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  1. el_pedriyo

    Enable Throttling transcode

    Hello, I just wanted to know where can I enable the throttling for the transcode of video or just of audio, or both of them, as it is pretty annoying to have audio transcoding working although it uses low CPU power always running when maybe the user watchs half of a film or TV serie and then he comes back at the next hour and the whole video has to transcode again. I came from Plex and on their config they have something called buffer for the transcoder which normally I have it to 60 sec, video and audio, so that once it transcodes 60 sec more than where the user is, it just stops transco
  2. MayorRAZZ

    Unnecessary Transcoding H.264>H.264

    Server knows that the device is eligible for direct play according to the logs but only gives transcode options anyway. server: custom build x86 hardware ubuntu 18.04 emby athlon 5350 emby runs from behind a nginx proxy (if deemed necessary will post configurations) client: sony xperia z3 android 6.0.1 snapdragon 801 (hevc supported) same result for my samsung my s7 edge, transcode options are set to default. logs included but cut first post here thank you in advance Log server cut.txt log transcode cut.txt
  3. Hi, can I set higher bitrate for transcoding? currently all media was transcode in 800kbps, and my broadband upload can reach 20Mbps (2MByte/s,tested). as the reason for transcode now is : media bitrate exceeded bitrate limit I can only find maximum bitrate limit setting, but can't find minimum bitrate settings. (docker latest stable image+iOS client) BR.
  4. Hi all, Sorry if this has been posted before but is there away to force transcoding on low resolution videos. Direct play is pixelated, Have tested network works great, problem seems to be the player on android tv Cheers for your help
  5. One of the remote users on my server has been reporting freezing and stuttering quite often despite waiting for the transcode to reach 100%. It has happen across several different movies. It will play fine for some time but after 10-30 minutes the movie will freeze and it will never stutter and freeze from that point on. The movie is always 100% transcoded before playback begins and both of our speeds are quite sufficient for streaming and we experience no problems on any other sites. Were mainly using the web interface and google chrome for the remote user to play movies but have tried using
  6. I have couple of users who are outside my network but still can access my server via vpn. I set a bitrate in the playback settings of 1mbit. "An optional per-stream bitrate limit for all out of network devices. This is useful to prevent devices from requesting a higher bitrate than your internet connection can handle. This may result in increased CPU load on your server in order to transcode videos on the fly to a lower bitrate." But it doesn't look like it's working. I want to limit anything outside of my network to 1mbit and force transcoding. Here is my setup: There is NO a
  7. Hi Team. The server is FreeNAS 11.1 U4 w/ Emby using the ASRock Avoton 2750, 16GB ECC DDR3, and 6 x 3TB in RAID6 ZFS. Content (nearly 500 movies) was digitized from Bluray/DVD using MakeMKV using H.264 and DTS audio streams with no further modifications made. All Roku clients on latest firmware (3, 4, and an Ultra) and are CAT5 connected at gigabit speed. The setup had been functional for the last 3 years, but towards the end of 2017, client began reporting the 'Loading' message displaying intermittently during playback. Despite the server-side hardware capable of transcod
  8. I noticed Emby is not HW transcoding on my machine anymore. I'm certain it has used hardware to transcode in the past, and pretty sure it was as recently as a couple weeks ago. Now when I play media, I am seeing high CPU utilization from ffmpeg, and 0% GPU utilization. I have an i7-7700, and 2 streams is too much for it to even handle. Any ideas on why it isn't using HW? I checked to make sure HW encoding is enabled in the server settings, and checked the log and it appears that quicksync (libmfx) is enabled in the ffmpeg config (though to TBH I'm not the most experienced with ffmpeg and w
  9. speedingcheetah

    Multiple ffmpeg instances?

    I just noticed that Task Manager is reporting 2 instances of ffmpeg when ever i transcode one stream....Is this normal? (there also is 2 Electron instances that are always there when sever is running)
  10. Is it possible to pre-transcode video files to avoid transcoding on emby server side? I want to host emby server on low power router(celeron j1900) and put transcoding tasks on my work pc. So I will create seperate files for 480p, 720p, 1080p, WHATVERp. And how to make emby to use them instead of calling ffmpeg for transcoding?
  11. Some server targets, such as the synology emby server are by design hosted on low powered hardware. Even if your server is running on decent hardware, there are use cases for this. I would like to have a way to offload and load balance transcoding tasks to other hardware. Building a transcoding client would allow this. load balancing could be done across the transcoding clients, and one or more could be co-hosted with the server to handle some transcoding there. It would allow availability of the server and clients needing transcoding. I saw a thread briefly discussing this from 2015,
  12. Hi, I've been using XBOX 360 as an extender and now i'm having pause/resume/skip issues. It seems that only transcoded files from server are unable to pause or skip. When I try it I receive an error and have to start from beginning. But when files are "Direct Playing" pause/skip.. works Do you have any solution to my problem? Reg, Arni Thor
  13. Hey guys, I have finally setup emby with docker. Now that I tried to play a movie, I have noticed that the max media playback time starts fairly low and increases every two seconds. I cannot navigate to the middle or end. It looks like the time I see belongs to the copy of the movie which is being transcoded and therefore growing. Does someone have an idea why I do not see the original playback time/duration?
  14. Jennice

