager GET: 2016-03-26 14:00:00.3075 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager GET: 2016-03-26 14:00:00.4806 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager GET: 2016-03-26 14:00:00.5862 Info App: GetChannelStream: channel id: hdhr_791_3c2850c70a0d49988d0e212b1210ff4b. stream id: 2016-03-26 14:00:00.7287 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager POST: http://www.mb3admin.com/admin/service/registration/validate 2016-03-26 14:00:00.9329 Info App: Beginning recording. Will record for 59.9902243666667 minutes. 2016-03-26 14:00:00.9329 Info App: Writing file to path: /media/Recorded_TV/Series/See No Evil/See No Evil S02E05 Watching Dru.mp4 2016-03-26 14:00:00.9329 Info App: Opening recording stream from tuner provider 2016-03-26 14:00:00.9577 Info App: /usr/pbi/emby-amd64/bin/ffmpeg -fflags +genpts -async 1 -vsync -1 -i "" -t 00:59:59.413 -sn -codec:v:0 libx264 -force_key_frames expr:gte(t,n_forced*5) -vf "yadif=0:-1:0" -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset superfast -crf 23 -b:v 25000000 -maxrate 25000000 -bufsize (25000000*2) -vsync vfr -profile:v high -level 41 -map_metadata -1 -threads 0 -codec:a:0 aac -strict experimental -ab 320000 -y "/media/Recorded_TV/Series/See No Evil/See No Evil S02E05 Watching Dru.mp4" 2016-03-26 14:00:19.1182 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:00:19.1504 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 32ms. 2016-03-26 14:00:49.1576 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:00:49.1873 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 30ms. 2016-03-26 14:01:19.4286 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:01:19.4609 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 32ms. 2016-03-26 14:01:49.4679 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:01:49.5001 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 32ms. 2016-03-26 14:02:19.7391 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:02:19.7776 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 38ms. 2016-03-26 14:02:49.7858 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:02:49.8176 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 32ms. 2016-03-26 14:03:18.0608 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:03:18.0996 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 39ms. 2016-03-26 14:03:48.1107 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:03:48.1400 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 29ms. 2016-03-26 14:04:01.7316 Info HttpServer: HTTP SUBSCRIBE UserAgent: DLNADOC/1.51 SEC_HHP_[Mobile]Krystal Schlaht (Galaxy Note4)/1.0 2016-03-26 14:04:01.7329 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 1ms. 2016-03-26 14:04:02.7817 Info HttpServer: HTTP SUBSCRIBE UserAgent: DLNADOC/1.51 SEC_HHP_[Mobile]Krystal Schlaht (Galaxy Note4)/1.0 2016-03-26 14:04:02.7869 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 5ms. 2016-03-26 14:04:18.3717 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:04:18.4177 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 46ms. 2016-03-26 14:04:48.4273 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: UPnP/1.0 2016-03-26 14:04:48.4760 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 49ms. 2016-03-26 14:05:12.6803 Info App: FFMpeg exited with code 0 2016-03-26 14:05:12.7696 Info App: Recording completed: /media/Recorded_TV/Series/See No Evil/See No Evil S02E05 Watching Dru.mp4 record-transcode-ee2f7f7c-165d-454a-84ba-6f9fc19a84ff.txt
  6. bigdahlman

