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  1. Is it possible to add support for external subtitles trough DLNA to MB? Currently MB transcodes every item that has external subtitles to burn them in, which is K.I.I.S. solution. The DLNA standard actually support additional subtitle (.srt) files, for example Serviio serves external subtitles to the client as item within the ContentDirectory: "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ContentDirectory:1": ... <res protocolInfo="http-get:*:text/srt:*"></res> </item> The URI to the .srt file is given in the media directory and can be read through HTTP, so DLNA media render can access it. I get that, transcoding is the "last hope" when nothing else work but in this case, something else work, and why to force transcoding when natively can get without.
  2. MCE isn't the most reliable bit of software, especially after your system resumes from sleep/hibernation. ebr has suggested many times in the past to use the MCE Standby tool and there is a great tutorial on these forums for using such. This works great but isn't for all users because it isn't network aware, so if your HTPC doubles up as your server, it will go to sleep while your watching some thing elsewhere on the network. Again I think someone wrote a work around for this, which is also somewhere in these forums I also use MCE Remote Plus to control subtitles in MB Classic. And for me at least, this works fine right up until the system goes to sleep/mce is restarted, at which point the program needs to be restarted before it responds to keyboard commands. If any of the above sounds familiar, keep reading. http://win7suspendresume.codeplex.com/ I've downloaded the above. It's a small footprint program that will open and close services and programs at suspend and resume. I've added ehshell (Media Center) and MCE Remote Plus to my "before suspend" list, and again to my "resume list" and so far, so good. Anyway, thought I'd share in case it's of use to someone else. Sorry if it's been posted before, but I don't recall seeing this mentioned anywhere here before.
  3. blade005

    Subtitles and MBT Player Error

    MBS Version 3.0.5395.0 MBT Version 3.0.5413.38697 Recent updates to MBT have created playback issues for any content that includes subtitles. Most of my collection includes MKV files with embedded subtitles for English (Default flag) and for Non-English Speaking Parts (Forced flag). The playback issue also presents itself for any Recorded TV content (WTV files that normally include embedded subtitles). The issue is that if I have Enable Subtitles turned ON in MBT settings and attempt to play a file with subtitles I get a THERE WAS AN ERROR PROCESSING REQUEST message. If I turn OFF Enable Subtitles the MBT player will start up, but the file hangs at 0 seconds. For any files that do not include subtitles, the MBT player will start up and play the file with no issues. The last known version of MBT that played all files (Subtitled or No Subtitles) with Enable Subtitles turned on was MBT Version 3.0.5409.21314. Log from MBT Version 3.0.5409.21314 that worked with Enable Subtitles turned ON. theater-63550177873.txt Log from MBT Version 3.0.5413.38697 that throws THERE WAS AN ERROR PROCESSING REQUEST message with Enable Subtites turned ON. theater-63550183074.txt It was suggested that I try to play files with Enable madVR turned ON. This does allow the subtitled files to play without an error message, but my system can not handle the load and the playback has stuttering, so that is not a viable solution. Please let me know if additional information is required. Thanks.
  4. yardameus