    Theater playback buffer size

    Hi all, Is there an option to set playback buffer size in Emby Theater (or in server)? It seems to stream very direct with low delay in transcoding. But when there is a hick-up in transmit data, the Theater app tends to freeze and needs re-start. I can't use the back arrow to click away from the frozen picture. Is there a way to improve "immunity" to data hick-up's by changing playback buffer, or other means? I don't mind if there is a delay in start-up of a strem. I haven't proven it scienficically, but it appears that playback is smoother if I start a stream, hit pause (t
  15. Hi everyone. I'm done with Plex, the support stinks and I have lifetime emby from mb3 days. If they fix their stuff I have lifetime there as well. Currently my content is all mkv format video from DVD/bluray. 25TB of storage on flexraid (snapshot) with 2 parity drives. I have a p9x79-ws workstation Mobo with a 3930k, 32gb of 2133Mhz ddr3, an IBM m1015 flashed to IT mode (jbod) and a hauppauge 2250 dual tuner, with an EVGA gt 730 2gb. We have a couple iPads, a couple androids, a Roku 3, an Xbox one s, and a couple laptops/desktops. Playback is primarily thru the Xbox and the
  16. I was having problems while watching DVR and a new show would start recording. Instantly needed to reload buffer every minute or so. I remembered the option existed to transcode and turn file into a more streaming friendly file so I tried it. Show started to record and I watched my temp directory that I designated (I had copied the two required files from the original install directory) Directory started to fill with 2 second files! Nothing blew up, at the end of the half hour an .mkv file appeared in my real target directory, and the transcode directory stopped populating. OK,
  17. QDivision

    Force Transcode Option

    Hi, Ran into a new issue today, if I try to play a file who's bit-rate is under my max internet streaming bit-rate value then it tries to direct stream it however direct stream doesn't work for whatever reason. My preferred solution would be to force transcoding for all files even if there's no need to. This would be an option on a user basis or a global option if streaming over the internet i.e. not locally within the network. Thanks!
  18. thefloppydisk

    HDHomeRun Transcoding on Android TV

    I am trying to watch Live TV using an HDHomeRun Prime, mostly on an Nvidia Shield. Via the native HDHomeRun app, everything works flawlessly. However, when trying to stream in Emby, the transcoding starts successfully and the ffmpeg speed quickly drops below 1x. I have an Intel i5-6600, and the OS is Ubuntu 16.04 Server. I've tried hardware transcoding and software trancoding and just about every configuration in the transcoding setting I could think of (super fast, ultra fast, changing CRF, moving transcoding directory from HDD to SSD), and nothing has worked so far. I have the transcoding is
  19. I am CPU transcoding to Android mobile client over the internet (LTE). When I seek using the scrub bar server CPU utilization goes from 90% to 100% and stays there for at least several minutes. When I look at the running processes in task manager, I see a second ffmpeg process was started, I presume to support transcoding from the new seek location. Yet the previous ffmpeg process was not shut down - the two ffmpeg processes are hogging 100% CPU, at 50% each. When I stop playing the Android client one ffmpeg process stops, while the second ffmpeg lingers at 10% CPU for several minutes befo
  20. sstt671

    Transcoding Issue

    Hello, Whenever I try to play a video that needs to be transcoded , I get blank screen with circles or progress bar that won't complete (Roku 4) or app will close the playback. QNAP TS-251+ (FW v 4.3.3) QMono 4.8.1 Emby v 3.2.15 iOS - iphone 6s (iOS v10.3) Andoid - Samsung S8 (Emby app v 2.8.97) Roku 4 - Beta app and regular app both seems to have the same problem. Logs are attached. Let me know if you need more information. server-63630177405.txt ffmpeg-transcode-eebaedc5-9ad2-4869-9c2b-97345f959759.txt
  21. Sometime in the past week playing video files that are transcoded stopped working in the Android app for me. I was using the Beta, but have also uninstalled and tried the release version, both behave the same. If I direct stream, it plays, but when I changed the bitrate, it will just stay paused with a black screen. Everything seems fine on the server side (it transcodes the entire video, don't see any issues there) but it will not play. I have tried a few different devices with the same result. Using the chrome browser on those devices or on a PC works as expected. I have attached the log
  22. Kimballslice1890

    Media loading/transcoding

    This issue is present for me on the current version of Emby server, not sure what version the issue began. I have not changed any of my server setup settings. The issue I am currently now having is accessing the Emby server and beginning to stream media, the full duration of the video starts at about 0:09 and gradually increases as watching. For example, if a video were to be 45 minutes long, when beginning to stream emby will show 0:00/0:09 and as I jump to the end the duration increases incrementally. This is very annoying especially if I am trying to seek through the playback or continue wh
  23. RemeJuan

    Streaming issues on one of my Rokus

    So I am having a strange issue with playback, I have 2 Roku streaming sticks and certain shows cannot play one 1 of them. After some searching and testing I noticed something interesting in the logs, on the Roku I use there is a remux log and everything plays perfectly FPS is at like 80+. Play the exact same file on the other stick and it transcodes instead which sits at like 11fps. I have a lousy atom in need of replacement housing the server, so I am very particular about what formats I download to prevent this exact issue. Is there something substantial that changed with the be
  24. Hi there, This report is meant as a »please note« notice to the emby developers. TL/DR: Internal text subtitles in large videos cause transmission time-outs when transcoding. In long: Setting: I try to play back a movie on my Sony smart tv using DLNA. I select a film that has a large filesize and embedded text subtitles that need to be burnt in during a transcode step. Symptom: My tv starts a »processing« animation and after some time i get a »failed to connect« message. Playback never starts. All logs look OK. The transcoding log shows a successful transcode start that is ei
  25. de0x3

    Trouble Playing Transcoded Content

    Greetings All, First off, I would like to commend the group for the great support that is consistently provided to this forum. Having spent some time searching on the issue I'm experiencing I've been wowed by just how much the community gives back to those in need of assistance. The ongoing efforts for Emby, Emby for Roku, Blue Neon Night are just fantastic. Keep up the great work and Kudos. Secondly, I've noticed a degradation in playable content over time when trying to play media via Emby for Roku. The common thread appears to be content that is not available for DirectPlay and
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