    Hisense and TCL Roku TV

    Hi guys! I have been a user of Emby Premiere for a couple of months now, utilizing the Live TV feature on a Hisense 48" Roku TV, a TCL 42" Roku TV, and a Insignia 50" Roku TV with a HD Homerun Prime. Our server is not very powerful so we rely on direct streaming all of our content. I have set all of our user preferences to not allow transcoding, because it will basically crash our system. Direct Streaming has worked fine for Live TV and Recorded TV on all three Roku TVs as long as you have your bandwidth set to max (30mbps) inside the Roku TV App, and have the audio mode set to Dolby, DTS in the TV settings. A couple of weeks ago we purchased a simple pair of computer speakers with a subwoofer to improve the sound over the internal speakers that plug into the headphone slot. Suddenly, we were greeted with a message that there were no compatible streams for both Live TV and Recorded TV. I have been a long time viewer of your forums, but have never posted before. Here is what is the situation and the odd things I encountered (exact same on all Roku TV models I own) In the standard Roku App if you have the speakers unplugged and select a source it will begin playing, and continue playing after you plug the speakers into the headphone jack! Yay! (but kind of a pain in the a**) This is the same for the Beta Roku App In the Roku Blue Neon App, you can select "force direct stream". When I do this WITH the speakers plugged into the headphone jack everything works, no problem! This is how I know the both the Hisense and TCL Roku TVs can decode AC3 audio even with the headphone jack in use. So I believe that the standard and beta Roku Apps are misinterpreting the audio capabilities of the Hisense, TCL, and Insignia Roku TVs when the headphone jacks are in use. I can provide you with any files you may need, and offer my services to test on all three Roku TV brands. Let me know if I can help in any way, and thank you again for the great product. Very Respectfully, Mark
  7. Is there a way to Direct Play live TV with Emby theater? Best I can tell (with CPU usage) that WMC or HDHomeRun VIEW stream without transcoding.
  8. BinaryShrub

    Issues with 5.1 Sound

    I just recently starting seeing an issue on my Fire Sticks after the FireOS 5.0.5 release where videos with 5.1 audio are not playing the center channel at all. It's quite strange, I hear the surrounding sounds, but most all vocals are gone. This doesnt happen with 2.1 channel videos. I have tried reinstalling the server and factory resetting my Fire Sticks, but the issue is still happening on both, on two different TVs.
  9. plessers@gmail.com

    transcoding needed for DLNA

    Hello, I tried something exotic: using plex server and plex web app to select a movie. Than casting it to KODI (on raspberry openelec) or PLEX HOME THEATER (on raspberry rasplex) by using DLNA Very nice to see that it works! However, on my server, I see that the ffmpeg process is transcoding and eating my CPU. The rasplex client is available of receiving full hd without transcoding. This is how I used to work with Plex/PHT combination. But if I want to change to Emby, the rasplex (or openelec) clients are a very good alternative, but I want to avoid transcoding everything I know there is a emby plugin for kodi, but I don't like the concept of syncing the emby-database to kodi (that is in fact what the plugin does). So my question here: is it possible to use kodi/rasplex as a DLNA-client for emby without the need for transcoding my movies? kind regards, B
  10. I have posted this in Emby Testing but it could belong in here. I have mentioned that all my wmc records are getting transcoded than Luke mentioned to put it a different library so I did copied a movie recording to movies folder pressed play and noticed no transcoding but playing from live tv in the new emby theatre it does transcode. Then I played about 10 different recordings and every single one in serverwmc it displays remuxed recording. I think it is likely cause why it is transcoding. Maybe I have a wrong setting that I cannot see. serverwmc version is build 1225
  11. tired dad

