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  1. adam.niescierowicz

    MusicVideo Sync Error value: year is out of range

    Hi, I come across emby plugin error when sync music videos 2019-05-29 19:00:21.624 T:3795833712 NOTICE: EMBY.full_sync -> starting sync with [u'd114c77facafc090d524086d64bb83ee', u'542982fef76b941ec285a96e910407b3', u'Boxsets:'] 2019-05-29 19:00:21.775 T:3795833712 NOTICE: EMBY.helper.wrapper -> Processing Teledyski: d114c77facafc090d524086d64bb83ee 2019-05-29 19:00:22.316 T:3795833712 NOTICE: EMBY.objects.musicvideos -> UPDATE mvideo [183/9339/1] 563852: #ShotoverG1giveaway - 2019-05-29 19:00:22.387 T:3795833712 NOTICE: EMBY.objects.musicvideos -> UPDATE mvideo [183/9340/2] 563853: #ShotoverG1giveaway - 2160p 2019-05-29 19:00:22.414 T:3795833712 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> ERROR:: type: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'> value: year is out of range 2019-05-29 19:00:22.415 T:3795833712 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> [emby] 2 rows updated. 2019-05-29 19:00:22.419 T:3795833712 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> ERROR:: type: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'> value: year is out of range 2019-05-29 19:00:22.421 T:3795833712 NOTICE: EMBY.database -> [video] 22 rows updated. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  2. I was getting strange sync-related behavior post-upgrade. I figured the best way to fix it was to delete and re-create all my sync jobs but it looks like I can't create any sync jobs. I tried, through the folder plugin, removing then re-adding the sync directory but it made no difference. I get the following error each time: Is there a db file I can delete or reset to fix it? 2019-07-27 10:48:07.231 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST https://example.com:8920/emby/Sync/Jobs. UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.14; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0 2019-07-27 10:48:07.235 Error HttpServer: Error processing request *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /Applications/EmbyServer.app/Contents/MacOS/EmbyServer.dll Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Runtime: file:///Applications/EmbyServer.app/Contents/MacOS/System.Private.CoreLib.dll Processor count: 2 Program data path: /Users/default/.config/emby-server Application directory: /Applications/EmbyServer.app/Contents/MacOS SQLitePCL.pretty.SQLiteException: Constraint: NOT NULL constraint failed: SyncJobs2.ItemIds SQLitePCL.pretty.SQLiteException: Exception of type 'SQLitePCL.pretty.SQLiteException' was thrown. at SQLitePCL.pretty.SQLiteException.CheckOk(sqlite3 db, Int32 rc) at SQLitePCL.pretty.StatementImpl.MoveNext() at Emby.Server.Sync.SyncRepository.Save(SyncJob job) at Emby.Server.Sync.SyncManager.CreateJob(SyncJobRequest request, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at Emby.Server.Sync.Api.SyncService.Post(CreateSyncJob request) at Emby.Server.Implementations.Services.ServiceController.GetTaskResult(Task task) at Emby.Server.Implementations.Services.ServiceHandler.ProcessRequestAsync(HttpListenerHost appHost, IRequest httpReq, IResponse httpRes, RestPath restPath, String responseContentType, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpServer.HttpListenerHost.RequestHandler(IRequest httpReq, ReadOnlyMemory`1 urlString, ReadOnlyMemory`1 host, ReadOnlyMemory`1 localPath, CancellationToken cancellationToken) Source: SQLitePCL.pretty TargetSite: Void CheckOk(SQLitePCL.sqlite3, Int32)
  3. My Emby app (version 3.0.64) is consistently not pulling the video file from the Google Drive sync location, after the file has been sync'd to Google Drive via the Sync function (I've verified that the file exists on Google Drive and is playable through separate means). I'm running server version stable but have seen this problem on earlier versions (v4.x.x.x) as well. On my Emby server (Ubuntu x64), I see the following happening when I view network traffic through the 'iftop' command. The Emby server shows an incoming stream of data from a Google domain (presumably the Google Drive server). I also see an out going stream of data from the Emby server to my phone's IP address. I can view the video -- with a lot of stops and starts -- as the stats screen says it's doing a 'direct' play; however the outgoing bandwidth from my home internet connection is only 1.5Mbps and not able to handle a direct play of the DVD program I was trying to view away from home. When I close the Emby Android app, the incoming stream of data from Google IP address disappears on the server. I would assume, if I understand the sync and playback functionality correctly, that I should see no traffic (incoming or outgoing) on the Emby server system since the Emby phone app should pull the video file directly from the Google Drive location. (I did specifically choose the Google Drive version of the video program I was watching in the Emby Android app.) FYI, I am the only user on the system. I've attached the log file -- most of what I'm describing occurred around 11:42 or 11:43. Let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks in advance for any help! embyserver.txt
  4. Hi there. Moving over from Plex I have set up Emby server on my shield (latest 16GB model) and it is all working well. I have all my media on a large external usb drive and have set all the temp folders (cache, transcode, metadata, sync etc) to said drive. When syncing files, larger mkv files especially seem to start converting at a good rate (about 4x ish) and then after around 20% (slightly varies per file) the conversion stage just hangs. The Device/sync settings page simply displays the percentage it is stuck on as does the same part of the iOS app. The ffmpeg log seems to cut off mid line and not be updated any further when this happens. Logs attached. Any help much appreciated. I have tried varying combinations of speed throttling, cpu cores etc to no avail. I have even opened the file in the sync folder on the server and it seems to play up until the point the conversion failed. Plenty of space on the drive and the file plays fine when simply watching via the iOS app or tv emby client (lg). Thanks, Richard. ffmpeg.txt HardwareDetection.txt embyserver.txt
  5. Please see screengrab here: https://imgur.com/l11MebZ Its no problem when I am local streaming or streaming over a VPN to my LAN, the gear icon is there and i can make aspect ratio adjustments fine. However for all sync'd/downloaded media there is no gear icon. This is on a Galaxy Note 9 (Oreo 8.1), my nephew's Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and my Girlfriends Galaxy S9+ (also Oreo 8.1). Thanks!
  6. robrhedrick