    External subtitles

    Is there an issue with anyone else showing external subtitles in the latest update? They've worked nicely up until today when I updated. They are there and recognized by MBT, but they don't show. (Just how it was a while back before MBT supported external subs.)
  5. Would it be possible to also download a copy of the Non-English speaking parts of a movie in addition to the entire subtitles? This would be very useful as some of my movies have foreign language in them but no subtitles and I do not want to have subtitles for the entire movie.
  6. This is a request from my wife, who likes Plex better because you can select the audio track and subtitles before launching the movie. I like MBT better as an all-in-one solution to Plex's more limited capacity, but I have to hand this one to her: that feature really is nice when dealing with a lot of foreign-language content.
  7. Hi! So I have big problem with subtitles on web ui If I go "metadata manager", section "subtitles" and search it says always "No search results founds." I´ve configured opensubtitles account right (I guess,..,) and I´ve tried different movies and languages... What can I could do now? Thanx guys for help
  8. Hi all, I'm continuing this from another thread that was veering a bit off-topic and I hope I'm in the right forum. Basically the problem is this: I need to get the MB-C interface working 100% without keyboard and mouse. I had it about 90% there but there was one huge problem: Subtitles. I have a number of foreign-language films that I prefer to watch in the native language with English subs. Windows Media Center really has no way to handle this, so it was suggested that I try MPC-HC. While MPC-HC is more feature rich, I'm having some extreme problems that are making it impossible to use. Mouse pointer is always on the screen When I press STOP the player stops but doesn't go back to MB-Classic (just sits there with a black screen and the word STOPPED in the corner). Subtitles in .ISO files are not being recognized (i.e. the option for subtitles is greyed out). Subtitles in MPC-HC do work with .MKV, but not .ISO. Since my wife and I need to invoke this feature often, having subtitles accessible by remote is mission critical for us. And while I can invoke them with the keyboard, I prefer to keep both it and the mouse locked up unless I'm doing config or maintenance on the system--and even then, I prefer to do that via remote from another PC. I know a lot of people are using the MPC-HC/WB-C combination so I'm sure this is old-hat to some on here. I've got a full day of tinkering into this already and every change I make seems to be a dead end. Can all three of these problems be solved? Thanks to all. And if this is the wrong forum or Website, if anybody can point me to the right place I'd also be mightly greatful. Please and Thanks!
  9. mattispantone81

    FR: MBT In-App Media (Codec) Options

    Hi Team, I had a look through the forums to see if anyone had posted this yet and I was unable to find it, so I'm posting here. Apologies if it's already been suggested and rejected etc. As I'm working with files from multiple sources, each file has different audio stream and subtitle configurations. Whilst I have configured the default codec preferences to cater to the majority of films, one little first world problem annoyance is having to leave MBT to change the audio stream or to adjust subtitles. You can change these media options in the web-app version of MB, but the same functionality seems to be missing (or not yet added to) MBT itself. Thank you for your consideration mattispantone81
  10. Riples

    Unrequired Subtitles

    I have recently turned on the automatic downloading of Subtitle Metadata and to be honest - it's killing me! Personally, I can't handle English sub titles in an English movie, but for some reason, MBS seems to be encouraging this for me. I have set my options to only download subtitles if the audio tracks don't match the language and also skip if the movie already contains graphical subtitles. When I watch the MKV on my computer, it only plays the embedded subtitles for a different language, however, as soon as I watch the same movie file on MediaBrowswer Classic, it kicks in English subtitles. Looking at MBS, I can see that it's downloaded an SRT file for each movie, completely in English and I get every word throughout the movie in English. I am having to rename the SRT file and start the movie again so that it won't add the subtitles. Is there something I'm doing wrong? It's a great concept to automatically add in subtitles, but I just can't seem to get it working correctly for me. Thanks in advance. Rips
  11. I'm having a problem where more often than not subtitles (embedded in the video file or as an external file) will not display on any of the Roku Media Browser channels (Media Centre, Official, Beta) even though they show up as a choice in the menu and the subtitles play fine on my computer with VLC. Is there something I can do that will enhance the chances of subtitles displaying in Roku? The subs have the exact same name as the video file. If it's an external sub I put the language identifier at the end. I also make sure the subs are in unicode instead of some weird font--but nothing seems to make any difference.
  12. Is there a possibility to have more subtitle sources than OpenSubtitles that's available now? OpenSubtitles has the nasty habit of restricting the amount of downloads (100) and searches (250) per day and when living in a multi-lingual house-hold with 3 native tongues with the wish of 4 different subtitle files (Native + English) and having over 20k items (movies and series) and growing, having an option for sites like SubScene or Podnapisi would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey, I think it will be great if there is a option to browse TV Series by their Studios. Because MBS only downloads thumbs from internet to local memory (like below image), but are of no use. One more feature request, It is already a great feature that shows language of subtitle. In my collection there are some dual audio movies i.e. English, Hindi Audios So it will be better if MBT will show Audio language also. Also sorting by audio language option is a plus. What do you guys think, is this possible?
  14. Hi! Please, could you add the BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE (PT-BR) language option for subtitles download? Brazilian Portuguese is *VERY* different from regular Portuguese - the only language available for sub download right now in MediaBrowser3 Server. Opensubtitles has distinct sections for both languages (Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese). Until the Brazilian Portuguese option is added, the download subtitles feature is unusable for us Brazilians for now... Thanks for the great work so far! Dan
  15. thefirstofthe300

