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  1. tired dad

    Copy display preferences?

    Hello, I see the merit of letting each user customize the GUI, but is there a way of making them all the same once the theme is changed? I use the NEO theme and I like to enable the vertical scroll on the poster view. It's hard enough to have to do for each of ten or so movie collections, but to do it for each user it gets downright tedious (I have separate acconuts for the admin, parents, and kids). Any assistance would be appreciated. TD
  2. Please post any questions you have regarding Subdued in here please Many thanks Cheesegeezer
  3. Erik

    Theme Request

    Just a small request to add to the someday list...can we have an option to select if/how many times the theme videos repeat that are provided by radeon's plug-ins. When I'm looking through an item for a while the video get a little annoying the 5..6...7.. time.\\ Thanks!
  4. th3sarg

    Pearl Theme missing Audio Icons

    Hi All, Posted this back on the old Support Forums so thought I'd migrate it over here So I know there is a range of new Themes cropping up but I'm still using the awesome Pearl Theme due to it being just clean and crisp. Since upgrading from MB2 to MB3 I seem to be missing any of the audio icons in the bottom bar notification bar (rating, year, studio etc.) except DTS 5.1 and AAC. I have reverter back to MB2 to test and everything is fine with Pearl for the Audio from DolbyHD to DTS HD HRA. At first I thought it was because I had no MediaInfo plugin installed like MB2 but I’m guessing it’s inclusive now anyway as its pulling other info, I have just changed my Theme to the default MB3 Classic Theme and this is displaying all the Audio icons so pretty sure it’s just Pearl related. Cheers! Edd
  5. 1972

    How to buy a theme?

    Maybe a really stupid question... But what is the way to buy a theme for MB3? For MB2 it was pretty easy via the mediabrowser.tv site, but can't find anything on the MB3 web page.

    Theme for MB3

    Hello, I was hoping the new default theme for MB3 Classic would be something similar to the screenshots on the website: http://mediabrowser.tv/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/mbtehs.png Will it be coming in an update, or available through a premium plugin? Thank you
  7. all4dom

    Play all not working

    Is anyone having a problem with selecting play all episodes in the crystal theme?
  8. I have had a couple minor bugs/issues with chocolate theme, thought it would just be best to create one thread for chocolate, to keep it easy for.... ebr??.. to keep track. if not please feel free to change the title to "mouse control issues", as my 2 issues are that.. btw, I love chocolate theme, and not just because its the right price for most people. First off, not so much an issue for me, but rather, its REALLY bugging my father, on the start screen when operating with a mouse and you go to hover over say.. TV, the Row moves left and you have to re-aim where you are going with the mouse.. here, see image.... could there be an option to change its behaviour to better accommodate mouse control Second, another mouse control issue that i find, when you bringing up the "Item Menu" (Shift+F8), your mouse cannot hover over any other item in the background list, otherwise, the menu will do the action for the wrong selection... here, another image.... this applies to other views as well, not just list. Poster view is impossible to deal with, in regards to this issue. A solution to this would to disable the background menu (TV list) after opening a foreground menu (Item Menu). keep up the great work!
  9. Or, do you simply use a trailer or clip something from the original movie?
  10. techywarrior