    Sync 2 emby servers across VPN

    We are moving soon and will have gigabit internet. I have an emby server and so does my buddy. We have a vpn connection between our houses so our connections appear "local". I'd like to find a way to sync or media libraries so we can be "fail-overs" for each other to our friends and family. I know there isn't an official supported method to do this, but I wanted to ask the minds in this forum for suggestions. We both run emby server on Ubuntu server 18.04 with similar storage capacities.
  7. justmejustme

    No main sound when syncing

    When I sync a show that's encoded in Dolby Digital+, I can't hear the audio when I play it back in offline mode on my Chromebook running the Android Emby app. I hear small parts, like it's playing just the L/R channels or maybe the rear channels, but no dialogue. I sync at 8 or 12 Mbps quality. I'm on a Pixelbook with the Android Emby app. Is there a way to play the file internally or transcode it to Stereo during Sync?
  8. If I sync a few episodes to my Pixelbook, if I watch the first 10 seconds and exit, it marks it as having been Watched. Then it removes it from my laptop during the next sync, even though I haven't seen it yet. Pixelbook Latest Android Emby version - I can't find a way to see which version.... no About screen?
  9. jeramie

    Syncing Content

    Is there a way to tell what user is syncing content? a log file i can look at maybe? it would be awesome if it showed this somewhere in the admin module tho.
  10. When I start Emby while offline (WiFi off or WiFi disconnected), Emby is very flaky and slow. If you press Home and then select Settings, none of those buttons work. You have to actually connect WiFi to be able to enter the individual settings screens to change such items as Playback->Enable External Video Players To reproduce on your Pixelbook: Turn WiFi off like you're on a bus w/o WiFi Start Emby Press Home Press Hamburger->Settings Select Playback Wait until time ends for the spinning disc.
  11. Coming from the Plex world because sync never works correctly there... so I'm trying out Emby. So far, much better interface, much better responsiveness. But Offline mode is a little confusing: Long version: I can sync TV episodes just fine (though I can't specify resolutions, only bandwidth?) When I later connect offline, it asks me to Select Server - which is unavailable due to my being offline on a bus Fine, I finally notice the "My Downloads" button. That's fair, I suppose. This takes me to a list of everything downloaded! Yeah! But wait... it tells me episode numbers and episode titles. I synced 5 different shows (latest 3 unwatched episodes of each) and now I have to guess which one is which by episode number, name, and a screenshot? Short version: Please add the show's name to the shows so I can tell what episode belongs with which show in the "Latest Downloaded Videos" view. I know the data is there since I can click into each and see it on the detail screen....
  12. I want to not report a bug, but give a feedback about a change that destroyed the sync functionality. A premium feature that now is near to useless. Some times ago, for the sake of correcting sync issues, the possibility to sync in a folder of one's choice was deleted. The synced files are now stored in Android/data/com.mb... The problem is, despite deleting the .nomedia files in order to give visibility to the media files, nor phone default players (tried Samsung and HTC on 2 diff. phones (HTC U11 and Samsung Galaxy S9+)) nor 3rd party players like VLC can see (and read) the stored media files. "But you can copy the files in the folder that you want" -Sure, I can do it, but I knew that the sync was here to avoid me that crap. Before this, I had a "bagnole" (car in french slang, yeah that's why I'm ranting so much) playlist. I added a music in this playlist, and emby synced the file(s) that I choosed to be added in the phone, in the folder that I choosed. The result : I just needed to fire the player before driving and the music was played flawlessly. And there's hope I have only actually 1.3 Gb of music and 64GB of internal storage in my principal phone. But others are maybe not with that storage, and maybe