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  1. Poptartica

    Subtitle backdrops?

    Hey all. I looked around but couldn't really find anything related to this specifically: When I play a file containing Subtitles in the web browser player, they always show with a black backdrop. Is there any way to remove this backdrop? I have had multiple people confirm that it happens when viewing through their browsers. If that's not supposed to happen, why might it happen and has anyone been able to fix this? The PC running the MediaBrowserServer is an Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS system. For reference, here's a sample MediaInfo for a file which exhibits this behavior when played (quality s
  2. When I play a video from the start the subtitle is showing perfect but at resume no subtitle is showing. Even switching between subtitle doesn't help. I experienced this behavior with several versions of the server and webclients. With kind regards, Rienk Kuipers The Netherlands.
  3. Hi, Sorry to bring this topic again - I'm pulling my hairs out to find a workaround but without luck. I have a lot of videos with simplied or traditional chinese which are encoded in GB2312/BIG5 charsets. When mediabrowser server transcodes the videos, it assumes the encoding is CP-1252 which causes the subtitles not being displayed correctly. The problem only affect external srt subtitles, ass subtitles work fine, ssa subtitles don't work at all. I've tried several things without any luck: Change srt file name to include "chn" , "chs" or "cht" Convert srt file to UTF-8 encoding Convert srt
  4. Luke

    Subtitle Guide

  5. Below problem applies to both Windows 8.x metro App and Web Player. MBC and MBHT is fine since both uses external subtitle filter. Basically both unable to encode subtitles with Turkish chars. I couldn't find any setting for char. encoding in both 8.1 app and Web Player. Below is the line 00:05:49,800 --> 00:05:53,901 from attached srt. (Renamed to txt) Sample.Tr.txt
  6. I was really happy, when MediaBrowser Server gets support for automatic subtitle downloading. So I easily register on Subtitles web page, select my language (Czech) and hope for.. but nothing was happen I tried to find where the problem is, but there aren't so much configuration options and the only information, which I can get from MB is this: Error - SubtitleManager: Error downloading subtitles from Open Subtitles Anybody can help me?
  7. darwindeeds

    We are listening, subtitle support

    Thanks to all your support and feedback, just playing around with the subtitle support.
  8. zakraket

    external subtitles

    What settings do I need for using external subs? I have a few movies with internal (english) subs and I have downloaded dutch .srt subs, but I cannot get them to play (I cannot even select them manually via systray) I'm using the default installation for MTB with xy-VSfilter and LAV-splitter that comes with MBT. I manually installed xy-VS and LAV for MBC (before I installed MBT) and there it automatically selects the external dutch srt.
  9. I was just curious if there was a way to make subtitles within an mkv appear as the type they are? As in, I merged 21 & Over.mp4 and 21 & Over.eng.srt into an MKV, and it plays the files, but only recognizes that a subtitle is there, not that it is an english subtitle. Probably the biggest reason this matters right now, is for the Cover Art sub overlay. Just post question marks if everything I just said sounds like gibberish. Thanks.
  10. thoror

    subtitle extract

    I'm having some issues with playing embedded subtitles. Here is the relevant log: 2013-11-06 03:02:18.1323, Debug, MediaEncoder, C:\Users\thoror\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ffmpeg\ffmpeg20131011\ffmpeg.exe -i file:"\\AUSTIN\media\HD Movies\movie.mkv" -ss 3.962 -map 0:2 -an -vn -c:s ass "C:\Users\thoror\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\cache\subtitles\3\3a13d2bf-09a8-c9f1-aa2c-179912d4e50a.ass" 2013-11-06 03:03:18.1323, Info, MediaEncoder, Killing ffmpeg subtitle extraction process 2013-11-06 03:03:18.1323, Info, MediaEncoder, Deleting extracted subtitle due to failure: 2013-1
  11. thoror

    subtitle mangagement

    I think it would be convenient if (external) subtitles could be managed through the web interface in the same way images are handled. Adding subtitles through drag and drop, and automatic renaming including the 3 char language would make my life much easy
  12. I have many korean subtitles, and they are usually encoded with cp949. When the subtitle is named with the .kor language specifier, the ffmpeg command uses the following: (with option -sub_charenc windows-1252) C:\Users\thoror\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ffmpeg\ffmpeg20131011\ffmpeg.exe -sub_charenc windows-1252 -i "\\AUSTIN\media\TV Series\The Big Bang Theory\Season 1\The.Big.Bang.Theory.S01E02.720p.BluRay.x264-SiNNERS.kor.srt" "C:\Users\thoror\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\cache\subtitles\1\1329e16a-7e00-b6cb-5f3f-00e0c93fbfc6.ass" Thus, the resulting .ass file contains a
  13. Love the ROC theme and it is getting better and better but still I would like to see some things implanted. Because I'm Dutch I always watch episodes with Dutch subtitles and now I always have to go in the episode detail page to see if that episode has subtitles available. For me and probably more people that aren't English it would be very handy to have a recently added with subtitle(s) page. In that page should be all episodes with internal or external subtitles available. I use external "name.srt" files for subtitles and they become visable in MBClassic after renaming to "name.nl.srt"
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