    Show off your theme

    Media Browser supports theming very well and there are a number of great themes out there. Not only that but they are each very customizable in their own right. With that said, how do you have your Media Browser configured? This is how I have Throgsoft's Maelstrom configured. (Maelstrom - view: List, posters: Poster, Skin: Midnight) My movies list: A movie's details:
  11. Release History 26th May 2014 - un8y v 2.0.2: Fixed issue with picture details text colour in Media Center slideshows 29th November 2013 - un8y v 2.0.1: Bug fix to prevent certain Teletext icons showing as full screen under some circumstances 12th October 2013 - un8y v 2.0: Original release __________________________________________________________________________ What is un8y? This is NOT a theme for Media Browser. It is a theme for Windows Media Center, designed to be a good visual match with soultaker's neo Media Browser theme. It as an evolution of some themes on the old CT, but this time with a Windows 8 twist. Since running Windows 8 with Media Center, I found the WMC graphics a bit jarring with the general W8 "style", so decided to do something about it. I've been working on this off and on (mainly "off") for a while now. As things are, it could be used as a stand-alone WMC theme, and could be useful if you still use MB 2 or run MB Classic with MB3. As it is designed for Windows 8 (it works for Windows 7 too!), it has been built for Patchou’s Media Center Themer (sorry, never been able to get Media Center Studio to work in W8... ). This themer does not require ANY changes to be made to system dlls. Media Center Themer 1.5 was released on 16th November 2013, meaning un8y is also now Windows 8.1 compatible. Some screenshots: New Start screen: New transport controls: And lots of deeper level changes. Here's a (fairly low-res) video of Media Center running un8y entirely under touch control: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSwlntrsfTU Installation This theme changes graphics and font colours to change the default Media Center theme to match the neo mediabrowser theme. If you are running with a custom Media Center theme, please reset to the default WMC theme before applying un8y. If you don’t use Media Center Themer, download it and install it. Once installed, navigate to %ProgramData%\Media Center Themer\ and take copies of the Theme directory and MCTDefault.xml file there and put the copies somewhere safe. (Note %ProgramData% is hidden by default). Download and unzip un8y. In this directory is a Theme subdirectory and MCTDefault.xml file. Copy the Theme subdirectory and MCTDefault.xml and paste into %ProgramData%\Media Center Themer\. That’s it – un8y is installed! Go ahead and fire up Media Center… I have deliberately not made any changes to the start menu (lesson number one - don't mess with peoples Start Menus!), so your existing start menu layout will be preserved. The un8y Media Center font changes can make the mediabrowser settings screen text difficult to read – to rectify this, copy customstyles.mcml from the download to %ProgramData%\MediaBrowser\ (for MB2) or %ProgramData%\MediaBrowser-Classic\ (for MB3/MBC). If you already use Media Center Themer and have custom MC start menus, etc., set up, you can simply copy the Rcdata and Html sections of the download xml into your current xml, and merge the Theme directory with your current Theme directory. So, to install: copy two files and one directory to the appropriate places. To uninstall: uninstall Media Center Themer (or revert back to your previous Theme directory and MCTDefault.xml) and delete customstyles.mcml from %ProgramData%\MediaBrowser(-Classic)\ As usual, a lot of the graphics in this theme were born in chef’s original Pearl WMC theme – thanks again chef! There are a lot of graphic changes in the xml, there may be a few rogue graphics in there – if anything doesn’t look as it should, let me know and I’ll fix it… _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As a postscript, I don't intend releasing any more Media Center themes. un8y gives you EVERYTHING you need to create your own WMC themes. Just about every graphic you could wish to change is exposed. Look in C:\ProgramData\Media Center Themer\Theme\Resources\ehres\Images, and change/edit/re-colour as you want. You can simply re-colour the existing images as Alwin has done, or create your own images. It just take patience and perseverance! Font changes may be a little trickier, but I'll be happy to point you where to look. You have the template to create whatever theme you want, match Media Center to whatever Media Browser 2/Media Browser Classic theme you use. Not so much a "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" (hey, that MUST be the first link to Dylan Thomas poem on the new forum!), more a wistful goodbye... Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Have fun!
  12. Yogi