not with the same needs with sync (my respect for those who are 10Gb+ to sync, and do copy after for being normally readable) "If you're a linux guru and rooted, I heard something about links with ln in the terminal" -I tried it, Linux is my second name since a long while. It doesn't work because of android pseudo FAT32 for being readable for the MTP protocol. The link is present in the file system, but Android doesn't give a s**t about it. "You can just use emby player in the app" -Yeah I could, if the thing was correctly usable. VLC and other 3rd players can interact with the command buttons on the steering wheel of the car. When I tap next, the players are playing the next song, emby player do a pseudo-fast forward and hang itself. I need to force close it, go to the app, playlist, select, do play or random play again.... and not be easily able to change a track if I want. (There's a protocol called MPRIS2 and I heard that the thing does the work well, if this could help) Being on foot or car, if I'm in a not so well network covered zone, the lauching of emby app is laughable. Force closes, loadings that takes eternity, if the load success, and despite the medias being "synced", I have cuts when network is bad. I cross a border when I drive to work (with the mandatory cell phone network changing) and the cut in the middle of a song is not an agreable experience. "There's some players that are folder based" Why will I need to change my habits because someone decided that a bad idea could be a good one? And basically replacing players that are normally working? So, what to do with this functionality? If there's no change for this, at least put the functionality charge-free, it is in practical barely usable (and the fact that Emby just copied the Plex way of doing the thing, retiring to emby a thing that is better than Plex). Or else, give people the choice. You can keep the default behaviour (with the message "this choice is for better sync compatibility blah blah...) AND propose the choice to sync in the folder we want (if you want with a warning like 'in some phones this does not work so well, be careful'). Because in the actual state of the thing, we pay for a functionality that provide more problems that it resolves. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  13. MissionSparta

    New to Embay - Syncing

    I am trying to move away from Plex with all the goofiness going on over there. 90% of my use with Plex was with syncing to my mobile devices (TV and Movies). I am trying to get it going with Emby, but all my synces just sit at transferring 0%. Can anyone give me any advice or look at some logs for me? I'd appreciate he help. Like I said, I want to move from Plex to Emby, but this is the one thing that must work for me to make the jump. Thanks again.
  14. amura11

    Sync Data Usage

    I use the Emby app to listen to music and I wanted to know how the sync feature works. If I sync say a playlist and check the "Update new content" box does that mean as new content is added it will be downloaded once and I won't use data when I play that media back?
  15. Hey, just ran into a issue with sync and fixed myself. My sync just stopped working and nothing seemed to fix it. Tried removing and re-adding all syncs, tried clearing cache / data. What finally fixed it was disabling and re-enabling the sync for the emby account in the android settings fixed it. Just in case you stumble upon the same issue. Not sure what triggered that behaviour. ~Cheers
  16. arrbee99

    Live TV audio sync

    Was just trying out a little live TV on the main PC, watching via Chrome, were it transcodes, and ET, where it direct plays, and in both (and I think on other devices like Fire TV) picture and audio are out of sync. This is on Windows using Nextpvr plus plugin. Would logs help with any possible diagnosis ?
  17. As the title says, the android app isn't playing subtitles on synced content. Subtitles work on non-synced stuff, and I went to where the file itself is stored and the file has the embedded subtitle track in it, and it works in a different media player. It also shows up as an option in the subtitle selection menu, but they just don't show up when selected.
  18. r0b1998