    Playback stops randomly in 1.05 release

    Hello, the spouse has had no luck with the app on her iPad, even after getting a new one earlier this week. The MKV files are transcoded and stream just fine (i.e., the playback is not choppy, even at 20 MB/sec), but then the stream randomly stops. I reduced the transcode rate from "automatic" to 4 MP/sec and it worked for two episodes of her (current) favourite show, but then hasn't worked since. Shows can stop streaming after 4 minutes or as long as 40, but she is unable to get through longer episodes without stopping (the little busy indicator comes on). Trying to resume results in nothing happening, and starting from scratch sometimes works and sometimes starts two streams playing simultaneously (for audio, the screen remains blank), one at the stopping point, and one from the beginning. The server doing the transcoding is under light load and has the power to handle conversion in realtime, as far as I know. I see the transcoding bar below the playback bar as always running about 5-10% ahead, so that doesn't seem to be an issue. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
  12. In my initial tests, I set up emby on android, connecting to a ubuntu server. I had it connected via wifi, and tested playback with movies/tv, and even live tv. All worked flawlessly. Then I tested playback over 4G. I was amazed that it worked, especially because I didn't use emby connect and I don't think I ever specified my public ip to the app. But there I was streaming live tv and movies while sitting in the mall waiting on my wife. I was very impressed. Now, after dertermining that emby would suit my needs and testing emby for kodi locally on a spare Rpi, I am ready to transition over. But all of a sudden playback on my phone doesn't work. I haven't changed anything that I know of. It doesn't matter if it is locally over wifi connected directly to the emby port, or externally over 4G going through my reverse proxy. Streaming and transcoding work fine in chrome from an external location going through the reverse proxy. On my phone I get: Playback error: There was an error processing the request. Please try again later. I know it attempting to transcode: my transcode log: http://pastebin.com/2jFK5E8a I don't know much about dlna profiles yet, thinking that since I am using the android and kodi plugins, and the web interface, I wouldn't be using dlna. Are these profiles used for the app connection as well? Maybe it is a profile issue.
  13. Hi guys, first post here. I have a new install of Emby on a server using an ASRock N3700-ITX motherboard. The CPU is small, but supports up to 4K hardware accelerated transcoding via Quick Sync. If I set Emby with Quick Sync disabled, I am able to watch on any of my clients, but only up to 480p. If I turn Quick Sync on, I get nothing on any client. The stream opens like normal, but nothing ever shows up. The system does not register any kind of an error, and unless I back out of the stream myself, it will sit indefinitely on a blank screen because the DLNA client is not aware that an error has occurred. If I watch from the Emby UI on a PC web browser, its the same story. Everything is current (Emby version, OMV updates, Debian updates, and BIOS). I installed Plex and get the exact same result. All clients hang with no stream and no error, so this is probably a compatibility issue more than it is a problem inherent in Emby. Any ideas here, though? I'm sure I'm not the first person to use these intel chips for this purpose. They've been out six months now and everyone online has been raving about them for HTPCs. Questions: (1) Even doing transcoding without acceleration, I think I should be able to do one 1080 stream without issue. Why am I locked at 480? (2) What can I do to troubleshoot Quick Sync under these circumstances?
  14. Hi, Need your assistance to look thru the following transcoding logs. The first file is a MKV file and i have no idea why it is transcoding , i have also attached my tv dlna profile for reference in case it's due to some error in the profile The second file i was having issues with is a HEVC X265 file and has anyone got any idea on how i can include HEVC x265 support into the DLNA profile. I have been getting errors when i try to edit the profile and include hevc x265. The LG TV i have definitely supports hevc x265 playback. Thank you and a Happy New Year to everyone. LG Smart+ TV.xml
  15. AsianEd

    Subtitles not transcoding

    I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot this behavior. I noticed today that some files with embedded subtitles (.mkv container) are not transcoding with the subtitles and playing properly on my Roku3. Oddly, these same files played with the subtitles transcoded and burned in just a few weeks ago. Did something change in the server to cause this to happen? My server is running 3.0.5800.3
  16. Vector

    Transcoding options

    What are the options available in the <TranscodingProfile /> block? I would like to resize all video above 480p for some of the low end Android devices I have around. As a side question, what does "isRequired" mean in this block? I think that set to true and the video exceeds the condition then it won;t let you play it, but what does false do? If false lets it through why have the condition at all? <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Width" value="1920" isRequired="true" />
  17. chali