    Throgsoft Themes

    There are ten themes available for MB Classic all with the same features, but with a multitude of different views available for you to customize how you want you media experience to look and feel. Screenshots below except for Destiny which is a theme that can incorporate all the views from the other themes.As an example you can use an EHS view from Ascendancy and a poster view from Centrality in your movies folder,this can be done throughout you media collection. The featues available in all themes are: Theme Skining (Colours & Fonts) Multi-language (Localized Strings) MediaInfo Icons (IBN) Timings for Rotating Backdrops Poster Diming Alpha Blending (Transparency) These plugins must be installed from the MBClassic Configurator Ascendancy Centrality Harmony Imperium Kismet Maelstrom Regency Supremacy Vanilla How do you configure your Throgsoft themes In general all view options are tunable through the menu interface of any theme,The customization can be reached through the Display & Behaviour tab through the ThrogSoft menu system. The Display & Behaviour tab has been organized by subdividing the various tunable parameters into five categories. This should provide quick an easy access for the user. Currently the Display & Behaviour tab has the following categories: Overlays Posters Skin FanArt & Meta Navigation All options under in these tabs have either a global effect (ALL Views) or a local effect (THIS View Only). For the purposes of this article they will be defined in the following manner: Global: ALL views Cached: THIS view OVERLAYS: The overlays tab provides the user with the ability to toggle (on/off) the icon overlays on the items in your scrollers. For all intensive purposes these are the same options available through the MediaBrowser Configuration Panel. Unwatched Count – Global : Shows the count of unwatched items Unwatched Indicator – Global : Shows any unwatched items Watched Indicator – Global : Shows any watched items HD Indicator – Global : Shows the HD rating of an Item (720 / 1080) Remote Indicator – Global : Shows if the item is located remotely POSTERS: The posters tab allows you to change the type of image used to represent the items in your scrollers, the size of each item, the spacing between them, and the dim setting experience by each when the item is not in focus. Type – Cached : Allows you to change between the various images Labels – Cached : Toggles whether to show a label above your poster Dimming – Cached : Sets the dim level unfocused posters Poster Size – Cached : Sets the size of each poster in the scroller Grid Spacing – Global : Sets the space between each posters (Horizontally/Veritcally) SKIN: The skin tab allows you to change colour scheme of your theme, and the opacity of the backdrop and information box overlays. Available – Global : Allows you to select any available skin (Requires Restart) Backdrop Opacity – Global : Changes the opacity of the backdrop overlay Info Box Opacity – Global : Changes the opacity of any information box All ThrogSoft themes ship with three skins: Alaska: White based theme Default: Blue based theme Midnight: Black based theme The default skin is the WMC blue theme. FANART & META: The fanart and meta tab allows you to toggle (on/off) various fanart images and meta information displayed on each view. Backdrop – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off backdrop image ClearArt – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off clear art image ClearLogo – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off clear logo image Title – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off title meta InfoBox – Cached : Allows you to toggle on/off information box Clear Logo & Title Priority When Sharing Same Location: Certain Views use ClearLogo and Title meta in the same location in these cases the display will be based on the following logic: ClearLogo: On, Title: On => Show ClearLogo, if none exists Show Title ClearLogo: On, Title: Off => Show ClearLogo Only ClearLogo: Off, Title: On => Show Title Only ClearLogo: Off, Title: Off => Show Nothing NAVIGATION: The navigation tab allows you to change the way you traverse your collection in MediaBrowser. Vertical Scroll – Cached : Specifies direction of scroller (only certain views) First Unwatched – Global : Navigation will move focus to first unwatched item on first entrance Auto Enter Single – Global : Skips over single item folders Mute Navigation – Global : Mutes navigation sounds when navigating in scrollers Prevent Quit – Global : Stops the back button from being used at root level Lock Views – Global : Prevents any change to views by disabling menu system at every level except for root.
  13. The classic enhanced theme from MB 2 The original enhanced theme for Media Browser. This plugin must be installed from the MBClassic Configurator Available options in the configuration menu The configuration menu can be accessed from within Media Browser using the wrench (or spanner) icon. Diamond Options Tab Media Details in Mini Mode Start the details page for media items in mini-mode. This mode sacrifices media details for more fan art useful for more advanced users with a full library of backdrops. Display End Time Calculate and display end time of current media item. When enabled it takes the runtime of a selected media item and calculates the expected time the media would finish if you were to play that media now. Display Glass Overlay Display Diamond Glass overlay on poster images. You can turn off glass frames, this is particularly useful if you have specially tailored posters and do not have the need for glass overlays or simply you don’t like the look. Display Infobox in Coverflow Views Display an information box for media in Coverflow view. Display Infobox in Thumbstrip Views Display an information box for media in Thumbstrip view. Display Infobox in Poster Views Display an information box for media in Poster view. Display Weather Display weather in Diamond Theme Extender Layout Enhancements Use custom layout adjustments for use with extenders. Useful Options: Enhanced Home Screen Customization By default the Enhanced Home Screen (EHS) for the Diamond Theme will display a view of ‘recent items’ that have been added to the selected media collection. This view however can be customized by the user. There are three choices for the information displayed here: Recently Added (default) Recently Watched Recently Added Unwatched To change the information displayed you need to navigate until the ‘Recently Added’ header is highlighted. Then you can cycle through the view options by pressing the Return/Enter key on the keyboard or by pressing the “OK” button on a remote. This will toggle through the available views. Latest Version: v Fix for the “Green Ball” buttons (top left of UI) not showing for certain screen resolutionsv Provisional support for ClearLogos – place a logo.png in any directory and it will be shown in the same panel as Studio icons, movies are not supported as they can have multiple studios Add blue background as theme default Show grey theme background if “Black” colour scheme is selected in Theme Options Add missing navigation sounds (mostly from EHS) Auto resize Page Counter to allow for very large collections Move Page