    Subtitle Downloader Error

    I was quite happy to see that MB3 can handle downloading subtitles for all of my movies and TV shows now and even more excited to see that it could detect embedded subtitles and properly skip such files. However, I have run into a bit of a snag. Every time the server fires off a subtitle download using any of the triggers (refresh, manual trigger, etc.) nothing happens. I have entered the correct username and password for OpenSubtitles.org several times. I did notice that every time I navigate away from and then back to the subtitles metadata page, the password disappears (no covered password at all, just a blank text box). Screenshots: Before navigating away from page: After navigating away from and back to page: MB-Server-Log-Subtitle-Downloader-Error.tar.gz
  16. I've been trying to figure this out for a while, but I'm not able to change the subtitle language in MBC by using the MCE remote. Is there a way to do this? Subtitles are automatically downloaded by the server and saved as: <moviename>.spa.srt, <moviename>.eng.srt, <moviename>.dut.srt Setup Client: Windows 7 x64 with Mediacenter, Microsoft MCE 1039 remote, Shark 007 codecs
  17. We can already download subtitles, the issue is that some subtitles are not currently on the database. We probably have already ripped many subtitles into our databases in multiple languages. I suggest an optional opt in, that will allow to upload the subtitles (I know that it can only work if they are ripped as a separate file) This way we can all have a more robust library
  18. Jinroh

    Play with subtitle error

    Hi, I use MediaBrowser from long time on my computer with Media Browser Classic and Media Player classic Home cinema as external player. Since few week, i try Media browser Win 8 client, or Viewing movie from online player not from my home. With Media browser Win 8, when i play movie without subtitle all is fine. But when I activated fre subtitle, video stop and can't play. I always had problem with subtitle play since long time on web player but then it's on Win8 and Windows Phone player too. I can't see movie outside of my home Thanks for your help. logs.zip
  19. yardameus

    Subtitle search in MBC?

    I am just curious if it is possible or relatively simple to create a plugin for MBC that allows you to search for/download a subtitle in MBC? As well as the subtitle search/download function is working in MBS, I was hoping something could be added on to MBC to utilize that function from the living room.
  20. Hello ppl. There are a problem with the subtitles language selection in MBS in automatic subtitles download from opesubtitles. There are no Portuguese (from Portugal) or Brazilian Portuguese, just Portuguese from Angola. In opensubtitles only exists portuguese and brazilian portuguese and if I set it to portuguese from Angola in MBS, it doesn't find any subtitles. (btw it has a char encoding problem) Portuguese (Angola) language option in MBS, the only portuguese option: The available portuguese options in opensubtitles: subtitles search in MBS: subtitles search in opensubtitles:
  21. kingy444

    Subtitles Usage

    Just wanting some confirmation on the naming format for subtitles. I know the standard stuff eng, english, spa, spanish etc. and forced to label them as 'forced' I guess wanting clarification between 'default' and 'forced' etc. and what to name them to label as 'default' I have a few movies (John Carter, District 9 off the top of my head) that have non-english subtitles for alien speech. I tried setting the forced title on the suptitles but it didnt seem to 'force' them. And then when I manually selected them in the web interface they were still not transcoded in Let me know if you ned me to expand further
  22. EduardoSantos

