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  1. Unraid Server: v6.2.4 Emby Server: v3.1.2 Fire TV Box: v5.2.4.0 Fire TV App: v1.3.12a Can't stream live tv to fire tv's that use transcoding. Live tv (transcoded) in browser - works fine Live tv (transcoded) on iOS app - works fine Remote streaming live tv (transcoded) in browser - works fine Remote streaming live tv (transcoded) on iOS app - works fine I think the issue is related to the new version of ffmpeg as discussed in the following thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43135-android-apps-will-not-play-anything-that-needs-transcoded-audio/ Su
  2. grizlyadams

    Question about direct play

    Hi, If i'm on the same LAN and have access to the same folders that Emby has, why do my files not direct play when I watch them via the browser Also, how do i check that Emby for WMC is playing direct play? Emby server is running in a docker on unRaid. thanks Griz
  3. I was doing an (unrelated) test of 24p content on my television, via a number of apps, plus via a laptop and on the TV's own media player. In the process I discovered that Emby was showing an extremely-degraded image compared to everything else! It appeared to be transcoding the source video, and really screwing it up in the process. Have a look at this photo of the screen: http://s378.photobucket.com/user/wintrmute/media/Hisense%2024fps%20judder/DSCF0172_zpsvmslmofj.jpg.html From there, click the link back to the album that its part of, and look at the other photos. (Ignore the
  4. Hey, I have read several threads, but I'm still trying to understand why I have the issues I do with streaming h264 video with HD audio in an mkv container. My server: A6-based lxc container with lots of BR Rips (mux to mkv, so they're >30GB), but I have issues with typical 10GB h264/mkv files as well. My issue is streaming to the Shield TV and I think it's caused by the audio format. What is puzzling is that either my system is so slow that just transcoding the audio brings it to its knees (avg 17 fps, so it's unwatchable), or emby is transcoding the entire video stream when
  5. Hey all, so for some reason Emby (Kodi) isn't direct playing/streaming my blu-ray folders and is transcoding them instead. I've also tried the Windows Emby Theater app, which won't play blu-ray's at all (it just hangs at the spinner after selecting to play for 1 minute), but will play all of my other files. I've attached the ffmpeg log and a section of the server log, however before I attach the full server/kodi logs, is there anything I need to censor? I'm seeing api keys for the websocket, my remote address, etc... 2016-12-01 13:13:23.2336 Info Main: Emby Command line: /usr/lib/emby-s
  6. android-808

    NowTV (Black) Playback Corruption.

    I'm experiencing playback corruption on a number of files, including some I have encoded myself using Handbrake on Windows 7 64bit. Each file has certain points where the display goes green, patterened, pixelated or combination of all of them. I have previously managed to watch episodes without any issues but unfortunately can't report on server/app versions for when it worked. All affected files contain the original audio tracks, in AC3, which is transcoded to MP3 during playback. The NowTV box is the black version, a year old in November. Tested running the 2.24 using the zip from gi
  7. FordGT90Concept

    HDHomeRun EXTEND transcoding profiles

    I have three general classes of devices I run Emby on: ​-Windows PCs, they would prefer MPEG2 -Amlogic S905/X, they would prefer MPEG4 "heavy" "mobile" -Surface 2 & smartphones, they would prefer MPEG4 "mobile" There's two situations: 1) Live TV: I assume Emby can request a specific profile from the HDHomeRun EXTEND and I also assume this isn't being done. If it is being done, then I get the impression it is broken because the default profile set in each EXTEND impacts the streams that are played from it. If it isn't automatically figuring this out, I'd like to be able to set i
  8. Its the strangest thing, but one TV show on my system always transcodes when launched thru Emby for WMC on any of my systems. I see the following in the logs when this happens: 2016-11-10 20:30:18.1159 Error ServerManager: SessionWebSocketListener failed processing WebSocket message Context *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\svcs\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Processor count: 4 Program data path: C:\Use
  9. I have multiple video files that used to direct play or direct stream just fine and now it is attempting to transcode these videos and seems to not even be able to start the transcoding. Emby log Points to a stream.mkv that isn't being created. Regardless I don't want transcoding. I don't understand why these videos that were once flagged as supported for direct play are now saying unsupported. This issue seems to coincide with a recent server update. I have attached my server log, ffmpeg-directstream log, and the media info for one of the video files no longer playing. Any help in getting
  10. Hello there Emby Team, Using my HDHomerun Extend, the option to "Automatically convert recordings to a streaming friendly format" used with the option "Preserve original audio when converting recordings (when possible)" creates a file, either mp4 or mkv, with the original ac3 (dolby digital) audio track. This file usually needs transcoding if sending to a player without ac3 capabilities. What I'm proposing is what I used to do for my AppleTV/iOS files. Basically have two audio tracks in the file. One being a converted aac 2-channel track as well as the original ac3 track from the HDHomerun
  11. Hi everyone, Running Emby 2.57 and Server 3.1.6014.2369 and for some reason one or the other the setup has decided today that I *Must* transcode everything I try to play through it. I have the User profile transcode options to off as my home network has enough horsepower to deal with anything so I just want direct streams to be played in Potplayer. However good old Media Brower Theatre/Emby Classic plays the file directly just like it should be doing and all is well. Can we just has a big button to turn off transcoding for those that have no need for it? Having a dig through the lo
  12. Hi Guys, New migration of Emby server to Windows 10 with database intact. Currently running Server is running fine, library is complete. Having an issue when trying to transcode anything either via the Web Client or Android Client -- 'There was an error playing the video' By the looks of the log entries - it's having an issue when invoking ffmpeg 2016-08-29 23:10:00.6227 Error App: Error starting ffmpeg ... Cannot start process because a file name has not been provided. Attaching server and transcoding logs for review. NOTE: Playing direct files via WMC is working
  13. My specific issue lies with two devices in my home: Sony BDP-S390 and BDP-S5100. Long story short, there doesn't appear to be an acceptable/reliable way to differentiate these two devices using HTTP Headers or DMR responses. Therefore, they end up using the same DLNA profile in Emby. I have 100% reliable playback on the 5100 with disk backups to mkv done with makemkv (DVD backup, MKV, mpeg2video, AC3). BUT, the 390 refuses to play any mkv I have thrown at it. Any suggestions for getting mkv's to transcode to one device while direct playing them to another? Any possibility of do
  14. anderbytes