    Sync on iPad functionality missing

    Hi, Yesterday I got my mom's old iPad (4th gen), since she got a new one. It's on iOS 10 and Emby v1.6.7. I don't see an option anywhere to download content for offline viewing. I'm a premiere user and really like this feature on my other devices (non-Apple), I would like my to view my content offline while I'm travelling by train since internet is spotty then. Is this a known problem, if so why?
  19. Silva2208

    iOS sync issue

    Hi, I've just purchased pro version of Emby in trial to see if I could replace Plex with Emby. But my first test was not really a success. I've tried to sync some content on my iPad in original but the transfer never begin (stay at 0%). The same happened on my iPhone. Also I've tried to do it with transcoding and my first impression is that's quite long and after that nothing happen neither. Bot of my devices are in latest version of iOS. Is there something to do in order to make it works ? Thanks.
  20. Hi, The music sync performance never has been the best of the world, but it wasn't bad. It's sadly to say that since the last version the performance is horrible. Sorry devs, but I had to say it. I love Emby, but the main reasons to migrate my Plex Server was the music sync. I have to clarify that Plex Server is a fucking nightmare with offline music and Emby is the better option to do this actually. So, I have a list with the main problems with offline music: Not real sync. When Android App die and start again, songs download several times and is necessary to use third party software to clean duplicate files to save storage. When you try to sync playlist or collection with so many songs (500 or more is enough to start the party xD), server and client (android app) goes crazy/slow. Many times, sync process is blocked by a single song. My workaround is edit sync object, delete the blocked song and wait server refresh that song again to include in sync object. After this, sync process start again in some moment, not immediately. I have to clarify that my devices (server and phone) are very powerful: Phone: OnePlus6 (8GB RAM, 8 cores, 128GB internal storage) Server:Dedicated server (bare-metal) in professional hosting. Debian 9 Intel® Xeon® CPU W3520 @ 2.67GHz 16GB RAM Emby is running using Docker (18.06.1~ce~3-0~debian) Attaching my personal sync objects. As always, thank for your support.
  21. Hello I just started to use this service, im a plex user that is closing cloud sync feature, i saw that emby also has the same service but there is some things what i dont really understand In Plex im able to sync google drive and see all my movies there, i purchased emby premiere but i saw that i need to install a server in my pc to access to the administration, i did that and then installed google drive plugin and i set it up But how i can add a library to browse my movies? i dont see such option And it's totally necessary have a pshycal pc to handle the cloud content? Because my internet provider doesnt allow the outside connections Thanks
  22. I usually create Playlists on desktop and Sync them to my phone. But, I can't seem to figure out how to set the location of the music anymore. I used to Sync the music and use a different music player like Poweramp to play the music in that folder. If I go to my built in Download Manager, that Emby seems to use for downloading the songs now. I can't get any of the files to play in other apps. Poweramp tries to open them from the Download manager and just tells me it can't find the file. I am using a Pixel 2 XL - On latest update of Pie System reports Emby as being 3.0.21 Attached a screenshot of what happens when I tried to select download location.
  23. Hello, I am trying to have multiple computers running their own emby server and I want to have a singular data source on some things like amazon s3, google drive or dropbox where all the media files will be located. What I plan to do is to update the files in Dropbox and then trigger the update on emby servers remotely so that they can get the newer files and store them locally. Is there a inbuilt way to do this? The only alternative I think is to develop a separate web app that periodically that runs along these emby servers that will copy data from remote(dropbox) to local and then trigger a library rescan. I am fairly new to emby so please forgive me for any mistakes.
  24. Hi! I have some collections (just music) with two different kind of objects, in this case just "Artists" and "Albums". When sync (Android) those objects one by one the sync works great, but if I try sync the collection object don't work properly. Sometimes say "failed" or another times stay in "transfering" state forever. Sync music collections is officially supported? My emby server version: beta Thx a lot!
  25. I have a trip coming this week and wanted to sync a couple of movies on my 2-in-1 Samsung TabPro S and have a few issues I've been seeing in the log. Attempting to sync a DVD of Fifth Element produces the following in the log: Unknown encoder 'mpeg2video' Also, attempting to sync a Blu-Ray rip of The Dark Knight says the same except the encoder is "vc1". My server is Linux Mint (planning to go full Ubuntu Server very soon) which is based on Ubuntu 14.x. I have never had any issues with my server so far, BTW, so this is very out of character. I rip my movies using a paid version of MakeMKV. The movies will stream fine if just playing even from the Windows 10 app. The issue seems to be with sync only. Also, in trying to sync other movies some of them are fine but others have a really, really long duration (like thousands of hours) making seeking impossible. The movie will play fine but the duration is WAY out of whack. Has anyone else experienced this? I didn't attach logs right now because I was just wondering if this is a known issue already (?). Any help would be appreciated.
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