    External subtitles ANSI

    I am running MediaBrowser Server (Version 3.0.5238.39498) on a Windows 8.1 box. I also use HTML, Roku, Windows and Android app as clients. My problem is external srt subtitles support and I think it relates to the server because the problem is the same to all client apps. My language is Portuguese and therefore we use accented characters like "á" or "ã" or even "ç". When external subtitles are shown, some lines are just not displayed. This has always been this way on all Server versions and on all client apps. I usually circumvent this problem by embedding the subtitles on the MKV and then they are always displayed accordingly. Today I tested one subtitle again just to see the missing lines. Then I noticed all lines displayed had no accented characters. And I got an idea. I opened the SRT file on notepad and saved it as a UTF-8 file. Then tested again and all subtitles were displayed accordingly. So my conclusion is the problem relates only to accented subtitles on ANSI SRT files. This is, though, a huge problem as I currently have over 1500 titles most of them with external ANSI SRT subtitles. Also most of subtitles I get are on ANSI files. Is there any way to tackle this issue? Any configuration? Do you think this could be addressed on a future MediaBrowser version? Attached is a SRT file containing Brazilian Portuguese text which can be used on a test. TheWolfofWallStreet2013.zip Thanks in advance and congratulations for the groundbreaking product.
  23. Hello, I'm on 3.0.5264.17006 and trying out subtitle download but I can't get it to find Dutch subtitles. I've tried this with several titles, and several languages but every time nothing is found for Dutch. I've checked opensubtitles.org and there are Dutch subtitles available. For example on Red 2, if I try English, Danish or Greek I get a list of subtitles to choose from but none for Dutch. This is available on the website: http://www.opensubtitles.org/nl/search/sublanguageid-dut/idmovie-149719 In the log I found this: "DownloadLanguages":["nld","eng"] I would have expected dut instead of nld I also found the request: http://bestanden:8096/mediabrowser/Items/17a14ae52575ebce3f99098b848d531a/RemoteSearch/Subtitles/nld which doesn't give results, this one: http://bestanden:8096/mediabrowser/Items/17a14ae52575ebce3f99098b848d531a/RemoteSearch/Subtitles/dut does give a list of valid subtitles. Edit: Just did some more testing, the same seems to happen to French fra in request, fre on site and German deu in request, ger on site. Haven't checked other languages
  24. MBS 5264 If MBS only (automatically) downloads subtitles when the media is first added, then it is a problem for TV episodes. When TV episodes are first downloaded, the subtitles are usually not yet available on opensubtitles.org. In my case, the subtitles often are not available for download until several hours after the TV episode has already been added to MBS. I think it would be a great feature to add to MBS, as an option, to try to download the subtitles when a play request comes in for an episode, and then hold off playing to the client until the subtitles file is downloaded (or found to be unavailable). This would work well for me, since I often do not watch the TV episodes until several hours (or more) after they are downloaded. So the subtitles download likely became available during that time. I suppose another alternative could be to have a scheduled task that will download subtitles for any media that was added to MBS during the last 48 hours. Such a task could be scheduled to run, say, every hour. Then it would basically keep checking for subtitles every hour for 48 hours after each new media item was added to MBS.
  25. I am still having problems in Server version Version 3.0.5264.17006 and Theater 3.05243.22734 playing back .wtv recorded TV programs with MPC-HC 1.7.5 set as the external player for .wtv files Specifically, subtitles do not display and are greyed out I cannot jump past commercials using the harmony remote. Skip forward is not working. And stop does not return me to Theater. I am getting a lengthy filter list in MPC-HC: iTV MPEG-2 Section and Tables madVR Default Direct Sound Device PBDA DT Filter LAV Video Decoder (internal) Audio Switcher PBDA DT Filter LAV Audio Decoder (internal) Stream Buffer Source However, the recorded TV show will play and 720 is upscaled to 1080 so the video quality is improved.
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