    Transcoding Monitor

    Is it possible to create another panel in Dashboard, where we could monitor transcodings in progress? Would be very helpful to understand whether is your Emby transcoding, for which media, for which reason (if possible), and for which user. Maybe some CPU % data, threads in use, etc...etc...
  15. Now that hardware acceleration is widely used, I need to suggest that inside user configuration can give permissions to HW or SW encoding separately. Why? Maybe I want to allow only HW encoding because I don't want CPU spikes everywhere... Or maybe somebody only desire SW encodings because sees more quality in it...
  16. TopSideControl

    Sync to folder - questions

    I've been testing the Sync option as a way to create android friendly versions of my 1080-MKV files instead of transcoding and I have some questions. 1. I installed the folder sync plugin and added a local directory as the target. The media was converted to an mp4 file but never moved from the AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\sync\uuid\ folder that was created. Should this have happened automatically? 2. Is there a way to monitor which movies have been synced? 3. Is there a way to clean up syncd movies to remove old ones? 4. Even when I had sync a movie to an mp4 file and then trie
  17. Basically, I just want a mini PC that doesn't use a lot of power to be able to only run an emby server, with an external HDD plugged into it. I'm relatively intermediate with computer stuff, and was looking into the Raspberry Pi, but it doesn't look like that will end up working for me due to transcoding problems. Does anyone have a setup for this? I literally just want a low power pc running 24/7 with all my media, so that i can stream it to various devices. Any help would be awesome. Thanks, all!
  18. So this feature is really nice. It helps playback start immediately. I am going to setup my mother and aunt on this for live TV but it poses one issue which keeps me from having them buy the lifetime. CPU power. Is there any change to integrate a feature for selecting quality on convert on the fly to a lower resolution so ffmpeg does not eat so much CPU power. Or is this a setting that can be changed in a file somewhere?
  19. Hy, I have been using Emby for the second day now. I have only one complaint that it has too many options in the transcoding options. I want to give 5 total options, but cannot figure out how to edit this. - Direct - 1080p - 720p - 480p - 360p (MB will be tested depending on the CPU usage) The choices are way to many and some people just like to see 1 name instead of 10 different MB options on a single resolution. Can some one guide me on how to change it? Super thanks, PV
  20. Evening all, I'm basically looking for an answer to the title - Direct play XviD and transcode DivX. Possible? It seems I'm only allowed to specify "mpeg4" in the DLNA profiles so my server has to unnecessarily transcode Xvid videos. If this isn't possible, could I request that this be something to consider in a future release? I'm running version 3.0.5821.0 on Windows. Thanks very much!
  21. spencerisadog

    Transcoding recorded OTA

    I have been running for quite some time now with no issues but it seems, maybe since the last update, that everything that is DVRd via my OTA is being transcoded all of a sudden. Sonarr and movies still play Direct, just things that I DVR. I'm running FreeNAS V3.0.5913.0 and the client is Android TV 1.1.76g. I'm using the built in DVR system. I have attached a transcode log and the server log. Thank you! server-63596793600.txt transcode-a4c3b34d-1e28-rf34-8b05-c9be974babe1.txt
  22. Hello. I just need to know if it is normal when transcoding is happening (DTS inside movie), that time skip (change to a specific point in time) hangs playback and tops CPU % usage. From what I tested...it seemed slow, not frozen, but veeeery slow, indeed.
  23. Chillout

    Emby Sync

    How can I tell if sync is streaming from the cloud instead of the server? I've been playing around with the sync option and have sync'd several videos to the Google cloud drive. When I play them remotely I cant tell from the dashboard which source its streaming from. Whats the best way to see if this feature is working?
  24. sorry for the NOOB question. im looking into setting up emby to play with, and was wondering if i can enter my own ffmpeg encode string for transcoding to myself when im connecting from an external ip? ive searched this forum, and the wiki, and can only find where says to set max bitrate, but ive found that low bitrate encodes might require other settings to have an enjoyable playback experience. many thanks in advance, Dam0
  25. chazgee

    Roku Playback Issue

    Hi, I installed this a few hours ago on my MacBook Pro and Roku 1. The Roku 1 connects to and sees all the media in my folder, even creating thumbnails from the media. But once I press Play, the blue "retrieving" bar gets just under half way across and freezes. It stays like that for a minute or two, then returns to the previous screen. A transcode log is created, but no transcodes are created in the "transcoding-temp" folder. I've tried AVIs, MOVs & MP4s using an h264 or MP4 codec. Please note that if there's a preferred codec / wrapper combo that would make streaming easier or m
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