Counter to left side so that it is not hidden by MC controls Add Page Counter to final detail view Fix Menu loses focus with IndexBy ,SortBy & UseBanners Fix issue stopping large NPV (Now Playing View) from showing on EHS Next\Prev – support shortcuts ChannelUp\Down & SkipForward\Back Refresh (in final detail view) – support shortcut Rec button Removed localised string “FirstAiredDetail” (duplicate to core) MBMusic support Show ArtistName in main title in final detail view Adjust breadcrumbs to support long music titles Display Genres & ProductionYear for music albums Add Queue Song button in final detail view (localised as diamond_QueueSong=“Queue” ) ArtistButton in Album view – music artists can be “clicked on” Audio BitRate, Genres, Composers, ProductionYear, (Precise)Runtime & MediaInfo in Album view Up to & inc. v Add support for context sub-menus Add MediaType HD and 3D icons to the internal mediainfo set Use Item.EndTime to get EndTime Automatically update EndTime every minute Media-Details panel – list only the relevant values for each item Next/Prev in Details view Tweak button image in Mini Mode Navigate back to correct folder from RAL Remove localised string “RecentlyAddedUnwatchedEHS” (it was stopping core from being able to localise the same string) Route clicks on recent item list items through the item (for override functionality) Remove RAL items limit, use page counter after 20 pages MBMusic support Use PreciseRuntimeStr for Songs (minutes and seconds) Hide EndTime for Songs Show “Composer” & “Artists” for music items Use custom Album view
  14. An emphasis on art A very eye-catching theme with an emphasis on the artwork in your collection. This plugin must be installed from the MBClassic Configurator. To access the Chocolate options tab you need to enter the MediaBrowser config from within MCE and scroll across the Top Tabs until your reach the Chocolate Option Tabs. There are currently two different tabs within the config menu which deal with Chocolate. AVAILABLE OPTIONS IN THE CONFIGURATION MENU You can access the configuration menu in chocolate by clicking on the gear wheel icon in the top right hand corner. CHOCOLATE CONFIG MENU Within this menu you are able to select the different views that are available within Chocolate to customize the way in which you view your media collection.The views available are Coverflow, Poster, List, Thumb and Strip. GENERAL OPTIONS TAB Within the General Options tab you have a variety of options which will enhance the way in which you use the Chocolate Theme. Show Config Button By default this will remain on unless you uncheck the box, which will hide the config button in all of the views except for the EHS. Use 24 Hour Format By default this option is not selected, if you check the box it will change the clock to 24 Hour format. Show Info Icons By default this option is selected and will show the mediainfo icon in the top left-handed corner of the screen within CoverFlow, List, Thumb and Strip views. Show Info Icon Background By default this option is selected and will show a black background around the mediainfo icons in the top left-handed corner of the screen within CoverFlow, List, Thumb and Strip views. Now Playing Options When you are using the Now Playing Options it is best to have the Show Now Playing Icon turned off if you are using the Small NPV option and you will need the Show Small NPV or Show Now Playing Icon on if you are using the video backdrop so that you will be able to get the video full screen again. Show Video Backdrop By default this option is selected and will replace the backdrop image with the currently playing video, this is used for the videobackdrop plugin and when you back out of a playing video back into the main section of Media Browser. When you turn this option off you will need to exit Media Browser and reload it for the option settings to take effect. Show Now Playing Icon By default this option is selected and will place a small icon in the top right-handed corner of your screen when you go into the movie detail page when a video is playing in the background, if you click on the icon you will be taken to the video in full screen. Show Small NPV By default this option is not selected, once you have selected the option it will display a small version of the video in the right-handed corner of the screen. You also have the option to increase the size of the NPV which are: Normal – 600,330 Double – 1200,660 Triple – 1800,990 CHOCOLATE VIEW TAB Within this tab there are a lot of options to help you customize the different views within Chocolate. Recent Items Backdrops on EHS (Enhanced Home Screen) The backdrop on the EHS rotates through the backdrops from the recent items of the currently selected folder Show Weather Panel on EHS Show local weather for Yahoo weather Smaller EHS Icons This option will change the size of the media items on the EHS. Use Season Poster on EHS Replace episode thumbs with season posters on the EHS Strip Backdrop The backdrop in strip view slides back and forth with navigation Enable Movie Title on EHS By default this option will be selected and will show the current selected media item or folder title on the EHS. Coverflow Options These are the current options available for the Coverflow view within chocolate. Show Item Title In Coverflow By default this option will be selected and will show the currently selected media items title in Coverflow. Show Coverflow Overlay By default this option will be selected and will show the backdrop overlay within Coverflow. Show Coverflow Logos By default this option will be selected and will replace you media title with a logo image if there is one available within your media folder. Show Coverflow End Time By default this option is selected and will show the current media item’s end time within the currently selected view. List Options These are the current options available for the list view within Chocolate. Show List Logos By default this option will be selected and will replace your media title with a logo image if there is one available within your media folder. Show List End Time By default this option is selected and will show the current media item’s end time within the currently selected view. Poster Options These are the current options available for the Poster View within Chocolate. Show Poster Logos By default this option will be selected and will replace your media title with a logo image if there is one available within your media folder. Show Poster End Time By default this option is selected and will show the current media item’s end time within the currently selected view. Thumb Options These are the current options available for the thumb view within Chocolate. Show Thumb Logos By default this option will be selected and will replace your media title with a logo image if there is one available within your media folder. Show Thumb End Time By default this option is selected and will show the current media item’s end time within the currently selected view. Strip Options These are the current options available for the Strip View within chocolate. Show Strip Logos By default this option will be selected and will replace your media title with a logo image if there is one available within your media folder.
  15. Cheesegeezer