    transcoding and cores

    Hi Just a quick question, Under transcoding i can only use upp to 8 cores or auto/max im using 16 cores in my server, Are all used if i lett it stay in auto? is it a limitation of 8 cores? and what is the differences between auto and max) (sorry if this have ben answered already) /Regards
  18. Hello. I recenrly switched to Emby from a Kodi+Plex setup. A unified library is really handy, and Emby for Kodi is miles better than PleXBMC, however, the mobile devices don't work as well. On this page it says that direct play is only supported with H.264 encoded video in .MP4, .MOV and .M4V containers, however, Plex offered direct playback of H.264 in an .MKV (it still had to transcode when selecting subtitles, even .srt's, but that's another story). Is this feature planned? I can just use Kodi on a jailbroken iPad, but the interface clearly wasn't made with touchscreens in mind. Thanks in advance
  19. I see the settings for path substitutions in the Emby server configuration UI. How do I configure the Emby client to use these paths so that my server resources are not used for transcoding?
  20. Hi All. I've recently transitioned my Emby Server from my Windows box to a Docker within UnRaid 6.1.6 on a Dell T20 Xeon e3-1225v3. The Server is running Version 3.0.5781.5 I'm trying to direct play from my main system running Windows 7 x64 Chrome 47.0.2526.80, but every video I've tried has transcoded instead of direct playing. Some are due to bitrate (I'd be interested in how to adjust this limit), but most are reporting back the following in the server log: 2015-12-09 09:03:53.9325 Info App: Profile: Unknown Profile, Path: \\Galaxy\TV Shows\The League\Season 1\The League - S01E01 - The Draft.mkv, isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: True 2015-12-09 09:03:53.9325 Info App: Profile: Unknown Profile, No direct play profiles found for Path: \\Galaxy\TV Shows\The League\Season 1\The League - S01E01 - The Draft.mkv (server-63585219811.txt, transcode-05c5fd09-a231-4e3a-ad55-83d6fc9b7231.txt) The League S01E01 Video CodecH264 ProfileHigh Level31 Resolution1280x720 Aspect ratio16:9 AnamorphicNo InterlacedNo Framerate23.97602 Bitrate5287 kbps Bit depth8 bit Pixel formatyuv420p Ref frames5 CABACNo Audio Languageeng CodecDCA ProfileDTS Layout5.1 Channels6 ch Bitrate1500 kbps Sample rate48000 khz DefaultYes transcode-05c5fd09-a231-4e3a-ad55-83d6fc9b7231.txt server-63585219811.txt
  21. LqHnyBear

    Xbox One DLNA Transcoding

    How can I tell why something is transcoding when playing to my Xbox One? I have an mkv file with ac3 audio and for some reason it's being transcoded instead of playing directly. It's never had to transcode mkv with ac3 audio before when playing to the Xbox One. I tried looking in the transcode log but can't make heads or tails of what it's talking about. I'm on server Version 3.0.5781.4 log.txt
  22. Sammy

    Intel Quick Sync

    A quick question about the new transcoding option.. I have a Radeon HD 7850 video card and don't use the internal intel video card on my Haswell system. Will this still work? Is it processing outside of the video card?
  23. I have a generic Amlogic based TV box running Android 4.4.2. The Android app plays Live TV properly but the Android TV app (1.1.21g) halts and stutters. It can direct play files with no problems. I think the problem is related to HLS Adaptive Playback as described here: https://github.com/google/ExoPlayer/issues/926 If I disable the OMX.amlogic.avc.decoder.awesome codec inside of /system/etc/media_codecs.xml, playback doesn't halt but CPU decoding is too slow and is unusable. In another thread Luke says that HLS adaptive streaming is turned off on the server, so I'm not 100% sure if that is the issue. Regardless, this looks like some buggy Amlogic firmware, but I'm curious as to why it works with the regular Android app, but not the Android TV app. Is playback different between the two and is there a way to force the Android TV app to use a different method for Live TV? Even with the Amlogic AVC decoder disabled, the Android app still plays the transcoded stream correctly, so it must be using a different hardware decoder entirely.
  24. Hi and first of all thank you for the great EMBY server. I have an M3U playlist with http links inside that i have imported in to EMBY's Live TV. The links inside are access to media that is already transcoded to x264/aac but EMBY still insists on transcoding the media. Is there an option anywhere that i can use to stop this from happening? Any help on this would be great Thanks
  25. When the Live TV module is chosen by the user, the server should activate the first available tuner and begin transcoding the output without waiting for the channel selection (by default, it could select the last channel viewed by that user). That way, by the time a program is selected, the stream is already flowing and the user only needs to wait while the buffer catches up to the moment the selection occurred. When the user exits the Live TV module, the stream should be shut down. This would create extra work for the CPU since it would be transcoding whenever the Live TV module is loaded regardless of whether a program is being viewed. There could be a checkbox in the transcoding section of the server console that would allow or disable this feature. For example, "Check this box to Prestage tuners".
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