    Subdued - MBClassic Theme

    In my quest to continue the original authors great theme I have released Subdued officially and you can download this from the plugin catalogue in MBC configurator. As it stands, this will remain free, although I will probably make it a supporter plugin to help with MediaBrowser's project development. Here's what I've been upto ChangeLog - Release Change Specials to Movie Extras You can choice to have Rotton Tomoto Scores and icons from the Star Rating choice Fixed bug where the Final details page can get very long and disappear off the screen ChangeLog - Release Added Special Features to Final Detail PageChangeLog - Release Added Chapters to Final Detail Page ChangeLog - Release Bug Fix: On Poster & CoverFlow View, if no logo/clear/thumb art is available, Title Text now shows instead of being blank. ChangeLog - Release This version adds an Ask to Quit feature for users. This can be turned on or off in the Subdued General menu within MBC. ChangeLog - Release Added Scrolling Text for ChaptersChangeLog - Release User Switching implemented ChangeLog - Release Added Chapters to final Details Page Fixed Cast button not default focusing to first Actor in the list. ChangeLog - Release Remove subtitle reference(user annoyance) Resized logos on Details page and EHS to be more reasonable and not take up too much real estate. ChangeLog - Release MBC version 3.0.62 Required for new option Changed Disc image location Fix Details not showing Changelog - Dev Fixed Bug on MovieDetailView where selecting Cast or Details throws an error. Changelog - Dev (requires MBC for this option) Recently Watched Text changes to Resumable Media if the "treat Watched as in Progress" option is checked MBC configurator. Change-log Added Weather to the HomeScreen. Please use YahooWeather ID e.g. UKXX0001 on Server instead of City,Country Added DiscArt to Detailed Movie View Added LogoArt, ClearArt, ThumbArt in all views now except RootLayout. Added Spinner menu to View Options for Logo, ClearArt, Thumbs or Off Restored custom Poster Custom overlay images - These are to go into %ProgramData%\MediaBrowser-Classic\Plugins\Subdued\CustomOverlays (Create your own Folder - no spaces) Restored custom MediaInfo icons<br> Although, you need to select a Custom IBN folder with the Server. Still Working on this Things still not working properly Coverwall Backdrops on large collections slow the Theme down alot Focus returning to last item Here's a couple of pics to warm your heart
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